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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This is the Chinise character for happiness multiplied by two. It symbolises two couples, standing together side by side. The joined line is said (by shan) to symbolises a smiling face, which the couple will have when they are married. It is also said (by Ryan) that the line symbolises a bed which is where the couple will mate.

A man unmarried is incomplete.

...Once his married, his finished...

Everybody seems to be sick. All because of one person...haiz...I heard so many sniffing and coughing during the e-maths test, i could have exploded.

Speaking of the e-maths test, it was so easy. Motha...it's like they're giving away marks. The chem test...was so screwed up. I thought we were only supposed to study electrolysis, so that's what I revised. Turns out that the test actually consisted of both electrolysis and titsrations. Wah...i hate titrations...i can't seem to remember the formulas. Anyway, all the electrolysis questions were easy, but the titration part chopped me up and served me on a silver platter.

School was normal. I am really satisfied with the rate my Malay is improving. All thanks to my switching to MLB too. I finally know the difference between the suffix "an", "kan" and "i" and I can actually read passages without having to refer to my dictionary. Woohoo Raymond! (Sidenote: how would you INTERPRET "woohoo raymond"? go to www.raindrops-falls.blogspot.com...lol for the consective "s") Anyway, had the CME presentation today. My group's (me, shan, tn) chart was pretty well done. Props to shan. The presentation went pretty well too. I'm proud of a job well done.

The CME project presentation was an eye-opener. Did you know that dowry is also known as "Lays"? And that Ms Wee can be "SO LAME". Because, my group and ringo, ryan and kanta's group bull-shitted alot...or in a more non-vulgar manner, "smoked". So, Ms Wee commented that we better pack our bags and get ready...because there was gonna be a "fire"...the smoke alarms might be triggered by our "smoke"...Wah seh...Har de har har. Must commend her though, she teach CME with dedication.

Went home after that. The first 51 that came was a single-decker bus. Dangit. I hate single-decker buses, but i took it anyway because it wasn't so crowded.

Monday, February 27, 2006

In celebration of the half-day this Wednesday, I give you a...QUICKIE! On a more serious note, why the hell is Wednesday made a half-day? Why not Friday? Or Monday?

Philippines is in the pits

Apparently, Philippines is still in chaos. The government is silencing the media, a state of emergency has been declared, critics of the government are being arrested, the navy/marines (can't remember which) are up at arms, and my The Filipino Channel is still showing ONLY news. Damnit, i want my Pinoy Big Brother. Edsa's all clear now, but Fort Bonifacio has been invaded. I understand the silencing of the media. It's understandable lah, do you want some assholes typing propaganda in their newspaper which can potentially destroy the country from the inside? What i don't understand is why this has to interrupt my cable TV viewing, damnit.

I'm sick of sucking at comprehension tests. If not for my compositions, i'll be failing. My a-maths was 80+,,,problem is my last test was only 12/20 which is IMO pathetic. Must buck up. There's a chem test tomorrow, so i'll be mugging that tonight. I just realised that my CME project is due TOMORROW, and i haven't done a thing yet. Must chiong.

I'm still not weeling fell. Coughing and coughing and coughing. Sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. The works lah. Bad enough to feel like shit, yet not to the extent where absenting yourself is acceptable. This sucks xp.

Something's bothering me. The FuHua sec thing. The battles over lah. No matter how much they flame us, or how much we return fire, nothing's changed. Don't get caught up in the cycle of hate people! As they say, make love, not war.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Losers will be losers. Winners will be us.

I've had a cough-cough day. I've got a throat infection. It seems like it comes every fortnight. Two weeks ago, i had the same problem. Went to a neighbourhood doctor, instead of Raffles. Wah, the doc very gay man. He made alot of lame jokes, and was laughing at himself. You see right, his phone rang, then mine rang, then he commented that they might be from the same person and started laughing like hell. I mean, O.o. Don't ask me, i still don't get it. Anyway, he was stingy. He gave ma a half-mc which excuses you from any physical activity in school, but you still have to go to school. Jeez. Oh what the hell, not like I wanted to miss school anyway...

Losers will be losers. J.tan gave me the blog of the FuHua debaters. They are such sore losers, seriously. What gives you the right to call our school "Kanasai" when we beat you? Yes, you "COULD" have "whupped" us, but did you? Anyway, I could have been Britney Spears, but i'm not. Could have, would have, should have, in the end of the day, you didn't and you lost to us. They mentioned that "they were pre-occupied with common exam" and couldn't prepare well enough. And i'm like WTF? You think we've got no exams, and have got nothing to do but concentrate on debate? Fucking asswipes. We just had one helluva week. We only properly started on our debate on thursday, we had a hell-lot of tests and we ran our cross-country on wednesday. And we still won. BTW, you guys really need to get lessons on thrash-talking. Want me to school your ass? No? Then have a happy meal with extra happy, and a plate of steaming cheesepie.

Haiz man. All this animosity is very unlike me.

Philippines' in the pits once again. They're having a state of emergency, and the marines seem to have revolted against the government. My TFC-viewing schedule was disrupted because of the chaos. You see right, all the shows were cancelled to make way for "news". I just hope that one party will give in. This tension's killing me and the country, literally on the side of the country.

Taking a short break from my english compo. I should have started earlier, but all that coughing is really killing me. Guess what, medicines do work. Hopefully, I'll make it through tomorrow without breaking down into so many pieces, that even grand old Mrs Adams, who can assemble a 2000-piece puzzle of the sky in less than two hours, will never be able to piece me back together, even if her eyesight was back to the state it was 30 years ago.

Saturday, February 25, 2006



I'm sick once again~~~~~~~~

Nabei. I feel so weak. Must have caught it from Ryan.

I slacked the whole of today. No energy to get out of the house. I like slacking...because feeling unproductive and negligeble is sooo gooooood. You know, the feeling that there's no responsibilities, that what you do won't affect anybody else. I love slacking.

I would also love to take a day off from school on Monday, but cannot lah. I realise how much missing lessons can hurt you. I missed the a-maths lesson on differentiation of ln e, and i think it's gonna wreck havoc on my test. I missed the whole lesson on static electricity and now look what i got. Missing lesson is bad.

