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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Worst Bus Rides Ever

After having taken the MRT for at least twice a day, every day, I have grown to relish and seize all opportunities to NOT take the train. This afternoon, after having gone to Queenstown and wandering around Suntec with a bunch of Queenstown people, I was faced with either walking to City Hall to take the train, or walking to Bugis to take bus number '2'. Either way, I would be walking quite a distance, and after considering my fatigue and want to sleep, I took the latter option.

And just my luck, all things that you don't want to happen on a bus ride happened.

Firstly, I missed the bus. I JUST missed the bus. I was taking my sweet time, listening to "How to Win Friends And Influence People" (seriously), and the bus zoomed past me and all I could do was watch the double-decker, semi-empty bus go by without me.

The next bus was to come in 15 minutes. Oh no. I wasn't in a rush anyway, so I just waited there...and waited...until the next 2 came, which was, as luck would have it, single-decker! OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY. I don't know why they services still exists which are both single-decker and double-decker. It makes my blood boil...so much. How do you expect a single-decker to accommodate the same volume that a double-decker does? I say scrap the single-deckers, damnit.

I rushed into the bus with everybody else. It was a matter of standing up, or sitting down after all. I squirmed my way into the bus, sat down, ended up giving my seat to an elderly (one more reason I hate single-deckers; a seat ain't truly yours), and then I moved to the back and found myself in front of the rear-row, the ones which seat 5 people but usually, and this applies to this case as well, seats only 4. Why 4? Because guys refuse to sit properly, and insist on sitting with their legs wide open. Do you think someone's going to get down on you or something? Seriously? I wasn't going to take none of that, so I said "Excuse me," and planted myself on the middle of the back-row. We then engaged in a battle of knee against knee, and the tension was palpable-ish.

I'm serious about the tension. Like, their legs were so wide open that I was being squeezed, so I retaliated and open my legs to a socially acceptable level. Of course, they refused to budge, and this lead to the...battle below the belt...?

Anyways, there were shouting in the bus as well! Out of nowhere, this ang-moh woman started screaming on this Singaporean youth. "YOU ASSHOLE!", she screamed and "It's not like you're paying for two fares!" she continued. Then the guy tried to defend himself, but I couldn't make out what he was saying because he is a pussy. I'm serious. The guy didn't even try to make a proper case, and he ended up looking so bad and pussy-like. The guy mumbled something to the woman and all she said was "YOU'RE AN ASSSHOLE!". Phwoar.

I think this is what happened: the guy had his bag on the seat beside him, and the ang-moh woman (who got on at bugis as well) asked him to remove it so that she can seat down. I think the guy probably did something socially unacceptable (which is too common in Singapore, I think) like occupy more seat than he should, or push back or something, and he struck a nerve with the woman, and he got blasted. Hell yeah.

The bus ride became more mundane after the shouting, and I fell into slumber, and as usual, having lost sense of timing and rhythm of my waking and sleeping, I missed my stop and ended up further East. Sigh.

So yeah, the recipe for the worst bus ride is a single-decker bus, which is full of inconsiderate passengers, shouting and me missing my stop. And today, all this combined to give an otherwise sour taste to an awesome day. Teachers' Day in AC was best, and then back in Queenstown was best, and then hanging with the Queenstownians was also best. I got the whole holidays ahead of me and I'm going to make it best as well.



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