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Saturday, June 21, 2008

18 Ways to Tell You've Got A Good Work-Out

1. People say "Wow, you've lost weight!" and you no longer feel compelled to return the complement, because if they're not lying, then you shouldn't be, either.

2. Your cheeks are numb. And not just the ones on your face either.

3. Your $39 earphones, engineered to withstand the rigour of the gym, designed ergonomically to minimize slippage, fail you...the very first time you use it.

4. You look at the weighing scale not to check your weight, but to get a glimpse of your reflection on the glass.

5. Your hair and face is no longer the only thing you look at when faced with a mirror.

6. You start the work-out with some stuff written on your palm with marker, and when you finish, all that's left on your palm is a black smudge, and on your face, and on other places are mysterious blotches of ink.

7. You vomit, and it's not because of nausea.

8. You have a work-out playlist on your mp3 player. Some of it's songs are Stronger and Workout Plan by Kanye, Eye of the Tiger, Pompeii and the First Pokemon Theme Song.

9. You drink Coke Light, or Zero, out of habit, and not out of fear of the intense calorie dosage of the normal coke.

10. ABS.

11. Your shirts feel tighter only at the biceps, and not anywhere else.

12. You have more dimples. Everywhere.

13. You hurt at places which didn't know could hurt. (ARGHHH! MY EARLOBES!)

14. Dance-Dance-Revolution is no longer a challenge.

15. You jay-walk across half of the road, but turn back because you don't trust your mind to be alert enough to avoid being road-kill. You still nearly get yourself killed, however. (Seriously, phew!)

16. You can't keep your hands off yourself.

17. You can't keep other people's hands off yourself.

18. You fabricate a list.


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