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Thursday, April 27, 2006

At Terminal One

Changi Airport's supposed to be one of the best airport in the world...but I guess that's where the "supposed" comes in because frankly, it's not all good.

My flight was originally at noon but it got postponed to 4. Darn you Qatar Airlines.

Airport service was bad. Those security guards at the baggage check treated me like some kind of criminal. See right, they asked me to surrender everything in my pockets, so I did. I tried surrendering my wallet, but the lady said no need so I replaced it. When I walked past the metal-detector thing, it fucking went off. The security dude started scanning me with his metal detecting wand. It beeped at my pockets and he started hollering "What is this!?!" Nabei lah. I said it's my wallet, surrendered it, and he took out all of it's content just to make sure that I wasn't carrying anything illegal, like a gun perhaps.

I'm awaiting boarding right now. The airport carpet looks the same as it did, so many years back. They've installed computers, which is where I'm typing from right now.

Oh well, my time on the com's up and i've to log off. I'll be studying later on the plane. I'm going to be studying at fucking high altitude. Does that mean that my grades will be soaring as well?

We out.

Raymond Angelo goes back

Raymond Angelo's flying off to Philippines! Surprise surprise!

It's damn sudden, and was only confirmed yesterday night. I'm flying off at around 1 today and will be coming back on Monday morning. It's going to be fun...I hope.

I'll be bringing my books to study of course. In the hotel, by the pool, at the seaside, I'll be there with an open book. I'm bringing a whole back-pack full of stuff to read through. It seems kinda excessive, but you never know. It's almost 5 days. You can't expect me to blank-out for 5 days...

Anyway, I'm off now to pack my bags. Please, do continue to visit. They do have computers in the Philippines, so you never know, I might pop in once in a while to post.

Expect a full and lenghty post on Monday night. And with pictures too.

Say My Name

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name)

Pinoy Lorong

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your dad's side, your favorite candy)

Antonio Malteser

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your last name)


4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite animal, favorite color)

Platypus Blue

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)

Angelo Manila

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name)

Lag Aga Pin

7. JEDI NAME: (middle name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards)

Olegna Agaznog

8. PORN STAR NAME: (middle name, street you grew up on)

Angelo Santa Ana

9. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, the automobile you drive or your parents drive)

The Blue Truck :-)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Found this in our Library! I got nothing against christians...but this book is totally off the hook! I mean....WTF?

Are your perverse?

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how this house should eat noodles.

They said I was stupid but I proved them worng

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard-place. I'm in deep-shit, and nothing's my fault. Seriously. I'm stuck in the warpath of two forces of nature to reckon with. I won't elaborate on this because it involves bodies larger than me myself...but things are snowballing to the point that it's involving people that shouldn't have anything to do with things and I feel like the bridge which inter-link everything, even though I did nothing.

Funny how it works. God knows how much I've tried to stay out of trouble, but I guess trouble finds me.

Tomorrow, something bigs going down. Exactly whether it's going to be a good or a bad "big" is still in question. If it's a good "big", you'll see an update here tomorrow morning. Base on that, i'm sure you can roughly guess what's the sitch.

We were finally awarded our trophies today. I did a short speech on our experience. It was brief, but I'm happy at how it turned out, considering it was something I thought of on the spot. Once again, thank you everyone; loyal visitors especially. Please know that your hits on my blog is always being taken down, and my heart goes all a-flutter when I see it go up by a gajillion.

We played soccer and captain's ball for Phys Ed. We were playing with students from the normal technical, and the PE teachers were making a pretty big deal about it; saying how it's good that we mix even though we come from different streams. You know what's the best way of accentuating discrimination? By acknowledging its existance. Seriously, I've got friends from the acadamic, technical and special streams but I don't treat them any differently nor do they treat me any differently. Deep down, we're all made of atoms and molecules, and when we die, we disintegrate into shits.

The day was pretty normal. Everybody's doing casual revisioning now and then; reading books in between lessons. However, if you want to seriously revise, reading won't do you any good. Read the book, and write down stuff. Even if what you're writing can't be deciphered, it doesn't matter. Writing stuff keeps your mind alert, and thus, you absorb more. That's the theory, anyways.

I got a look at a list of hard to pronounce words that Mrs Dass distributed to Band 3. I feel so ashamed. How do you pronounce "debut"? Fuck. I've been prounouncing it as "the butt" for the past 16 years when it's actually "dey-biew". And LOL i'm gonna fail english oral because I've got a non-british accent...they say "circumstance" with a "taaw~~ns" while I say "tens". They say "toMAAtoe" I say 'toMAYtoe".

How do you pronounce borgoise? It's like Bo Guan, only without the "N".

I, Ringo and Yan Shan headed over to our school library for abit to do some revision. I did chemistry, Yan Shan: chem and Ringo: A-maths. Library was pretty darn noisy. I'd take studying in the canteen over that place-of-din anyday. Found a really interesting book. Stay tuned for a picture of it.

Onto other news, I have big news.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Darth Vader Invades Japan


Raymond Angelo: In 100% Nerd Mode

I've got two beds in my room. One is the one I sleep on, while the other is one for etcetera. This is a picture of my etc bed. Sometimes it's used for sleepovers, but for now, it's a dump for my revision stuff. Can you identify the books?

Ass and when I like it

In view of the upcoming mid-year, I'm going on a temporary hiatus.


No, that doesn't mean I'm gonna totally stop posting, sillies. I love posting here, but it's just that I don't have the time to post. Examinations are my utmost priority lah. I can't spend too much time here, and neither can YOU, because I know that most of you guys out there have exams yourself, so here's a piece of advice: STUDY! Get out your books, put on your gay-ass specs and study!

Read the book! Memorise the book! Eat the book! BE THE BOOK! CIAO MUGGERS UNITE!

Anyway, as I typed, I'm not going to be stopping; just not posting as regularly as before. I just hope that this new piece of information won't deter you from visiting this blog. I love seeing my counter shoot up. Another thing I love is people saying they read my blog, hinting that they read my blog and personally saying that "I love the way you write". I love you people :-)

In a nutshell (which is the way it should be considering how short of time we are) I'll be posting ass and when I like it.

We out.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Pretty Jap Girls and their Kawaii Voice

Let's Ninja in the Night

Please note: This was supposed to have been posted yesterday but due to some screw-ups in blogger, I couldn't post.

I feel so sick.

I just realised that I never got around to posting my PFT results. You know what, this is pretty pathetic but I've never passed my PFT ever. Not in Primary School (I was fat), not in Sec 1-3 (I was fat) and certainly not in Sec 4 (DAMN YOU SHORT LEGS!) I failed broad jump only. Considering that in the past it was "I failed broad jump ALSO", I've improved. I shaved 2 minutes from my 2.4, 2 secs from my shuttle run, added 7 to my sit-ups, added 3 to my pull-up and...well who cares about sit-and-reach? It's the damn broad jump which I hate. I can't jump for nuts. Maybe it's because I've got short legs, or maybe I just plain suck at jumping, but damnit, I can't believe I still failed it.

PFT, you and I will collide once again next year, and hopefully, I'll scrap a bronze.

Today went by rather quickly. I was quite cranky because my head's killing me. How cranky? "Dude, just shut the fuck up and stand up, cheebye"-cranky. Yeah, never mess with a cranky Pinoy.

The double English and double Physics passed by farily quickly. We went through the Physics sub paper, and I got full marks! Quite an achievement since at the time I did that piece of work, I haven't started revising for Physics yet. Rest assured that as of a few days ago, revision had been my priority. I can't let up this Mid-year.

My head started killing me at around recess time, and so I skipped Quest Fit. Said migraine followed me to my Geography class,. Ms Chua was going through plate tectonics but I wasn't really paying attention. Felt like sleeping, damnit. For the rest of the day, sleeping was at the forefront of my mind.

During assembly, we watched a "science quiz" between 4a and 4b. My "girlfriend" was keeping score, but her maths seemed fucked, so Yan Shan offered her his calculator. The quiz itself...was easy lah, but it's evident that everyone was just crapping around on stage. Congrats to Clement, Wei Ming and Hao Chuan (typo?) for winning.

We proceeded to Dawson for lunch. I nearly collapsed. I was really really thirsty, so I went to the drink counter. But instead of getting the usual Coke Light, I got an Ice Kachang, with hopes of the ice melting in my mouth and quenching my thirst. Ahh...ingenious but no. I started to black out as I was eating my beloved ice kachang. Thanks Ringo, for getting me a Coke Light. Whoever said that Coke Light never save anyone...

