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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Can you feel the burning?

Ok, so we've had a one week holiday, which equates to around 9 holiday-days, yet, I've only had two posts, and the previous one was a non-post, at least I think it wasn't good enough to be considered an "official" post.

The holidays are a FARCE.

I haven't been able to update because of the upcoming examinations, the mocks, and all the classes I've had to attend. Oh, and I've been going out with Delise alot lately; I study, and she just slacks *feints a gasp*. Muacks; I love her, even if she doesn't know how to post youtube videos on her blog *insert non-feinted gasm here*. Anyways, to quote; "that's just brief. haha putting my stuff on the net for gay faggots to wank on ain't going to feel nice".

I like our privacy. And since she can't do it, I will :) This guy's hiLARSious. Punny? No?

And this is abit late, but Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin died recently. Killed by a Stingray; God, bless him and his family. It's a real pity he passed. I was part of the Crocodile Hunter: Croc Files era. Some of you may be too young to remember; but I was part of his time. Sunday at 12 on Kids Central, crikey, there he is wrestling Crocodiles. I watched it weekly with my brothers, but pity he faded into obscurity. Still, he'll be remembered for all he's done; oh, and don't vent your anger on the stingray! It was just trying to protect itself after all. I mean, if some random bloke comes near me, I'd have given him a punch...yeah, a punch because I'm gangsta, so gangsta, no matter how white I get, I'm black.

I've been skipping alot lately too. Ever since I misplaced my branded skipping rope, I've made do with my youngest brother's plastic neon green ones he got for free from school. I've got to say I like it a whole lot. When I skip really really quickly, smoke comes out from the handles, and I can feel and smell the burning. I imagine the burning smell to be from my calories (burn calories, burn!) but they're really the rubber burning. My worst fear right now is the rope just snapping while I'm skipping, and whipping me right across the back. Happened to me once before. Yeowch, I went.

I caught up on teevee this holidays too. Nothing's better than practicing A-maths/Physics/Chemistry in front of your tube.

Has anybody else caught "No Reservations"? The ULTIMATE in funny documentary. "I'm the epicentre of suckitude".

The mockumentary, The Office is gold too. In this era which lacks "Friends", "Seinfeld", "Everybody Loves Raymond" (It ended it's run recently), The Office is a beacon of light in a world where reality is teevee. The jokes are not for everybody, but I feel special knowing that I'm one of the few intelligent enough too get the show xD...jkjk lah. It's not slapstick comedy; and may not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's my current fave. This video is about Dwight, the typical ass-kisser in the office, and him complaining to his boss about all the stuff his collueagues done to him. The Office stars that guy from 40-year-old Virgin, so it's gotta be good.

"Cage matches? Yeah they work. How can they not work? If they didn't work, then everybody will still be in the cage"

And who can forget Arrested Development? Gob is the shitz...with a "z" for extra pazaazz. It's just too bad that good shows don't get enough recognition nowadays. Lost didn't get anything for this years Emmy's (Go Figure), and that guy from Monk won best male actor in a comedy again. The Emmy's is going to hell, and so is mainstream television. YouTube for life! Who needs Kids Central, when you've got this shiznit? Even non Yu-Gi-Oh fans should love this.

"Screw the rules, I HAVE MONEY!"

Ahh, that's enough of Videos. I'm off to study, NEKEED. Yup, studying nekeed is the best. Go to your room, bring in ALL your school work and some chips and drinks, oh, and an empty bottle but make sure it's not labeled so that you drink your p** by mistake, strip to your undies, lock the door (optional), and then get to work. The logic is that you'd be too lazy to put on your clothes to get out of the room, so you'd stay there to study. It works for me, that's all I can say.

Some pics, old but good.

This picture is gold, as gold as the hair lol. This infamous incident, happened a gajillion (mine) days ago. This was what happened, the night before, Unknown Student A's mum had left-over hair dye. Unknown Student A used the remaining hair dye, and came to school the next day, looking like this. Reactions were O.O, O.o, or :O. Unknown Student A spent assembly in the toilet, spent PE in the toilet, and spent the remainder of the day with his hand on his head.

I was at GWC two weeks ago, and I saw no mirror! WTF? Toilet w/o mirror?

I got the most sKILLS. Get it? It can either be viewed as "skills", or "kills", which is CLEVER. Hurhur.

I found this image in my received file. Somebody had sent it to me about a year ago. Can anyone take credit/responsibility? Anyways, Glenn Lum so does not suck ass. He's the bestest fish friend anyone can ask for, and I'll never forget him, especially for the questionable dance moves he added to our ACES day dance.


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