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Monday, February 26, 2007

Do the Escalator Tango

I know this is kind of late, but Chinese New Year's supposed to be 15 days, I think, so this post is valid. Yay.

I spent last Sunday at Delise's place. I've gone to my friends' place during Chinese New Year a few times before, but here's a first: I bought oranges. Orange you glad I bought Oranges? I wasn't glad. I'll elaborate on that later. It was an oversight; not on my part, Delise's. All blame goes to her.

It was raining, so a cab rid from Bugis it was. I got wet in the rain (Hence, me not going to school the next day), but that's beside the point. I quickly rushed to her house, where she welcomed me, and then we rushed to her room. We were having a rehearsal on what I'm going to say to the parents, and aunties, and uncles, and grandparents. God, that's a whole lot of people.

"Say Gong Xi Fa Cai,"
"Gong Chi Far Chye, shit lah, I don't want. :("
"They'll think you're cute lah,"
"But I'm not :(".


Anyways, so I eventually did the Chinese thing. I'm not comfortable with the Chinese language...but I must persevere! With oranges in hand, held in the appropriate way, I said it.


I bought a dozen (Yes, father said it as a joke, Delise said it to me as a joke, I couldn't take the joke), of SUNKIST oranges, when I was supposed to present MANDARIN oranges! OMFG! No wonder they're called Mandarin!

Embarassed myself, but they said it was OK, so that's cool. Aunts and uncles came, and I saw the Grandparents too. I got angpows xD. I didn't ask for it, but it must be some sort of achievement for a non-Chinese to get anything higher than $50 on CNY.

I the man.

I wanted to play MahJong, but I got dragged by the cousins to play bomb-bags outside, and SimonSays, and Sumo Wrestling. Don't ask, but I played a sort-of big brother role to them, and, I had plenty fun.

Meet Royson!

He's so cute. He pulled me along to help him build this humongous rail-road left in storage. This is me and Royson, with Renny, Delise's bro at the back. Delise is, obvsly, taking the picture. She's the supervisor, she said. Super's right; she's super.

Got plenty of Angpows, had plenty of fun, and reached home at 10+. I wish I could have stayed over for the fun, but oh well. Until next year! Thank you, Lims!

Me and Delise at GWC the other day. I hopped onto the escalator, to go down to the first floor. She didn't, so I went down alone. I gave her this x(, and she gave me this xD. I said, "Come down here, biatch," but no, she stubborn siah. I hopped onto the escalator up, and SOMEBODY went down! I went down again, and she went up!

Rinse and repeat. We did the escalator tango for a good ten minutes. Dang.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Dangers of the Death Note

This post shall contain just the above picture, which holds more HAHA than I could provide you. I've lost my funny and is resulting to mindless pictures. Therefore...

Kidding lah. I'm still meaning to do the CNY update, but time's just totally not present. I'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I sense discrimination

As much as I want to elaborate on the details of the previous days, I'll just give a short summary.

Friday was... lunch with my classmates; Edwin (President of Micromouse of SJI), Big Tim (Member of Bookshop club in ACSI), Glenn (Choir Boy), Louis (Vietnamese Dancer) and Phuong (Vietnamese Srsly Awesome) at KAP. Went over to Delise's place for awhile to help her with some work, and then I went over to Central at Clark Quay for dinner and Bridge with ex-QTSS people.

Today was...Drama (Lots of drama) in the morning, debate after that, and then I went over to Delise's place to take care of her. To Tiong with her for stationary shopping, to GWC for Ice-cream, and then home sweet home.

But there's a very real issue I'd like to address. Discrimination against those who don't take Higher Mother Tongue (HMT).
Let's take the two top JCs in Singapore: HCJC and RJC, and let's take a look at their cut-off for JAE.

Last year, their cut-off for both courses were 4 points.
The best possible score one can get in the O-levels is 6 points. An outsider trying to get into these top schools LAST YEAR must attain at least 6 points, without HMT, and up to 8 points, with HMT. It sounds like an almost impossible task, but still, it is, though a feat, doable.

But the cut-off has lowered yet again!

Rumour has it that the cut-off for these two schools is partial 3!
PARTIAL 3! Let's do the maths for a 6 pointer, going in through JAE, without HMT, without affliation (only a precious few has this, so I won't bother) and with the A1/A2 for CCA.


