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Monday, October 30, 2006

Where's my Best-O Place?

I'm looking for my best~o place.

As a secondary 4 on the verge of sitting for his O-levels, studying has become of utmost importance. Manga's taken a backseat, I bid farewell to my books, I released the teevee, and I don't go out (with friends) as much anymore. Even physical fitness (gulp) went out of the window. For most of the time, I'm with my books. As I've said, I can't remember the last time I went out without a bag full of them.

I'll be so thankful come November 16th.

One of the difficult things when it comes to studying is finding the best~o place to study. After you've gotten out from that comfy chair and have gotten the necessary motivation to actually START studying, it's a real bummer once you realise that you've got no place to study. Face it, for some most of us, studying at home is a no-no. There's that new episode of Prison Break beconing you, there's that idiot nudging you; basically, home is the nest of all distractions.

The only solution to this? Leave the house, dummy!

Yup, so for most of the time, I don't study at home. I prefer to bring my studying materials outside, and I'll study there. Of course, it's expensive, but face it, you'll be more efficient. You'll only bring a few choice materials. So, instead of debating on which subject to study, or switching in between subjects, and getting nothing done in the end, you get to pump in a whole lot of important junk into your head.

Singapore's got a bunch of studying places. It's a mugger's haven basically. So let's give a brief reviews of the study places I've been to the past few months. Of course, if you're normal, you would have found you're best~o place, but if you're still in doubt, I'm here to help. Of course, it won't help much, and you'll still screw up your Os, but what the heck :)

School (5/5 Mugs)
Basically, this is by far the best place in my opinion to study. You're in plain sight of other people, so you won't slack. The teachers are nearby, so that's always a bonus. More recently, the commerce room has been opened up, with FREE milo AND coffee AND aircon. Yay. I'm not sure whether they're still opening the commerce room during the holidays, but it's one of my top choices. If it was nearer to my house, this would be the place I'll be going to, but otherwise...

Poolside (5/5 Mugs)
I saw some of my neighbours doing this, so I'm like what-the-hey. There are some tables by the pool of my condominium, and it's pretty cool studying there. The view's nice *ahem*, and it's 2 minutes from my house, so I'm never too far away from the fridge.

Singapore Post (3.5/5 Mugs)
I studied here during the Mid-years and Prelims, but I hardly touched it in the past weeks. It was a riot during the Hari Raya and Deepavali festivities. The fields outside Singapore Post were being used for the Pasar Malams, and as such, it was crowded. Otherwise, it's quite secluded, so I like it.

Tiong Bahru (3.5/5 Mugs)
Rule of thumb: Don't even try to study at McDonalds. It's always croweded. And the KFC is OK...except there's this KFC employee who hates my guts. Once, I was studying, he pushed the tables right across mine, and save some stuff to me which I couldn't comprehend. I didn't reply, but god, I pissed my pants. Figuratively. Best bet is the Burger King. They don't mind if you never buy anything (Of course, I'm not like that. I love her-cheese-pie) , and it's not that crowded. There's always other people studying, so you'll never feel left out.

Great World (5/5 Mugs, all broken)
Don't touch this place. Way too noisy for you're own good. I was just here this morning when a group of Secondary 3s from another school came and made a din. Of course, I don't blame them for making noise, but this just shows that Great World isn't a place for studying.

Bukit Merah Library (4/5 Mugs)
Great if you're studying alone, but if you're studying with a friend, it can be quite a bother. You can't talk, and if you do, it has to be in really really hushed voices because you'll get shushed. There's also limited space to study. When it's full....there's always the...

Bukit Merah McDonalds (4.5/5 Mugs)
I love this place. I've gone from my house all the way here just to study. It's full of other people studying, but most of them aren't studying. I get a boost of confidence, because I'm studying harder than them. It's not arrogance lah, but, I'm studying more than them, and that much is evident, and I derive strength from that. Go me.

Esplanade Library (3.5/5 Mugs)
It's very quiet down here. There's always space; sofas are always an added bonus. They've got an awesome range of magazines to keep you entertained. The roof tops always a nice place to drop by :). However, the silence is very total; noise ain't tolerated here. It got 3.5 because it was filled with foreign workers during the hari raya holidays. They even had picnics on the roof top! I'm side-tracking abit here, but I can't believe they allow foreign workers (gah, the irony) to have picnics on fields. We're not even allowed to play football on those fields! *side-track ends*

National Library (5/5 Mugs, just because it's filled with it)
Full. Don't bother.

That McDonalds near some poly (3/5 Mugs)
I went here with Darren, Nigel, and Glen and Jo-pu. Twice, though the first time around, I had to rush off :(. Anyways, this place is where the students of the so-called better schools study. It's OK, but they have parties sometimes, so "boo-hoo". The distance stinks too. The journey back stinks more. For reasons other than the obvious.

Pop Store (5/5 Mugs)
Bras Basah is awesome. The McDonalds is open 24 hours, and most of the people there are studying as well. It's near the Popular, so if you need books or anything, it's a stone's throw away. If you want somewhere more isolated, try the Cafe at the second floor of the Popular. They've got waffles ice cream with double scoop for less than $5. Yay.

Marina Square or Suntec(5/5 Mugs)
Awesome. People overlook these areas, but they're very conducive. To add on to that, Marina Square is totally happening. Suntec is too. There's two Subways within the vicinity, and Esplanade's within walking distance. Transport's convenient too; because the MRT's within walking distance, and there's load of buses. Perfect.