Philppine's in a wreck again. Fucking politicians misusing their fucking influence. Ex-president Cory's rallying everyone at Edsa to overthrow Arroyo. Nabei. She might as well condmemn the country lor. Philippines' economy is already in the pits. You think that causing political instability will encourage investors to come there? Cheesepie. Arroyo's already got alot of stuff in her hands. Get of her back. The mudslide and stadium stampede's already caused much grieve in the native land, and now you want a potential civil war. Please filipinos...no more People's Power. It was the right thing to do 20 years ago, when our presiden was a damned communist and tyrant, but wtf has Arroyo done wrongly? You are also partly to blame for the state the country's in now.

I'll end it today. My dad "upgraded" my interenet, but it seems a helluva lot slower. Downloading Kabuto #4 at 4kbp/s !!??!!

*alert* Digimon Season 5: Digimon Savers*alert*. Looks iteresting. They two guys are 14, and the girl's 18. Agumon's back, though it's not the same Agumon we had in season 1. I'm not sure what the loongdown is, but what thing's for sure, this won't be the same show i grew up watching.

That euphoric feeling

I got back late yesterday, so i couldn't post. Sorry, little people! I'm sick again man, throat's killing me and there's bits of tissue stuck to my lips, but i don't care 'cause WE WON!!!!!!

I got back my physics test on static electricity and magnetism yesterday. It's badly done lah. I can't believe i was careless enough to put positive electrons. Scandal alert: apparently, my phyics teacher showed it to my chem teacher, and my chem teacher asked her to ask me to drop chemistry. WTF?!?! Nabei, you look at my chemistry marks then talk lah....i make one careless mistake and you're on top of me riaoz..cheesepie.

I went with Glenn Lum to see Mdm Yani regarding our english compos. Apperantly, you HAVE to use idioms in your compo, in order to get a score of higher than 21. Wah...i hate idioms...I just can't stand the way people memorize them and force it into their compo, when it totally ruins their sentence structures. Went to BK after that, because the rest were having chinese remedial. I saw this sec 2 guy being chased by 4 sec 2 GIRLS! Wah...damn funny man. I shouted something like "fuck off lah" at the girls and they scrammed while the guy ran off to hide somewhere. Pussy. 4 girls eh...what the hell can they do to him?

Went back to school at around 2 for debate. We wrapped everything up. Case looked solid. Then we took the same damned Faith Kindergarden Van to Deyi Secondary School. I can't help but notice Queenstown is probably the worst school in terms of physical facilities. I mean, it is the ONLY school which still uses a BLACKboard, there are only 3 or 4 usuable toilets, and they have no tissue paper. But we're still top 50 lah, so what the heck.

The debate itself was close. Our anus was to prove that tabacco and alchohol advertisements bring us closer to their adverse effects. They were all good, Raied, Jeremy...Ringo especially. He's rubutalls were alot more fluent that our last. He got best speaker too. Our opponents, Fu Hua were scary, especially the 1st who was such a ferocious gay boy. Their second was the best. She was steady and fluent, but made a O.o face whenever she ended her speech. The third was shaky, though i <3 her accent. It was a split decision...AND WE WON!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!! Wah...so happy. We were jumping up and down man. First time in history that a Queenstown Team won twice. Happy~~~~~~~~Must really give props to Jon Chong, our coach. He stereamlines all our arguments and speeches. He's freaking godly in debate. He can pull out points and rebuttalls out of his ass, put it on a plate made of cardboard, and make you eat it, and you'll enjoy it.

Cabbed home, after getting some grubs courtesy of ms seelvii. I'm feeling so sick. Slept straight away. I hope this sickness doesn't last til Monday. Got school lah...i don't wanna miss lessons. And i never ever wanna do so badly again for a physics or chem test. or amaths. or pure geog. or emaths. or english. or SS. or Lit. Mlb can fuck it's brain.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Subliminal messages from Pepsi. Can you see it?

Remember Edsa

Today's Edsa Day in the Philippines. Well, not today acutually, it's more of a 3-day thing. Anyway, EDSA is the main road of the capital of the Philippines and it stands for Epifanio De los Santos Avenue. About 20 years ago, a peaceful rally, known as The EDSA Revolution or The People Power Revolution was held on this road and it actually toppled the Marcos Regime, freeing the country from it's communist reign and back into democracy. More than 3 million gathered at EDSA in a peaceful rally, my father included. This is the power of the Pinoy.

My tribute to Edsa...pinoys rock. Anyway, I was supposed to have two test today, but i ended up having just one, because Ms Chua likes postponing the geog tests. The a-maths test was quite simple but two careless mistakes stabbed me in the back.

case #1:
difn e^3(something)
i did: 3e^2 (you have to bring down the power, then minus 1)
then i remembered mdm nur laila scolding me the other day , so i changed to : 3e^3 because you're not supposed to minus 1 for exponentials. I wanted to make her proud lha. BUT I WILL STILL GET OWNED!! You see right, 3e^2 does NOT have an x, so i cannot differentiate at all. Raymond gets owned all over again.

case #2:
(i can't remeber the numbers, so i'll let them be a,b and c)
ln a= ln b/ ln c
what you're supposed to do:
what i did:
ln a= ln b-ln c
nabei...then wrong. I did it the correct way at first, but i thought to myself, it can't be that simple. So i changed it. Cheesepie.

I feel so stupid. We were supposed to go for our personality-course or something like that. But we skipped it for debate. Jon, our trainer came and we pretty much setteled everything. I'm sitting this one out. The team is Raied, Ringo, Jeremy, in order of apperance. Our arguements sound solid, so far. Hopefully, we win, so that we automatically qualify for the next round and so that we can mess around in the next debate.

I got back the results from my personality test in the form of a booklet. I was bowled over by its accuracy. Things like "does things by the book", "sensitive if others are sensitive of his work", works hard to meet standards", "put the needs and desires of those who are loyal friends ahead of his own needs" and "is able to lead but usually prefers to wait and see if another person volunteers first" are all so damn true. Two statements which are so damn right are "bears grudges" and "may be overly sensitive and perhaps doesn't handle crituqe well". Wah, so much truth in a booklet. However, let's not let this direct our lives. All my recommended jobs were crap. This are some of the "better" ones.

