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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Studies show mugging causes retardation.

Left to Right: Joce, Nicholas, Sherman, Evan, Delilah, Angela and Victoria.

Picture was taken during the AC Games preparations held on one of the holiday-days. We won the first Bench Ball game!

Why am I wearing red? Because I'm REaDy.

Gah. I'm clumsy actually; my Eagles' Wing shirt got caught on one of the nails in the sports complex and there's now a big-ass hole at the back. I'll sew it up, or maybe patch it with some crazy pattern...

OH! Fashion statement...being processed...Here's the deal: Make holes on your shirts, and then sew some random pattern under it. After my past fashion statements which never really took off, I'll go in this one with the same level of enthusiasm and optimism. Yeah.

Shall post pictures when I get it done.

Preparing for promos, so I'll get back at 'cha afterwards.



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