Wow. I don't know what compelled me to do that. I think it's because I still haven't gotten the pictures of the Grad Day, and as such, havent' done the Queenstown update. I'll do it. Promise. Good luck to all retaking the Mother Tongue Os tomorrow.

PS: This was supposed to be up yesterday, but Blogger had some errors, so pardon the lateness.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It should be Raito

Light is such a ridicufuck name for a character. No one, not even english-speaking people name their children "Light". There's all the obvious references, in-jokes, and whatnots one could make with such a word. There's the obvious religious reference too, but let's not go into that.

Anyways, why the blabber about Light? Two words: Death Note. At first, when the scantalations came out, the protagonist was called "Raito", following hte kanji, or hirigana or whatever, but the author issued an official statement that it "Raito" was supposed to be read as "Light". It should be "Right", but the Japanese can't plonounce "R" properly, or so says Laymond Angelo.

Ryuuku was changed to Ryuk too. Ryuuku is so much meaner, I find :
Raito was given the moniker of Kira. Following the Raito->Light conversion, why wasn't Kira changed to Killer, since that is what it stood for. I guess Killer doesn't sound as cool, but then again, if you're reading this, author of Death Note, Light is so bloody cliche.

Anyways, there's been a Death Note resurrection. A few months after the manga concluded with the death of *******, the live-action movie came out. The anime did too, but I don't like anime all that much, since they're slide-shows with voice-overs most of the time.

Back to Death Note.

When the manga came out, at least two-and-a-half years ago, it was pretty obscure stuff. It didn't have such a rabid following, as it does now (banned in China FTW!). I picked it up only because Obata-sensei, the dude who worked on Hikaru No Go, is the illustrator for this piece of work, so it's bound to be good, I think. And it was, for the first few months, I was hooked. I managed to get a few people hooked too. Me and HaoYang (Hiya pal!) even read it in the computer room last year. I read, weekly, but the story...it died (yes, I do mean literally), and without the *story*, I lost interest.

The ending came and went, new chaLacteLs apeared, and bladblabla. I lost interest, but the whole world started to pick it up. Bleagh. I moved on to other manga instead; because Dragon is Luffy's father.

The movie came out.

It got rave reviews, both from critics and friends. So, with Delise, for our Friday Movie, we watched Death Note.

The basic premise of the movie is this: Raito Yagami acquires the power to kill anybody he wishes. He decides to use this power to rid the power of evil. However, the morality of this action is thrown into question. Is he a criminal himself? Master Sleuth and Mr. Visits-the-Dentist-Once-A-Week "L" certainly thinks he is, along with Detective Raye, and his fiance. The movie goes on a mouse and cat game with Raito trying to allude his capture; and at the same time, save the world.

Fun. And the Akatsuki leader joins the bandwagon too. He says he "Wishes to rule the world" Kishimoto better give us a good backstory, some sort of complex, a really really eccentric trait, some freaky jutsu, and he better be Yondaime or Jiraiya. Or I'm going to have to book a flight. To Japan. First to kill the guy who changed Raito to Light. And then Kishimoto for this travesty. All the build up, and he only wants to rule the world? Sheer imagination.

There's been changes here and there, for the manga to big screen transition, but otherwise, the story stays the same. Certain ingenius details have been kept (Consemme, anybody?), but they threw the "Burning the Death Note" device out of the window. I really liked how they've stayed true to the source material. They've given Raito (I refuse to call him Light)'s girlfriend a larger role, and Naomi too, but I guess it's excusable.

All in all, I liked this adaption. There's this feeling of smugness when you know that you know what's going to happen next because you've already read the manga.

I didn't like many thigns about this movie, but they're just minor details. Ryuuku was butt-ugly, and he looked totally fake. The cast wasn't as good looking as I would expect from a Jap production. I mean, Raito's girlfriend was very "bleagh", and Raito himself was "meh". I liked L thought, but that's mostly becasue of his undying love for sweets. They skipped the part where Raito played tennis with L! I can't believe they did that, because even thought I'm a guy, I squee for shameless fanservice.

Misamisa was cute :x.

I'll be going now. I still haven't gotten my pictures up yet, so no grad day update. I'm sorry everybody. It'll come.

Put in 10 hours today. I'm just reading the Death Note manga.

And Delise did an awesome job for her end-of-years. 1st in standard FTW.

The pressure's on me to follow suit.

God, that was such an arrogant thing to say.

OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I NEARLY FORGOT! Check out this Meskin band called "Panda". It's Meskin Punk and I don't understand what they're talking about, but god, do they now how to rock. They do slow songs too, but I like heavy bass. Taco! Nachos! Siesta!

Friday, October 27, 2006

4 cheers for 4 years

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change,
Come whatever
We will still be, friends forever

I butchered this song yesterday. I was singing it bloody loudly, yet, I kept mixing up the words. "Spent" for "had", "move" for go...I did for all 5 times we repeated the chorus.

Yesterday, we opened the door (LOL!) the teachers already opened for us.

Everybody has to leave sometime or another, but that isn't much of a consolation now, is it? I'll give a full update, once I get the pictures uploaded into my computer.

Queenstown, thanks. It's been great.

Me and Delise were at Marina Square yesterday. As usual, the two of us were being lame, as we walked down the steps. For each step, we counted like "1,2,3,4,5,6..." and then, both of us skipped lucky number "7" and shouted the luckier number "8" at the same time. Then we burst out laughing.

