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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fully Booked

I've come to the stage where I've lost my faith in books. In my days of youth, I always found solace in books. Often, even in Primary School, I went to the library by myself to explore the wondrous words of words. They seem so full of life, experience and knowledge. From novels, to comics, to non-fiction, I devoured them all with zeal.

To this date, I remember still some of the books I have read...I remember borrowing a bunch of books about puberty, then bringing it to my Primary 5 class and having a laugh about the contents, which at that age, seemed like border-line pornography. There was the Star Wars books too, which looking back, seems so geeky. Ah...and who could forget Shojou mangas? They were comics meant for girls...but I read them nonetheless. Back then, my knowledge of the opposite gender was minimal (not that I'm any better off now, sadly) and I thought the best way to gain insight was through awesomely-drawn stories...Alas, I had never found myself in a situation where a girl falls on top of me and accidentally kisses me...sigh :'(. I tried my hand at the epics too, like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Ahh...

Those days were sooo...innocent, never mind the contents of the books I read (Love Hina!). I have reached a stage whereby no book looks inviting enough. All the books I see right now...I can't help but feel I've read something similar in the past, or that they completely turn me off. The other day, I went to Borders with my classmates Rebecca and Jonathan, and while the two of them stood content in the sports section musing at an "Arsenal Fun-Fact Book" (Seriously, what the hat compels people to read this stuff, let alone WRITE) I found myself wondering down the corridors of books, without any of them rousing my interest.

This is making me melancholic. Am I such a cynic now that I've come to a point that everything looks jaded? Have I lost my innocence to the extent that I know that fiction is fiction and nothing will ever be laid out towards a clear and complete "Happily ever after?" It's sad.

And I'm sad.

Non-fiction books doesn't seem to do it for me either; for a time, I found the draw of books regarding global affairs. But there just seems to be so much suffering...reading about one; how does it help? All I'm left with is the knowledge but no means to help, and ultimately, all I have is the burden of the knowledge of the suffering from which I'll collapse under. Like they say, I'd rather live in blissful ignorance.

I hope I made sense.

PS: Amanda's reading this, and this post was written to prove that I'm not solely full of nonsense. Hah!


  • Finally, u realize that books are overrated...took u long enuff

    By Blogger DarthVdr, at 6:57 PM  

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