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Saturday, October 25, 2008


It feels like my life's undergoing major changes, and I'm sorta excited, anxious, excited, a tad fearful, excited, and excited.

A-levels are coming, and I think I'm ready.

My NS-enlistment date is out: December 11's the date. It's a bit early, but what am I to do about it?

Oh, and the holidays, whatever little of it is around between the As and NS-enlistment, are coming too, and I can't wait.

Haven't been jogging because I think I hurt my right foot, sigh. But never mind that for now I guess; I've found renewed vigour in studying, and like I said earlier, I'm feeling more and more prepared as each day goes by.

OK then, I haven't been around for awhile, and I don't think I'll be around for awhile more, but yeah, I'm living it up. See you!


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