-food tester
-laboratary tester aka lab-rat
-14 kinds of assembler
-5 kinds of bakers
3 kinds of busdriver
-cheese maker (WTF?)
-construction worker
-6 kinds of cooks
-hose maker
-paper cutter
salad maker
-other crap jobs

WAHHHHHH!!!!! I don't know where to hide my face man. What happened to my dreams of becoming a manager/actor/famous person? Cheesepie.

I'm slacking today. No tests. No homework. First time in this week.

Clarification: The badge i mentioned yestereday meant that i got top 50, out of 1000 (since about 250 ran in the competitive race). Top 50 among all the non-competitive. Wah...so shiokh.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I conquered my everest

Today was the damned Cross-Country. God, did it feel good.

I woke up as usual, and when i checked my com, i discovered that Kamen Rider Kabuto #3 had finished downloading. I couldn't resist lah. I watched the said show and had to take bus 240 to school. Heck lah, the cab driver was very fun to talk to, so it's all cool.

School was pretty ordinary. Ryan and Glenn had their first exposure to the world of adults during recess through Ching Yong's phone. Chingy's phone is full of pron man. 10 videos in one phone. Wah...i better upgrade my phone, so that we can share share. School ended early because of the Cross-country. Went to jiaw's house and had pizza. Canindian Pizza. We then headed to McRitchie where the cross-country was being held.

The weather was completely fucked. One minute drizzly and rainy, the next minute death-inducingly sunny. As we walked to the starting point, it started to rain, so they asked us to head for the shelter. On our way, they called us back, and without warning, they started off the Cross-country. WTF MAN? Anyway, I just ran lah. Most of the sec 4 guys bochap, and just jalan-jalan, but not me lah. My first and last cross-country; so i wanted to do it well. I ran and ran man. My stomach started hurting like hell half-way through and I cursed at myself under my breath as i ran for eating the damned pizza. The total distance was 3.2 lah. I couldn't really run the whole length because of afore-mentioned pain-in-the-gut. Stopped at the high-way stretch and sat at the bus-stop for awhile, waving at people passing by. Eventually got my strenght back and i chionged to the finish line. It's pleasantly surprising that I got a top-dunno-how-man badge. Shiok ah. I was able to beat Oi meng. I didn't feel like i really deserve the badge, since alot of the sec 4s were either walking, were in the competitive group or were with the basketball team. PS: props to the b.ball team for beating Bishan Sec. They're only one win away from the semi/quarters from what i've heard.

Then went to Carnation Centre, i think and had lemon chicken rice with ex-2c boys and mitcher and ian song. Took 67 home. Cheesepie. I didn't get to sit at all during my 30-minute plus trip. That's the problem with public transport. Not enough bloody seats. Whenever I eyed a seat, sooner or later, an elderly/pregnart/blind person will come along and give me the "That's my seat" glare. Jeebus.

I'm so shacked. I've got an a-maths test on application of differentiations and a geog test. WAHHHHHHH.........

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This is Kazuki of Getbackers. His navel pwnz your navel. Yes, he's a guy, no matter how pretty he is.

Who ordered cheesepie?

Nothing much. Debate after school at Novena Square--->United Square. Running around in United Square was fun. I saw this so-called sex scandal at the Nanyang Polytech. This guy took a video of himself having sex with his lecturer (from what i've heard) with his phone. He lost his phone, and the video got spread over the net. Man, that's gotta suck. The video's damn funny too. It starts off fith a shot of the guy's...oh never mind.

Today was horrible. I'm pissed off with a teacher right now. She didnn't even give me the chance to explain myself. And it wasn't my fault too.

The day started off normally enough, guys and gals in my class rushing through their Chinese compositions and letter-writings. Thank god i'm taking MLB. Anyway, we had Chemistry after recess. I take you back to a post last friday...we had a chemistry test on that day...and, as I said in my previous post, my paper got left behind, so i asked someone to pass it up for me. So, she said soemthign about being shocked to find a test paper in her letter tray lah, about thinking about giving me zero lah. I tried explaining myself, honestly i did, but did she listen? No, bitch. From what i've heard, the whole staff room know about it too. Jesus. Christ. I. Need. A. Cup. Of. Sex.

So, after ignoring my protests of how unfair it was, she goes on to spring a surprise test on us. It was pretty simple lah, but i was pissed and might not have been concentrating properly. After that, we had A-maths lesson. Wah...I got owned by Mdm Nur Laila man. So damn badly owned. To put it simply right, there was this thing I really didn't understand right, so i asked her. Then she freaking exploded on me lol. She was like "RAYMOND! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHO TEACH YOU AMATHS? WHERE DID YOU LEARN THIS? Aiyoh buck up Raymond. When you do this and this, you get this, understand?" And I was there sipping on a hot cup of WTF. I seriously got owned. And i still have no idea what hit me. I like Mdm Laila's style, but...i'm confused, gotdangit.

Prefect meeting...wah...talk about undeserved credit man. One of the teacher-ICs wrongly-praised Chor Hao and Andrian for stopping a fight. WTF? Chor Hao wasn't involved and Kanta didn't do anything. As I have posted earlier in this blog (refer to last friday), it was all me...and therefore, all credits, praises and loveletters should go to me.

Raymond Angelo...signing off. Kamen Rider Kabuto #3 is out. Henshin! There's an a-maths test on thursday. After getting so owned, I promise to get full-marks for the next a-maths test. Hopefully. Also, the cross-country's tomorrow. My thighs are tingling, man. I've missed all 3 cross-countries. 1st beacuse of pontang, 2nd and 3rd because of duties. This is my last year...and i'm planning to run the good run.

Want of a cup of Sex?

I actually updated yesterday at 12+, but then i felt that it was too brief lah, so i deleted it. WIll promise to post, later in the day.

"Always wear helmets in the construction site"; An old bangla saying
The new durex slogan.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


New Scientific Equation from resident genious and Minister of Sex, Raymond Angelo: Pick-Ace+Shovel=Sword=OWNAGE


I can't do logs, so now i blog.

I've got a mondo head-ache right now. There's this a-maths worksheet on logarithms. Loglogloglogloglgolgoglgoglgogloglggoglgolggogl. Nabei. I couldn't do soem of the sums, and i'm still rattling my brain for the solutions. I'm hammered. There's quite abit of homework to tackle. Amaths lah, compo lah, oral lah, physics lah. And then there's the two test tomorrow on Physics and SS. Well, screw me over.

