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Monday, February 18, 2008

Orientation 2 is coming!

I was totally zonked last week, with Cross-country, Valentine's Day, ACFM (!) happening all in the same week, after being caught in the Chinese New Year stupor.

And this week, there's a Line-in meeting and Orientation 2, which will be keeping me up, and busy.

And then after that, there's terms preparations. I can't really update at the moment, and that saddens me, and everyone else, especially you. Apologies, all around!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What The Shit

I'm having a sort-of crisis here...a phone-related crisis. So get this: on Valentine's Day, my n80 breaks down. I witnessed the light from the screen just fade out like "WTF", and from that point on, whenever I turned my n80 on, all I see is light. I wasn't too worried because this thing has happened to my n80 before, but after a few days, it was in working order again. But that took like a day...and it's already been 3 days, and there's still no sign of recovery.

So I use somebody else's phone, and then...my sim card's not working. It's working...technically, only it's not registering. I don't know what the hell to think anymore, because I'm all sorts of pissed the hell off.

And I'm sick. Coughed out green phlegm like...ughh.

With Orientation 2 just a few days away, I shouldn't really be facing this shit, but I am.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's 230 in the morning and I've still got lots of things to do.

Reached home at 10+, did VDay stuff, Line-In stuff, some Maths. I've still my Malay homework to do, and then study Maths more. COME ON!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Ultimate Valentines Day Package

So I was doing sales duty today. Somehow, as a member of the PR Subcommittee, I've to man the fort at the hub and sell AC Merchandise. My goods were mostly "I <3>

So anyways, as I was doing my sales, I had to think of...a pitch to get people to buy so I invented the Ultimate Valentines Day PACkage. Have a lan yard with "I <3>

Upon reflection, I realize that what I just proposed...could very well be the meanest Valentines gift to give. Consider this: It's Valentines Day, and you give your girl/guy something which proclaims your love for AC, and not for her/him. I guess I'm not as smart as I think I am. Sometimes.

But anyways, if you want to be mean, without being completely obvious about it, this is a very good revenge plot, which, if implemented, should be credited to me.

Because you read it here first.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pack my bags and I'll be heading home.

My dreams of being a model...has been crushed.

The Public Relations Committee of the 32nd Students' Council was supposed to send two members to model the new Fun-O-Rama shirt. Shernise, our ever ingenious head, devised the weirdest method of choosing the models, in which she sends a relay and the first person to reply to that relay will be the model. The thing about relays is that they work like a chain, whereby she sends it to someone, that someone sends it to me, and I loop it back. Being at the bottom of the chain, I was the last few to replied.

Am I the kind to take injustice like this sitting down? No! A firm believer in democracy, meritocracy and the Three Stars of Philippines, I used my "People Power" and made a verbal protest, which was heard, and just like that, after some consideration and twists of faith (the two who replied first backed out, yay), I was declared...one of the models. Of course, I'm not just one of the models...more like the best one, but never mind.

So anyways, I'm looking forward to this modeling gig, and at home, I'm practicing my strut, posture (abs slightly out forward!) and even the tilt of my head (20 degrees above the x-horizontal). I work out too...I'm jogging and doing push-ups...and sit-ups...and all that nonsense.

And then yesterday came, and after much walking, I felt the pain. Apparently, I haven't been wearing the correct shoes when I was running; I never bothered with the proper apparel, and it appears that my shoe didn't have enough sole-support, and I've hurt my left sole in one way or another. Every time I take a step on my left foot, there's this jolt, and come yesterday evening, I was limping. I practiced my walk, but my form...the perfection...I couldn't attain it again.

I called Soemin, and he replaced me for the modeling thingy. It's sad. So sad.

Gah :(

In all seriousness though, narcissism aside, I'm super disappointed that I got myself hurt. All that training is now redundant lah, and shit, because I won't be at my full strength. Let's just hope my foot will recover in time...Jonathan Chow said he had a similar injury and he took two weeks to recover. Oh dear.

PS: I think this post is OTT melodramatic. Forgive me.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is it a Dream?

