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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Twin Peaks

I've had a very busy week thus far, so sorry for the lack of updates. One of the resolutions I made during CCAAB was frankly, to blog more, so as to upkeep my writing finesse. This resolution shall hold strong for quite awhile, so expect regular updates unless I'm really really busy. My creative juices are pumping at full, what with the Orientation plot ideas bubbling under, and what not.

Council's been over-working me like how a really prissy Singaporean treats his/her maid; I had a Orientation meeting on Thursday, ushering on Friday, ushering on Saturday again, HOGL meeting on Sunday, PR meeting on Monday, HOGL meeting on Tuesday, council documents done on Wednesday and another Orientation meeting this afternoon. Seriously! Every single day, I've council-related work to do! I'm not complaining though: council work, especially if its with other councilors is hella fun.

And it's not like I'm working all the time. I was at 1SB2 chalet from Monday up to today! I didn't sleep-over on all days, because of meetings, but I was there for a substantial period of time, and I had a blast. Playing cards to waste the night away, watching mindless television and doing general random stuff, like singing in unknown languages was done, and we were laughing like crazy alot.

Things I learned from Chalet:

1) Parapara is fun, but one must note that he is standing not too far back, or else the side sensors will fail to sense one's arms.

2) Final Fantast: AC is an utter and complete achievement; no other movie has been able to make fights seem so boring. And I love my "mother", but at that point of time, watching the movie, I hated "Mother", and I'm still pissed I don't know who/what "Mother" is exactly.

3) Listen and pay attention to what other people are saying. As we were watching some random show on TV, this girl goes up and calls out to me. She said "What's your/the number?" I thought she was referring to the UNIT NUMBER, so I said "Eight," and she went "Huh?", and I said "Eight," again, and she clarified "What's your/the number?", and I said "Eight," Alas, both of us were confused, and we parted ways, both blur. Seriously...Gar.

4) In chalets, one can live perfectly fine even without his own toiletries. That's what friends are for. I went through the chalet with only a toothbrush; everything else was accomplished through a special power: the power of friendship.

I still owe the class a bunch of cash. Gah. I think I'll be off now because my fats are yearning for some burning. Know the post below this? The one about breasts? Look forward to the full story tomorrow.

Melons. Twin peaks. Hooters. Boobage.


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