There's nothing much to blog about today. Pretty ordinary. Tomorrow's going to be crack again. Hopefully.

I'm cracking my head over damned oral right now. I've got a picture of some sort of seminar. There's alot of peole in one room, and they're listening to someone talking. Jeez. I hope i don't get that kind of picture of my Os. There's so many things that can be going on. There's a talk on safe sex lah, there's an orgy going on lah, HDB lottery lah. Anyway, i'm going with career guidance. Just because there's so many people who are clueless about what the fuck they're gonna do when they grow up. I know what i 'm gonna do though. I'm gonna blog. For a living. Hopefully.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

With a smile like that, you know i'm planning something evil.

Why do they call it flag day?

Today was my first exposure to flag day. I had no idea that it could be so much fun.

All the sec 4s and sec 5s, met up at Tiong Bahru to collect our tins. That's right, all 360+ of us congregated in one MRT station. Must have been a sight. Couldn't we have met up in school instead of causing chaos in an MRT station? Anyway, Bernard, Greg, Glenn and I headed for Chinatown. We stationed ourselves outside the Chinese Heritage Centre at first, to harrass loaded tourists, but it turns out that they're not all that generous. Since there were so many Queenstownians in Chinatown, Bernard and I headed for Clark Quay Mrt station, while Greg and Glenn ransacked Clark Quay itself. Wow. Bernard and I made a killing. He got a success rate of 100%, while me, around 90%. The best targets for flag-day are the aunties (they're always eager), the boyfriends with their girlfriends (want to act cool lah), the tourists (I turned on my Pinoy accent and they're like "Jeez, i've got no coins, mate. You accept notes?") and the girls (flash a smile, show some abs...jk). Don't bother approaching males walking alone, they're cranky. The worst kinds are those who look down on the floor the moment they see you, then pretend to be surprised when you ask for donation, and scurry off as if you're a cockroach.

I've gained new-found respect for coin-collectors. It's really not easy. Because there are times when you people pretend not to see you, and that hurts alot. It can be really discouraging when people outright say 'no'. However, the reverse is also true. It was really uplifting to see people actually coming to you and donating. It's an excellent experience lah, and at the end of the day, you'll feel so much better about yourself.

I went to GWC at around lunch time to discuss some debate stuff with Ringo, Raied and Jeremy. We're at a real disadvantage this time around. We're the proposition and the motion's "THBT tabacco and alchohol companies should NOT be allowed to advertise their products". We're up against Fu Hua Sec. I heard from Jeremy that we lost to them last year, but this year, we've got a new team, and we've got a new coach, and we're trying our hardest, so hopefully, we'll win.

We were at MCs and at KFC, there was a Birthday Party going on. A dozen and a half children screaming and two clueless-looking host-tess-ses. They were noisy man. Anyway, CHICKY HIMSELF TURNED UP! LOL! Damn cool siah. He was leading the children in the Chicken Dance! And the children were following him as if he was a GOD OR SOMETHING! ALL HAIL CHICKY! I swaer, to the untrained eye, it would have looked like some pagan-workship or something, hailing the chicken gods. Anyway, we decided to gae-siao Chicky lah. We still had our flag-day tins. So, Jeremy and Ringo went up to Chicky, Raied was filming, and i was taking care of the belongings. The plan was for Jeremy and Ringo to ask Chicky for donations. How the hell is Chicky supposed to donate coins, when he doesn't got fingers and a wallet for that matter? He can't. We were going to post the video of Chicky NOT donating on the net and being an over-all bad role-model, therefore screwing KFC from the back...bad analogy. Anyway, Jeremy went up to Chicky, but Chicky refused to turn around, so Jeremy started messing around with Chicky's tail-feather. Lol. He got told off by one of the parents, and Raied forgot to press the record button on his camera. Jeebus.

Then we went off to Cine to watch Nian's band. We only got there at the end, when they were performing their final song. I heard that it didn't go too well. But, what the hay, life's isn't perfect. There's only winners and learners. If you don't win, just learn from the past, and move on and continue owning people. There was a sort of carnival going on, and there were lots of cosplayers around. There was this Kazuki(Getbackers) cosplayer who was so good! I wish i could have taken pictures. Anyway, Shan took a picture with a Soi Fong (Bleach) cosplayer, and Ryan took a picture with a Kamen Rider cosplayer and I took a picture with a Durex Mascot (...). There was a sort of Safe Sex Campaing going on and there was this Durex Mascot going aroudn giving away condoms. I took a picture with him (will post once i get it) and took some condoms. I wasn't the only one lah, most of the guys with me took 'em too. It's not like we'd be using them any time soon though. I'm still single *hinthint*.

Screwed around for a while. I went home at around 3, landing at 4. I was supposed to go to PS, but pang-seh-ed the guys, cause I was damn shacked.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Nokia 0999: Bringing a whole new meaning to "Shooting the messenger"

Three cheers for killer abs

Today's crack as usual. This week was crazy for some reason or another. Must be the weather. It's all a conspiracy. Break free from the bondage and rescue a rabbit.

We had a chemistry test in the morning on Electrolysis. It was simple, at a glance. Too bad i didn't read the questions properly. The devil's in the details, as they say. Turns out that NAME THE PRODUCT does not equate to FORMULA OF THE PRODUCT. Wah. Cheesepie. To top it off, somehow, my chem teacher left my paper in class. Wah...pure WTF-moment. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK?!?" and the rest were like "WHAT THE FUCK?!?" and the world froze, in all the WTF-ness. In the end of the day, I got Rain to submit for me lah, so it's all cool.

SS test was easy. One thing i've got to say though, it's not the length of your answer that matters. You can be writing two-pages worth of crap and beating around the bush for all you know.

I had nothing to do after school, because my Chinese friends had their Chinese remedial, while the malays had to go to the mosque. So, I followed Bio Tan, Ringo, Ryan, Glenn, Raynard and Yan Shan to collect their prize for their biology project. Ivan and Andrian just tagged along for the kicks of it. Well, no. They wanted to skip Chinese.