Subtract 2 for CCA.





But the cut-off is 3! Partial 3! What's going to happen to these bunch of unlucky few? They scored the same marks as those who have HMT, yet are deprived because...they're less able in their Mother Tongue. The rational of introducing the "B"-syllabus is to give those who are crap in their Mother Tongue, like yours truly, a fighting chance; less of a burden in their O-levels. But now, they give this sort of discrimination: there's clearly something wrong. I know people who take HMT, and they only have to get C6 to qualify for 2 bonus points. I don't take HMT myself, but how difficult can it be to...merely pass!

Anyways, that's beside the point. The fact of the matter is that these top schools are not giving people who are less profecient in their Mother Tongues a chance, and that, by god's name, is unfair.
This not only applies to the top-schools though, but to all schools. I say abolish deducting 2 points for HMT; they already don't have to take MT during JC level; I think that's enough of a benefit.

Said my piece. What's yours?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Interview Sial

It's my been...nearly 6 days since I was last in school. And I'm glad to be back.

Slack-slack for the first few periods, and then I slacked through PE as well. My Medical Certificate covered me for that. I was lucky, it seems. They had the most laborous Mass PE ever; a gajillion push-ups, leg raises, "Supermans" and many more, while me and Louis chillaxed at the side-lines. But look on the bright side guys; it won't be as bad as next week's :).

Geography tutorial is quite fun. I'm the Geography rep...I'm ashamed to say this, but I do not know everybody's names yet. There's a Deborah and a Samantha...but who the heck are they? Ahh...but at least I know who are the ones who constantly skip...so I mark attendance through elimination. Yay me.

During the break, I had a malay interview with a Malay senior, Nicole. I expected her to be Chinese, but she was actually Caucasian. But anyways, the interview was so fun! I was afraid I was going to end up with someone who had...a iron-grasp of the Bahasa Melayu, but thank god! She was as horrible as I was! It was all caught on film...maybe it'll end up on YouTube or something, god forbids, touch wood, let this not happen.

The questions came in Malay (She wrote the questions in English, and someone else wrote the Malay translations on top; she simply read), while I had to think on my feet...it was like Malay Oral all over again. I still remember myself blurting out "Warm and welcoming community" in English half-way through my MLB...

MLB lesson and then KI. I don't really understand why I'm going for KI lessons anymore. I have the full intention of dropping it. I guess it's just because I don't have anything else to do lor...anyways, a slightly more interesting KI lesson, so that's nice. Physics and then Mathematics lecture which passed by quite quickly.

It's so much easier to stay awake when you're playing Bingo, or Boggle.

Went back to QTSS for drama...I'm helping train those who are not taking part in SYF, and I must say, they're improving quite fast.

Dinner with Delise...and then...HAIRCUT!

I went to CUTnCURL at Paya Lebar. Their calling card proclaimed they closed at 8:30. I arrived at 8. They were closed. CLOSED! cLOSEd.

They closed early...they lose one customer. I'm so disappointed lah. The prices are above average, but I really like what they do to my hair. And then they give me this shiat. I mean...what kind of establishment is this lah? How will you react if you go to a 7-11 and find it closed?

In the end, I botched my own hair. It's ok...but...one nick at the back which is quite obvious. What the hat. It's only temporary, I guess. AC's Barber is coming tomorrow.

Either Bowl or Army.

No freaking way.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What's Up Doc?

There's something very wrong with our Polyclinics. If it takes 2 hours for a patient to get a consultation, you know something's wrong.

I was down for the count today. I dragged myself to the Polyclinic...I didn't want to spend so much money you see, going to the private doctor. I regretted that decision like crazy...I nearly went crazy at the Polyclinic too.

Here's how it works at a Polyclinic, just for the benifit of those who haven't been to one. First, you get a queue number and WAIT. After the wait, the queue number empowers you to talk to one of the counter-people and you'll tell them your ailments and stuff. Afterwhich, you get another queue number to go to the waiting room to WAIT for your turn to see the doctor. Once at the doctor, you do the usual, leave for the payment counter to WAIT for your turn to pay, and then you have to WAIT for your turn to get your medicine.

Wait a minute. Clearly, something's very wrong with this system.

