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Sunday, September 10, 2006

This is Glenn Lum

Sit>Walk, 'nuff said.

While looking through my old files in the computer, I, along with the Glenn Lum sucks thing, unearthed this video which is the anti-Glenn-Lum-sucks. It totally dismantles notions that Glenn Lum sucks; he so doesn't. He made this video by himself; a 30 second animation using stop-and-move technique whereby you move the whatever by abit, take a picture, move the whatever by abit, take a picture, and basically keep up with this cycle, then combine all the pictures to form a measly 30 second clip.

Note: For added kick, play "Master of Puppets" in the background. That's how it was meant to be viewed, but somehow, the audio got killed :\.

Oh, and I found this on ShengNian's blog (hope he doesn't mind)! Lmao! Further proof that Glenn Lum is awesome!

G-lum answers:
"Why are girls so hard to understand?"

Oh, the holidays have ended, and the prelims begin. That's how the story goes, I guess. I got the most luck, because I've got my lady luck, and I've got a gajillion birds at my beck and call :o. A thousand birds and no balls in sight...the epicentre of Awesometitude is here.


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