Anyway, took 970 to Ngee Ann Poly. Before the prize presentation, there was the finals, and a whole lot of talking. I fell asleep siah, in the beginning. There were 6 finalists, Anderson, Punggol, Saint Theresan, Hwa Chong, Ngee Ann and RGS. Some of the presentations were serious crap man. They were basically supposed to come up with a product and a business plan for it. Two groups were guilty of pulling statistics out of their asses. They were like, "Based on absolutely nothing at all, on the first month, we're gonna earn *insert random 6-figure digit here* and by the end of the first year, we will earn *insert random 7-figure digit here*. One of the schools were sellign soaps and had a proposal to sell soaps in the shape of the Merlion, to become a symbol of Singapore. LOL. Just imagine, people from all over the world using our Merlion to clean their armpits. RGS, Saint Theresan and Hwa Chong were really good.

Hwa Chong won, ultimately. Their presenters had style and flare. They were selling this product to make fishes more immune to certain water-borne viruses. To prove that their product was very effective; they conducted this experiment.

Bowl #1: Control
Prescence of Viruses: None
Prescence of Fish Longevity Inducing Product: None
Death Rate of the Fishes: 10%

Bowl #2:
Prescence of Viruses: Yes
Prescence of Fish Longevity Inducing Product: None
Death Rate of the Fishes: 90% (!)

Bowl #3:
Presence of Viruses: Yes.
Presence of Local Fish Longevity Inducing Product: Yes
Death Rate of fishes: 75%(!)

Bowl #4
Presence of Viruses: Yes
Presence of International Fish Longevity Inducing Product: Yes
Death Rate of fishes: 60%

Bowl #5
Presence of Viruses: Yes
Presence of their Product: Yes
Death Rate of fishes: 15%(WOW!)

To sum it up, they killed 250% fishes. LOL! They said something along this lines lah..."To prove the effectiveness of our product, we actually conducted an experiment to compare it with both local and international products. By murdering (assuming that there is 50 fishes in each bowl) 125 fishes (!) we have proven that our product by far surpasses the rest. Killing fishes is fine, so logn as we win."


Went to Mcs after that. Crapped around lah. Ivan, i swear if you keep up that attitude, you'll end up marrying someone black.

I've got Flag Day tomorrow. I should be around Red Hill to Tiong area, so look out for me, and make sure you've got coins in hand. I'll be the handsome filipino guy in a red shirt with a tin, and killer abs.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcome...the KINKITUBBIES!

SS Essay test tips

There's an SS test tomorrow. I'm sure you all know that there are three main points: the elderly, the poor and self-reliance. For L5, it is either the elderly or self-reliance, your choice. Both answers are acceptable, as long as you can smoke your way through well. However, L5 cannot be the poor, ad the number of poor peole in Singapore is quite negligeble, and will not vastly affect the economy.

Points to consider for self-reliance:
-means that we pay for our health services, not the government.
-however, this means that the government can spend the money elsewhere.
-a welfare state will mean having to raise our taxes. self-reliance means that the government can limit the taxes.
-medisave can last you until you're hell-old.

PS: This is just what i think. May be incorrect.


God, was today busy and eventful.

It started normally enough, waking up at 5, taking 51, watching Diva for A Dime (they repeated the episode 3 times in a row, damnit) on the bus, going to school. My english ranking sucked balls. Here I am, aiming for an A1, and yet, i'm ranked top 25% only. Jeez. I'm disappointed in myself. There were three components, which are speech-writing, comprehension and oral. I got relatively high for the speech and oral, but my comrehension just pulled me straight down to the middle of the table. What the hell am i doing? Jeez. I really have to buck-up and pull up my QUESTion Socks (Patent: Raymond).

To think that i'm aiming for VJ too. 5 points damnit!!!!! Assuming I get a distinction for CCA, I need a maximum of 7 points. Somebody stab me.

The rest of the cohort had a Mother Toungue test, while I, the only MLB boy was doing my workbook. I love the Malay B textbook and workbook. They're so simple to understand, plus, in my opinion, I've learned more in one chapter of the Mlb textbook, compared to the whole of last year. My malay was 3 periods today, so I slept for 2, after finishing my work.

I had to settle a fight after school. There were two dudes (one sec 2, and one sec 3) having a scuffle. That was the first time I've ever seen a real fight, and it was pretty damn entertaining. However, being a PC (personal couch), I was obliged to do something. I had to drag the two apart. Took quite a bit of effort. Thank god i'm well trained. Anyway, one of them challenged the other guy to another showdown outside school. Jeez, it would have made my life so simple if they just shut their fucking mouths and walked away quietly. Because I heard that they were gonna fight again, I was supposed to tell a teacher. Not my fault, i'm just following the protocol. I had no intention to get in their way, it's just that when you cause trouble in my school, you face me.

Then had drama after school. Pure crack once again siah. Acted out a dating talk show where this foreign girl had to choose among 4 guys in singapore.

Show Title: SDU (Single, Desperate, Ugly, a production of the Singapore Development Unit)
Host: Hawker (Ryan Seebrest)
Mexican girl: Glenn (Lolita)
Chinese Guy: Weiming (Huang Pi=yellow skin in chinese)
Malay Guy: Raied (Ma-lye-gye)
Indian Guy: Joe (Jui Manikammanigo)
Foreign Worker: Raymond (Yasmam)

Funny shit man. In the end, the foreign dude (who's working in Singapore to send money to his family in a rural village) got the girl. WTF?!

Anyway, i'm back home, going to chiong Fire Emblem, SS and E-maths. Next week's gonna be tough.

Monday: Physicks test, SS test part deux
Tuesday: No test, but Tuesdays are always crap.
Wednesday: Cross Country.
Thursday: Geography test, A-maths test, English File
Friday: Debate.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Further proof that Robin is Batman's bitch.

My Turban Is Dirty

School's so much fun. Euphoria of Valentine's finally swept past us. A word of thanks to all who gave me chocs/messages/gifts/etc.

We had our weekly run during PE. Pretty impressed, because I was able to cover 2.8+ km without stopping. I heard that some idiots (ahem*yanshan*ahem) signed me up for 1500 for sports day. Lol. It's not a questions of stamina lah, more of 'Am i fast enough?' Anyway, had a damned lit test. Pretty straight forward questions. I tried to employ a new strategy in answering my Lit questions. Whereas before, I just scribbled the things that came to mind, I actually tried to organize this time around. Cross your fingers and hope i don't get disastrous results.

