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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Apologies for the vulgarities of the previous post.

I'm just very stressed and pissed off right now. I get that alot, but it's supposed to be Christmas. Christmas was supposed to be a time of joy, I thought. The fact that I'm not feeling that way just exacerbates everything else.

The problem I'm facing is the formatting of the dang thing. Microsoft Word...maybe the older version has severe problems. It's just...so infuriating! I'm taking a break to beat off some stress...Guitar Hero or something. I've got to finish it by today because seriously, I've got no time. Look at it this way:

I have filming tomorrow, camp the next three days, then I'll have 30th, 31st and 1st. I have to give a briefing on the Orientation programme on the 29th...I've settled the programme, but now, I've to fill in all the damn nitty-gritty details, which, I hope, will make thing event run more smoothly.

I'm just bitching here, don't mind me.

Bleeding Hell

It's Christmas but I'm stuck home doing shit stuff.

And I can't get my fucking microsoft word to work for me. Shit. I can get it to work, but bullet-points, "indents", columns and other shit are seriously fucking me up. UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAH.

Fuck. I'm so tired. I slept through Christmas yesterday because I was tired and now I'm doing stuff which will make me even more tired, but do I have a choice? I've got to do what I've got to do. There's holiday homework to look forward too as well, and as far as I'm concerned, I don't give a damn anymore.

The past year has been so wonderful and I've made many many many wonderful friends and as much as I'd like to give them presents, I can't find the time to go out and buy shit, and that's just bullcrap. I feel horrible inside.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


In view of the discovery that I have more new-ish people reading my blog of late, I have been inspired to update. My life has been hell-busy, especially so in the past few days. With the running of the OGL Camp (which was a resounding success; oh yeah!) and orientation itself around the corner, most of the goings-on I have are council-related. With the interest of not-boring you guys, and not divulging too much council thingies, I'll talk about this movie I watched the other day called Redline.

I don't get much breaks as it is, and when I do get a break, I'm often determined to make them count. When I hang, I dooooo hang, and chill. When I watch a movie, I go in with high expectations; the holiday period will only allow me to watch one single movie...I wanted "Golden Compass" (It's a kick-ass book, don't be a hater) or Warlord (even if it's Chinese), but when the 4A guys went out on Hari Raya, neither of them and settled for something which..."Looks quite nice," from what Ching Yong saw from the trailers.

Here's a poster, and looking at it, I think it looks nice too. The cars look good. But I should have sensed something when I saw that the wheels burned; a visual metaphor representing how "hot" the cars are. And the tagline, while catchy, is way too cliche.

So I thought I was going to enjoy myself but goodness, when the movie started rolling, I threw my expectations of a good time outta the window. After my expectations went out of the window, my dignity went too, because I felt all sense of...self-love I have for myself spewing out of my eyes. Imagine a movie about geography which involves an excruciating 2-hour soliloquy on the formation of limestone formations (all gajillions of them)...this movie is worse than that. At least the geography film rocks.

ROCKS. Geddit?

The following paragraph is a painful recount of the movie, and I suggest you read it because it is stupid, and I know you like stupid.

So anyways, the movie starts with an African American Man getting his car fixed in some luxury-car repair shop. As he does this, he spots a band playing, with this band having the female lead of the show, Ms Doofus, as...well, the lead of the band. She's singing songs about..."steering my wheel", "touching my rims", "driving me all night"...It'll all be fine and dandy if she was a car; only thing she's got in common with a car is...JUNK IN THE TRUNK. Gah.

So African American Man is dubious of her credibility as a mechanic, so Ms Doofus agrees to test-drive the car. And she does so, splendidly. African American Man then asks her to be perform in this "race" he is setting up, which turns out to be an illegal racing ring of some sort. In the process, it is revealed that Ms Doofus has a father who was a Nascra driver, but he passed away in an accident. Btw, I did not make Nascra up, that was how they spelled it. Presumably, they couldn't get Nascar to back their film, and again, presumably, Nascar had the smarts not to associate themselves with said film.

At the same time, Iraqi Returnee returns from Iraq and meets his brother, Handsome-but-Stupid. Handsome-but-Stupid has an awesome car, and when he stops to pick his brother up, two Chinese gangsters attempt to car-jack him. Iraqi Returnee promptly shows up and kick the two gangsters asses. His lack of fear when faced by the barrel of a gun is astounding. They make small talk, and we see development in their relationship; Iraqi Returnee cares for his brother, yet the brother lives recklessly, under the wing of their "evil" uncle, who is running some sort of business which is never specified.

We return to Ms Doofus who is on the plane of African American Man; they are on their way to the gig. There is a scene on the plane involving African American Man arguing with one of his "hoes", and then the plane lands in the middle of the desert to let the "hoe" alight. The scene was completely random, and made no impact on the story whatsoever.