That was totally random, and unplanned. Just something both of us thought of at the same exact moment.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Last

I can't believe how today flew by.

I was studying, as usual, and then it occured to me that the day that just transpired was the last damn day I have in Queenstown Secondary School. This is the last time you're going to see a "Day in the Life of a Queenstownian" from here. Honestly, I threw my books aside, rushed here, and I'll be a-typing away.

I woke up late this morning. By some twist of fate, the ever-reliable clock in my dining room, which used to be ten minutes early became fifteen minutes late. Alas, when I left my house at the usual time of 6, it was actually 6:15. Because I had plans to be at school by 6:45, I took a cab. I'm going to miss my cab rides. I love taking cab rides in the morning; and telling the cab driver the difference between Queenstown Sec, Queenstown Pri and Queensway Sec. Cab drivers always mix up those three schools, and I always feel special when I'm the one who enlightens them.

I guess this is another thing I will miss.

I reached school just before 6:45 and crapped around in class. As I approached class, the whole room was dark, which didn't come as a surprise to me. Then, as I opened the door, Ivan fell from god knows where, and let out a cry of a freaking beast. I swear, my life expectancy decreased by abit. Anyways, after crapping around in class, I proceeded to the usual place where I meet Delise in the morning. It's our third month, see, and I prepared a little something for her. I hope she liked it :)

Morning assembly was a roller-coaster ride. It was the last, so it had to be special I guess, or maybe it's just my emotions which heightened everything. At first, even after the second bell rang, people were still talking. Seriously, I felt like shouting at them; I WANT MY DAMN COOKIE! I mean, if Mr Lau does a "Monday" again and cancel cookie time, I'm going to exploud. Eventually, after what felt like multiple eternities, the anthem was sang, and the pledge too. The sec 4s were loud; I wanted to join in, but I guess it's one of the disadvantages of not being a citizen (that, and not being eligible for Eagles Award x!) Mr Lau whispered some stuff to Mr Lee, and then Mr Lee did the most OUTRAGEOUS shit ever.

"Stand up,"

Kaneenabeez. He angry siah. I also angry hor. I thought he was going to scold us, but WTF he asked us to stretch?! Ahh...what a relief. Mr Lau shared a few farewell words, some awards were given out, and I clapped at all the right times, in addition to some random outbursts. When Chor Hao came, instead of the usual cookie people, I was :(, but when he said "It's cookie time!", I was :) again! I literally yeepee-ed with joy; ask the people around me.

It's too bad I didn't win; Melia did, so congrats to her. I've always had fantasies of winning the cookie on the last day and making a speech, but I'll be doing that tomorrow, so yeah.

Chemistry blew right past; all ten minutes of it. And the last session of A-maths did too. The teachers weren't teaching much. What can I say...you've held my hand all this way. You can let me go now. I'm ready.

WOOFOO for the last period of Phys Ed! Since my maid's away at the moment, the chores have been split between the family. Nobody had washed my newer PE shirts, so I had to wear my first half of secondary 3 one, which is the stage where I was a freaking balloon. God, was the shirt big. Anyways, it felt airy, at least.

Since the Secondary Two's occupied practically the whole school with their carnival, we settled for a fraction of the field to play soccer. Everybody was more enthusiastic than usual, so yay for that. I played soccer first, then went to the Cabin area, to play V.ball with Elgin, Ching Yong, Ryan, Kim Shan and Ivan. At first, it was the three ex-v.ballers versus the "CHAMPION TEAM", but the Champion Team sucked, so it was the three ex-v.ballers who played.

My arms are sore.

For the last recess, Delise didn't hold my hands xD. Joking lah, I let you win this time, Jason! I had my last meal; I wanted kangkung, but I guess this just shows that school ain't exactly the same as prison where you get the luxury of choosing your last meal. Jeremy seemed peeved about the issues on his blog; I hope he settles everything, or at least, don't let it bother him too much. I've given my take on the issue, and I'm sure it'll die down soon.

The last period of English and Mdm Yani gave us not-so-encouraging parting words; but I guess what she says is largely true. I'm not just saying that because I like her as a teacher, but it's quite plain to see that what she says applies.

Physics practical preparation was next; the real thing is tomorrow! I've prepared as much as I possibly can, have packed up my bags and stuff. I hope everything will go smoothly. Pray for me! C'mon! WIN THE PHYSICS PRACTICAL!

I went down to the kitchen to do self-revision. I saw Ms Chua on my way down, and she gave me a card with Toblerone. I loved the Toblerone, but I really appreciate the card. I don't know whether you read this, but I'm thankful for everything. The book you lent me is really really old; but WTF the content is almost the same! HA!

We cleaned up the class for the last period; it looked clean. Damn clean. I didn't feel really really sad; because I'll be seeing everybody for the next 3 weeks or so because of O-level examinations. The last day; the 16th, that'll be the true end, I feel.

The classes were going crazy. HuiMin went camera crazy. I think she'll post the pics on her blog, but it's gone private! She sent me an invite, but I didn't have a g-mail account at that time, so Ic couldn't sign in. I do have one now, so I'll be asking her for 'em. Wan Jun and Tah Nern got hitched! TahNern, where are your hands?!

