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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"What's Updawg?"

"Is it me or is updawg here?"
"Does it smell like updawg here?"
"I don't know what that is... -.-"
"Don't you just feel so updawg?"
"What's that?"
"What's that?!?!"

Both parties end up getting frustrated without the joke ever being gotten. I tried to re-enact it; a favourite scene of mine from The Office, but I lack the comedic timing. Just watch:

Someone one said that if I ever wanted to make it big; I'd have to talk about something which will interest the general population. I thought my life was interesting; but apparently, not so; because this shit plummets like *swoosh*, almost like an upside down Nike logo. So, let's talk about some interesthings.


So what's interesthings lately? Besides my life, which doesn't seem to be of anyone's interest; Singapore Idol's been up! I know; this won't interest international readers one bit; but let's start small shall we? Somebody, call Tomorrow (which is so yesterday)!

About Singapore Idol; well Joakim couldn't sing as well as the previously-ousted contestants, and I'm glad he's out of the competition. He wasn't much of a singer; but let's face it; he's got looks, confidence, in other words, the works; and the way the hosts and judges keep putting him down, he's bound to get bucketful of sympathy votes. "This is a singing competition" says the weakly teasers. We know who they want to boot out of the competition. At least this proves the authenticity of the competition; if I were Dick (correction: I am dick) or one of the other judges, I'd have used all my powers to kick him out. Singapore Idol: Phwoar!

My vote goes to the Malay Guy and in saying this, I don't mean any racial bias; I don't know there names, so race is the easiest way to distiguish them. We're down to the bottom three I think; the goth guy went out and we're left with the Chinese Guy, the Malay Guy and the Chick. Anyways, based on the one and only episode I watched last Sat/Sun (other than odd snippets here and there, you know, in between commercials of Rockstar: Supernova) I like the Malay Guy's voice, though the Chinese Guy's rendition of Chasing Cars was bombage, but the other song was not hawt, and the Chick was very forgettable, so I support the Malay! Someone pass me the rokok...

So, as the show went on, they've got this special messaging services where you can get your message displayed for people with blogs to scrutinise and laugh at. The usual "I-love-you so&so" and the ever-present "so&so will always be my idol" trickled through, yes "trickled" because there weren't exactly gajillions of people rubbing their fingers raw over their phones. Anyways, one message stood out: "All Malays vote for the Malay guy". Sial only this bodoh; nabei kambing knnccb. Singapore Idol still must bring race in siah. I mean to say, in proper english this time; What the fuck? If all the Malays band together and vote for the Malay dude, and all the Chinese band together and vote for the Chinese dude (let's face it, most voters are female, and as females, they vote for males, which is typical, but wth), by default, the Malay dude loses! Way to go, numbnuts! At the rate you're going; you not only waste 50 cents and shamed yourself in front of everyone; you might have just cost the Malay Guy winning the Singapore Idol! The Winner is You! Because you're above logic and common sense!

You know what I call SG Idol? That Show During Commercial Breaks of Rockstar.

Both shows are exactly the same; only Rockstar>SG Idol, obvsly. I'm not putting down anyone in SG Idol; they've got talent to make it that far; hands down, they're better than me in singing. I've got no right to critisize them, so I won't. I'll just compare them to the contestants of Rockstar, and gawd, those rockers know how to rawk. The two shows can't compare, Rockstars got Dave Navarro (Yeah! He's part Pinoy!), Tommy Lee (That guy you saw with Pam Anderson in that video), the other two cool members of Supernova and that hot host. In SG, we've got Gurmit After-the-break Singh, the other guy (I srsly can't remember his name), and the four mousekeeters, who don't really interact all that much. So yeah, because the shows are in the same time slot; I watch Rockstar, and during the commercial breaks, I switch to iDol-on-5.

Lo-and-behold because coincidentally, Rockstar is ending (go TOBY!) just a week before iDol does. So all the usual Rockstar fans, after the finale, will switch to watching SG iDol, just in time to catch the finale! And, I bet Channel 5's going to have a "thank-you-for-watching" commercial; and brag about the increase in viewership during the finale! But that's only because there's no more Rockstar!

Yup, you heard it here first; all the bullshit.

You must be wondering why I'm up so late. Studying lah, of course. Prelims are these week, and shall continue to next week, all the way to the beginning of next-next week. Gah. Study hard everyone! I've got no school on Wednesday, so I might drop by here for a tete-a-tete (typo? confirm typo). Physics practical went fine, at least for me. My figures haven't been to far off; but I'm worried about the decimal places, and significant figures. Let's hope chemistry practical tomorrow will go smoothly. Thank god for coffee; and conducive studying environments; and angels and stars which bring me luck!

Sorry for the rant!


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