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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Map My Miseries


Oh got damn that felt good. Let's see; the past weeks I've been compiling my geography notes. I actually dug through all my shit-loads of paper, both this year's and last's, and I put them all in one sweet file. On top of that; it contains all my hand-written notes. I got cramps writing those notes; I wrote so bloody much, my hand shivered; even my finger nails were chattering, if even possible. So yeap, my file is pretty much my lifeline for geography.

And I fucking lost it.

With the geography prelim test TOMORROW.

I shed a tear.


I don't know where it went; maybe I left in the cab, or maybe it's in the classroom, or maybe somebody took in in my bag, so many maybes, yet no solid leads. It's frustrating; and I know it's my own fault, laugh all you want, but it's devestating, hours of efforts, lost just like that. They were sweet, those damn notes, and I was proud of them. *Pooooooo-fucking-oooooof*, they're gone. Sw33t. Go on, laugh at me. I don't care; If i wasn't the one with the lost file, I'd be laughing too; "noob", "stupid", "idiot". My personal favourite's "dumbass" but that's just me.

I don't feel like studying for geography anymore.

I know I still have my Textbooks; I've got my TYS and my model answers too, but...my notes are my own handiwork. Without it, I don't know, it seems meaningless to go on studying.

This is me; losing a gotdamn file. Imagine if I lose something more important; like...I don't know, my bag...I don't know, I think I might top myself :(

What the hell...OK, that's it. I don't feel so bad anymore. I'm going to study geography now :). I just needed to bitch and whine for awhile. An emo moment, in a way. And I didn't "shed a tear" because I was sad and depressed; I punched the wall so hard in frustration that I think flying kites is off limit at the moment; *crack*. Let's hope I can still write tomorrow for the 2:15 hours long test.

E-maths and Social Studies went OK today. For E-maths, certain questions were difficult, but on the whole, it was simple but tedious. As for Social Studies, my essay should be OK, but I've got doubts for my SBQ's last question. Cross-referencing's a bitch when the source is hardly connected to the other sources -.-".

And thanks to Delise for trying to look for the file. It's very much appreciated, and you're very much loved <3.


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