Had to cover another 1.2km in TAF/Quest Fit. So fun.

We had a-maths peer tutoring after school, which is basically slacking. Man, MY TURBAN IS DIRTY!!! We finally got our hands on the "my turban is dirty" sound bite, and jeez was it funny. It's basically three sikh guys working in a sikh restaurant getting pranked by "customers". I'm by no means racist (heck, i get racist-ed but have developed a thick black hide to deflect racist shiat), but them turban jokes were funny.

Turban Joke no 1:
Jackass: Hello, is this *insert name of Sikh Restaurant here*?
Sikh: Yeah. May i take your order?
Jackass: It's not me. It's my brother. He's making a pretty big order, so can you take his name down?
Sikh: Okie doke.
Jackass: First name's Myetoor. The last name's B-E-N-I-Z-Z-D-E-R-R-T-I. Can you read that out for me?
Sikh: Myetoor Benizzderrti (Pronounced as My turban is dirty).
*end of transmission*

Turban Joke no 2:
Jackass: Hello. I'd like to make some orders.
Sikh: Ok.
Jackass: Is your chicken soft?
Sikh: Yes. What do you want?
Jackass: Is your BBQ sauce SPPIIICCYY??
Sikh: Yes. What do you want?
Sikh: Ye (He almost said yes)-FUCK YOU! YOU'RE MOTHER'S DIRTY!
*end of transmission*

Turban Joke no 3:
Jackass: Hello, is this Mike?
Sikh: Mike who?
Jackass: Mike Turban is dirty!
*end of transmission*

Holy crap. That was pure crack. There's an SS test on Friday, so i'm gonna study two days before, because studying only the night before does you no good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Imagine having to pee like that. "Do you measure up?"

Random Crack

As I was reflecting the other day, I came up with a new theory on the Story of Adam and Eve. This is the original story:

The main story concerning Adam is traditionally regarded as extremely important, religiously. This recounts how Adam and Eve are placed in the Garden of Eden, and allowed to cultivate, and enjoy, its fruit, as well as to live innocently. However, there was one tree they were explicitly forbidden from eating - the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - a tree which is otherwise unidentified, but it has usually been interpreted as a fig, apple, or pomegranate tree. The Torah then records that a serpent, a creature described by the Torah as at that point having legs, approached Adam and Eve and deceived Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, saying you won't die. Adam also eats.

Let's look at it this way.
Forbidden Fruit=Sex

We've all known that sex is a taboo right? God forbid Adam and Eve from having sex, since sex is in a way, an ambigious issue. It can be viewed as hallow and beautiful, or degrading and dirty. So, god didn't want Adam and Eve to be exposed to sex, as this would remove their "innocence", (as well as Eve's virginity). The tree represents the bearing of "fruit"/child during inter-course. The snake, represents the male's privates, which in today's context is also called the "One-eyed Trouser Snake". The snake told Eve that by eating the "fruit", they would live forever. Which is true, since by having sex/reproducing, you are ensuring the survival of your own kind.


Interesting, what absurd doses of Coke Light can do to you.

^now that was random^

Monday, February 13, 2006

Translation of the Sign: You can neither move forward, nor can you escape to the sides. To sum it up, you're screwed.


Name: Raymond Angelo
Status: LOVELESS!!!!!

Oh my. It's that time of the year again. There's approximately 56 days I can't stand in the whole year. 55 of them are every single Tuesday (I just can't stand the day. Monday's not too bad because you just finished the weekend. Tuesdays are shiat because you're 4 days away from the next weekend. anyway, i'm going off topic, so i'll talk about Tuesdays with Raymond on another day). The other day I can't stand is VALENTINE'S DAY. This year's one is all the more horrible, because it's a Tuesday too.

I have nothing against Valentine's day. It's a good excuse to buy a gift for someone you like, confess your love, make out, go on a date. But that's only when you have someone you like/love/are going out with. If you're love-less like me, Valentine's Day just emphasises your hopeless Love LIfe, or the lack of one. Valentine's Day is one of those special days pulled out from Hallmark's (Premier maker of cards, gifts etc.) ass to get us to buy their products. So, yeah, as a show of defiance and refusal to be controlled, i'm not gonna be spending a single-cent on Valentine's Day.


I'm pooped. WorkSHIATS, homeWORRHHXX, proJACKS, compoSHITONS and ASSays are keeping me busy. But still, i'm appreciatve to the teachers for giving us work. At least it keeps us on our toes. Damn 'O's are a few months away. Can't afford to slack.

Yesterday, I was typing out selected Appreciation Day messages for the school websites. There were about 80 of them...my aim was to do 20, then split the rest with my Admin crew...but I got carried away and did all of them. Some of the messages were so damn gay-boyish. Guys saying things like "I hope you can be my friend forever" and "I am glad you came into my life" to other guys is just creepy...but it's strangely touching at the same time. I've come to a conclusion; all those who sent Appreciation Day messages can be split into three categories. 1: Lians. 2: Grammatically-Challenged or 3: Trying to hard. Nabei, i've typed enough "Lorhhx", "Worrhhxx", "Lehx", "Larz", "HAHAXX", "FREN" and "RAWKX" to last me a whole lifetime. It was so irritating, seeing the red-lines 'neath those damned "words". Also, my right pinky hurt from having to press the "^Shift" key all the time to type the CAPITALS. I was tempted to correct them but i received explicit instructions to keep the messages as authentic as possbile. Catagory 2 is the
Grammatically-Challenged ones, i've got no beef against them since I could see their effort. Category 3 is the most irritating one. You know, the kind who uses a thesaurus to write, and thus the sentence comes out sounding forced? Yup, reading those kill me.

I'll be signing off now. Time to exercise. Onwards to a rocking body. Since Tetsu requested it, here it is. My menu.

Raymond's Training Menu from Hell.