I got the shock of my life when a digital sign showed that the average waiting time was 2hrs 30 minutes. I swore in every single language I knew (PUTANG INA MO!).

You get the first queue number from a machine with a TOUCH-SCREEN. For a place which isn't even air-conditioned, this came as a surprise. This is more shocking because most of the patrons of the Polyclinic were the elderly. No discrimination here, but they're eldeds, and I don't think they're up-to-date with...touching that magic-rectangle. They probably think they'd get electrecuted. I lined-up to use the machine, and in-front of me was a bunch of elders.

In front of the elders was a machine. Behind them was a non-chinese speaking guy. It's like being trapped between a rock and a hard-place.

Eventually, an operator came and helped them out, but phew, did it take awhile.

Anyways, hooray for high-technology, but when you think about it, IT DOESN'T HELP! Firstly, the same number of people are in-front of you, so you're not going to see the doctor any sooner. Next, what about the illiterate? Also, some people can't tell what's wrong with them; how's a machine supposed to know? Sometimes, good old man-power is good enough. Lastly, it doesn't save on labour-costs because now, you have to employ someone to teach people how to operate the darn thing.

Fiack. Common sense is rare.

So, with the number dispensed from the machine in hand, you talk to some lady and get another queue number. You're designated one of many consultation rooms...

But alas, problem time! At the consultation rooms, they have a certain order...but it's not numerical! It's totally random...which makes it difficult to judge how long you're going to wait for! Thus, you've got to wait there like an idiot...stoning like mad. I hated it. I couldn't read my book, cause I felt like shit, and...there was basically nothing to do lah.

"Look ma, a TV!"

Why can't they have a messaging system? If they've got touch-screens, I'm sure it won't be a hassle to have messages sent to those whose turn is coming up. I could have grabbed lunch, walked around in that space of time...instead of waiting...cheering when it gets near to my number, then groaning in a mixture of shock and disgust when the number goes back by 50 numbers.

Waiting too, depends on the luck of the draw. Some doctors take longer than others, so your line moves slower. Take this for example:

This is outside my consultation room.

This is the outside of other consultation rooms.

The number there is 2489. My number is 2441. WTF lah...they came at least 20 minutes after I did, yet they got to see the doctor sooner. It's kinda unfair.

I saw the doctor for abit; he was nice, I must admit. Asked awkward questions though. "Do you ride a motorbike?" "Do you smoke?"

I almost sial-ed. Thank god I didn't. He might have come up with the wrong conclusions.

Got my medicine, and went home. The wait wasn't worth it. I'm going to Raffles next time.

Who's Cough-Coughing?

I'm bleeding sick.

I don't want to be.

I miss school.

I can't remember the last time I talked to Edwin, HanLin and the rest of the class.

I'm wearing yesterday's jeans and shirt. On top, a jacket; on my foot, socks.

Tissue bits are all over.

Can't stand it.

Polyclinic, now.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forbidden Love; Krishna & Kumar

"Is this shirt gayer than...yours truly?"

"No, Kumar...it is you who is most gay. It is you I am gay for"

"I do love you, Krishna, like the rain in the
Scorching Indian Sun. Like cow dung on unfallowed soil.
But my family back home...."

"They will understand. True love conquers all. My wife, Susila
and daughter, Leela, were pillars I could lean on. My papee and mamee
called upon Vishnu, Shiva and all our Indian gods to curse me, but I care not.
As long as I'm with you, nothing else matters,"

"I understand...in this foreign land of Singapore...
We will start a new. But I fear my biological clock is ticking.
What of our children?"

"Do not worry. I spy with my Indian eyes a
Filipino boy taking a picture of us.
He is good enough to eat"

Happy Valentines Day!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hooray for Saints Valentines

After 16 years without a Valentines date, I finally found one on good old 2007!

I know it's abit late, but as last it's here; I've hardly been at home the past few days; so this is like...the only time I really have to committ myself to updating. So, pardon the lateness, but be thankful it came.

If you happened to be at Suntec-Marina Square area two Sundays ago, you would have spotted the coolest looking guy ever. Of course, that's me. I had the most desirable jeans, a comfy laid-back tee, and an awesome black long-sleeve shirt. If you looked closely, you'd see that I was listening to my Zune. But most of all, I was carrying the biggest mother-loving Happy Valentines balloon in one arm, and the biggest mother-loving PINK RABBIT in the other arm.

