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Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Blenders and Nanas

I've this bad habit of making fun of people relentlessly. It's not that I hate them; it's just that certain aspects or qualities of that person pisses the hell out of me, and I can't help but...bitch. I'm not saying that making fun of people isn't good, because when I do it, it's in the spirit of good fun (mostly)...but I think I've gone overboard.

Without having even met them, I make a shallow judgment based on what little things I know, and that's not very wise, nor objective. And even if I do know that I'm only insulting them for "fun", it's never really for fun, is it? I mean, how much longer can you go on without developing a sense of animosity towards that person, whoever she or she is?

So yeah, I'm guessing no one else will get this, but I'm not doing this for you guys, but I'm doing this as a pledge to myself. That I shall refrain from insulting people behind their backs; that when I make fun of people, I do it to their face, and with a self-satisfactory grin.

I think I may have evolved. Which brings me to today's picture!

I wish more magazines will do this.

This update wasn't much, even I think so. But wait for the next one. Imagine Osama Bin Laden, riding a unicorn, with Oprah towards a rainbow. Only cooler. And less gay.


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