Took a cab home and slept. I've got a slight temperature now and I'm trembling all-over. Is this some dark, twisted omen, Jebus?!?!?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Honda Accord

This Advertisement for the new Honda Accord was shot in real time with no CGI involved in the sequence. It required 606 takes and cost $6 million to shoot and took 3 months to complete.


9 Lasts --

9. last place you were: Condo Gym.
8. last cigarette: Never.
7. last beverage was: Hi-lo Banana Milk.
6. last movie seen: Take the Lead
5. last phone call: My Mom.
4. last cd played: Feel So Good 2 (A Compilation)
3. last bubble bath: This January.
2. last time you cried: A few days ago.
1. last alcoholic drink: December. Drank but was never drunk.

8 have you evers --

8. have you ever dated someone twice: Nope.
7. have you ever been cheated on: I've never dated so...
6. have you ever cheated on someone: Do you want me to say it again?
5. have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Here I go again, I've never dated so...
4. have you ever fallen in love: Yes.
3. have you ever lost someone: Yes.
2. have you ever been depressed: Don't think so.
1. have you ever been drunk and thrown up: Nope.

7 states you've been to --

7. Geylang
6. Punggol
5. Serangoon
4. Little India
3. Sentosa
2. Tuas
1. Sengkang

6 things you've done today --

6. Homework.
5. Studied.
4. Blogged.
3. Hugged my trophy.
2. Ran.
1. This survey.

4 people you can tell pretty much anything to --

4. Mom.
3. A Primary school friend.
2. *fill in the blank, because I'm not open*
1. *fill in the blank*

3 favorite colors --

3. Red
2. Blue
1. Yellow

2 things you want to do before you die --

2. Become a millionaire.
1. Become a famous TV personality.

1 thing you regret

1. Nothing.

Candidate #4 Glenn Lum

This is US. GLORY! (pic courtesy of Raied)

How Queenstown won JGs: Through Disco-Power. Get Down Tonight!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let it be our swan song

Elation comes and stays. After three months of hard work, we're finished; the Julia Gabriel's Competition has come to it's end. Friday...was our swan song.

The day swept past me quickly. I appeared focused in lessons; but my mind was on debate, and debate only. Fuck, I can't even remember what we learned, so I'll be catching up tonight.

We met up at the Career Guidance Room as usual. Practiced a bit, and had lunch of Canadian Pizza. Creds for that go to Mr Oz. Pizza...the ultimate fusion of awesome grub...anyway, we didn't really do much. The hours passed like a count-down...1 'o' clock, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Jon came down and we did some last minute brush-ups. I realised I printed the wrong reply speech, and had to send it to Mdm Yani for reprinting. Somehow, she couldn't receive it. WTFWTF? Turns out it was all going to her junk mail...feels like some kind of ominous omen.

We then took Mdm Yani's car to Serangoon JC. It was a short trip. I couldn't really practice and fuckit was I starting to feel nervous. We reached the auditorium, tested the mics out. The place was empty then, but not for long. Soon, everybody came. Saw the St Pats people, the Monfort people, the Crescent Girl's people and a host of other people. There were quite a few Queentownians. Thanks guys. I know some of you didn't understand shit about what was going on, but still, thanks. I appreciate you guys giving your support. The Bukit View people were the last to arrive, and finally, the debate got on.

Their 1st speaker was good. Cool delivery. Then my turn. I had my rebuttals down, but abit nervous at the start lah. Can't help it I guess. Even the biggest balls knock against one another in the face of a whole lot of eyes. Was abit shaky during my rebuttals, but when it came to my substantives, I was fine. The Korean dude next came, and he sort of brushed past his rebuttals. Ringo's turn, and he indulged in his rebuttals, having about 1 and a half minute left for his speech. Can't blame him lah. We couldnt' see where our fucking time-keeper was. He did fine though. Then Christian, the legendary third speaker came. He got style, looks confident but was basically ranting. Favourite sentence: "What's an ardent fan? A fan...who is ardent!". Wtf? You're not making a point man. Jeremy stepped up to the plate and delivered. At then end of the debate, the victory could sway to either side.

The floor debate was quite to our side. Maybe it's because we presented our case better, ior maybe we've just got more friends in the audience. Thanks to all floor debaters who stepped up for us. Especially the Monfort guys, the St Patrick people, Glenn Lum (FISH!), that Bahvan Indian girl, and some guy called "Jared", who is apperantly "HOT STUFF". Nobody really spoked against our side, and that's a good sign.

We were all anxious for the results, but fuck, we had to watch the B-Division debate first. Goodness man, they were good. I've seen A-division debates before, and I'm sure both teams (Victoria IP VS Temasek Academy) could give those teams a run for their money. The motion was...haha...the chairperson (Mark Gabriel's Dad), forgot to mention the motion at the beginning. He redeemed himself by interluding after the 1st prop spoke. It was...something about democracy being the best form of government system....with TA on prop and VIP on opp. It was a good debate. They raised up examples for the Philippines which were wrong, but what-the-hell, since I'm the only person who knows it's wrong.

Results time. They first awarded the top-20 best speakers. I didn't make it of course, ahving been overshadowed by Jeremy and Ringo for the past few debates...-_-". Still, I can't believe some of the people who made it in. I refuse to acknowledge that so-and-so is better than me...or Ringo...or Jeremy...or anybody else. Haiz.

The results finally came. The adjudicators spoke first...said something along the lines of "we awared the win to the side who started off more strongly and ended more convincingly". Nabei. If we won/lost...it'll be because of ME. FUCK. And guess who got the best speaker? Their first spaker! Nabei! My heart was at it's breaking point, fuck. And the winner is...QUEENSTOWN! WHOO! Yeah...we won. I've got a trophy, and i'm fucking happy. We've got a shield too, and our school's name will be engraved upon this shield. Good stuff. I'm still happy. We jumped around and I started banging my desk til my hands were red like a cherry.

The other debate went to TA, to my WTF-ment. Seriously, I thought that Victoria ahd a better case, and handled their speeches/rebuttals more gracefully than their opponents. Victoria, though you may have lost, in the eyes of Raymond Angelo, YOU ARE WIN.

Took a bus home, Was still happy, and tired. Fell asleep on the bus...hugging my trophy.

We went to have dinner at the Swensen at Orchard. The 24-hours one, at some hotel. Chit-chatted abit, but didn't really eat much. Too tired to really chow-down. Took a cab home...and studied WTF?

Reached home at 12;30+...and studied! WTF?

The examinations are close. I can't fuck this up. And I won't fuck this up. Let's work had for 6A1s yeah!

I headed over to GWC yesterday at around noon, to meet up with the Ex-cos. Headed over to YuJia's place to discuss some stuff regarding Prom. Any suggestion for Prom themes? J-rock? Gothic? Fairytale? Anyhow, it's up to us. Stayed for around 3 hours, though most of it wasn't discussion regarding the prom, but just crapping around. Ate lots of lays, pringles and ice cream. Tahnks Yujia, for being a good host, and making sure that we (as well as she herself) were well-fed.

Went with Ringo and Andrian to Bukit Timah market or something like that, and had Carrot Cake. Sucks compared to the one in Queenstown. Walked to Bukit Timah plaza, had a lookie round the Popular. Had inklings of buying a Social Studies guidebook, but in the end, I decided that the textbook, and writing your own notes is still the most effective.

Took 67, and damn was it crowded by foreign workers. I'm not being racist or discrimant, just stating the facts. Pretty huge coincidence was that they all got down at Geylang too...wait a minute...i'm a foreigner...and I dropped down at Geylang...nevermind...

Spent the night finish up all the maths, and will spend the day doing English, and the Triple Pure.

A Pledge...
Uphold the Beauty of our Country and City.
Next, plunder the Treasures of our Enemies.
Third, impose Sanktions on Peasantry Trade.
The Crusaders of a Heavenly Mission.
Even if you can escape Destiny...
You can't get away from my
Sakura Snow Breeze.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Man on man action

Awesome sportsmanship from Bernard and Minhazul.

Ivan lip-sync and Yan Shan singing. The worst of both worlds? You decide.

My Finale

Tomorrow's the big day. It's us against Bukit View; the pinaccle of the Julia Gabriel's Competition. 6 matches over the course of 3 months; it all climaxes tomorrow. Witness the pinaccle of C-division debating.