It was awesome.

Anyways, I dropped my presents off at Queenstown on Wednesday morning. I'd like to thank Andrel, for being such a sport. He's the sweetest Secondary 3 around; he watched the presents I left on Delise's table. I would have loved to stay and pontang school...but you know how I am.

Valentines at AC was a blast. They mass-produced a Valentines-Tee; "Love ACtually" was the theme. There was much flower and chocolate and candy exchange; I didn't get any flowers, but I got chocolate and candy! Thanks girls! Heehee.

1SB2 manned our Chocolate stall for most of the day. We weren't that successful, but it's a learning process I guess. Promoting the goods and trying to sell it to others was quite fun though. Promotions to "Buy A Cholate, win a Date with Warrick" failed, because of the unwillingness of our Promotial Item. Meh.

I was supposed to have a Line-in meeting after school, but I had to skip that for something more important. The JAE-application! I suddenly had hesitations about my choices! Second-thoughts....uggh...And I've got to wait until March the 6th...the suspence is killing me.

Went over to Vivo to meet Delise. As we had both eaten lunch, we had desserts instead. Yum.

And a couple of my presents...


Shan't indulge you on the details, but we had to cut our date short because she had tuition in the evening. Had dinner at her place though. And I had dinner at her place for the subsequent days too. She dragged me into her Aunt's car on Thursday...I dropped by on Friday before leaving for Alex's birthday, and skip Saturday, and I celebrated Chinese New Year at her place yesterday

Feels like I'm part of the family now.

Best Valentines Day ever. Until next year, that is. Thanks darling!


Sunsets And Car Crashes
by The Spill Canvas

I see a sense of wonder deep inside your eyes
As we’re sparkling and twirling in the twilight
And after three long years, I think that we both need this
So we seal the deal in the parking lot with a kiss

And in case you
And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You’re all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
and you sweetly retire as stars chase you away

I’d collapse to the grass, with your notes ringing in my head
Let the rain fill my mouth, and in a couple hours I’ll be dead
But all the while my lips are whistling our tune
But the beauty lies in how you will revive me soon

And in case you, and in case you
And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You’re all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
and you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away

And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You’re all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
and you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away

And in case you were wondering, you are like a hurricane to me
Your violence is beautiful, and your center sweet
Now tell me this, do you know how we’d meet?

And in case you were wondering, you are everything to me

I'm going to spam The Spill Canvas' songs until every single one of you has listened to it once. And then sworn to god that they're heaven-sent. Whatever and ever, Amen.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jesus's father is Jacod

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Adventure Time

This is the most amazing cartoon I've seen in my life. It's the complete opposite of everything wrong in this world. Watching this is like...I can't quite describe it.

Somewhere between finding the meaning of life, and the realisation that for every person, at least two other people must have had sex at least once. Considering there are a few billions of people on this planet, multiply that by two, and you get the minimum number of intercourse committed in the past 100 or so years.

Anyways, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I think my wit-factor has increased by the bucket-load. Look at the title of the previous post: that's just genious. I mean...just look at it and marvel.

Misadventures of Stupidity; Oblivious in Obvious Land

OMFG! I've struck gold! I'm tempted to put that as my blog title. Raymond Angelo: Obvlivious in Obvious Land. But I love the latest one, which I feel, is witty too.

Ugh. One difficult decision after another. AGHH!!!!!!!

Another aside...this thought just came to me. People often ask how one knows whether they're in control of their life. It think the fact that you can take away your own answers that question. KI's made me heavily philosophical.

Next Update: Raymond thinks.

Misadventures of Stupidity; Oblivious in Obvious Land

This is SML. Aside from the obvious hokkien vulgarity, SML is an acronym for Small, Medium and Large.

Izzad's the small one, obvsly. And he's my schoolmate, therefore, he knows who I am, and therefore, he's godly-awesome. The rest of his group's good too.

Anyways, I managed to catch their show on Thursday. What can I say? They were flipping good! Their dances were better than most groups; they had face-expressions down to pat, especially Izzad, and they've got lots of appeal. The judges gave positve feedback, too. It's just a pity Izzad got most of the comments.

