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Saturday, August 23, 2008

(n) is better than (n-1) is better than (n-2)...is better than 1.

In the above equation, n stands for nipple. I apologize to all whose innocence I've tainted with the post below, with the nipples. It just had to be done. Once the thought is inside my head, and the power within my grasp, what's there to stop me? I'll tell you...nothing! HAHAHAHAAHAH.

Original picture.

With 1 extra nipple.

With 2 extra nipples.

With nipple for belly-button.

With nipple for belly-button. It looks like a face. I see nothing but a face.

With nipple for eyes.

Nipple overload.

If Michael Phelps had a nipple for every...wait. Anyways, I have nothing against Michael Phelps; I'm a staunch supporter, and I've watched him swim, and was in awe, along with the rest of you.

I stayed home to relax and chill today, and it went awesomely. After night out with my secondary school buds yesterday, I just slept in, watched movies, read manga, read books, downloaded music, played Guitar Hero, played DDR, and chatted with people on MSN. Studying commences once more tomorrow!


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