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Monday, September 15, 2008

Dude, where's your hair?

So yesterday, I headed over to the usual place at Clark Quay to get my haircut. There's been talks of a hair-check being conducted some time soon, and I didn't want to get caught and sent to the barber. I wanted to go unscathed, uncut. So yeah, on Sunday noon, I found myself in front of the mirror, with some stylist getting my hair "styled".

"You want your fringe?" she asked, after having cut for a quite a while. I said "Yeah, but do cut just a bit," She seemed experienced, as if she knew what she was doing. After having talked with her about my hair, she suggested something quite extreme. "You want a mohawk?" And my eyes' sorta sparkled (I know, I was looking at myself), and I said "Yeah, why not?" because she sounded like she knew what she was doing.

And after all was said, done, cut and paid, there I was with a mohawk. Or not really a mohawk, more of a fake mohawk...a fohawk. It didn't look half-bad, I thought to myself, and it was quite a...radical change. It's semi-short in the middle part, and short everywhere else.

Today, I went to school expecting some sort of reaction, but my god, I seriously think everybody talked about my hair at least once in the course of the day. I don't say this out of arrogance, or anything, but I simply drew stares wherever I walked, stares which said it all: "What the hat?".

And all the conversations I had somehow ended up talking about my hair. EVERYSINGLE ONE OF THEM. I am not kidding you. Everyone brought it up. Friends, strangers, teachers, cleaners, tuck-shop aunties, the photocopy auntie, WTF!.

"Hey, how's prelim results? Dude, you cut your hair?"
"Raymond! What happened?!?!"
"I haven't seen you in ages. What happened to your hair?"
Someone points from one end of the void deck, and the whole crowd goes like "w00t".

Ahhh. I expected somewhat of a reaction, but again, not to this extent. I must either be really awesome, or the haircut must be really...something. So anyways, people found my haircut weird, in a nutshell, but I don't think so! I get this sorta reaction all the time, whenever I cut my hair, and I think I've a well thought out argument which will suffice to explain this...phenomena.

Let's face it, my face is bleeding interesting. It's been called absolutely everything on earth, almost every adjective, from all spectrum of positivity and negativity. I was born with it. No matter what hairstyle I cut, my face is ODD. So let's say that I cut my hair once, and then it gets a "hey-that's-funny" reaction. This lasts for a week, and then it gets stale. And then I cut my hair again, and this sudden change brings the attention of people to the face once again, and again, I'm interesting!

Let's say I peacock by wearing a pink scarf (hmm...). I wear it on the first day, and "Hey, that's gay," but if I keep wearing it all the time, it'll be "Hey, that's old,". The same applies to my hair, and hence, my face!

With each haircut, the conundrum that is my face gets accentuated and highlight and emphasized upon.

And thus, I bring to a close this hair-saga. I hope you have been enlightened, and when you look at me, learn to appreciate that he's always looked funny, and it's not the hair. Anyways, I'll be going off to study abit. See you around guys, and no, I won't put up pictures of my hair on this blog.


  • sure you're cool. :)
    haha guess your haircut did attract ALOT of attention. first thing i noticed when i saw you in school on mon

    By Blogger peiyi, at 5:41 PM  

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