4B had water balloons. Copped some and actually threw at people. I got hit too, by Raied, twice. I aimed a flying kick in his direction, he caught my foot, and splash. But hahaha to him, since Minhazul stole his shoe!

4C had awesome videos showing. KNN. Those guys are awesome. Nian might post it, I think. Keep your eyes on the blog.

I went for my Grad day rehearsal, went to Dawson with Delise and then went home to study.

Yay! Oh my god it's 1;30! MUST SLEEP!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Last Day Blew

Bam; it came and it went. The last day blew.

Describe an incident where you did something for the first time.

I looked at the structure but I could not see any rocks.

“The rock-wall is the ultimate test of strength, endurance and perseverance. This is not a task for the faint of heart. You will need not only power, but also unyielding spirit to conquer this mammoth undertaking,” said Andy, my team’s instructor.

I had never scaled such a great height in my life. I had gone for camps previously. However, because of a mixture of hilarious circumstances and glib tongue, having to climb the wall had alluded me. In my Primary Five camp, my track pants, which are a pre-requisite to rock-climbing, had split at its seams. During the Secondary Three camp, I was able to talk my way out of rock-climbing. At another adventure camp, I volunteered to complete mundane chores nobody else bothered to do.

I was a coward.

At that adventure camp, at the fall of my Secondary Three life, I was determined to change myself. I had been running away for far too long. When I embarked on this camp, at the Outward Bounds School of Singapore, I had made a promise; taken an oath to put in my best no matter what I was asked to do. Thus, for the first time in my life, I was going to climb a rock-wall.

“Be honest with me. Who is afraid of heights?” Andy directed the question to the team. I thought it was a safety procedure. I saw a glimmer of hope that if I admitted my cowardice, I could escape the vertical ascent, and the ever present possibility of a vertical fall.

It turned out to be a mistake. I raised my hand meekly. Andy broke into the biggest of grins. My hand shot down, but it was too late.

“We have a winner! Raymond, you will go first!”

My team burst into laughter. The boys guffawed and the girls were reduced to giggles. I could only smile like I meant it. Inside, my heart was pounding. My palms perspired. What if the sweat prevents me from getting a firm grip of the “rocks”?

Andy put the harness on me. I made him do it twice. I was extremely nervous. All that anchored my life were cloth wrapped around my legs, a long flimsy-looking rope and a helmet. Two of my team-mates, along with Andy, managed my rope; acting as a safety in the event I fell from the wall. This failed to put me at ease. My team-mates, thought they looked relaxed, had little experience and Andy was only human. What if they made a mistake?

A slip of the hand could take my life.

I gripped the highest “rock” I could reach. From the bottom, looking up at the vertical face of the wall, it looked unbeatable. We are made to go along the horizontal plane after all, not the vertical. I said my apologies to Newton; I was defying gravity. My heart was in my throat and with my ears, I could hear it beading rapidly with gusto. From a distance, my friends cheered me on.

“The first time is always difficult but once you get it over and done with, you will become a man,” encouraged Andy. It did not make me feel any better; the innuendos were too obvious.

I swallowed. I finally summoned the courage to lift my feet of the solid ground. Without terra firma beneath my feet, I felt fragile. It was only centimeters of rubber material which kept me up.

Little by little, I made my ascent. It was grueling. My palms were sweating, so much so that getting a firm grip was difficult. At times, there were pieces which were almost impossible to reach. I found myself straining my muscles and joints, wishing for them to somehow become longer. I even amazed myself when, in desperation, I actually jumped up to reach a landing, letting all my limbs off the wall. From below, Andy shouted and warned. It fell on deaf ears. The adrenaline blocked out all unnecessary distractions.

Reaching the top was of utmost importance.

My body ached and threatened to fail me, three-quarters up the rock-face. It was relatively simple at first, but as I went out, my muscles protested in pain, threatening to give in. The number of rocks grew less and I struggled to stay up. After having such a clear goal; to reach the top no matter what, I looked like I was at my limits.

I looked at the ground below. I was, by then, already at least five storey up. If I fell, I would not get up again. I gulped. My breathing was ragged and hurried; they were gasps, desperate ones for oxygen. My fear swept me in full force. Vertigo had set in.

“I give up!”

Those words erupted from my being like a white flag sprouting out of my back. My team did not listen. They cheered on. They were unrelenting; though we were strangers not too long ago from different parts of the country, we had formed a strong, cast-iron bond.

“When you reach the top, there’s a pot of gold waiting for you!” Andy yelled over the cheers.

They had not given up on me and I could not give up on myself. With the last of my strength, I reached up farther. When my last reserves were empty, I conjured more power. I took in my friends’ encouragement and support and used it to propel myself up. They pushed me when I could push myself no longer.

At last I reached the top. I looked around for the pot of gold and smiled. It was a momentous achievement, for me, doing it the first time. I had used my strength and willpower. Still, it was not a solo performance; I could not have done it without my team. They were the ones who reached out to me when I thought I had fallen.

As I was propelled down, Renfred, the person who was to climb next asked, “Is there really a pot of gold up there?”

“You will have to find that out yourself,” I quipped.

It was a metaphor; the pot of gold. I left it to him to discover what his was.

I am very satisfied with this essay. Under an hour, and it's shorter than the one I wrote in prelims, at slightly more than a thousand words. And it got an 'A' too. Yay, me.