God, I'm tense. It's finally here, I guess. Both teams have their sight on the 1st place, but only one can rightfully claim it. I can't say a thing about Bukit View, but we've worked pretty damn hard for this competition and I feel that we deserved the title already. Glory to the Queendom, damn it.

Today was good, although I can't recall much that transpired. My mind's on the showdown at SRJC tomorrow. We had a Geography test. It was pretty simple but some facts just slipped out of mind. I'm growing to love my MLB class. It's like a mid-morning nap for me. I did my malay work, e-maths work and debate stuff for one period before moving on to my drug; sleeping. Slept for 2 periods straight; you can't imagine what good it will do for you.

We've been going through A-maths TYS for the past few days, and it's all coming back to me. Formulas and stuff. Best way to prepare for maths is through practice. The a-maths textbook is useless; so you can effectively dispose of that. Get a Guidebook. It's much more efficient and to-the-point. Binomial's a pain in the ass though; but that's proably because we studied it durign the December holidays, and my brain was on a temporary holiday back then.

Shot some crazy-ass videos after school as usual. The domino effect; watch out for that shit.

We had drama, but I wasn't into it. Debate was my utmost concern, and rightfully so nigga. I'll be logging off now. I've got a debate to win.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I am we Todd did.

I am Sofa King we Todd did.

The Legendary Dropkick

Tomorrow, the battle between Minhazul and Bernard. It's WWE, 4a style. Also, in the pipeline, Ivan singing Cantopop.

I'm shacked. It's been a long day, and the night's going to be longer still. Geography test was postponed to tomorrow, so i'll be refreshing my memory. There's debate to be practiced also. Busy busy busy.

I haven't been fulfilling my duty as a "blogger". Promise to make it up to you guys with an lengthy-ass post on Saturday.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Extreme Bean

Ringo and Minhazul, stuntmen in the making.

Minhazul is the new Angel Of Flight

More to come.

Fat Acting Thin

You know what I hate? People who are fat-acting-thin. I was fat before, but never have I acted thin. Anyway, the thing about fat people acting thin...it's just disgusting isn't it? Especially when girls do it. Fat chick+mini skirt=Instant Blindness. Worse thing is...even if they're Fat-Acting-Thin, they're still F-A-T.

School rocked and stuff happened. Mdm Yani didn't seem well in Engish. Must be the baby. Mdm Yani, sometime in the middle of the lesson lay her head on the desk. We were shocked of course, but assumed that she was just shacked. Ms Choong came rushing up, and it turned out that Mdm Yani was feeling like crap at the moment. I wish her a speedy recovery. I haven't seen her for English for like...3 weeks man. I'm so behind.

For the first time this year, I recieved Mother Tongue homework. Yes, the world IS going to end soon.

We had a Quest Fit "talk show" for recess, and our gracious host was Mr Loh. He spent the WHOLE recess talking about the importance of exercising, eating right and looking good. I'm sure this has already been drilled into our minds, but sometimes we need to be reminded, so as we can take the appropriate course of action. He even had guest appearance by Morris, this dude from sec 5 who lost alot of weight. He had one more guest of course, which was me. He commented on my transformation from a penguin to a proud pinoy. I'm not Mr Loh's biggest fan, but you've got to hand it to him for being so glib.

A-maths was going through the TYS. Two weeks ago, she us the task to finish up about a sixth of the TYS. The nearer the deadline is, the more efficient people work. Props to Glenn Lum and Ivan for pulling an all-nighter (Ivan claims he hasn't slept for two days) to finish up the work.

Speaking of all-nighters, I've been doing my own. Not really all-night, because I can't survive without sleep. More of..."Stop at two" in the morning. I've got a feeling that this will back-fire on me...just like how "Stop at two" backfired on Singapore. Remember back in the day when our population was through the roof and the government was encouraging parents to stop at two? Look at our situation now...the status quo ain't stop at two anymore...it's stop at 1.59 (replacement rate)

We did a whole bunch of crazy shit after school. Minhazul...and his crazy Bangla antics. He's like the action-star version of Mr Bean. I've got his videos in my phone. I will post it once I figure out how to use YouTube.

Watch out for the Bengali Tiger.

Monday, April 17, 2006

PSA: Please keep all parts of your body inside the ride at all times.

50 Words for Snow

Eskimos apparently have over fifty different words for snow. Snow's really important to those guys - I suppose it's because sometimes the difference between one type and another can mean the difference between life and death. They've got words for dry snow and wet snow, fluffy snow and compact snow. They've got words for snow that comes down fast and for snow that comes down slow. If Eskimos can come up with fifty words for snow because it's a matter of life and death, why is it that we've only got one word for live?

The above passage was taken from Brand New Friend by Mike Gayle.Cracking piece of literature.

I've got lots of things to talk about, but time constraint is always a shackle. I'm busy with debate and homeworks and tests. Everything's all jumbled right now, but I'll make it through somehow. I always do, and always will 'cause I'm a Pinoy.

Anyway, check out this guys: http://www.colinandkero.blogspot.com/. These two have balls, that's for sure. Sexual preferences aside, you've got to hand it to them for being so open.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Open for Interpretation: Panadol for children is used most by doctors.

May the best man win?

Candidate #1 Ryan Phang

Candidate #2 Ringo Tan

Candidate #3 Tan Yan Shan

A New Shade Of Deepshit

I'm feeling so tired, and I don't think this lethargy will be passing anytime soon. Too much up-and-coming stuff. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying this, but as I said earlier, it's tiring.

This past few days, I've been doing lots of stuff. I haven't gotten the time to slack at all. No, I don't consider what I'm doing now (blogging) as slacking. Slacking is when you're doing totally mindless shit; like watching anime and toku, reading manga, lurking through forums, checking the archives of web comics (go Penny Arcade!), surfing friendster (fake account) and the latest trend, blog searching (you know this site? check out the bar right on top. type anything you want, eg: raymond angelo, and you'll get blogs concerning you). But then cannot lah; exams and debate and EXERCISE (a MUST concerning the amount of pigging out i've been doing. confirm gain 1kg, but also confirm lose 3)

We had our debate meeting on Friday. Met up at United Square, Starbucks. Had something called Ugly Chicken Pie. The "ugly" is really a question for the ages...(a) was the chicken used to make the pie ugly, (b) was the person who cooked the pie ugly or (c) was the person eating the pie ugly....HAHA....who am I kidding. It can't be (c), so that leaves us with (a) and (b). Jon came and we got down to business. This house believes that we should punish sports teams whose fans misbehave. Everything seems fine; arguments, points, etc. All that's left is the perfection of the execution.

Anticipation or Ennui? Definitely anticipation.

We ate Subway at McDonalds. Subway stuff are good shit. Less than 6g of fat, and I a free flow of drinks, and TWO cookies. Considering the amount I've given out, I think I deserved it. I like Subways packaging....it's very...AMERICAN. They give you a plastic bag with a zip locks, stuff all your food inside and that's it. Simple and practical. Then we just screwed around United Square for abit, going to ToysRUs (I love that place, but the one at United Square was tiny) and Popular. Had inklings of doing my exams shopping. You know, where you buy all the assesment and revision books that you still haven't bought. Didn't lah...shortage of cash. I'm in serious need of help for Geography (need a clearer study guide) and the latest chapters of Physics (all mugging and the Textbook's not a mugger's bestfriend). I was supposed to go to church straight away after debate, but circumstances forced me to drop by home first. I was carrying a copy of the Koran I borrowed from Raied.:-)

No, I'm not turning Islam. I just want to learn more about it. It's FASCINATING. If you've read the bible, you'll notice bucket-loads of similarities. Noah makes an appearance! So does Moses, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Abraham, Jobs, Gabriel, and a host of biblic personalities as well as their stories. Simply a joy to read. The Koran does not deny the existance of other religions; but acknowledges them which is awesome.

Saturday was Scrabble Day, once again. It's the Final Round this time, so there were less schools. And this being the Final Round, it was held at Marina Square. I had to go to school first though. Went to school and we were escorted to Marina Square. Our job was the pits. My first task, with Yan Shan and Bio Tan was to count the number of tiles and make sure that there's no excess/lack-age. Ahhh....can you say...DEJA VU? I and Yan Shan had breakfast at McDonalds. My shoe was super muddy, so I rubbed it against the legs of our table, and the mud was gone...from my shoe. Right now, it's on the floor of McDs.

