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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Death's Parting Wish

As a councilor, your duties are far-encompassing; you never know what's coming, but you have to accept it anyways. In my term so far, I've had to beat off advances of dogs in the night, stand outside the toilet for an hour, do a gajillion push-ups and bleed red, blue and gold. Seriously, you never know what's coming. Whoever said that becoming a councilor was all glamour and flash?

Yesterday's call of duty had me attending a funeral; the ex-principal's wife had passed recently, and the councilors were called in to help with ushering. So me and a whole bunch of people went down to Mandai for the service; it was solemn, and though I did not knew her personally, I grieved still. She seemed like a great woman.

At a funeral, one can't help but imagine their own funeral; as I stood there, I thought of when my time will come, and where will it be held, and who will be there, and what people will say. It's one of humanity's greatest flaw and gift: the ability to sympathize on one another, the ability to put one's self into somebody else's position. It's all a blur, thinking about it know. One thing I do know is that when I do pass, I'll be dragged down kicking, because I love life as it is.

So death, if you're after my neck, you'd have to work for it, because I'm not ready.

But then again, will any of us ever really be ready?


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