I think I've established my own style in essays now. I've thrown the concept of writing a story with accordance to the paragraphs out of the window. You know, like, first paragraph is intro, next is building to climax and then the climax. At this level, I think we should be able to safely forgo it. Just seperate it into ideas, not sections. Oh, and one line can be written as a paragraph, if you want that line to be delivered with impact. And short sentences, after a string of long ones has phwoar too. Just look at my essay. Screw similes from the book, because you can make up your own.

Oh, Idioms; Can't go on without them.

Suffice to say, this is one of my essays I actually liked ALOT. And it's partially true, too.

-Primary 5 incident
-Going to OBS
-Rock-climbing at OBS
-My friend Renfred

Everything else is a lie.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Maths Stinks

1/3 + 2/3 = 1

Agreed? That's obvious.

Well...1/3= 0.3333.

That's correct, too.

And 2/3= 0.6666


1/3 + 2/3 = 0.333 + 0.666= 0.999?



I was just wrapping up my differentiation and integration chapters when this thought occured to me. It's pretty mind-boggling, if you think about it.

Oh, and school's ending for me in a couple of days time. It's a depressing thought. One minute, me and the guys will be laughing and talking and shit, and then someone will remind us that school's ending very soon; that the time we have left together is limited. Everybody will fall into silence, and then we'll change the subject as if everything's normal.

But everything's going to change.

And that saddens me.

I'll miss everyone.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Warning: Guy With Lousy Camera

I stayed home for the whole of today studying. I cant' believe it; I'm at the fall of my Secondary School life. It ends this week, and another week or so after that, it's time to win the O-levels. Anyways, camera phones are really convenient don't you think? There are times you spot some things which are too interesting not to share.

It should so be House M.D. Has anybody else caught the latest episodes on AXN? I'm tempted to download 'em, but I'm still downloading Rockman EXE (WTF?) and Suite Life.

WOW! I miss the Philippines! Yes, it's not all about the farming. We've got crystal clear beaches too.

You know you've got a dirty mind when you derive sexual innuendo from harmless pieces of text in the HSM Novel.

This is cool. 7 shades of brown; which part of the spectrum do you belong to?

Here's a macro! Freebie!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wage a war against Popular Belief

I'm going to get A1 for both Pure Physics and Chemistry.

Because I love doing what people tell me I can't do. And I'm going to show that even idiots like me can take Pure and get the grades.

Mark my words.

Today was the day Raymond waged war against popular belief.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don't Worry; I'm from the Internet

Everytime you see a person, two people had to have sex at least once.

It's mind-boggling. Think about it for a minute, and you won't look at people in the same light ever again. It creeps me out, in a...i'm-speechless-biotch kind of way.

Anyways, Bernard lodged a complain to me today. He said I don't write about interesting stuff anymore! Shock! And! Awe! I always made an attempt to keep things fresh and "hip-hopping", but "God!", I guess you guys have been experiencing...A Delise Overload? Is it even possible? I think I'm talking about her too much...but I can't help it. I smuackx her lotz lol.

Her results just came out. I've bragged about it to so many people, so I might as well tell the whole world. I'm so proud of her. Pity; not once did she credit me for her results. I'm hurt >.<.

Eng - 76, A1
Chi - 70.5, A2
Maths - 74, A2
Sci - 90, A1
Lit - 79, A1
Geog - 64, B4
Dnt - 85.5, A1
Art - 94, A1

Well, she did make a nifty photoshop of me and her. I think she'll post it here sometime tonight. I don't look too good, but we took many pictures, and I looked dashing (sial!) in most of them. She kept retaking because she said she didn't look pretty. I told her she looked beautiful.

Anyways....back to me.

Because I was down with werewolf on Monday, I was rearing to go to school on Tuesday, which is yesterday. There's Chemistry, Pure Geography and English; subjects I need all the help I can get in. So I headed to school in the morning and I got the shock of my life.

"What're you doing here?"

That was Bernard and Raynard. They're the Twin Nards; or if two syllables are too much, just call them Tards. Pardon the side-tracking, but I was all "WTF?" like this O.o.

They were having Biology Practical that day. Gah. And as a result, those in my class not taking Biology didn't have to go to school. Yup, I came to school for nothing. I stayed upstairs throughout Morning Assembly, because I wasn't supposed to be there. To anyone who saw me...you didn't.

Since I was already in school, why not make the most of my time? I brought all my stuff to class first, but then realised that all the other Sec 4 classes will walk past and ask lots of bothersome questions, and so will the teachers, so I headed down to the canteen. Ahh....the canteen. It's so BEST when it's empty. There's a toilet nearby, and there's food, and there's also a vending machine. I settled down and got me some coffee. Has anybody else tried the coffee drinking game? After you finish one question/one paragraph, you take a sip of coffee. I drink lots of coffee.

Then the Secondary 1s came earlier than expected. I had made plans to make a run for the tables outside the kitchen or the ones behind Mr Chiang's table (I refuse to call them McDonald table, because WTF?) before all the noise came, but gah. In the end, I turned my Nano to the maximum volume and *pop*, I was able to ignore them. Power to the music!

Then Elaine came, just before I was about to leave. "Hiya Raymond! Going for Geography?" What Geography? "Oh, and there's Literature after school, too!" What Literature? What's happening? I knew I should have left when the Sec 1s came down.

