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Friday, September 21, 2007

You Drive Me Suicidal

"I'd like to thank my mother and father for birthing me into this world filled with beautiful girls,"
-Raymond Angelo, September the 21st

So I've been studying and mugging (they're not the same, for the last time!) for the past few days like crazy. It's not because I'm hardworking or anything though. Personally, I think I've become more lazy over the past year, so yeah, all the work now is because of all the months of undone tutorials, doodles in classes and other similarly pointless (yet fun!) activities. I swear I'll work harder next year, I swear.

So anyways, I've been doing the studying and mugging outside home, at either school (where there's free food) or at Sing Post. I like studying in school, but it's a wee-bit far, and when one wishes to mug until 9 something, it's means going home past ten, past curfew, and I won't be able to do anything productive at home too, because I just plonk dead like *ker-plonk*.

So Sing Post it is! On Tuesday, I was at Coffee Bean, and I saw one of the prettiest JC girls I've seen in my time. She's from VJ, a badminton player, as stated on her jacket. Damn, wowza. I kept stealing glances and stuff...which isn't good, but yeah, it always makes me :) to be in the vicinity of pretty girls. She was alone too, which probably means she's single. Also, since she's studying at Sing Post, she must live around the area which is a major plus. But I wasn't sure whether she was J1 or J2, so I didn't dare talk to her, or anything like that. At least, that's my excuse.

After getting some inside information from the pits of Victoria Junior College, I figured she was a J1, since the jacket she was wearing was J1-exclusive. I got Razeen (Primary school friend who's now in VJ) to accompany me to come back on Wednesday. You know, maybe if by some chance they know each other, can intro, and then smuacks smuacks and the works <3.

But alas, destiny worked against me. She wasn't there on Wednesday afternoon! There wasn't space anyway, so me and Razeen headed over to the food court at the basement. And lo-and-behold, another pretty girl! There were two CJ girls this time, and we sat at the table behind them. The girl facing me was astonishingly pretty!

But that didn't mean they passed. I still didn't know whether she was J1 or J2.

So the other girl had a pile of papers on her seat, which will probably reveal whether she was J1 or 2. I got Razeen to discretely peep at the papers. Under the guise of TYING HIS SHOELACES, he sneaked a peek, TURNING HIS HEAD IN A MOST OBVIOUS FASHION, like the head-turning scene in Exorcist. He failed, yeah, at both doing it DISCRETELY, and at getting the information. The writing was too "small". So we eavesdropped instead, and they were talking about "market failure", so yeah, I guess they are J1s, because no J2 will be discussing "market failure" at this time. And they looked like Arts Students too, because they had no calculators on their tables. Awesome. But, yeah, all I did was look. She had a friend with her and I had a friend with me, so gah.

Today, again, I dropped by Sing Post to do some serious studying. OK, and maybe some...yeah, you know. VJ-girl wasn't there, but there was CJ girl! After the firework extravaganza inside of me extinguished themselves, I cooly and calmly took a seat, at the table behind her, which meant I was as close to her as possible, yet, I wasn't facing her. I didn't have a choice, because that was the only table free. I could have faced her, but then, that'll be like making a deal with the devil; focus, "Raymond, you have to get your Econs H3!"

In the end, we exchanged no words again, but I did see a few malay girls stealing glances at me. Ahh...

Mugging some more tomorrow. See you people, and may be the pretty girls be with you. And with me.

I'd prefer they be with me.


  • HAHA!! Ray! Hanif's here! Woah CJ girls huh? not bad seh!! MY SCHOOL WHAT!! XD! Anyways, all the best for fucking promos! =)

    By Blogger penned my thoughts, at 5:11 PM  

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