Lane running can be quite fun lah. I got to disturb the primary school kids and joke around with them. Some people were taking "Lane Running" too literally, into an olympic sports, even. See right, we were supposed to collect "challenge-slips" in which are words which must be checked in the Scrabble database. After collecting said chips, we go to the main desk, and then bring it back to the challenger. Some people didn't stroll though. They fucking RAN. It's not an olympic sports, don't need to get too overzealous about it.

The event was long, and there were many Queenstownians around. The librarians (plus me, Yan Shan and Ringo) were doing the lane running. The Red Cross was there too. There was ALOT of them, and their job was to be there just in case somebody fainted. LIke WTF? Who the hell will faint in a SCRABBLE competition? Haha...who knows lah, primary school kids are slightly volatile, they'll take the scrabble chips and chuck it into each other's eyes like SHURIKENS. The NCC was there too, but they were useless. All they did was stand around, and make the event look grand-er. Some prefects were there too, but they were Mr Lau's lapdogs.

I found a handphone yesterday! NOKIA N90! 3G! TWO CAMERAS! CAN PUT MEMORY CARD! WORHT $700! BUT I RETURNED IT! Triple WTF! I was pissing in the toilet and right in front of me was N90. There were four of us in the toilet, me, Yan Shan, Clement Ang and some chinese old guy. I dared not touch the phone until the old guy left...once he did, I swiped it. Really didn't know what to do. Clement, taking the "devil" role said take it while Shan said return it. I returned it in the end., to the information counter. I explored the phone. The owner was an old malay man who called himself "RAMBO" WTF? And inside his phone were pictures of a girl in a red dress on a bed. Not lying on the bed, but just standing there. Did I just return the phone to a paedophile?

After the event Yan Shan got a hair-cut. We had to go through a few salons, before he decided on one. One salon was charging 40+ for cutting hair, and an additional 40+ for styling it. C'mon lah...just go CutNCurl, $14 with cut, style and optional curl. Met with Bing Yu and Glenn Lum. Walked to Suntec, played arcade (Mario Kart rocks) walked back to Marina to Cafe Cartel and met up with Hui Min and Glenn Woo. Hui Min also got a hair cut!

The food was nice. But the service was bad. We got 4 free Student Priviledge cards though, so it's all good. I couldn't recall my IC number, so I took out my IC to refer and then replaced it into my wallet. I couldn't remember my address. So I called my dad, who in turn asked me to check my IC. Sian ah. Talked about Eugene, Eunice and Edmund, the main stars of the show called The People Sitting In Front of Us and just screwed around.


Took a 70 home and read the Koran on the bus.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Choo Jia Han terrorises Dawson.

Crazy Computer Bug

Chinese guy catching the computer bug.

Inch by Inch

The most inspirational speech ever, in Japanese accent.

Belvedere FTW

Yesterday was a damn long day. Longlonglong. And it was supposed to be a half-day too.

Why Half-day? It's the 50th Sport's Day mah. The school halted it's normal functions, and uprooted the whole population to Queentown Stadium. Funny thing, I was riding the bus to school yesterday mroning and I realised I didn't know how to get to the stadium. Thank god some juniors helped me find the way. I feel so noob, I've been going to the stadium for the past 3 years, yet I've no clue how to get there, without a taxi that is.

The event I was participating in yesterday was PushBall; think rugby, only with less strategy. It involves 12 player on each team, a field, and one ginormous ball. The goal is for one team to push the ball to the end of the field; hence the name. Simple concept, but a pain in the ass to execute. It's fucking fun, for the competitors but perhaps not for the specatators, since all you see are 24 guys pushinga ball, which is moving ever-so-slowly.

Bonds made through muscle...haha...that's what pushball is lah. All your distinctions disappear; nothing matters anymore, except the ball and your teammates. It's a bit of a homophobic game, where guys are touching/hugging/making intimate contact with other guys. Just imagine...a guy telling other guys to "PUSH!!! C'MON!!! MORE!!!!! HARDER!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!PUSH!!! YEAH!!" It sounds so perverse but it was fun. Imagine if girls played pushball, that'll be even more fun.

We played 4 matches; winning two, drawing one, and losing one.

Match 1: VS Alexandra
At first we thought that we were going to get a default win (they had only 7 players at first) but life's not that simple. They managed to gather players and the game was on. We had no strategy at all. We all just chionged. Nabei. Shouldn't have lah. They got a fast break and scored once. We tried fighting back, but damn, it was too little too late. End scoreline: 1-0 to them.

Match 2: VS Commonwealth
I sat this one out. Hurt my back because one of my own players elbowed me. They weren't the strongest team, Commonwealth. We pushed them. End scoreline: 1-0 to us.

Match 3: VS Dundee
Now this one was a toughie. Dundee was easily the best team out of the 5 on the field. They were strong man. They beat every team they faced, except us that is. We drew :-), and we're satisfied with that.

Match 4: VS Strathsmore
Win. Quite straighforward.

And surprise surprise, we were tied with Alexandra for 2nd place. As a result, a tie breaker was held.

Match 5: VS Alexandra AGAIN
We had a plain stupid strategy in this round. It was to push the ball up, and once it's on the air, push it forward. BACKFIRED! I tried telling them the flaw lah; that we simple weren't tall enough to push the ball once it was up high, but my opinions were dismissed. Alas, the ball was pushed up, one of Alexandra's tall guys pushed it forward, and their fastest guy ran with the ball to the end. Scoreline; 1-0 to them.

In the end we got bronze, but it was fun lah.

Belvedere was the over-all champion this year. I'm so proud. Props to Glen for being such an awesome house captain; to our awesome runners and to the pushball team. We didn't get first by not trying, know? It's our last year, and it feels good to leave it knowing that we're the champions. Feel bad for Jiaw lah, he got first for 3 events, but he didn't go up at all during the prize presentation because once again, the prizes screwed up. Haiz.

I sustained a few injuries here and there because of the sports day; on my back, knee and ankle. My back was because I got elbowed in pushball, while the knee and ankle...haiyah...I was climbing the steps and I was hopping/dancing up. I missed a step, fell down, hit my knee agains the edge of a step and shouted "Cheebye!". Thank god only a few dudes saw and I just smiled at them. Grace is being able to smile, when you've danced your way to embarassment.

We went for lunch at one hawker centre across the stadium. Me and a bunch of people. Had chicken rice+2glasses of bandung and stole some carrot cake from Bing Yu and Ryan. Why call it carrot cake though? It doesn't taste like carrot, and from what i've been told, it hardly contains any....ahh...when I die this is one of the questions I'm gonna ask HIM, this and the meaning of life, and why men have nipples and all the other glorious mysteries in life.

I, TahNern, BingYu, Ringo and Yan SHan, went to shan's house after lunch. Played a bit of mahjong. I can't believe I still remember how to play it. The only thing i've fogotten is the tiles with numbers on them...one is one slash, two is two slashes, three is three slashes and at four, well they throw the concept of slashes out of the window and come up with new rules. I saw YanShan's brother, YanTing. Both of them have girly-ass names. His brother is quite cute lah, so small, so black, talk very fast like a bollywood actor.

After TahNern and BingYu went for their respective tutions, we went over to school to support our C-boys soccer team in their south-zone quarter finals game. Quite boring lah, live soccer. I prefer watching it on the couch, where they give you instant replays and the best camera angles. We lost, 1-0. Haiz.

Met with TahNern and BingYu again at GWC to watch "Take The Lead". I ate dinner first...three-piece chicken meal. *SHOCK* WHy three-piece? I was...gae-siaoing with they guy at the counter lah...I said "two-piece" but I pointed at the "three-piece" picture.

The movie wasn't too bad. It's a based-on-a-real-story movie, all inspirational and stuff. This guy goes to a school and volunteers to teach dance to a bunch of kids living in the 'hood. They learn to respect said guy (played by Antonio Bandarasami) , find some conflicts, over come it and dance in a competition, which they obviously don't win but have fun in anyway, Many characters, but not developed very well. Lacked focus, but the dancing parts were awesome. Rumb, Foxtrot, Salsa, Waltz, who wants to join a dance class with me?

Screwed around GWC 'til around 10, and went home because I scared kana caught by the police.

Day ended on an overall low I guess. Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought everything was fine, then it all shatters in front of you? And then you cry, not because of how fucked-up things are, but because you realise that even though you're involved, there's nothing you can do about it. I hate being helpless.