In then end, I only went for Geography, because Literature was canned. I headed down to Bras Basah for abit; got Densha Otoko: The Novel, and the Physics FYS. I studied at the McDonalds there too, before heading home and sleeping for awhile. After which, I went all the way to Bukit Merah to study. I like the vibe of that place. It's full of students, and when I see others studying, I'm motivated to study too. Also, when I see people not studying and I'm studying, I feel motivated too, because I know I'm striving harder than them.

Sial for the Ciao-Mugger attitude.

Delise came down from school after her emcee-ing thing and kept me company for abit. I sent her home, and I went home too. I studied after that. Jeez, what happened to my life?

Today's morning assembly was HIGH. Did anybody else notice it? They had the HiCal(typo?) people go up on stage. I couldn't really hear what they were saying, but I clapped anyways. And the Maths Department gave away movie tickets for one reason or another. Did anybody see Delise? She was running back and forth, delivering the names of the winners from Mr Lau, who drew from the ballot, and then to the emcee. Cute xD. Oh, and we've got a new Cookie Girl; Erny! She's good; best so far (ahem). Who's this..."Zookeeper" creature? Her pron is teh ownage.

I got back one of my mocks for Chemistry and it was good <(*A*)>! For Phys Ed, we played Basketball. After which, we played Handball, which evolved into Dodgeball, and then back to Handball. Sticks were played with; just ask Ringo who was doing wushu with a pole in the Volleyball court.

I can't believe that that was our second last Physical Education period. I'm going to miss Mr Harry. BARRY!!!!!!!!!!!111111 (inside joke FTW)

The periods afterwards flowed by very quickly. There was no English, because Mdm Yani was nowhere insight, though someone posing as her sent me a bluetooth *ahemnuggetsahem* asking me to do my work. We had a Physics mock, and I must say, the hours I've spent on Physics seem to be helping me out.

During MLB, I went down to the outside of the kitchen, and met Delise, Florencia and Calvin. They're the emcees for graduation day! They're supposed to be writing they're speeches, but I think I was a distraction. Anyways, to allay Calvin's fears, I will not be putting anybody to sleep. It's the last speech they will here in Queenstown, so they might as well listen, and I've never been a boring speaker, I think. Trust in my abilities, for I will deliver. And whoever said Sharina put people to sleep was exaggerating. I'm serious. She's fab; I just saw her the other day btw, and she looks fab too.

Me and Delise had lunch at Dawson and then I went off to meet Mr Avin Tan, who was described as handsome and wearing a blue-shirt. We discussed my speech for abit; and the descriptions were quite apt. I can't believe I don't know so many teachers in Queenstown.

Anyways, after studying in the Commerce Room with Bernard, Choo, Ivan and a whole bunch of people, I went home, and I'm pooped.

To TuanJiaw: I SAW YOU!
To everybody else: Good luck for tomorrow's Practicals!

Monday, October 16, 2006

There's a star for every wish.

I can't decide which sounds better..."For every wish there's a star" or does "There's a star for every wish" sounds more pimp?

And should it be RnD or DnR? Delise calls me a chauvanist because I always put my name first; but RnD's a play on "Research and Development", geddit? And it should be RaymonDelise, because there's the "D", which is a briDge between the two of us.

So settled, "R" comes first; because you can't say "I'll love heR now, and foReveR moRe" without the "R". Of course, there are other letters, but there's no "D". xp.

I'm so totally not a male chauvinist pig.

I didn't go to school today. It's not flu, or anything like that...I'm down with...I don't know...should I...

I have a confession to make everybody...

















































I've become a freaking lycanthrope, werewolf, shape-shifter, animagi, whatever, but ROAR! UNDER THE KILLING MOON, HE PROWLS!


Gah. My mum just arrived from UK on Saturday. And she brought back a whole bunch of goodies from the TRUE land of The Office, including this halloween costume for my youngest brother. He's going trick or treating around the neighbourhood, while I'll be mugging in my room -.-

My mum got me pants with buttons for zips...INCONVENIENCE MAX!

Oh, and Delise is talking about my brother. And this is the PSP my brother has.

Cheebye. What does a Primary 3 kid need a PSP for? It's his birthday this early November, so this is his present. Now he wants an MP3 player for christmas. If he gets an iPod, I'll kill him. If he gets a Zune, I'll kill him.

I'll kill him twice.

Raymond out. Keep Zune-ing in, because I'm punny.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

El Diablo and The Magic Man

I just finished typing a blogpost a few minutes back, but because of screwed up embedding, the whole post was affected. Words got distorted, rearranged, and the post didn't make sense anymore.

Anyways, it was basically me talking about the O-levels, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. If you've got only one movie to watch from this time to the O-levels, make it this one. It's damn funny. I wrote stuff in much more comprehensive detail just now, but I don't feel like reytping it again.

Wait a minute...O-levels is less than a month away and I still have time to watch a movie? Well, it's a Friday night thing me and Delise have. She'll go for her music class, I'll fetch her, we'll grab Subway, and then we'll go somewhere nice. I love her so much, and I'm so proud of how well she did for her EOY Examinations.

That's my girl; my inspiration. I mean, she got D7 for DnT last term, and guess how much she got for her EOY? Aye 1 !!!!!!!111111!!!!!

"Hakuna Matata BITCHES!!!"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two Roads Intertwine

Today was very difficult to get through.

There was some shit written on some sec 2 class' board. It was insulting to say the least. Expecially since it didn't just affect me. "How come she was fucked too", that's all I'm asking. I don't mind it if it's only me who is affected, but jeez...

