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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Watched High School Musical 2 and it was amazing.

I am aware that it's been out on the net for the longest time, and I could have downloaded it along with the rest of the net-goons, but...it didn't feel right, watching on the computer. So yeah, watched it on the small screen, with popcorn and brothers. I wanted to do homework while watching, but I gave up because the show was too good.

I'll do a more interesting write-up, but seriously, the "Bet On It" scene was amazing. It was so cliche, and the director knew it, and played it up even more. Combined with Zac's utter gayness, it was a really good scene. The part where he sees his reflection on the lake? Glorious.

And more good news! Vanessa isn't sacked! Yay! Can't find the source now, but I'll put up a more credible link later.

And did anybody else notice the superfluous fan-service? It's disguised by all the cutesy-ness and bright colours, and were worn in th guise of "summer wear", but the girls wore very little, had extremely short skirts, were in halters most of the time, and were in swim-suits too. And the girls had their share too, when Zac took off his top...more than once!



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