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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Math is PHWOAR!

Additional Mathematics and Pure Chemistry tomorrow.

Math is PHWOAR! And the study of anything involving alcohol is PHWOAR too. So, yeah, GO! A.MATHS and GO! CHEMISTRY!

As usual, I've been studying the past few days, but a person can't study all the time. You've got to take breaks; plan your breaks so that you won't break your plan. (Wow, I made th<--at up! Wise!)

I've finally discovered the fun of taking pictures! Not that I haven't been taking pictures before. It's just that prvsly, I only took pictures of stuff which looked interesting. But with a good camera, anything can look interthing! I've taken lots of good pictures, honest! This pictures were taken by my camera phone by Delise, the pictures I took with her camera, she's yet to send over to me x(.

Yup, my shirt says "RescueMe!!"

Slant the Camera; Because shooting in horizontal and vertical can't quite cut it.

Moments of Weaknesses; Don't let them happen.


Naw, it's just my phone camera's effects! Here's more!

So Delise was sick yesterday, and I took care of her, obvsly. Hopefully, she's fully recovered. If not, then get well soon!

Everyone desires to solve a porblem by his capability. it feels it incredibly large to have got down to oneself.


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