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Thursday, September 04, 2008

This Goes My Holidays, How Goes Yours?

My Holidays started last Wednesday, with the end of my last paper (Physics MCQ), so let's do the run-down from then!

-"Photoshoot" for Teachers' Day at school.
-To Vivo with my class, to hang.

-To Vivo with my class, to watch Wall-E, and to buy stuff. I bought 3 shirts, including one which is super awesome.
-Was supposed to go to Shern's house to make Teachers' Day gift, but was canceled.
-Was supposed to have Clan Head dinner, but was canceled.

-Teachers' Day celebration, which saw the OGLs taking the stage one more time, for the most impromptu performance in the history of ever-ever.
-To Queenstown, where I met the guys all over again. Was quite pleased to see that our batch had the most people there.
-To somewhere at Spottiswoode Park with Jeremy, Raied, and the gang, and then to Suntec at Comex to walk-walk.

-To Marina Bay to meet up with Jiaw, Glen Wirawan, and the gang to celebrate Terry's birthday.
-To Clark Quay, after finding out that Marina Bay had become a wasteland, with nothing, nothing, nothing left whatsoever.
-Got highs.

-To Sing Post to study by myself for a few hours.
-To home to exercise after being in Sing Post for only a short while because I felt (was/is) fat.

-To Sentosa way too early in the morning with class.
-To Vivo to eat lunch and then go back to Sentosa again, but we got lazy, so we hung around.
-Bought a Storm of Swords.
-To Novena Square to meet up with councilors for dinner at Tim Chua's house.

-To Changi Airport to study, or try to with Moses, Becca and Jon. We ended up talking shit. The HCMI (Hwa Chong Mental Institute) will become the greatest inside joke ever.

-To Holland V, Breko, to eat breakfast with PR people.
-Stayed at Holland V, hanging around by myself, deciding whether to go for the OGL/CCAAB group outing to Sentosa or not.
-To Vivo, where I was wandering around again, to wait for Joanne Chin.
-Finally, to Sentosa, where we ended up staying for just a mere 2 hours, but had fun nonetheless with Eisen/Ogl/SB10/SA5 combined outing.
-To Vivo to eat.

-To town with councilors, to walk-walk and watch movie, I think.

What I didn't mention:
-Hanging out at Facebook (Flair, Tetris, Tagging, Comments)
-Chatting more often than I ever really have on MSN.
-Watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
-Watching online movies (40-Year-Old Virgin, Harold and Kumar 2, Don't Mess With The Zohan, Ironman)
-Reading books (A Song of Ice and Fire series mostly)
-Doing self-improvement stuff, like meditating, and reinforcing my inner-Raymond.
-Guitar Hero and DDR.

Yes, this has been one of the more productive holidays in the history of ever-ever. And that goes my holidays. How goes yours?


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