I've been scouring the Earth for the ultimate accessory; the whistle. Not those cheap plastic whistles, but those metallic ones with a cool-looking black lace. I saw Raied wearing it a week back, and I was blown away. It looked so simple...so chic...so Raymond-Angelo. Of course, I won't have the balls to blow it in public the way that he did, his random noise-making and shit...but the possibilities are got-damn endless!

At the very least, I'm one step closer to the question all guys want to hear: "Can I blow you?"

*Cue Internet-High-fives*

So anyways, I've tried looking for it but I'm not having any luck. If anybody has any leads, please don't hesitate to give me the info.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm not gonna touch you with a 10-metre pole.

So with all the Facebook talk going around, especially in GP Class, which feels too inappropriate, I felt compelled to just make a damn account and get it over with. Join the bandwagon, like the bloody conformist I am. And so I make a Facebook account, and I find myself OVERWHELMED by the magnitude of information they try to shove into my face.

I take a look at random person #1's account (who will stay un-named) and I find out all of the following:

-Dance style
-What he's addicted to
-What kind of HP Character he is
-What kind of kisser he is
-His naughty friends
-How long he can last in sex
-His hottest friends
-How he's compared by people
-His most desired friends

Ahh, crap. There's way too many for me to list, so I shan't bother, but you get the point. My profile contains none of this information, and I think I'll leave it this way, for now. I haven't got the time to maintain it...but dang, it looks like a lot of fun. Don't expect anything interesting up there in the foreseeable, but feel free to add me.

With the Chinese New Year celebrations at full-force, all my friends (whom are mostly Chinese) are busy with their families, and relations, so I'm quite unoccupied. But I don't mind! Finally, a time to rest, relax, study, and just chill like I know how to. I was supposed to go out with my class people yesterday after the CNY celebrations, but I had to stay behind for a meeting, and by the time I could join them, they'd left already. Tried to go out with Secondary School peeps too, but after heading back to QTSS, they went home as well.

I spent the a good three quarter of yesterday afternoon in a lying-down position, I shit you not. And it was good. I LOVED IT. I wanted to exercise, but my body still aches from Tuesday afternoon.

I had to borrow a friend's swimming trunks because I couldn't find mine, so when I get the trunks, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that it didn't fit very well. It was loose. Risque-loose. If a girl was as loose as my trunks, I stay away from her for eternity. If I had jumped into the water...all hell would have broken loose. So I did land PE instead, which consists of:

-20 rounds starting from the pool deck, going down and running across the sunken gallery then up the pool deck again.
-6 sets of 20 push-ups.
-6 sets of 30 crunches.
-6 sets of 15 dips.

AND I FREAKING DID 'EM ALL. Other people cheated (and who can blame them?), but I'm not like other people. When I coughed, my abs positively screamed in agony.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Trudging through miles of shit just to get to the good stuff.

First photos in awhile, so yippie-yay for that.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Further proof that Batman is gay.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Enormous 5-letter Word Which Starts with a "P" and ends with an "ENIS"

Check out this song! Watch the video first, skip all the way to the 1st minute because it's just talking, and then enjoy. Play it a second time, and sing along!

Whenever life gets you down,
keeps you wearing a frown,
and the gravy train has left you behind...
and when you're all out of hope,
down at the end of your rope,
and nobody's there to throw you a line...
If you ever get so low
that you don't know which way to go
come on and take a walk in my shoes...
Never worry 'bout a thing
got the world on a string
Cause I've got the cure for all of my blues.

I take a look at my enormous penis
and my troubles start melting away.
I take a look at my enormous penis
and the happy times are coming to stay.

I gotta sing and I dance
when I glance in my pants
and the feeling's like a sunshiney day...
I take a look at my enormous penis
and everything is going my way.

I take a look at my enormous penis
and my troubles start melting away.
I take a look at my enormous penis
and the happy times are coming to stay.

Yeah I got great big amounts
in the place where it counts
and the feeling's like a sunshiney day...
I take a look at my enormous penis
and everything is going my way.

Everything is going my way...
Everything is going my way...
Everything is going my way...
Must...resist...urge...to make...jokes...must...not...be...a.......dick. GAH.

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