Handsome-but-Stupid, eager to assimilate his brother back into society brings him into the club where the music is pumping-pumping. Ms Doofus happens to be there at the same time, and as Iraqi Returnee enters the club, they make intense eye-contact. Ms Doofus gets chatted up by some guy, and this guy tries to get her to dance by pulling her by the arm. Iraqi Returnee comes along, punches the guy in the face and beats him up. Other patrons try to stop the fight, and I would have done the same, but Iraqi Returnee beats nearly the whole club up. He makes his exit by jumping out of the window (it seems like my "expectations" have set some sorta trend here) and landing on Handsome-but-Stupid's car.

Here's where everything goes crazy-ier. Two guys get on a car to give chase. Why? I don't know why. So they drive around in their fancy cars at break-neck speed and it's really retarded but they somehow lose the guys...but again, it serves nothing to further the plot.

Ahh...I shit you not.

We are brought to a desert somewhere where this high-stake illegal races are being held. It's hosted by Elvis and there's random hot girls around. They also show a scene of a car being washed by a bunch of hot chicks for no apparent reason. Anyway, the races are on, and African American Man has commissioned someone to drive on his behalf, but this guy gets injured so...he gets Ms Doofus to drive. She was reluctant, but she proved to be a sell-out. Iraqi Returnee was also there, accompanying Handsome-but-Stupid. It's revealed that Handsome races for his uncle..."evil" uncle, I mean.

Before the race, the uncle brings Handsome-but-Stupid aside, and you know the saying..."Grab life by the balls,"? Uncle grabs Handsome's balls in a threatening manner, which was way too creepy.

At this point, me and my classmates were all expecting Handsome to die. And we were right.

So Handsome's racing against Ms Doofus and in a bid to win, Handsome turns on his "NITRO BOOSTERS" which makes the car go fast...but it made the car fly up in the sky too, like whoosh. Somehow, it lands just after the finish line, so Handsome wins, but he dies, and he dies in SLOW-MOTION IN AN EXPLOSION, and he mouths "I won, brother...I WON!!!" to Iraqi Returnee who goes all emo and crap and starts beating the tarmac and moaning and going being a baby.

Ahh...I'm running out of time, and this is taking way too long! I should have planned this out more, no? If I've the time, I'll complete this work of art, but if not, I'll just give a rundown on some of the memorable scenes of Redline.

-Iraqi sneaks into his uncles house Mission Impossible style. It was soooo lame and cheesy me and Ryan were laughing the whole time.
-As a helicopter lands somewhere, 4 women perform yoga in the background.
-As 4 men play poker, tons of curvy women parade in the background. T&A indeed.
-Iraqi escapes in a car and when he disposes of the car, they suddenly shift to this scene, which had me crapping my pants in HAHAs. You had to be there.

-As they shift to the final race, one of the opponents is apparently the killer of Ms Doofus' father, who was said to have died of an "accident". Let's put plot-inconsistencies aside one second...and let's mock the lack of build-up, and failed attempt at adding drama. HAH!

That's about it for me today! Have to work out Orientation Programs and that's going to be crazy hours sitting in front of the computer. Ciaossu!

Sidenote: I don't seem to be feeling Christmas this year :(. Crappity.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm in the zone, on the zone, all over the zone.

Why? Because I've finally realized that I AM the zone. We're treading philosophical territories here, so prepare yourself. Everything that happens around you is objective. Let's say you see a burning house; one might, for whatever weird reason, feel "happiness" upon seeing this sight, and another might feel fear, or dread. Even things which appear...objective, such as visual images are never final, are they? I'll use this image to illustrate:

So what is it that decides what is what? It's YOU. YOU. YOU. You are in control of your life, you are in control of what you see, you are in control of your world because NOBODY else owns you; you are your own person, and you are the master of your own ship. You see that ship? The shadow the ship creates depends very much on the light which falls on it. Even if the ship remains untouched, so long as the light shifts, the image it creates changes.


I've realized that my last post contained way too much bitching, and at the end of it all, I blame "luck", which never does me any good, because it puts me upon a standing which I cannot control. If I had seen these things as consequences of my own bad decisions, my own bad interpretations, then I could have done something about it.

Ultimately, THOUGHTS BECOME REALITY. That's all I'm saying, and I'm saying it very very proudly and happily.

String of Badluck

The past two days:

-Had to miss out on ACFM banner painting...after spending lots of time sketching it, taping it and getting it sown.

-Skipped meeting with my OGLs. They designed an awesome banner though, so yay.

-Missed dinner with classmates.

-Intended to go for dinner with my secondary school mates. Choochi called me up telling me they were going to Billy Bombers at Central, but before I could get any further information, my phone died on me. So, I went ahead, up to Billy Bombers...and found...no one! Walked around Central for a long time, tried to muster up the courage to borrow someone's phone but couldn't, and went home in the end. Called Choochi and turns out they didn't go in the end. Drat.

-Went for Darren's birthday dinner, but didn't get to eat at all. Orchard was crowded like hell...so they went to Harbour Front, but I couldn't go with them as I was meeting my classmates at 9, to watch Jolene caroling. They left at 810.

