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Friday, August 15, 2008

Get Physical with Geography.

Over the course of the few weeks, I've been spending a whole load of time with my notes, and this is true with geography, more so than any other subject. To those who are curious to know just...how much is the sheer magnitude of the content I've had to mug for this subject, check out this picture, because it'll speak louder than any string of words I can muster.

The monstrosity you see before you is my set of Physical Geography notes. Just Physical Geography notes, without Human Geography, which is around 60% of that thickness, I think.

On another note (heh), my notes are in the worst state I've seen any set of notes fall in. Not a single one is not dog-eared, a few of them are torn, and the staples are barely hanging on, as if held together by a prayer.


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