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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sam's Town

Read a 9/11 thread on SomethingAwful, and it made me tear up abit. (Link)

"This is fucking terrible. I dont know anyone in new york, I have never been to new york, shit I might even have a hard time finding new york on a map. I realized that i had went to sleep about forty-five minutes before the attack (5:00 pst) and woke up at seven. My roommate told me that a plane had struck the World Trade Center, and that it was on fire. I figured that some air traffic controller had fell asleep at the console, and passed out for a half-hour. Then I get online and see twenty fucking "cnn breaking news" emails in my box, and I figured out what went on. It seemed so surreal. So fucking surreal. I almost cried when I saw the pictures of the people jumping off the buildings. Jesus Christ, that could have been San francisco, or Los Angeles, or St. louis, anywhere. Innocent people where hijacked and fucking drove into some fucking buildings. They where probably just settling in, thinking about whether they should pay the three bucks to get the headphones for the in-flight movie or if they want a goddamn complimentary drink. Then some motherfuckers who think that somehow, someway, killing a shitload of people and doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damages will in any way make their country's lives better take over the goddamn plane. Probably spouting all their bullshit about the "terrible american zionists" and the "oppression suffered at your dirty capitalist hands" all the way until they parked the plane on some innocent typist's desk at 500mph. Jesus Christ, whomever was sitting there at ground zero was probably happy until the last fifteen seconds of their lives, thinking how great it was to have a window seat at the World Trade Center and how their career was really moving along. Then a low pitch starts in their ears, slowly getting louder..then shit on their desk starts to rattle then BAM! they are fucking roadkill by some goddamn terrorists who are jealous of the economic conditions of the US and instead of fucking DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, they whine about being oppressed and blow shit up. God, what a bunch of fucking children."


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