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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So Sial

I spent today studying. Do I really need to go in-depth on that? "In the hallowed, silent halls of the library, Raymond Angelo slowly unzipped his bag. It was excruciating; the sound it made which echoed in the quiet. He withdrew my Geography notes, being extra careful so that the rustling of paper will be kept to the minimum. Zipped his bag shut, and got on task; the notes, line after line, were to be copied, summarised, and memorised. But, god help him, the handsome idiot had forgotten to take out his pencil box!In the hallowed, silent halls of the library, he slowly unzipped his bag. It was excruciating; the sound it made which echoed in the quiet."

Hurhur. Talking in third person; because let's face it, nobody else would bother to write a narrative with you as the main character.

I didn't have to go to school today; since we're having our prelims, and today, I don't have any papers. Tomorrow is Social Studies, and the day after that is Geography, so I've been mugging like hell for those two subjects.

Since I didn't get to go to school today, I was able to watch the penultimate episode of Rockstar! All 4 rockers were good; at least I remember their names :). Toby's going to win, I've already voted for him here! Watch his original "Throw It Away"; which is awesome on so many levels; yet, I'm astounded at the wtf-ery when I realise that the only line I remember distinctly is UH~OH~UH~OH~OH~OH! Still good though! Rock on!

They ran an article on recently eliminated Storm Large (that's an awesome name, hands down; among the rank of great names like Raymond Angelo); and surprise-surprise man! She's 3-fucking-7! Does she look 37 to you?

But srsly, props to her! She's a good rocker (Nope, not singer; they're different), and she's hawt. GOod luck to her band; "The Balls" (LOL!). I laughed out loud reading the article; "She is looking forward to being reunited with her boyfriend of four years (Davey Nipples) and his 9-year-old son". WTF Davey NIPPLES?!?! Nipples? NIPPLES? Goodness; this name tops even mine! Nipples!

They didn't mention their son's name but here's my guesses:
-Davey Storm (Combination of two; I shan't mention the other combination *ahemLARGENIPPLESahem* for the sake of sounding childish)
-Tsunami Testicles
-Test Testes
-Far King Nuts
-Tits Thunder
-Hurricane Samantha (WTF?)
-Raymond Angelo (They copy me one)

Anyways, that'll be it. They're showing Singapore Idol, as usual, but it still remains as my "In-between" show; Rockstar's so good that it's worth watching twice; and SG Idol's so bad, it's not even worth watching one time through...LOL. I'm being mean; that's a joke, I think. I'll watch SG Idol...NEXT WEEK!

And that's it. 26 more please!


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