Those who wrote it have already apologised, and I appreciate it, and forgive them too. However, what was written has already been seen by alot of people, probably that whole class. Somehow, it's going to affect their opinion of me, even if it was scribbled only for pure jest, no malice intended. I just hope that people don't judge based on bullshit like that lah. I've amassed quite a rep (street cred, yo), and I don't like it being tarnished. I've established myself pretty well, but things like that just piss all over whatever reputation I have.

I've only got a few weeks left, I don't want to leave with people thinking I'm a no-grade loser, because I'm not. It's not arrogance, but I know I'm more than that. I've done a lot for the school, I've accomplished so much in my short time here, my studies have always been good and I'm leaving a good life, with lots of friends around me.

Judge me, label me a "loser" or whatever, but please, don't base it on a few gajillion chalk dusts which form "Blacky". I don't like that. I don't deserve that.

And on top of that, I'm not the only one affected, so that's even worse-ererest. I mean...there's a friend-friend relationship, and I appreciate that I can jokingly kick your ass, just as you can kick mine, but you know...when other people are dragged in who happen to be close to me...what the hell did they do? And the fact that it was made to look like it was done by another party is even more condemnable.

I only wish there was someway to reverse the process, but alas, it's done. Here I am, doing what little damage control I can.

Before you say "It's no big deal", I say it is a big deal to me.

In short, I don't bear any grudges, I'm just trying to save my own face with this post, because BLOGGING IS PHWOAR.

And to Delise: I'm really sorry for today. It was unintentional. I never meant to look like I wasn't backing you up, because I always got your back, and I'm by your side at all times too. I'm so glad we settled things quickly. I love you, and I'll always be there when you need me, promise. :)

You'll Be Safe Here by Rivermaya

When the light disappears
And when this world's insincere
You'll be safe here
When nobody hears you scream
I'll scream with you
You'll be safe here

Monday, October 09, 2006


There's a new shopping mall in town!


I was there just a few days ago, but I only caught a glimpse. From first impressions, it doesn't look ready yet. I can smell the foul cement, and many shops have yet to open. It's very white, that was evident. Not just white white, but blinding like hell white. Scary.

Harbour Front seemed empty in comparison. At the junction of Harbour Front and VivoCity, nobody was walking in the direction of HarbourFront. Aww.

Anyways, the rooftop seems nice, and from accounts, it's big, spacious, and the variety is awesome. I'll drop by....sometime after my O-levels, I think.

Anyways, who else thinks that the VivoCity logo is phallic? It's like a gotdamn wang...seriously. I'll post a picture, but none has surfaced yet.

So until then, study hard for the Secondary 4s, and for the other levels, enjoy yourselves until the next obstacle comes along.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chris is the Anti-Raymond

Late-night fun is this!

Staying up late has it's advantages after all. Even if you're studying, that doesn't mean you've got to sacrifice you're Tubing hours. I do Maths with my teevee on because it keeps me company through the night. Anddddddddddddddddd.......I've discovered some gems of shows.


Nationality Slap!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Projectiles of "Eww"

My brother was sick yesterday. He was vomitting projectiles of earlier meals. It was disgusting. My mum took action accordingly of course, which was to ask me to take action. I had to miss school for today to drop him at the doctor's. I missed an awful lot of lessons, but I promised myself to study like hell to make up for it.

So, I brought my brother to the Doctor's this morning. He had food poisoning, and so did many others in his school. Sue the fucking school, I say. My brother smiled an awful lot when the doctor gave him two days worth of MC. I guess it runs in the family.

With my brother aside, a puddle of vomit brought about another dose of probems. Delise's one this time around.

Anyways, thanks to Stephanie and her Mum for sending her home, Shalina for something I can't remember :(, Jeremy for tissue, and Andrel for lending her his phone for abit.

I got the phone call that she was vomitting just after I got home from the Doctor's. After making some soup (I make soup for her when she's sick :)), I cabbed to her place to take care of her. Too bad her mum was there, so I couldn't go in. She asked me to go home and study :(.

In the end, I hung out at the void deck and studied for 5 hours, STRAIGHT. That's right, no toilet breaks, no food breaks, no drink breaks. She was supposed to have tuition, so I thought it would be fun to surprise her. She'd go down, then see me, then go like whoa. Study study revolution!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

11 Miles of Bleak

Presenting the
Hydrogen Atom Scale.

No, this is no hoax, or a "scare-the-shit-out-of-a-sucker" link. It's the inside of an atom, only magnified by a hell-of-a-lot. I'll give 10 bucks to whoever has the patience to scroll through all 11 miles of blackness. Honest.

It's just too hard to imagine. We are all phantoms.

On other news, it's Jeremy's birthday today! Jeremy Tan, the Queenstown Debater. Yup, in italics. He's a good guy; gave me some important advice at times, and I appreciate it, really. He's been pushing the movie "V For Vendetta" to me, but China import DVDs say otherwise -.-".

Zoom in!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Get a dose of Fierce

Class 4A was overloaded with Fierce today.

So. Bloody. Fierce.

As a result from the FIERCE-ness, everybody sorta got high. Rape Ching Yong, The Incredible Fat!

First the Threesome.

Then the classic gang-bang.

Feel the Penetration.

