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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm from the Queens.

I was talking to Jeremy about Queenstown this morning during Econs, and then we got to talking about all the stupid videos we made. I uploaded a few of them ages ago, which were quite awesome, but I deleted them, because as a prefect then, I didn't want to "tarnish" the school's reputation. What the heck lol. I managed to unearth some videos through Raieds' YouTube account and here they are.

The Domino Effect:

I think I was one of the guys on the chairs in this one, or one of the few behind the camera. It's hilarious.

Stupid Fight:

Never was there physically when this video was made, but it's in the CG room, hey! Features YanShan and Raied. Is extremely stupid.

Fighting in Class:

A classic Bernard and Minhazul faux-fight which has grown quite legendary. Has 300000+ views, and loads more comments. The video itself is damn funny, but when you read the comments, everything seems so much more crazier.

There is also another video where an arm breaks in one of their fights; it's quite an epic scene, but everyone has supposedly deleted the video. But I'll upload it when I find it!

Anyways, it's best I go back to studying. See you guys!


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