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Monday, September 03, 2007


My holiday's off to a fine start!

I woke up bright and early this morning, yeap! 7 and Raymond Angelo's up and running! I played Pokemon, and got some revision done, too, so all and all, I was super productive. In view of the coming Promotional Examinations, I had planned to mug with Glen Wirawan, at the Cathay this time around, and we were joined by his fellow CJC-ian Jasmine.

We had a real tough time deciding where to study. You see, the tables at Ben&Jerry's where small, but super stable. It was an added bonus that the ice-creams were nice and the waitresses were reasonably pretty. On the other hand, the tables there were small. In contrast, the tables at the basement were ginormous, but according to Glen, were "shaky". Funny how you don't notice things until someone points it out, and when he pointed it out, dang it was I bothered by it an awful lot.

In the end, since we had three people, we settled for the basement. Mugged from 12:30 all the way to 4:30, 4 hours, plus 2 in the morning, and I'll squeeze in 2 later in the evening. It feels like I'm trapped in a never-ending cycle of mugs.

So yeap, the two of them went off to watch RAT-TA-TOO-EE, and I joined the 4A guys to watch Evan Almighty.

Or so I thought. There I was, under the impression that we were going to watch a show based on Noah and his animals. I was even making flood-related jokes too, like "Hey, better go to the toilet before the show starts! When the flood comes, it really COMES," Even as I settled in my seat, as the rest said stuff like "You better not scream," I was clueless. Blur like sotong, some may say.

And then the show began. The opening scene showed rain, pouring apocalyptic rain, and then it felt too dark, and then I thought to myself, "This can't be Evan Almighty,". And I was right. But I hoped I was wrong. It was 1048, from the best-selling author, Stephen King.


I just watched a horror show a couple of weeks ago...this was way too soon. But it was fun lah, ultimately. I did my inner-screaming thing, and the hand gestures I make when I get excited. By god, the show was freaky, and I'm beginning to doubt how I'm going to sleep tonight, but goodness, I'll TRY.

My only problem with the show is the lack of explanation. I mean to say, I was scared *pardon me* SHITLESS in that damn movie. It was edge-of-your-seat terrifying, and the whole concept of a room out to get your ass was frightening...but you better have a damn good explanation when you pull out crazy ass effects, but there was nothing. The movie ended on a low-note: I prayed for demons to come out at the end of the movie..."God, please let there be demons, or vengeful spirits" but nothing.

Bah. It's like porn. Pardon the analogy, but there's lotsa action, but without a story, you ain't good for much.

We went to eat dinner at Fish and Co. Total attendance was good...almost all the 4A guys were there, so yay us! A recent studied revealed that you tend to revert to your bad habits in the company of really good friends, and today, I really let go man. We were swearing like sailors, and talking about the TABOO. TABOO, I TELL YOU! Things forgotten...like the SCANDALS, and the CRAZY-ASS shyte we did, and what we're up to now, and life, and girls. I heard names like..."Flying hippo" lah, "Air pork" lah, and the works.

Went home at around 10-ish, fed and watered, having spent nearly $250. I think I got cheated though. According to the menu, I ordered the BEST Fish and Chips. On the receipt, however, it was listed as Fish and Chips, and even the waitress came and called it NORMAL Fish and Chips.

I only want the BEST. Hmpph.

4A guys. BEST.


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