"If you want to vote, dial 32623, that's DANCE, 32623, and SMS D4!" I reached for my handphone and did as instructed. I was helping propell my schoolmate's dreams, and I'm proud of myself. I smiled for the rest of the show, guffawed at the Spiders, and was shocked by the Chinese dancers from China.

The show came to a closing, and the parting words of the Flying Dutchman and Glenn Ong were...


You mean it wasn't opened before? One sms down the drain! I had to vote again. Goodness freak...they really should warn me earlier.

Results show came, and SML didn't qualify, which was a pity. They'll be in the wild card show. Vote for them, but don't make the same mistake I did.

Oblvs in Obvs Land.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank-yous Long Overdue

A little bit of appreciation never hurt anybody; on the contrary, I love being appreciated for the things I've done.

As everyone knows, I got 8 points for my O-levels and may have very-well topped the school. The only problem was that two other people had one more distinction that I did, which is a total bummer. But, my results were good, nonetheless.

Sure, I put in loads of effort, hours and hours of mugging and buckets of sweat, but it's not all me. This may be news to you, but the world doesn't revolve around Raymond Angelo. There were other people who pushed me to get to where I am right now and in this post, I'll give thanks to them.

Firstly, a big thank-you to all teachers who've taught me the past 4 years. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. You've been amazing; not all of us did well this year, but for those who did, their success can only have been possible with your help. You were the ones who stayed back with us, and were available on MSN/phones for help. I'd like to give special thanks to Ms Chua, for meeting up with us outside curriculum to revise geography, Mrs Dass for a similar manner of help in Lit, Mdm Yani for her essay conferencing, and and AND Mdm Nur Laila, who, despite her relatively short time-spent in Queenstown, showed commitment to our batch, and into giving us the much-needed nudge.

Next; all my friends in Queenstown. You've been good for your support; during those RARE times where I found myself stuck in AMaths, there was Ivan. For criticism of The English Teacher, there was Jeremy. For Geography, there was the Answer Booklet :\. But my point is, my friends were there for me during the O-level period. They alleviated abit of my pressure, and they went in with me together, and from the looks of it, we made it out alive.

Congratulations to people like Jeremy, Raied, Elaine, Dorcas, Choo Jia Han and to many many more. To others who didn't do as well as they expected, brood over it for awhile, sure, but don't let it pull you down too much. In the middle of that O, the light shines through.


And to my mum and dad. They were clueless at how the O-level examinations worked. The other day, I called my mum. "I GOT EIGHT POINTS!". She simply asked what that meant -.-". And my dad's just as ignorant. But still, they were there for me; they periodically checked on my progress and gave me extra cash if I had to take a cab to go home because school kept me late.

So thanks.

And lastly, to Delise, my darling. She pushed the hell out of me. And she suffered just as much as I did. We couldn't go out as often, but we did go out, and it made the long periods of not going and mugging out worth it. She missed the China trip just to be with me during my O-levels period, and that's a sacrifice which makes me love her so so much. There was a time where she travelled all the way to my house just to pass my my Geography notes because my Prelims were the next day; I still remember that "badump-badump" I felt in my heart when I saw her; it made me realise she's the one for me.

So there it goes, appreciation for the O-levels. Thanks everybody; I won't let you down.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Aside

First off, Valentines Day was wonderful; I was nervous and stressed at first, but now that it's done and over with, I didn't really have much to worry about. I'll give an update tomorrow since it's getting late.

Secondly, Izzad's on The Dance Floor. If you caught it, or even if you didn't, please do sms D4 at 32623 to vote. Voting ends tomorrow evening, so if everybody pools in, I'm sure they'll pull through. They weren't bad though there were 2 groups better than them. However, Izzad's been a school-mate of mine for the past 4 years, and I'm planning to give my support. Dancing seems to be his passion, so I'll support him.

Anyways, the thing I want to address today is comments; more specifically, comments on other people's relationships.

If you've got positive comments, then feel free to give them. But if you've got negative ones, there's a more tactful approach rather than just laying it out like that. Because those are your impressions you may have formed from either observation or hearsays, and you're not in the shoes of the couple. I suggest that if you got a negative comment, then first, ask how the relationship is going. If it's good, then leave it at that. If it's bad, then ask why, and proceed to give advice, or whatever.

