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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Human Geography is anything but Human.

Hey hey!

Just wanted to say "hi" to you all. It's been ages since I updated, or so it seemed...I've Physics and Economics left; I'll be focusing on those still, so until Friday, no real updates. I'd just like to thank PirateBay and Bittorrent for all the music they've provided me throughout the preparations for prelims, and to Uhh Yeah Dude, Dan Carlin, Smodcast, Pick-up Podcast for keeping me company.

Seriously, if you haven't been downloading music...don't. But I'm just saying the internet, especially PirateBay is rife with quality music. Black Kids, Metro Station, The Script, Say Anything, Vampire Weekend, The Subways...the list is bloody endless.

OK, I've got to practice a few Physics papers before I sleep. G'night!

To come: Raymond's Thoughts on Cloning, Scandal hits Raymond-Angelo.blogspot.com, Raymond Reviews and so much more.


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