Motion's out. Something about sportsteams and violence. It wasn't the motion that was bothering me though. It's our side; and we got the worse one; the OPPOSITION SIDE. Prop's so much easier, no rebuttals, and longer time to write your reply speech.

All the best to us.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

That gal is a dasypygal

From the Dombo Archives: A list of pownzors words which you'll never use and will never be able to spell.

ACHAETOUS: hairless
ALBESCENT: becoming white; whitish (Raymond is albescent; he just spends too much time under the sun)
ALOGISM: absurdity
BIBLIOTAPH: one who hides books (We are all bibliotaphs since we hide books under our tables)
BIDUOUS: lasting two days (Underneath his pants is a biduous erection)
BOANTHROPY: type of insanity in which a man thinks he's an ox
BRIMBORION: something useless or nonsensical
DASYPYGAL: having hairy buttocks
DIGONEUTIC: reproducing twice a year
DILDO: a West Indian cactus with pink flower
EESOME: pleasing to the eye
EPICARICACY: taking pleasure in others' misfortune
ERGASIOPHOBIA: fear of or aversion to work
GOOGOL: ten to the power 100
GYNOTIKOLOBOMASSOPHILE: one who likes to nibble on a woman's earlobe
HYPERMNESIA: unusually sharp memory
IATROMISIA: dislike of doctors
JARGOGLE: to mess up
KOPOPHOBIA: fear of physical or mental exhaustion
LAPLING: someone who enjoys resting in women's laps
MEABLE: easily penetrated
MERKIN: false pubic hair (What's the point of pretending to shave your merkins?)
MISOSCOPIST: hater of beauty
NULLIBIQUITOUS: non-existent
OMPHALOSKEPSIS: meditation while gazing at one's navel (Raymond practices a form of omphaloskepsis, only that he doesn't look at his own navel, but looks at other's instead)
PRAVITY: physical deformity
PREPUCE: foreskin
PYGOPHILOUS: buttock-loving
RICTUS: very wide mouth (Huimin has a rictus; she can stuff her whole fist into her mouth)
SMELLFUNGUS: grumbler, faultfinder
SQUABASH: to crush by criticism
TEUTOPHOBIA: fear and dislike of Germans or German things
TRAGOMASCHALIA: smelly armpits
ZENZIZENZIZENZIC: the eighth power of a number

What's mine is mine, and what's yours is also mine

Motion...coming...UGGHHH!!! This house believes that the motion must fall!!!!!!! Quite literally, since, the motion does fall...due to gravity and stuff...

Anyway, the motion...will be coming out tomorrow. We've received news that we can bring up to 75 people. Wow man. That's more than all the debates put together....well, not counting Westwood. We had the debate on their turf, so alot of people turned up to watch. But on to my point, we've never liked having a big audience, and I'm not sure whether having so many of them will be benificial or do the opposite.

Since today was a Wednesday, we ran 2.4. It's always a torture, running 6 rounds around the same track every single week (in my case, 3-9 rounds everyday). In my opinion, you either run on a treadmill, and totally blank-out or you run in the park, and admire the scenery. Simi-sai scenery when you're going around the same track week after week for the past 4 years?

I clocked 12.40. I could have shaved a whole minute off, had I not totally stopped on the fifth round. Darn stomach...on the right side especially...appendix kana burst? Maybe lah...but let's hope not. I've got horrible experience with appendix...which I'll elaborate on when I've got nothing to post about. I was able to run 5 rounds without stopping, but it's always near the end when the winners are seperated from the losers. And so, on the final round of the 2.4 run, Raymond Angelo walked...and effectively fucked his timing.

I'll be doing it again next week though. And this time, I'll be ready. Just a hint if you're running 2.4...if you're thinking of stopping, start shouting profanities. Vulgar, it may be, but help, it does.

We were supposed to have a test on Extreme Literature (New slang for elective, ie, Geography Elective=Extreme Geography) on the WHOLE book of The English Teacher. Luckily, she admitted (finally!) that we weren't ready...some were, but certainly not all. So she went through possible questions...all I want is a proper format in which I can follow lah. I mean, there's gotta be one, ain't there? Must trudge to Popular and look for Literature guidebooks, or something of the sort. It's quite ciao-mugger (slang: someone who mugs without understanding) behaviour, but a little assurance on my side never hurt.

A few posts ago, I made a claim that the reason the highest for the latest comprehension was 13/25 (props to TN for that), was that I was absent. How wrong I was. I got 6! It was humbling lah. It all seemed too simple when Mdm Yani went through it. I got 19 for my summary though, and managed to pass. Me, Ringo and TahNern; ironic that the only ones who passed the Crescent Girl's paper were boys...

As it turns out, I'm going to be volunteering for the Scrabble thing again on Friday, and this time...I GET A FREE T-SHIRT! Lo-and-behold, the crappiness of it's design. It's a maroon (WTF?) shirt, with a ugly motif on the front. I'm volunteering 5+ hours, and all I get is an ugly tee? Well, i guess that it's the experience that counts, and the CIP hours. You can never have too little.

Went to have a late lunch with Kim Shan (Rain) and Choo Jia Han (Bleach Poser) at Dawson's place. Had a minced mushroom noodle, or something to that effect. Believe it or not, I couldn't even finish the whole bowl! Ringo joined us later. I was screwing around with my phone's camera...took a few pictures of myself wearing Jia Han's mat specs, but nothing was really worth posting, so you won't be seeing me in all my "mat" glory anytime soon.

In preparation of the English Mid-Year, I've been digging around for bombastic vocabulary. Best site to go to? Go to dictionary.com and check out their words of the day, which is a comprehensive list of easy enough words. Don't overkill though; if you haven't heard of the word, chances are you'll fuck it up and it won't fit into your sentence all that good.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why, Mr AnderSAN?

Dubbed Matrix. Comes with the Limited Edition DVD.

Ryan asked me to post this: Gay pic of him and Yan Shan

Image Removed by Request

Ryan asked me to post this: Gay pic of him and Ringo

Image Removed by Request

A Flurry of Fury

It's become customary to come up with a class tee; for class identity; unity etc...And yes, we've come to that time of year again, where we're taxed with the task of designing one as a class. It's a pain really, getting the whole class organized since some people can't be bothered and some just want to fuck yo shit up...but finally, we've come up with a decision: A jersey, either red/white or orange/white. If it was up to me, I'd have chosen a tee (more versatile, we're not sporty so what's the point of pretending to be?), but it isn't up to me so jersey it is.

I'm putting my name down as "Pinoy". I don't really fancy the name Raymond...too many "Everybody Loves Raymond" references and it means either "mighty protector" which is macho, or "wise protection" which makes it sound like the name of a condom brand. I'd love to have put Raymond Angelo, but space is the noose which tightens around thy neck. So, "Pinoy" it is. A Pinoy in a Singaporean (red-and-white) jersey. So many underlying ironies...

My number's 51. 15 was my first choice, but alas, as a rule of life cast in stone, you never get your first choice. Why 15? Lots of reasons. I'm born on the March of 15. 15 in japanese is Ichigo, name of the main character in "Bleach". "Ichigo" means strawberry as well as "One Protector'". Rocks, doesn't it? I wouldn't mind putting my name down as Raymond if I could get the number 15; double the protector. With 15 gone, I just switched the numbers around. 51 too, is the bus I've been taking to school for the past 4 years...so it's nostalgic. The nostalgia's gonna make me cry, I swear it will...

Choo Jia Han put his name down as "Taichou" (Captain in Japanese. Bleach poser!) and Kim Shan put his name down as "Rain" (WTF?)

I've retired from giving out cookies and have passed the baton to Zul. He's got my blessings. Let's just hope he doesn't do anything too "DJ" on stage. It's been fun while it lasted. To all those who got my cookies, congratulations.

During english, we got the opportunity to test each other out for oral. I paired up with Benjamin Tan (4d). He's reading was good lah, but abit parts hesitant. It's the picture description part in which he fucked up. He was about half-way through his picture description and was above-average at that moment....but then Mdm Yani appeared. I pity him lah. She bent real close to Ben and was eyeing him like he was dinner or something. Ben got nervous (understandable lah), and his mojo was stolen by the glare. He lost his flow and was scarred for life. I did ok, but the picture can use some positive tweaking.

