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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Burdens of a Stronger Man

I missed school this morning because I was just so tired. That, and I wasn't really missing anything but a 40-minute Malay B and GP lesson, but that's beside the point: I'm exhausted in so many ways. Let's list the things which are of nearly equal importance:

1) Outstanding Line-In stuff, such as chasing CCAs for photos and chasing people for articles.
2) The PRELIMS (13 days time).
3) Passing my broad-jump. 20 centimetres have never felt further.
4) Packing my stuff in preparations for the move to Tanah Merah.
5) My one-itis.

See? Outstanding Line-in Stuff has to be settled ASAP, but studying for PRELIMS seem important as well. Then again, so does passing my broad jump; if I fail, 2 months of my life are gone. And then I'm moving on Sunday, and I'm not even a quarter-of-the-way through packing. And then there's one-itis...which doesn't seem too important, but it is, because I don't want to lose it, if you know what I'm talking about.

So yeah, I took the morning off, and I'll be going to school later. The Line-In stuff has pretty much been settled, I'm training for broad jump everyday so let's just hope it works out, and my packing will be done irregardless, so let's forget about that for now. Then there's the PRELIMS...for which I'll just hope for the best and then there's my one-itis for which...sigh.

I'm off to school now! Thanks to all those who were like 'whoa' with my last post, and who thanked me for being honest, and for giving some insights into, not just mine, but their current affairs.

Oh. Joke time.

Q: When is a door not a door?
A: When it is ajar!


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