3 sets of 15 lunges. (Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings)
3 sets of 20 single-leg calf raise. (Calves)
3 sets of 20 side leg raise. (Butt)
6 sets of 20 explosive push-ups. (Upper body)
3 sets of 60 bicep curl. (Biceps)(I've only got 3kg weights, so i've to do more to compensate)
3 sets of 20 tricep extensions. (Triceps)
3 sets of 15 side crunch. (Abs)
3 sets of 15 long-arm crunch. (Abs)
3 sets of 15 elbow to knee crunch. (Abs!)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kakashi's face!!...well almost. {Naruto: 294}

Crack on the net

I'm tired. Had lit. class in the morning, and then went to Jurong Point with ringo, TN, kanta and tetsu. Jurong Point is so damn ulu, but at least the MT2 is cheaper than normal. Played in the arcade then went to PS. Crapped around for a while then went home.

Anyway, i just found some interesting shit. Go here: http://prillalar.com/drabbles/. You won't regret. It's a website which allows you to generate random stories. Here's an example:

The Adventure Of The Lion

Dick and Jane were out for a fugly Valentine's walk in NTUC. As they went, Jane rested her hand on Dick's forehead. It was the most romantic walk ever. But even though the day was so erotic, Dick was filled with forbidden dread.

"Do you suppose it's agonising here?" he asked gently.

"You hot silly," Jane said, tickling Dick with her ring. "It's completely fucked-up."

Just then, a loony lion leapt out from behind a noodle and licked Jane in the knuckle. "Aaargh!" Jane screamed.

Things looked taboo. But Dick, although he was fuming, knew he had to save his love. He grabbed a handphone and, like a monkey, beat the lion expertly until it ran off. "That will teach you to lick innocent people."

Then he clasped Jane close. Jane was bleeding loudly. "My darling," Dick said, and pressed his lips to Jane's thigh.

"I love you," Jane said huskily, and expired in Dick's arms.

Dick never loved again.


Give it a try, you know you want to.


Feeling real good right now.

This week's been hell, and it finally ended with today. Got debate lah, then got book sharing lah, thist test lah and that test lah and shit-load of homeworrhhx to do.

Anyway, finally did the book-sharing today! Kick-ass man. I'd to go up to the stage and basically reccomend a book to the school. I was up til 2.30 the previous night just perfecting my "performance". I was a nervous wreck. I've been on stage many times, but that's for drama, and on drama, you know that you've got your fellow actors there for you, but doing a speech in front of a whole school is a one-man thing. You've got to deliver a proper review, yet engage them at the same time. Delicate balance, right there. When I finally got up on stage, i seriously freaking froze. Blur. Gabra. If not for my script i concealed behind the book I was sharing, i would have peed myself. It went fine, but i was shaking all over. DId the usual lah, told a lame joke here and there. Surprising was the fact some actually laughed. I was like "Buy it, borrow it or steal it. Just read it. *insert 5 second pause* Just kidding" Lol. It's such a relief to have finally done it once and for all.

Day proceeded per normal. O-level results were out, but I couldn't really watch the drama unfold in the hall because i had more important matters to attend to; debate. This was honestly the first time I felt like we had a huge chance of winning. We started early, put in loads of effort, and pulled it off spectacularly. Jeremy was so kick-ass. He basically owned the WHOLE debate. Everything the prop threw at us;, he just swatted them outta the way. Ringo and I can still use some work though, especially on our rebuttals .I've the tendency to blank-out when it's my turn to speech and panic.

Going off to watch kamen rider kabuto now. Buiaz.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

{Bleach} My current wallpaper. Love the whole black-with-man-belts theme. Hitsugaya's suspenders are too cool.

Malaysia has some of the tightest controls in the world on granting citizenship to aliens


I found that qoute in Wikipedia. Aliens don't refer too LGMs of course. Aliens in this context mean "Illegal Immigrant". Yup, so on New Year's Eve, Orchard DID get invaded by Aliens.

Anyway, i'm very very busy at the moment and i'm just sneaking in this short post. Sorry everyone, if i haven't replied to you in MSN or SMS. I'm shacked lah. There's a debate coming up on Friday and i just discovered that my argument's got about as much holes as a swiss-cheese.

One more thing that's been stabbing me in the back is homeWORRHHXX. The teacher's are on a killing spree, pulling out homeWORRRHHXX, tests and remedials out of their asses.

Oh ya, i've got bad news, and good news. Me, being a general pessimist, will start with the bad news, then the good news, then find something bad about that good news.

Bad news: I am still in TAF (it's supposed to be an acronym of Trim and Fit, but switch F and T and you've got it).
Good news: TAF has been officially changed to "Quest Fit". So technically, i'm not in TAF anymore.
Bad news: TAF=Quest Fit. Same difference.

Target Weight: 55. Current: 61. Gambatte, Raymond Angelo.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Order your 1/4-Of-A-Man today! Call 1900-NEED-A-HUG today! Comes with all-new Natural Armpit Stench and glows in the dark.

"Walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule everything. My name is Tendou Houji. HENSHIN!" {Kamen Rider Kabuto}

The Holy Trinity of "I'm in deep shit"

Ahh...i'm sick. Sniff sniff cough cough...

I finally got around to visiting the doctor's yesterday. Had to wait damn long even though there were so little people. That's the problem with Raffles. You pay more, yet wait the same amount of time you do in a polyclinic. Another problem is that there's only one toilet., and they're not the regular public toilets too. They're the unisex kind, where only 1 person can be in at a time. Anyway, I found out that there's nothing seriously fucked-up about me, just a whole-bunch of minor conditions thrown togehter to make me some kind of melting pot viral infections. I've got a cold, cough, and a sore throat, the holy trinity of "I'm in deep shit". Itll be so much easier if i had fever or something, because fevers are predictable. Once your tempreature goes down, it's smooth sailing. But the holy trinity of "i'm in deep shit" is so damn erratic. I had it when it was Thursday morning, disappeared in the afternoon, came back the next day, disappeared at night, came back on Saturday and stayed until today. I dunno, maybe it's an allergic reaction to school.

Though i'm at home today, that doesn't mean i'm gonna slack. Have to revise Physics (magnetism chapter), chemistry (Redox), Geog (Population Studies). It's a miracle that i was able to breeze through my A-maths homework on differentiations of ln and e^x. I'm so proud.

I've also got my debate speech to do. The motion: This house believes that only native-borns should be allowed to compete in international sports. LOL. We're the opposition. It's pretty simple really and boils down to the issue of meritocracy, and rights of a foreign born. Cheers to a great victory.