Because getting negative feedback and , especially when you think everything's so perfect, is an awful damper, especially on this particular day. Even if I'm on off the ground, you don't have to bring me down, because feeling "high" is never a bad thing.

Sigh. I don't know lah. I don't like it when people step on what I believe in. I'm not trying to address specific people; but just a general note to everyone lah.

See you when I see you.

Update on My Life

It's gotten complicated since I last made a real update.

I'm out of West Side Story, and out of ACSian Theatre. I made a decision to put a school other than AC as my first choice: in the event I'm posted to that school, I don't think I can continue in the production, so I've dropped off.

If I'm not? I'll appeal like crazy until I get in.

So I'm more free now; I'm sorry if I've hyped up alot about drama...I'm disappointed in myself too, and trust me, it wasn't an easy decision to make. I had to face alot of flak for doing this; it made me depressed for abit, but the members of ACSian Theatre have been supported.

As of now, I relinquish and association with them. Goodbye guys, you were a fun bunch to have worked with, and I look forward to all your perfomances. I'm sure they'll be excellent.


I woke up this morning to find my computer turned on.

"Stupid brother," I thought to myself. Imagine my surprise when I found a whole bunch of IMs FOR ME. Sorry guys: I turned off my speakers but forgot to do so for my computer. Thus, Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce played throughout the night and was displayed in my MSN Personal Message, because I forgot to turn that off as well.

Anyways, sorry to the people who tried to talk to me, but thought I was surfing porn. I wasn't, because if I was, I'd have Paris Hilton playing...and I don't mean the songs.

On a happier note, Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm in a "looking back" phase of my life, and I'm feeling older; and to testify that I'm older now, here's a picture of me, roughly 1 and a half years ago. I'm so glad I've lost the excess weight and have gotten a teensy-bit taller. Awesome how it seems like just yesterday when this picture was taken.

Sorry if I realised any buried nightmares, but I just felt like taking you with me for a walk to the past.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


This was the last thing I expected when I did this quiz from Raied's blog.

I'm that smokin'?

Goodbye, Queenstown

This is my happy face.

Does anybody else realise that after we got back our O-level results, we have no more obligations to ever return to Queenstown? Sure, we can go back whenever we want...but we don't have to.

Friday may have been the last time we're seen in Queenstown uniform, and may very well be the last time we see each other within the confinements of the school.

Sad when you think about it. But at least...we can move on. Just make sure you don't relinquish your ties to the school, because...it IS your secondary school...and it's given you so much.

I'll see you when I see you.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Seven 8 Nine

I'm not over-the-moon happy with my O-level result. And before you say that I should be happy with my results because I did better than most; I say that happiness is subjective...and if I'm not satisfied, then that's my bloody problem :).

Break it down!
English-A2 :\
Physics-A1 (YAY!)
Chemistry-A2 :)
Combined Humans-B3 (Feck)

Malay B...PASS!

I'll elaborate more next time. I've got a whole day to dedicate to ACJC, though I'm still not sure whether I'm staying in ACJC. 8 points, with deduction of 2, allows me to stay in ACJC, but also gives me the option of moving onto VJC. I'm not sure which path I want to take yet...people are asking me to go to a "better" JC, but what's "better"?

Anyways, I know I've been writing some of the most OOC crap on this blog. Feel free to discuss and speculate behind my back, but just don't do it in front of me.


And good luck with the rest of your whatever. I'll see you when I see you.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

There's always a First.

Fate is an elegant, cold-hearted whore
She loves salting my wounds
Yes, she enjoys nothing more
I bleed confidence from deep within my guts now
I'm the king of this pity party with my jewel encrusted crown

From Polygraph, Right Now! by The Spill Canvas


Awesome, awesome song, by an awesome awesome band. They're not mainstream, but that's what's in with the mainstream now, right? I hate it when you ask someone what they're favourite band is, and they spout the name of some really really obscure band, which you've never heard of, and until recently, they've never heard of too, but they're just dropping the name to impress you.

Makes my skin crawl, and my earlobes flutter in disgust.

Anyways, here's another thing which is really really dumb. Like...drop-dead dumb.

It's called...RasenShuriken, I think. I know many people watch the anime, but don't read the weekly manga, so I'll bring you guys up to speed. Naruto's been making attempts to upgrade his main jutsu, which is Rasengan. So he comes up with this thing called RasenShuriken...which is like...a normal rasengan with a shuriken-like aura around it. Now, if you've watched any anime at all, you'll know that shurikens are throwing stars....