We had the dreaded integration test after recess. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be, on the contrary, I'm seeing full marks in the near-future. After that, we had 4 periods of E-maths. It went by quite fast, to my surprise. Alot of gae siao-ing, (Ivan's in love~~someone sends out 3000+ sms-es a day~~~people picking up invisible things from the floor~~WE'RE STILL ONLY MILDLY RETARDED) and time passed by very quickly.

The rest of the cohort had their Physical Fitness test today. Due to 4a's extended curricilum, ours is next week. In preparation, we did pull-ups! I beat Ryan! And Glenn Lum got 8! And I'm still going to failm my broad jump...from what I've heard, the record for pull-up this year was 18 in 30 seconds. Gosh, I did 18 too, spread throughout the day of course.

Monday, April 10, 2006




Check me out.

Happy International Friendship Day!

They're all lying to us!!!!!!! Queentown claimed that today is International Friendship Day or something but holy motha...it's actually on the 1st of August! Don't believe me? Go wiki it for yourself.

School's good. Came with my new hair-do courtesy of Cut N Curl...go check them out at www.cutncurl.com.sg. Cut N Curl's actually a hair-dressing company, so if you want to cut hair for a living, you know where to go. Waxed it for a bit, and it turned out good. Don't take my word for it though...I'll post a picture later so you judge for yourself, then. I wasn't the only one to get a haircut though; Jiaw's botak, Choo Ji cut his hair shorter, and Glenn Woo got into an accident with a pair of scissors.

Ringo finally announced our debate triumphs to the school. They seem impressed, and they shouldbe shouldn't they? We were able to beat 40+ schools in the premier national competition for the 'C' Division. Everybody's been supportive and encouraging. Seems like lots of people are going to be there at the venue; our teachers, some school mates and all 40+ schools, and we're supposed to be better than all of them. I'm pumped, damnit. The motion's not out yet, but as soon as it is, you'll see it right here.

We did a Crescent Girl's paper simulation for English, and boy was it difficult. Not the passage per say (about mountain climbing, what's there to misunderstand?) but the questions were harder to transverse than freaking Everest. Very tricky, and a single-mark questions requires you to write more than one line. Tough. Summary was simple though.

Recess was freaky. We found a pair of girl's swimsuits and panties in the boy's toilet. Pictures later.

We played a game of hide-the-SS-textbook with Ms Chua during Geography. See, both 4a and 4b were having an SS test after the Geography period, so yeah, we were more interested in studying SS than paying attention of course. Ms Chua went into blood-hound mode and confiscated every single text book, except mine and JoPu, because I've got my ways of hiding my textbook. Terry went to gae siao with Ms Chua like the little gay boy he is...eheh terry...the gay boy with abs of plastic.

The SS test itself was...anti-climatic. This was what happened lah, Ms Khoo went in, said she didn't want us to fail the test, told us ALL the questions along with the answers, gave us around 10 minutes to digest and then we sat for the test. It's abit unfair to everyone because the marks you get, well, it's no reflection of your effort. It's even more unfair to those who actually put in effort and studied for the test. Haiz.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cut And Curl

Promises do not bind nor obligate. They're just words nothing more; words people say to reassure or else stop someone from bothering the hell out of them.

About yesterday...we had chemistry in the morning and really nowhere to go after that. Crescent Girl's were having a funfair, and seeing how it close it was to our school, we decided to drop by and pay our neighbours a visit. We could walk there, but Ryan's father offered us a lift in his Jaguar. Awesome car. So there we were; Me, Glenn, Ringo, Kanta and Yan Shan in Crescent.. My impression on Crescent Girls...well it certainly looks bigger from the inside. There were lots of things happening, but nothing really interesting. Same-old, same-old. They did get some rusty amusement rides in, and Jean Danker and Glenn Ong were there. We didn't stay for long. We bought a single $10 coupon and just 'splurged' 'em all on food. We left quickly for lunch, after an encounter with this particularly persistent chick; who kept insisiting we bought her wares...not "wares" but...ahh...never mind...anyway, we wiggled away, but somehow she kept following us. Haiz.

We left to have lunch at Zion Road. I don't go to Hawker Centres often but when I do, I always get Chicken Rice. Chicken rice for life. Looked at around at GWC for awhile; and guess what, THEY'VE GOT A NEW BOOKSHOP! Oh yeah! It's called "Harris" and it looks stylishly chique, unlike the bland "Goland" which was the ex-tenant. "Harris" just seems to fit into GWC, seemlessly, because it has an...ang-moh feel to it, know? I can't imagine a "Popular" at Great World...just can't.

After finishing 'I,Lucifer', I was hungry for more literature. So I bought "A Long Way Down" by Nick Bryson. I've read his previous works (31 Songs, About A Boy, High Fidelity, How to be Good) and I was eager to get sucked into his latest offering. I'm already half-way; it's not bad lah. I was thinking that it would be a happy-book, but it's quite depressing actually. It's about 4 people, all wanting to commit suicide. They all chose the same date (New Year's Eve) and chose the most popular suicide-spot in London. They all encounter each other, and well...just read lah. Should be over with it by tonight....the character's are interesting...one of them's Martin, a fallen television personality whose life is in shambles (he fucked a 15-year-old and his family left him), Maureen, a single-mum who has no life (her son's in comatose), Jess, the daughter of minister and all-around crazy bitch, and JJ, rock-star wannabe who claims he's dying for a terminal disease. Interesting mix, no?

I finally got a hair-cut. I've been planning to get one the past week; had visions of going to EC Cut; but all that vanishes along with my conciousness when I fall asleep in the bus. So, since there wasn't anything much going on today, I got a hair-cut. Took a stroll to Grand Link, a shopping-mall turned beng/lian hangout. The place creeped me out, and it had the stink of cigarette and piss, so I walked over to Singapore Post Centre. I've always been fond of the place; the way it's so convenient and uncrowded. Anyway, there's this place called "Cut & Curl", and I've got a rocking hair-do. I was tentative at first; but what-the-heck lah. You can always judge a salon by the hair-styles of the hair-stylist, and they looked good. After a snip-and-a-snap, and something called "layering" (i never got the concept of layering..layering hair...WTF?). Anyway, my 'do looks awesome. Happy with it, personally.

I've got stuff to do, so yeah, byebye. I managed to finish about half of my work this morning (English/Geography) and still have Peer Tutorings to finish off. And there's also the Social Studies test on population, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Don't know how true this is but...

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||| 60%
Stability |||||||||| 40%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 46%
Accommodation |||||||||||| 50%
Interdependence |||||||||| 36%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 63%
Mystical |||||||||||| 50%
Artistic |||||||||| 36%
Religious || 10%
Hedonism || 10%
Materialism |||||||||||||||| 63%
Narcissism |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 50%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Self absorbed |||||||||||||| 56%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||| 43%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||||| 70%
Romantic |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 43%
Anti-authority || 10%
Wealth |||||||||||||||| 70%
Dependency |||||||||| 36%
Change averse |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||| 56%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||||| 64%
Histrionic |||| 16%
Paranoia |||||||||| 36%
Vanity |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Female cliche |||||||||||||| 56%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun.

Extraversion results were moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.

trait snapshot:
open, tough, irritable, worrying, does not like to be alone, craves attention, low self control, emotionally sensitive, interacting, sad, very social, aggressive, prefer organized to unpredictable, dependent, social chameleon, suspicious, values the heart over the mind, likes large parties, outgoing, likes to make fun, likes to fit in, mildly phobic, vain, makes friends easily, enjoys leadership, clingy, rash

Ultraman Rocks

The Fight and The Flourish

Power to us. It's been 10 weeks since our first-debate, and we're still going. Bukit View? I say come and bite me.

Yesterday rocked. It was Ms Tan's birthday, so the class gathered outside the staff room to sing for her happy birthday. I don't know what exactly happened but apparently, someone went into the staff room, and told Ms Tan that one of her student "fainted". OMFG. Most retarded excuse ever...especially since Ms Tan saw us as she went in the staff room...and it certainly didn't look like any of us were in mortal peril...

Anyway, happy birthday to Ms Tan! Once again, thanks for the "L" adidas" shirt...I'm sure I'll grow into it...when my 2nd puberty (I promise you, it's coming) strikes and I get another growth spurt.

Then the day proceeded as normal. I spent my Malay lesson practicing "Kiss me Goodbye" by Wang Lee Hom. The irony, man, it's so...ironic. Anyway, I didn't see Mdm Yani, like I was supposed to. The moment school ended...I got to concentrating on a matter of utmost importance...DEBATE.