I bought the book brokeback mountain. It's not acutally "brokeback mountain", more like "brokeback mountain and other stories". It has a picture of the movie on its cover and the usual "Now a major motion picture tag". Depressing really, it's like they're trying to cash in on the movie's success. It's definitely not for the kids. OMGWTFWBGGAYPRONXX! Yup, it has gay erotica which is disgusting.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Digimon Hentai.

Saturday, February 04, 2006



74 people dead; stampede in Philippine Stadium.


FUCKING HELL. Here's what happened: one of Philippine's premier show was celebrating it's anniversary this afternoon. So, it was holding a celebration in the Philippine Stadium. There were lots of people, eager to get into the stadium (30000+). People at the back started pushing, and people in the front began getting crushed and getting killed.

GOD!! THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID. It's ALL the TV Network's fault (ABS-CBN)! They knew there were going to be a hell lot of people, yet no precaution was taken. FUCK. There should have been at least some form of ushering, or something, so that a human stampede could have been prevented. Why the hell weren't there enough amublance on standby. FUCKING SHIT. STUPID ORGANIZATION. They want to save as much money as possible, so they cut the cost by cutting the precautions (ambulance,ushers) which are expensive. STUPID SHIT ORGANIZERS. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAID AFTER THEIR SCREW-UP?

"There's a reason for everything."
"God has a message for us"
"Even if right now, we are unsure of what is the purpose of this event and if we do not understand everything, we will in time to come"

FUCKING MEDIA! PEOPLE DIED AND THEY'RE STILL TRYING TO PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON THINGS AND TRYING TO PUT THE BLAME ON GOD AND HIS MASTER PLAN. This is shit. Everything has a reaso, my ass. The only one to blame for this tragedy is the dumb-shit organizers.

God, this is so frustrating.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Bleach 213 {trifle}; Return of the Gin

Sick of Ass Rash?

I'm so tired.

Took a cab to school this morning because I woke up late. Whether was fine, which was bad for me. Why doesn't it rain when you want it to rain? I guess that's heaven's way of screwing with your head.

I'm still sick. I swear i've never used so much tissue in a time-frame of two days. I used up all of Bernard's tissues, as well as tissue packets from an assortment of people. Really have to give props to them. If it wasn't for the chemistry test, I wouldn't have come. I'd intended to go home during recess once again, but couldn't be bothered. So, ya, I sneezed all throughout the day.

Lessons ended at 12.25. Had nowhere to go since all the Chinese dude had remedial. I honestly pity them. 3 periods of MT on Thursdays AND Fridays. Must be one helluva pain in the ass. So, I tagged along with Ringo, TYS, Tetsu, Fish, Afro and BioTan to their Biology Competition at Ngee Ann Poly.

Ngee Ann Poly is bloody big. And the atmosphere is so different from Sec School. I don't think I'm cut out for Poly, looking at the students at NAP. They're LIKE so relaxed lah. I can't thrive in that kind of learning environmnet, so yeah, no Poly for me. Besides, picking out clothes every morning seems like one helluva pain in the ass.

So, BioTan and her band of biologist had a presentation on Aloe-Vera=Essence coated diapers. It was pretty nifty, and their presentation was good. But it wasn't just a presentation. It was an EXHIBITION, with posters and all....and they had none. Haha. So we rushed to get the stall set up, raiding the local bookshop. The stall turned out good, considering the time we had.

Watching the other schools present was fun. They put in so much effort memorising their scripts, only to end up forgetting their lines and make major mistakes when the judges threw in questions from out of the field. Noobs.

Went to a nearby McDs after that. Just crapped around. My surname, Lagdameo had officially been chink-ed to La De Mei Yo which means something like "No Pull" or "Pull Nothing" i think. So, whenever you see someone pulling a door which says "push", say "LA DE MEI YO".

Afro showed off new talents. He shoved his fist into his mouth! Cool. Just imagine, if you go to bed hungry, your subconcious will try eating your fist, and you'll wake up in heaven because you choked on your own damn first. Must be one helluva pain in the ass.

On a sidenote, i've got a new bag courtesy of Ngee Ann Poly. It's a mat bag too. Lol. Ngee Ann Poly trying to be trendy and hip and up to date.

And stupidity ensued. Took bus number 240 as usual. The same bus i took in the morning.

PS; bus 240=Taxi. $2.40 is the beginning taxi fare.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is why i want to go to Japan.

LIke dust, still i rise?

Good evening everyone. My name is Raymond Angelo, and this is my blog.*smiles and waves* I'm 15 going to 16, male, tall (i wish), dark (hell yeah) and handsome (debateble) and still single.


I've been meaning to start blogging once again for quite a while...but somehow, i always find an excuse to procastinate. There's alot of excuses man, No time lah, can't think of a good name lah, and this and that. But, i've got time to blow now, and i've finally thought of a good name...so here it is: raymond-angelo.blogspot.com.

I got off school early today, because of flu/fever/some-other-sneeze-related-disease. I set up a personal best today, using 7+ packets of tissue in 4 periods. I felt/feel horrible. *groan grabs tissue and sneezes*. I hate the way tissue paper bits stick to your mouth/nose. They have a bad habit of doing it at the worst times. Like, imagine talking to a girl, and then she kindly informs you that there's tissue on your lips. EmbarASSing with a capital ASS, as in you've made a major ASS out of yourself.

Anyway, i went to the office during recess and got a Early Departure Form. Under the column "Reason", the kind office clerk put student "claimed to have flu/fever". Jeez. They make me sound like a freaking juvenile man. All i said was " I've been sneezing like crazy all morning. I'm not feeling well. I think it's flu." See the way that statement has been twisted and taken out of context? This is probably how the Iraq war started.

Bush: Give me my weekly progress report on Iraq, soldier. .

Soldier: Iraq has been squeaky clean lately. Although there has been an increase in bean consumption in certain parts.

Bush's "thought-process": Beans=Farting=deadly gas=weapons of mass destruction=OMGWTFHLS!

Bush: Well, i always knew those Iraqis were hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction. Screw them bitches, soldier! Today, bombing Iraq. Tomorrow, BLOWING UP THE LEVEES IN NEW ORLEANS!

Ahh...yup, my cold(not a flu/fever like i claimed) has made me light-headed. I'll be going off now. There's a chemistry test to study for, and a speech to get ready for, and a war to fight in my heart.

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