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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kewt met Kewl

Yesterday, we had an argument in Messenger. I can't post the whole chat log, more like I don't know how to, but it went something like this.

Raymond: i AM kewl babe, kewl as eyes
Delise: and i'm kewt :D
Delise: omg, i'm kewl, you're kewt
Raymond: I'm the kewl one!

It's pretty lame, but it's this lame-ity (word-existance check pls), that I treasure. Anyways, since I'm the one blogging about this, I'm the one to decide who's kewl and who's kewt! I'm kewl. Delise is kewt. Ta~freaking~da!

Thanks, Delise for making this holidays so special; so memorable. You're always there, just as I'm here. I know I've been very emo lately. Maybe it's because I watched Lars the Emokid, or maybe it's just because of the Prelims stress, and all that all-your-past-efforts-will-go-to-shit-and-so-will-your-future-if-you-blow-this thinking; I'm not a pessimist by nature; but if I do badly in this prelims and subsequently the O-levels, it's like all my efforts in the past are for naught; and that's going to feel yeowch and then everybody's going to point and laugh at the humpty dumpty, fallen from the wall.

You're always there, whether in person or on the other line to give me all the words of encouragement I need to here; pick me up when I fall down, pull me closer when I stray, whatever it is, you always know what to say.

I've been whining alot lately about alot of things, and I apologise for that. I'll try not to emo, but I won't try too hard because I know you'll put up with me still. Thanks for everything. You're my eternity.

Behind this picture is a story only the two of us will share <3

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster. FASTER.


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