But RasenShuriken can't be thrown! WTF!!!

And I know he looks cool in that two-page-spread, but he fucks up ultimately.

Yeah, Naruto sucks now.

And the O-level results will come out tomorrow. I keep seeing visions fo me, Ringo, Yanshan and Ryan getting 6 points, despite the fact that such a feat has never been achieved in Queenstown history.

There's always a first.

And tomorrow, I hope I'll be it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Soundtrack of Your Life

Opening credits: Ride on Shooting Star by the pillows
Waking up: Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
Average day: Same Direction by Hoobastank
First date: Kiss the Girl by Ashley Tisdale
Falling in love: Only Love by Trademark
Love scene: Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
Fight scene: Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce
Breaking up: Polygraph, Right Now! by The Spill Canvas
Getting back together: Back at One by Brian McKnight
Secret love: I'd Lie by Taylor Swift
Life's okay: Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss by Bloodhound Gang
Mental breakdown: Cannonball by Damien Rice
Driving: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service
Learning a lesson: New Slang by The Shins
Deep thought: You're My Inspiration by Chicago
Flashback: Here It Goes Again by OK Go
Partying: Gay Bar by Electric Six
Happy dance: Pinoy Ako by Orange and Lemons
Regretting: Over My Head by The Fray
Long night alone: Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban
Death scene: Time Is Running Out by Muse
Closing: Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

That was a bloody darn fun activity to do as you try to re-organise your music collection. Try it for yourself! If you want to go by "luck of the draw", you can shuffle all your songs, and put whatever song that appears. Try it:

Opening credits:
Waking up:
Average day:
First date:
Falling in love:
Love scene:
Fight scene:
Breaking up:
Getting back together:
Secret love:
Life's okay:
Mental breakdown:
Learning a lesson:
Deep thought:
Happy dance:
Long night alone:
Death scene:

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The O-level results come out on Friday, and after that, we have to go through choosing schools again.

How totally pointless.

It just complicates things, because...you're torn. What's the point of trying to be so involved, when it's still undecided whether you'll be staying or going? I mean, all the JCs are trying to encourage us to get involved in something, but still, nothing's concrete. If you don't score, you get the door.

Then comes the problem of "commitment". The unforseeable future prevents me from putting in all of my heart into the school. Because I might stay or I might go. What's the point of devoting my being into something which...isn't a lasting fixture? Because if you go somewhere else, there goes all your effort.

I hate the fact that they're encouraging you to be committed, in through this, "forcing" you to stay into the school. It makes me feel trapped, wondering whether the grass IS greener on the other side.

My point is, I'm glad they're eradicating this "first three months" thing: It's pointless, it traps students, and it hinders commitment.

Don't even get me started on the "fitting in" thing. All the othe students have already made themselves cushy, while those who move have to struggle into the moulds.

I cant' wait for the O-level results to come out. If I score well enough, I might move to VJC; like I told everybody I would.

And therein lies the problem.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It Kills

What kills?

AIDS kills.

Life kills too. I mean, we're born to...die; if not today, then tomorrow, or the day after that, but ultimately, we all kick the bucket sometimes; fuck it. Anyways, I'm not angry with anyone. I'm just frustrated with the way things are unfolding. Everything's NOT going my way. Despite how smiley I seem to be, I'm so fucked inside.

I make things seem so much better because I dont' want other people to worry about me.

But if you ask Delise...you'll realise how my life isn't all sunshine. She's the only one I've really opened up to, ever. Thank you, babe.

I'm tempted to post all the shit that happened to me, but not yet. It's too fresh...maybe one day, when I'm happier, I'll write it here, and laugh at it, along with everybody else. If I flesh out my day now, everybody will laugh.

Except for me.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's been one year!

I can't believe it! I totally missed my anniversary!

I started this blog more than a year ago on the 2nd of February. My writing's...changed; for the better or for the worse, I'm not sure. I used to attract the Queenstown crowd I think; juniors interested in the lives of their senior.

What's the situation now? I'm not sure, but I'll keep writing about my life, which is what I hope everyone's interested about, ultimately.

Here's to another great year of Raymond Angelo. Make way for RA.