-With 50 minutes to waste, I was pretty pissed and bored, but what to do? Walked around...covered Taka, Wisma, Lucky Plaza, Cine, Paragon. Seems like an awful lot of places for 50 minutes...but that's because my classmates came at 940-ish. And my only dinner was donuts.

-Watched caroling which was quite good, but then I discovered I won't be allowed to go for my overnight bowling thing because...I can't be trusted, I think. Haiz. I could go, just not overnight, my father said. But how does one get home from Bukit Batok when public transport has ceased operation? I didn't decide on whether I'm going or not until riding the MRT to Bukit Batok, whereby I stopped at Ang Mo Kio, just in time to get on the LAST TRAIN.

Good luck? I wish. At least I had fun filming. Go Orientation 2008!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Karma

I've had a string of bad luck the past few days. I mean...real bad; enough to make me wonder whether the good things I do (if there are any) are worth it, when at the end of the day I'm still faced with the same old shit.


Clarifications - Didn't get a piercing. Got fake earrings and they're awesome.
- By mother, I mean the mother in "How I Met Your Mother". I got spoiler-ed. Damn!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey All

I'm at a quite stressful period of my life.

The days to OGL camp can be counted with one hand, and Orientation is not too far behind either. Preparations for both are in full-force, and I've been...yeah...slaving off, in a sense. I know I haven't been hanging out with my friends in general, but I still love you guys, and I'm really sorry I can't come when you guys call me out. I hope you understand.

I've neglected my other commitments too, and until now, I've yet to wriggle a way, or find a compromise...that's bad.

Thanks to the council people, who've been with me every step of the way. I know I'm having problems, but hey, this guys are with me, so it's no-problemo.

I won't be around so often, so...yeah. I'll miss the blog. There were days where I'll be on the bus cooking some funny "theory" or "story" to share with you guys, but now, I don't have that luxury. Sigh.

So yeap, I'll be seeing you around!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Raymond Dreaming

Damnit. I thought I was going to be free today, but then the end of the day comes, and *bam* I've got lotsa stuff to settle. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhg.

Oh well. At least I got piercings.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Saturday, December 08, 2007

Available Together?

Been really busy!

I got back from December Camp (which was a blast!) the other day, and then today I had the Council Voice to settle...for the whole night, I've been chiong-ing the Orientation Program, but it's really rewarding in a weird way :) There's still ACFM proposal to do, then tomorrow there's meeting with the Clan Heads, meeting with Dancers on Monday, meeting with teacher on Tuesday and then filming for the rest of the week. The week after that is OGL Camp, then Christmas Break (Break my ass), and then OGL Camp again and finally Orientation. I still have Line-in stuff to do, and I'll probably be meeting up with my fellow OGLs in my OG to design the banner, and there's still studying to be done. Oh, and there's the ACFM banner to settle with Dainan.

I am...yeah. Dead. But I'm doing it with people whom I love to work with, so I'll be fine. Dead, but fine.

Anyways, seeing as how its December, and it should typically be snowy season, I've come up, with the help of Timothy Fang, a list of Artic/Antartic Jokes. Mind you, they're abit cold.

There's no joke! (Say it fast and it sounds like There's SNOW joke!)

Did you hear about the penguin who lost all his ink? He became a pencilguin.

I went to a strip-club in the Arctic. The girls were cold, and the rating, sub-zero. The name? "For Your Ice Only"

Think I'm running out of steam? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

You know what I hate about igloos? They're dang sticky. (Because igloos=iGLUEs!)

I tried hailing a cab in Arctic the other day. It didn't come...because of bad weather.

There was this thief running from the cops in the Arctic. The cops shouted, "Freeze!". The thief replied; "Is this some kind of joke?"

Gah. I got no more jokes...I'm all dried up. I'll do desert jokes in the future :) Ciaossu!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

4 Goals and 3 Boxes

Hey y'all.

I ended up being very busy yesterday settling loads and loads of stuff; I'll be going off for a few days after all, and there's some stuff that's got to be gotten outta the way before I leave. It's not as if I'll be gone for long, but if you're really that bored, check out "How I Met Your Mother", because by dear god, everyone who I've gotten to watch at least a few episodes fell in love with it.

Watch it here. Why be bored and down when you can be awesome?

Monday, December 03, 2007


So yesterday, Gabrina, my clan head called me up half-way through dinner to check on certain details pertinent to OGL Camp. I had actually received her E-mail, read it, typed out my reply but didn't send it. And I completely forgot about sending it...why didn't I send it? I couldn't think of a good "nickname".

In the haste of the moment, I said "Mystery", and it'll stick, hopefully. I wanted to use "Exoticoption", but it looks wrong..."Eroticoption"....that's better.

Anyways. I'll be gone for the remainder of the day, and then from Wednesday to Friday. Expect a full-er update tomorrow. Devour, y'all!

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