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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bridge to Terabithia :( and Anna Sophia Robb :)

It was a Sunday, the day before...ah, I wanted to say the day before my Prelims started, but then I realise that it started on Tuesday, so I guess Sunday is just the day before Monday. Anyways, on Sunday, I had the opportunity to watch "Bridge to Terabithia" on either HBO, or Star Movies, I can't remember. The trailers were on air for ages, and I have heard good things of the movie before. Also, it says the trailers were misleading to a controversial extent, so I decided...yeah, let's watch this show.

This is the trailer, by the way:

The trailer makes it look like some fantasy children's flick, a carbon copy of the likes of Narnia, Harry Potter, Spiderwick, Eragon, and all sorts of ...cliche rubbish, but it's not. Trust me when I say that there's so much more to this than fantasy, because it's not about fantasy: it's abour relationships.

It's boy-meets-girl taken to fantastical levels. It's the childhood love that we always wished we had when we were young, the kind we wish we have even right now, as we're older. If you have the time, or even if you don't (I was supposed to be preparing for my prelims when I watched this!), go check this film out. It should be viewable on any movie sites, like www.66stage.com, or failing that, come to me, and I'll lend you the DVD (which I'll buy!).

This film gets 4.5/5 from me, the 0.5 sorta disappeared because my mum spoiled the story for me half way through when she said "Is this the one where *insert twist here* happens?". It was a good...unexpected, cruel kink in the tale. Wait...no innuendo intended in that previous sentence.

And the female lead is absolutely gorgeous! Anna Sophia Robb, oh my god. I was in love with her throughout the whole show. Apparently, she's 14 right now, but they always say girls mature faster than boys, so let's say I'm supposed to be 18 (yeah, right), but because of the disparity in the rate of increase of maturity, I'm probably only...a year older than her, relatively speaking. YES!

Isn't she pretty? She's...stunning, and she can act, and I really really hope she become something great in the future. Anyways, if she looks familiar, it's because she's appeared in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory as well.

I don't usually get crushes on girls who are so young, but she is the exception.

PS: I know some of you are more interested in my life, hence why you are here at raymond-angelo, so I'll do a quick update. I've been sitting through my papers the past few days. GP and Geog was on Tuesday, and GP was OK, and Geog...not so much. Econs on Wednesday wasn't splendid either. But today was Physics and Maths, and I'm relatively happy with both. No papers tomorrow, but I think I'll be studying in school, anyways. Oh, and my room at my new house is shaping up to be awesome.


  • haha i dun usually read blogs or leave comments, but e title on e post caught my eye and i definitely agree that the show's awesome!

    By Anonymous moses, at 9:56 PM  

  • HAHAHA. Thanks for making mine the exception. You think the girl's pretty too, I bet.

    By Blogger Raymond Angelo, at 10:27 PM  

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