Yup, we were so high. We're all stressed inside. This is just an avenue of stress relief, I guess. To all the Secondary 1s to 3s, and those sitting for the N-levels, good luck with your examinations! Ooh, and an extra dose of blessings to Delise. She'll do me proud, I'm sure, and I'd like to thank her for giving me all the support I've needed, and bearing with me when I whine about the heavy workload and shitz.

I really really appreciate it :)

That's it. No time already lah. Study hard! Everyone, let's not fuck up!

Oh, and YuJia's back! Have you lost weight? Welcome back! She chose a horrid time to come back, but still, it's good to see she's still rocking.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cannot means never try.

I got the latest DongBangShingKi album courtesy of Ryan but I can't listen to it because my father is snoring.

The Prelims finally come to an end. With the exception of English (I haven't sat for my MID-YEAR Orals yet), all the marks have been finalised.

Here's the breakdown:
Geography, Add Maths, E Maths: A1
Combined Humans: A2 (Yay!)
Chemistry: B3
Physics: B4

If I get a 33/40 for my oral, I'll get an A2 for English. If not, then a B3. So my raw score's 10 or 11, and if I deduct my CCA points, it will be 8 or 9.

I improved by 3 points! I can get into an above-average JC! Yay for me!

But still, I've learned shit-loads from this Prelims. I've been telling alot of people, and I'll say it here too: I'm disappointed with my Sciences. My Physics...I had it coming, but for Chemistry, I was hoping for a 2 at least. I made too many careless mistakes and misread the questions one time too many. I'll take all I can from these failures and hopefully, it'll toughen me up.

And my handwriting needs some work too. In all my long-essay papers, I've received that comment. From Lit, Geography, and English too. I think they marked me down based on that by abit, since some words were illegible. Anybody has the "Pets" penmanship worksheets from Primary School? I want the Primary 4 one please. The Rabbit on the cover was cute xD.

I've been working hard. We got a log-book of our study times, and in that log-book, there are 54 hours of "studying time" per week. So, assuming I want to get an A1 for as many subjects as possible, I multiple 54 by 0.75 to get 40.5 hours of studying per week. That's not too bad, and from what the times I've clocked, it isn't a far-off dream.

I haven't been posting proper posts, have I? You may be thinking "Oooh, he's got nothing to post, so he posts interesting shiatzu like that to keep us interested". Well, that's partly true xD. But, nonetheless, the previous posts were fucking mind-boggling. It's difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the universe.

See this?

Each one of those pretty "dust" arrangements are galaxies. Motha-trucking galaxies. The Solar System is not a galaxy, it's a "system" inside a Galaxy called the Milky Way, which is still many times bigger than the Solar System. From the picture, there's at least 200 systems available, some even bigger than our own. That's dang big.

The picture's my wallpaper now, and I pause and think everytime I look at it. It brings out the Philospher in me which states that "This statement is true" and "The previous statement is false"; It's a paradox, aghhhhhhhh!

So, I went to school this morning for Chemistry class, which isn't a class per se, but a MCQ "test". It was a test in more ways than one. It was hard as hell. It was supposed to be a Prelim paper for some school. I dread to think what might have happened if I had taken that paper for my Prelims. Thank god, I know for a fact that actual O-level standard will be much simpler.

After that, after Jo-pu and Jeremy explicitly told me there was no Lit for 4A (sial, I should have known better since they're not from 4A), and MeiXin told me that Mrs Dass wasn't in the office, I put two and two together to conclude that there was no Literature. But there was! And by this time, I was already walking to Great World with Ringo, Yan Shan and Tah Nern! Glenn called, asking me to come down and from the background, Mrs Dass said "She was very disappointed," I was expecting something like that. I've had comments like "Just pass" snapping at me from all sides. I told her I'd meet her with the 4B at Tiong instead.

We ate at GWC's KFC. I missed having long chat with the gals :). We sat there for almost 2 hours talking shit. Guy-talk is more interesting that girl-talk because there's no feelings involved. Fact. We talked about post-Secondary School life, O-levels, NS, circumcision (don't ask) and other nonsense. I'll miss everybody, and moments like this won't come by so often anymore after graduation but I'll keep in touch with everyone after graduation, promise.

TahNern and YanShan went home, Ringo went to his training and I headed for Tiong to wait for my Lit results. Studied for alot. At Burger King, and then at KFC where we waited for Mrs Dass. When people told me I was going to get a border-line pass, I expected 26 or a 27. But I needed a 28 for at least a B3 in my Combined Humans! I was ready to get down on my knees, right there at KFC and beg for one more mark.


I got 33 :). And that's after I got marked down for atrocious hand-writing too :). A2 :) Yay.

The rest left while I stayed there to study some more. Delise joined me at around 5-ish to ask some questions regarding English and Maths. Her exams are this week (it started already actually), and I'm sure she'll do well. As long as she's sure that is :). She's too damn cute, especially when she's drinking coke out of a straw....Yeah, I'm weird like that xP.

Headed home at around 7, and did some revision. But gosh damn, am I tired. I should really be going to sleep.

Anyways, to all who didn't do well this prelims, just wake up, yeah? Over liao lah, so just faster chiong for O-levels. Cannot anyhow whack already. Must Phwoar liao. 20 points no enough man. There's no such thing as "Cannot means cannot". Cannot means never try.

Oh, and thanks for the kind people at Thye Hong Centre who returned my wallet! I lost it on Thursday, but they called me quickly and said they found it, and I collected it on Friday. All my dollars were intact! Hooray for the little amount of good left in this world!

Over and out.

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