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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

From one move to the next.

You know how most people do things which make their lives simpler and more convenient? I'm not one of them. I always do things which will get the same results, for more than the necessary amount of effort. Of course, I always strive to get the best results, but then again, I never take the simplest, most obvious route because it's too easy.

So where has that brought me? I've become a guy who studies in Buona Vista, and lives in Tanah Merah. In case you don't know, Tanah Merah is two stops away from Changi Airport, so how's that for far? But all in all, I think I stand to benefit from the move. Imagine the amount of money I'd save from all those mornings NOT taking the taxi just because I was lazy. Also, the heartlands have always had a special place in my...heart, so I guess with this move, I'll truly get involved, like...study in the void-deck and whatnot.

We moved to a HDB, and yeah, I know most people are like "meh", but it's not that bad. The house is bigger, I think, so in a sense, it's an upgrade. There just isn't a pool, or a gym, but I never liked that pool nor that gym. Let's just say that my condo was located in Geylang, and people who worked in Geylang needed lodging, so they choose to stay at my condo, and they frequented the above-mentioned facilities.

The main problem right now is transport; I could get from anywhere to anywhere from where I was at Geylang. Seriously. The LTA, or whatever, really really REALLY went out of their way to make Geylang accessible. And in Tanah Merah, I've about 5 buses only, and it's further out, so even if I have 14 which goes to school, I don't have the 1h30min++ which it'll take for me to get there. There's always the train I guess.

So yeah, that's me right about now. I'm blogging from my father's laptop because the CPU is down, or something, gah, and we're still settling in. I'm going off to study at the void deck, and tomorrow, let's hope that more people go to school, and that I finally get to watch Batman.


PS: Happy birthday ZhuYing :). You were always be my favourite ponner!


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