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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kungfu Panda 2: Drunken Paws

Kungfu Panda was the sleeper hit of the June Holidays; prior to the show, a lot of people thought it was going to be stupid, but it turned out to be quite awesome. Needless to say, a few years from now, a sequel of this show will come out, which will be equally as well-received, I'm sure. I have gazed into my crystal ball, and below is the plot of Kungfu Panda 2, also known as Drunken Paws, which centres around the coming of age of the legendary warrior.

Pre-script: This plot goes with the assumption that Po is not as old as everyone thinks he is: a more accurate estimate of his age is 15. Several evidence point to this. His reliance on his father, his lack of independence, his immaturity are also signs of an adolescent. Also, he has the hots for the tiger, though this part was removed from the movie. Ignore his voice.

The movie starts with Po's birthday. And of course, it's not just any birthday, but it's his 18th birthday. The Furious 5, and his master plan this big surprise for Po...and of course, they've brought...the thing that all 18 year-olds want...ALCOHOL.

Po is exposed to his first sip of the intoxicating delicacy, and he is enamored by it. The cool taste delights his taste buds...and he drinks until he gets drunk, and then, under the influence, he challenges the Furious 5 to a fight. The alcohol gets to his head, and stuff, and he discovers a new fighting style...DRUNKEN KUNGFU. Using his new style, he disposes off the Furious 5, in a series of fury swipes and a flurry of paws.

This fight is witnessed by alcohol tycoon, Tiger Fear, the leading producer of alcohol in Ancient China...who happens to be the Tigress' (pardon me, I can't remember her name) uncle.

Dazzled by Po's display of fighting genius, he goes up to Po with an audacious offer: to be the promoter for his alcohol brand, Tiger Alcohol. Po, still drunk, accepts the offer, and from then on, he became the promoter of Tiger Alcohol.

To be continued: I still have work to do!


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