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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Raymond Angelo is...

People have always been confused about my background. Taxi drivers have spoken to me in all of Singapore's National Languages. With the exception of Tamil, I've been able to pass off and make conversation in the respective tongues, including Chinese (yas!)...but that's not the point. Nobody's ever really clear what I am; one tell-tale sign of a Filipino is not what you see, but what you hear. There's a distinctive Pinoy accent: Look out for the pronounced pronunciation of "R". There are other aural signs as well, but at this moment, they're at the tip of my tongue.

Gah; unsuitable expression alert. The accent's totally left me, so it's not even at the tip of my tongue.

So, my accent's been...Singaporean-ed, and everything else about me has been blurred too. I feel like my roots have been lost, and it's depressing, in a way.

In a semi-serious soul-searching discussion with my mum, I've found out more about my ethnicity. I have Chinese blood, and Spanish blood, on top of my Filipino blood. I think that's very enticing, especially towards vampires, don't cha think? If my blood was ever sold at vampire blood-pubs worldwide, I know what it will be called.



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