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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mouse Guard

"They are not simply soldiers that fight off intruders; rather, they are guides for the common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one hidden mouse village to another. The Guard patrols borders, finds safeways and paths through dangerous territories and treacherous terrain, watches weather patterns, and keeps the mouse territories free of predators. They do so with fearless dedication so that they might not just exist, but truly live."

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 is a little treasure I found in the ACJC library. It's a story about the society of mice, and the Mouse Guard which fights to preserve the sanctity of this society. Truly, no story has moved me quite as much as this comic has. It draws you in with it's cutesy appeal, but what truly grabs you is the characters and the plot, which is intriguing, and something you will truly pay attention to.

I'll be buying the second book of the series because I don't think the library stocks it. Sigh. Anyways, the library's copy is with me, so if you're interested, you know where to look.

"I will command every creature with this axe. Wolves will never threaten us. We will never have another war with weasels. Serpents will become extinct. The symbol of our past will forge our future."


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