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Sunday, September 09, 2007

To: The New Paper

I refer to your article "Was photo for her boyfriend" (The New Paper, 8 Sep).

What sort of sick publication are you trying to run here? I applaud you for being on top of the Vanessa-Scandal. Your article came only a day after the pictures surfaced, and your response was quick. Good on you.

But is it really necessary to put the images of her on your newspaper? Front page even? I know you guys want to sell your tabloids, but this is a serious low. You have effectively scarred the minds of the thousands of innocent youths who are blissfully living their lives, clueless of the scandal their idol is in. Admittedly, your tabloids reach many households in Singapore, and hence, many children will lay their eyes upon your filthy sheets. Just imagine the psychological damage, and the influence that image will have on them.

Seriously, you guys are disgusting.

And you call that censorship? You merely blocked the naughty bits from view, just for the sake of passing the censors, and reaching publication. You guys are sick, and I'm sure that if you had it your way, you'll have her naked, sprawled, and forgive me, fucked. One possibility is to have an all-text article, but that will be boring won't it? That won't sell! I agree, that it will be boring, so why not put a picture of her fully-clothed? "That won't sell as much," was probably your train of thought, you greedy pricks.

The credible media has worked collectively to make the image as hard to obtain as possible. As of now, the only source of these images are blogs, shifty websites for wankers, and underground forum. The CREDIBLE MEDIA has refused to sink to new lows, where they exploit lusty old males, and scandal hungry females.

Then again, The New Paper is IN-CREDIBLE.

You know, she might not even be 18 when that picture was taken. She turned 18 at the end of last year, and the picture might not be all that new. And by most estimates, she was in her mid-18s when the pictures were taken, so you published a photo of someone barely legal. Congrats, you bunch of barely-pedophiles.

The bunch of fuckers who work for the New Paper establishment are money-mongers with no pride in their craft. This is me speaking from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you realize that fans of High School Musical, and of Vanessa Anne Hudgens hate you, and with right reasons. On the other hand, you have gained the favor of the sick "uncles" in Singapore.



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