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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The beauty that lies within your eyes astound me to this day.

I never knew that so many people in ACJC had blogs. Awhile ago, I read browsed through a few, and they've been really eye-opening. The thing about blogs is that for most of the time, the people you see in school and the people behind the posts are very different, and when you see them pouring their hearts out the way most people do in the shelter of their blogs, you don't know what to say, or think when you're around them. When I see someone's blog and then I learn something new about them, do I bring it up, or do I pretend I never read it?

The thing about blogs is that...you're unsure of what to make of what you read. It's a form of voyeurism, I guess. An open sort of voyeurism, but it's voyeurism nonetheless. Personally, I try not to find out things about people from their blogs, and even when I do, I pretend that I didn't. Because I don't want our society to arrive at a stage whereby our knowledge of one another is not passed through inter-personal communication, but through this computer, this blog, and stuff like that.

I always blush when people talk to me about my blog and my posts, honestly, so yeah...I don't know what I'm getting at anymore, but I think you get it :)

So anyways, today's been quite fun, as always when you're me. I survived the Three Hour Thursday Torture (Physics, Geography, Econs non-stop, kill me now), did three lines of malay essay (all of which I canceled, so I'm effectively nowhere), bullshitted through a general knowledge quiz. Oh, and I made up my own magic trick; that's always fun.

Tonight's going to be a real crap-storm, with all the work I've to rush out by tomorrow. I've my dang mind-maps to do, half a geography essay to finish up, and a whole geography blog to put up in one night. What fun!

Oh, and you've got to check this guy out. Seriously. I hope he's Filipino, because if he is, I will be a proud Filipino.

We're brothers forever!


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