We met up at the CG room, and I just meditated for a while, you know...I think I dozed off too...but that's beside the point. We watched a few minutes of Dave Chapelle and just chilled. Jon came and gave us a pep talk, and yup, that's it for preparations. We've prepared, we've stimulated possible-motions, and god did that pay off in the end.

Went to Bukit View...It's so far the worst-looking debate school we've had...but still better than Queenstown. We saw St Pats...they looked OK, I recognised their 3rd speaker from an SYF-drama-course we went for, so I knew he was good. Though I remembered him, he didn't remember me. Maybe it's a defence mechanism...people erase the memory of good-looking people from their brains so that they'll think they're the most handsome person in the world...or maybe it's just because I'm 25kg lighter...anyway, it's all good.

Anyway, we got ushered to the Debating room, and the motion was revealed. And lo-and-behold...the motion was...THIS HOUSE BELIEVE THAT VOTING IN NATIONAL ELECTIONS SHOULD BE COMPULSARY! And we were PROP! You should have seen our faces, the smiles on it...should be made freaking national-treasures man. We've done it before, in one of our simulations! And here's the best part, we prepared as opp, so we knew basically everything they could throw at us.

The one hour preparation went by smoothly. No at-each-others-throats, no shouting, no conflicts. Just pure business. We came up with a solid case. SOLID. I'm so proud. We finished everything in time, so we weren't scrambling when the hour was over and scribbling notes. Made us look all-the more confident, that did. Then again, so did they, so at that point, both teams were equal.

The venue...there wasn't much people at the venue. St Patrick's didn't send throngs of supporters. And as for us, we stuck to our policy of AFAP, as few as possible. First speaker of the proposition, Raymond Angelo, steps up, and delivers a speech, in a relaxed, controlled manner, something I havne't been able to do in the past few debates, because at the past debates, my speeches were god-help-us long. So, there it was, the smooth delivery. I finished in 4;20, but I don't think the invigilators marked me down for that, since it was an impromptu debate. Then their 1st speaker came, and he was quite the opposite of me. Instead of taking it slow, he rushed man, rushed! And only brought in one point. Finished in less than 4 minutes, that guy did. Ringo's turn, and he was good, as usual. Then the secondary 1. Awesome stuff, coming from a secondary 1. Fluent, and consistent. Power. Then Jeremy. He was abit off-form today but everyone has their off-days. The 3rd speaker for St Pats appeared eloquent, but his content was abit crap. The reply speeches went smoothly for both sides. I'm happy with mine...painted a damn good picture of them...not listening properly, giving crap points, not sticking to our boundaries...etc.

And we won! They did the banging-the-table-and-shouting-"OHYEAH!"-think while I tried to remain civilised and calmed them down...bottling up the happiness 'til I'm in the toilet or something. Power lah. We'll be seeing you in SRJC (Serangoon). If you need an invite, just give me a ring. Ringo'll be telling the whole school about it on Monday; more power to us.

We watched Fuhua against Bukit View. Fuhua kind of went off tangent in their debate, their arguments were all a bit fucked and they didn't really set up their case well. What's art? What's censorship? Bukit View appears to be a good team, however, St Pats edges over them. They're 3rd speaker was GOD. No shit, he's big, intimidating, talked in a low, deep, convincing voice, and poked fun at the Fuhua team. I bow down to thee...

Had just desserts at Swensen at Junction 8...well not just desserts lah obviously. But...oh never mind. Anyway, everything tasted good. Victory is eating apple crumble.

PS: This is THE DEBATE POST. I'll be updating later again on the Crescent Girls Funfair.. Gotta go off for a while.

Digimon Savers!

The opening of the lastest season of Digimon! This certainly has a different feel to it.
PS:Greymon looks amazing.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Only Mildly Retarded

Serious debate practice. Video courtesy of Raied.

The Day You Said Goodnight by Hale

Oblivion is falling down.

Happy Birthday Tah Nern! Here's an apple!

Awesome Tension

I went to school this morning with my head crammed with ill-thoughts, bombarded by mind-numbing pleasure inducing sweet music. The buzz in my head won't stop.

I was reading I, Lucifer in the bus on my way to school. Damn-near brought tears to my eyes. For some reason, I'm able to relate to Lucifer. It's all weird, but I'm beginning to see the human side of his. I believe that no one truly wants to be evil. Circumstances only forces us to do so. For instance, in this book, in Lucifer's case, he rebels against God, he commits evil, as a last-ditch effort to be free from God. Imagine a life where you're forced to look up to, admire, respect, follow, be at the beck and call of a single person. In the book, Lucifer didn't want any of that "bow down to the man" shtick. He just wanted to be free.

Good stuff. Props to Glen Dulcan. I'm worried about the state of his mind. To be able to commit such an act of...ventriloquism...is awesome.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? I did, and I'm giving it away every morning. Fun lah, cookie time. Go up everyday, greet the whole school "Good Morning" then crack a lame "cookie" line. Mrs Anthony says that she wants to do this in shifts, but honestly, I quite like it. Random people has been coming up to me asking me to pick them and I'll be like "Who the hell are you?"

Apparently, they had an English "test" simulation. The highest was 12. Haha. Jeremy asked me why this was...and my stock-reply, something predictable of course, was "I wasn't there". I'll be taking it tomorrow, so all the best to me. I've got two compositions to write, and a E (Extreme) Literature paper to do. Power lah, today's gonna be one heck of a night. "Lost" is showing too. I'll be damned.

Today, after school was a prefect's meeting and a drama session. Didn't do much of anything during the prefect meeting except take down the minutes, and get them all to vote for which song they prefer for Prefects' Investiture; a toss-up between "Under the Sea" and "Dancing in the Moonlight". "Under the Sea" won, but not by much. Haiz. I couldn't stand Little Mermaid...

Drama was cool. Post-drama was not. I had to wait for a cab for more than 20 minutes. It could have been shorter but this Sec 2 punk (I couldn't identify but if i could...) stole my cab. Damn. It's common knowledge that with the abscence of a taxi stand, there exist an imaginary pecking order. No matter how far up the road you are, if you see someone else waiting for a taxi who was there before you, you let the person get the cab first. Be courteous damnit.

OMG. We're finally going up against Saint Patricia tomorrow. I'm nervous, tense and just plain on-the-edge. As I once said, as long as we stick by our pre-debate rituals (me getting sick, ms selvi drinking teh tarik, listening to "we are the champions" by queen) we'll win.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Campus SuperStar!

OMG. It's so gay. What's up with all the red and white? Is it National Day already?

Give me time to master Chinese and I'll own Campus SuperStar.

PS: Check out the chick with the Adidas jacket. Dang, that's tight.

Much ado about doodoo

I'm not a cynic. It's not a habit of mine to doubt other people's true motives. I BELIEVE in the good inside people. True, sometimes this optimism get me skewered by a pitchfork-yielding bastard/bitch, but I just can't bring myself to believe that other people want to do the wrong thing. It's too difficult. And I won't succumb to cynicism, because that will mean that I'm giving up hope on the human raise.

I'm high on Panadol!

I've got a monstro headache right now. It feels like they're doing some construction work up there in my brain. The constant hammering, throbbing and pulsating is a real bitch. I can't really concentrate so if this posts turns out crap, don't crucify me.

I'm high on Panadol!!

And thus, I didn't come to school. Hope it was fun for them. It's boring at home.

I'm high on Panadol!!!

Along with the headache came cough and cold. Goodness me. Must be an omen. A good omen. Every single debate we've had, I've been sick prior to the debate. Not crapping with you. The non-native born debate? Sick. The advertisements on cigarettes and alchohol debate? Sick. The curfew debate? Sick. The crappy UN Debate? Sick. And we won every single one of them .I keep puking, we keep winning.

I'm high on Panadol!!!!

Me getting sick has been our so-called pre-debate rituals. We have a whole list of them and perhaps this is why we're winning....Na...we're good...*self-reassurance*...we're damn good...

I'm high on Panadol!!!!!

I can't study right now. I mean, I've tried to (all my notes are strewn across my bed, there's an unfinished amaths assesment on my desk and there's an unclosed window of HeyMaths on my screen) but nothing is going in. I'll try again later lah. If all else fails...there's always the television to keep me company....Oprah's on...

