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Friday, September 22, 2006

Faith in Fate.

On Monday, at last our Prelims end. And the day after that, we'll be getting back all our papers. I'm nervous; heart-in-my-throat nervous.

Oh well.

Today, Geography Paper 1's out of the way. Jason marked my paper, apparently. 35/40 for the win! But in all seriousness, that's not very high, considering in Geography, your A1 can very well depend on your MCQ. Based on my calculations, I'd have to get 69.64385 (7 significant figures) to get my A1. Hopefully, I scored somewhere around that mark. News have reached my ears that the Geography Paper II marks weren't fantastic.

Oh well.

Add. Maths Paper II wasn't great either. I screwed up the last question, which I should have gotten correct. See right, the situation's something like a=x and b=y, but I put a=y and b=x, which may effectively screw the whole of my last question. Gah. And the one with the k and the Q was stupid too. But other than those two questions, nothing else really stands out. This paper's like walking on a tight-rope, compared to the first.

Oh well.

But hey, it's over, and from here, I'll take my mistakes, shove them down my throat and learn from them.

It's not like it's hell here.

Miami Vice came out today. And so, I went with Nigel (he's got better hair, and ain't bullied so much anymore), Chui Mun (tall), Alex (tall), Darren (tall), Jo-pu (tall), Glen (He just turned 16 on the 20th! Happy birthday!) and Terry (no more abs! HAH!), to Cine to catch the screening. Miami Vice is NC-16, so we faced a dilemna: Darren and Nigel are a few months shy from sweet 16, so how?

Here's how the system works in Cine. When you buy the tickets, they check for your ICs, and you have to present exactly that amount of ICs to buy how many tickets you want. After you've got the tickets, you then go to the cinema, where you have to go through another round of checking.

Loop-holes; Use them.

We bought 6 tickets from the counter at the basement, afterwhich, we headed to the counter at the 4th level, where we bought two more, using two ICs from the bunch we used downstairs. So, that's it, 8 tickets; PROBLEM SOLVED! But we've got one more problem: the second check! There were suggestions to get seperate tickets for Darren and Nigel, and then the remaining 6 will buy two rows four, occupying only the first three seats, because no one in their right mind will buy tickets there. Darren and Nigel will then abandon their movie, and occupy the unbought seats. Clever, but risky. In the end, Nigel borrowed Glen's IC (If the checker ask, he got into a car accident and got a botched operation) and Darren borrowed Chui Mun's (They look similar enough).

But....wait for it...in the end...THERE WAS NO SECOND CHECK! They asked "Are you all 16?". WTF? Who'd say "No"?

So, Miami Vice "No Law, No Order", that's their tagline. It's my second NC-16 movie with the first being Silent Thrill. The only difference between NC-16 movies and PGs seem to be limited to the blood, and the nipples. I saw nipples! My eyes! My eyes! Gah! Shizzle-fizzle!

All in all, it was a boring movie. It started off interestingly enough, I loved Jamie Foxx's character, whatever his name was. It was interesting, I felt. There was a shower scene in the first 15 minutes, and I saw nipples! But *snip*, they made an obvious cut. So much for being NC-16. It all went to hell when Gong Li entered, god, I don't mean to critisize, but one would need subtitles to understand what she was saying! But all's fine and well, when she had a "shower" scene. But alas, no nipples. Boo!

After a potential nipple-age aroused my attention, amongs others, I fell asleep promply. The story was very draggy. After Gong Li came into the scene, she kept making out with Colin Farrel's character; never in my life had I fallen asleep watching people make love. I woke up just in time for a rescue mission; guns ablazing, blood being splattered in the wall and stuff. The camera angles they used gave the impression of Counter-Strike, so that was awesome.

The movie ended; 2.5/5. I still can't remember anybody's name. Oh! I saw Truddy's nipple! As in, the character who showed her nipple was named Truddy; she sort of stuck. And there's a guy called Sonny too, but I can't remember who he is.

The guys went on to go bowling, while I headed for Plaza Singapura to look for Delise; who might or might not have been there. She had English Orals this afternoon, see, and in view of this, she postponed her music classes to tomorrow. If her orals ended early, she'd go down there she told me. I had no idea whether she'd be there, so what the hell, I took my chances and waited. Fate will bring us together; I have faith in fate <3.>

In view of the hair-check this Monday, I had a hair-cut this afternoon, at the usual. It came out fab. At least, I think so. Look forward to it! To all those Sec 4s who didn't turn up yesterday, because they didn't have to retake their Mother Tongues, you heard it from here. Don't even try to argue that you weren't informed since our hairs are supposed to be neat and tidy at all times.

That'll be it. After a few days worth of post-prelims rest, I'm kick-re-starting my revisions tomorrow. John Tucker Must Die?

Oh well.


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