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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Planet Saturday

It just occurred to me how Saturday is, assuming the 1st day of the week is Monday, is the 6th day of the week. The word Saturday obviously has its roots from the planet Saturn... which is the 6th planet of the Solar System! Oh my god.

So, if we consider that the days correspond to the planets in our astral realm, then Wednesday is Earth Day. Technically, Earth Day is held on April 22, but imagine if we can hold it every week? On Earth Day, we try our best to live as ecologically friendly as possible, but imagine if we do it, instead of annually, weekly!

We'll be so many steps closer in fighting the war against global warming, which has become a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE (according to McCain's campaign).

Seriously wtf.

But anyways, make every Wednesday the day you become more environmentally conscious. Instead of taking your parents car, take buses or MRT! Make an effort to recycle all clans! Save a polar bear!

You know what to do.


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