I'm high on Panadol!!!!!!

Damn, if I didn't know anybetter, I swear Panadol's a drug. Is it possible to die from Panadol overdse?


The Classic IQ Test

Congratulations, Raymond!
Your IQ score is 140

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that's just some of what we know about you from your IQ results.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pic from a QPI outing last year. Dug this up. Creepy ain't it?

From Right to Left: Raymond Angelo, Raied, Jeremy Tan, Ringo Tan and Betty Freeman. (QTSS Debate Team: 2006)

Can you repeat the question?

Everything that happens to you is eventually degraded into a funny anecdote. Agreed? You know the shipazz that people say about how "We'll look back to this and laugh"? It's all true. Trust me.

It was raining shit yesterday. Quite literally too. Imagine ginormous wads of H20 racing down the sky like meteors, then touching down cold concrete and disintegrating into bodies of molecules. Awesome stuff. Enough of the digression. Anyway, I had overslept in the bus and found myself two bus-stops away from my original departure-point. Now, that my friend is one helluva pain in the ass. Too near to take a cab, to troublesome to take another bus, and one-hell of a pain-in-the-ass to cross by foot. Still, I walked home, in the cold April rain. I was standing beside the traffic-lamp post, bopping to Ye Qu (Jay Chou) when this bus sped past. You know how in cartoons, when a vehicle passes a pothole/puddle and the poor guy nearby gets the drenching of his life. That's what happened to me. Who needs an umbrella when rain can hit you from the horizontal plane?

My point is, all your past experiences, no matter how embarassing or emotional they are will become anecdotes you tell in parties 10 years from now. It's like describing yourself; only it's somebody else because that person is you many years ago. So yeah, ten years from now, YOU'LL be cracking a party up recounting something you read from THIS blog.

Today was cool. I'm resuming my Cookie Boy duty again! I'm starting to dig this stint. It's tons of fun, I'm like...how to say...the boy who brings joy. Anyway, the rest of the day went per normal. There was an Ex-co meeting during recess, but I didn't want to get involved with anything they were plannig. I've got my hands full with debate lah, and Examinations, and all the other etceteras.

The E-maths test was goodness-graciously easy. I made a single careless mistake, as usual. Darn. To think I was so relaxed throughout the whole thing too (I was the first one with my head on the table, sleeping).

We had a discussion on elderlies during CME. The thing about CME is that it's like government brain-washing. Don't get me wrong, I think that what's being taught in CME is good and jolly and all, but the way it's taught, it's like...Science, like it takes a genious to figure out morality. It' very regimental, strict and too damn politically correct. Haiz. But ultimately, it's benifical lah CME. I mean, we can't have a generation of hooligans can we...(looks at certain parts of the world)...then again...I've been wrong before....

We then proceeded to our debate meeting. We've been doing case preparations the past few days. It's fun lah. And it's reassurance that nothing's going to go wrong because I've got my team-mates with me. But, well, nervousness and anxiousness are part and parcel of everyday living. We're anticipating possible motions and just prepping them and writing speeches. I'm so much more comfortable with a short and sweet speech. The problem that arises however, is whether it'll be long enough. Haiz. Let's just see how things go shall we?

Countdown: 3 days.

Praises for I, Lucifer:
"Clever and challenging....sizzling with mephitic energy"

Monday, April 03, 2006

I, Lucifer

'Michael's just laid down that infmaous accustaion of pride, right?' I sprang up from the bed and let the city's lights catch me on Gunn's better side.'And I'm Like..."Pride?" It's a whisper at this stage, a Pacino whisper. "Pride?" But this is one of those whisper-builds-to-shout scenes. "Is it pride to want a place of your own? Is it pride to want to be independent?" Little by little louder, right? "Is it pride to want to do something in the universe?" Louder. "Is it pride to want to be somebody?" Louder still: "Is it pride to want to live with dignity?" Then full fucking throttle: "Is it pride to get sick of KISSING AN OLD MAN'S ASS?'"

Lucifer describing the moment he rebelled against God. Epic.

{Excerpt from I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan}

PS: Won't update today. No opportunity. Father's in the room see. Don't want to let him know about this.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm Dinky Dippindoodle

Follow the instructions to find your new name

1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:

a = snickle

b = doombah

c = goober

d = cheesey

e = crusty

f = greasy

g = dumbo

h = farcus

i = dorky

j = doofus

k = funky

l = boobie

m = sleezy

n = sloopy

o = fluffy

p = stinky

q = slimy

r = dorfus

s = snooty

t = tootsie

u = dipsy

v = sneezy

w = liver

x = skippy

y = dinky

z = zippy

2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of
your new last name:

a = dippin

b = feather

c = batty

d = burger

e = chicken

f = barffy

g = lizard

h = waffle

i = farkle

j = monkey

k = flippin

l = fricken

m = bubble

n = rhino

o = potty

p = hamster

q = buckle

r = gizzard

s = lickin

t = snickle

u = chuckle

v = pickle

w = hubble

x = dingle

y = gorilla

z = girdle

3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of
your new last name:

a = butt

b = boob

c = face

d = nose

e = hump

f = breath

g = pants

h = shorts

i = lips

j = honker

k = head

l = tush

m = chunks

n = dunkin

o = brains

p = biscuits

q = toes

r = doodle

s = fanny

t = sniffer

u = sprinkles

v = frack

w = squirt

x = humperdick

y = hiney

z = juice

My name is Dinky Dippindoodle. If I ever become a pornstar, you can call me Dinky.

Happy April Fools

The best April Fools prank ever.

They Never Thaw It Coming

I caught Ice Age 2 yesterday, with Kanta, Yan Shan, TahNern and Ringo. Good stuff. Blood GWC cinema was filled with little buggers. I pity them lah. The movie's not as funny if you don't have a full grasp of sarcasm and the works. That's the problem with the first one; and this problem persists in Meldown too. Intelligent jokes, lines and quips which little kids have no grasp of. What the heck lah, the visual gags ain't too bad. Scrat the Squirrel Rat reprises his role as a mildly amusing distraction. One lesson can be learned from his perils; The more you want your nuts, the greater the chance of you losing them. The lovey-dovey stuff with Manny (voiced by Ray Romano from Everybody loves Raymond, I love that show) and the Ellie the Possum Mammoth was sweet, and the ending with the great flood was EPIC. It's like Noah's Arc all over again. I love Diego the Sabertooth Tiger.

In a nutshell, I liked the movie, but won't recommend it to everyone. If you didn't find the first movie any good, chances are this movie won't convert you.

We parted ways after the show. I headed home to get changed for the Prefect's Barbecue. After a quick shower, a ghost of a perfume and a minute or 7 in front of the mirror, I was off. Took 197 to Parkway, met up with Jeremy, Ringo and Kanta. Jeremy's not a prefect, but the more the merrier. Parkway was just like I remembered it. Just another neighbourhood shopping mall. There's a Planet Fitness invading this heartland converging point though. Yayness.Trekked to the BBQ site which was roughly a mile from the McDs.

Plenty of people were there. Our job as the seniors were to start the fire, because the rest of them didn't have a clue. Well, I didn't either lah, but Ringo and Kanta did, so I took on the role of assistant cum apprentice. My fanning prowess owns your ass. WHOOSHH. Anyway, give me a flint, pencil lead (Carbon), and a live chicken, and I'll cook you a feast worthy of a king.

The rest of the night was just crapping around, taking pictures, and playing arm wrestling. I've got a grudge against Andrel now. Nabei, he beat me in arm-wrestling! Well, only my right-hand though. My left owned him {for some weird reason, though I'm a right-hander, my left is so much more superior}. Little bugger, if you're reading this, please be aware that Raymond Angelo has his eyes on you. Someday, when you're least expecting it, I'm gonna pounce on you and mug your rocking W900i.

There was more than enough food to go around. Don't prosecute me for eating though, I just wanted to make sure the food didn't go to waste. I'd like to take this oppurtunity to thank Kanta for cooking almost everything, and eating nothing at all. He's got the makings of a great chef; cooks awesome food, but goes home to his cup of instant noodles.

Headed home. Fuck. I missed the season finale of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. Slept at around 12, but here I am typing at 6-ish. Thank god, my body's finally gotten used to waking up early. Depending on how the day goes, I may update later today.

Belated April Fools!

Sid: Maybe we could rapidly evolve into water creatures.

Diego: That's nice, Sid.

Sid: Call me Squid.

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