I'll be turning Seventeen this year, too. In anticipation for that great moment, here's a song by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus called Seventeen Ain't So Sweet. It's about...hard times of a teenager, and how you shouldn't let the chaos around you put you down, because eventually, things will get better, or are already better: you just don't know it, because you're being miserable for the sake of being miserable.

Seventeen Ain't So Sweet
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Well she never was the best,
Yeah at following the trends.
Stayed one step above the rest,
And even though it seemed,
Like the world was crashing on her,
Didn't let it hold her down,
Didn't hold her back,
Oh no, woah.

Don't worry you'll show them,
There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn.
There's a scream in your voice,
And I hope you will be heard.
There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn until you're heard,
You're heard.

Seventeen is just a test,
Yeah and I would recommend,
That you live with no regrets,
And even if it seems,
Like the world is crashing on you,
You shouldn't let it hold you down,
Shouldn't hold you back,
Oh no, woah.

Don't worry you'll show them,
There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn.
There's a scream in your voice,
And I hope you will be heard.
There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn until you're heard,
You're heard.

Relax girl,
Turn down the lights,
No one can see you shining.
Relax girl,
It'll be alright,
No one can stop you if you try.
Point of rhythm is the fall await in time,
To listen to the beating in your mind,
And if you will seek then you shall find,

There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn.
There's a scream in your voice,
And I hope you will be heard.
There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn until you're heard,
You're heard

There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn.
There's a scream in your voice,
And I hope you will be heard.
There's a fire in your eyes,
And I hope you'll let it burn until you're heard,
You're heard.

New Shoes, You Rule

$10 to anybody who can name where the title came from.

Anyways, after weeks of waiting, my dance shoes finally arrived. They maybe the gayest, most faggot-est looking footwear on earth, but at least I can do a 360-twirl on it...on tip-toes on one leg, while both arms and the other leg are extended to the side. Dance training twice a week isn't easy...but I'm persevering. Like I said, I'm a devil on the dancefloor.

I've been going back to Queenstown for the past three days STRAIGHT for drama. On Thursday, I went to school with Ringo, while Raied stayed with me for drama. They were shocked at the props available; we never had proper props. The scene was a car crash, and they had a gajillion tyres, and real car bumpers and doors, with windable windows!

They're really priveleged.

The only props we had on my time were boxes. And up to the day of the SYF performance, our flower-pot was a freaking water bottle. So, like I said, they're so got-damn blessed, and I just hope they'll take the rehearsals, and the whole thing, more seriously. Me, Raied and Hawker gave them our insights, so I wish they know how...they shouldn't waste this opportunity.

Met the new Sec 1s on Friday, and there were only two guys! One's Indian, and his real name is Kumar. The other one is Chinese. It doesn't matter what his name is, because we'll be calling him Harold from now on. I loved White Castle: Battle-shits is the most innovative pooping-game in the history of herstory. View reviews!

Dropped by again yesterday, just before ACSian Theatre, just in time to catch them "talking about themselves". Again, it wasn't as interesting as when my batch was around, primarily because...they're either afraid to voice out what they really feel, or try to dig in to deep for something intelligent to say. It's just "what do you like about your life", "what do you not like about it", "what do you want to change about it" and "what you would believe in".

I think about those questions everyday; and I've got answers. I like my Girlfriend and my friends. I don't like the long distances I've to travel to go to school. If possible, I'd like to live at a hostel, nearer to school. And I believe in people. As long as I'm good to them, they'll be good to me.

The exhausting drama session at AC had me occupied from 10 to 3, and man, was that tiring. And to top it off, I had to rush to JJC...for their Love Fiesta!

To all you Jurong-ians, and to all those who came, thanks for Making Love Fiesta a resounding success.

I said "making love" :).

Anyways, got to see all the Queenstownians who went to Jurong, as well as other Queenstownians. There were lots of us over there. If I'm to describe JJ in one word, it would be "Neo-Queenstown". I'm serious...it felt like being back in Queenstown all over again! Which is OMG! I could spout endless vulgarities without getting (much) stares...so yay. The food was good, and the rides were quite fun. I saw alot of ACS-ians too....but some of them were posers, as in...they're wearing the shirt, but aren't actually from AC.

I hate those posers. But the biggest posers are still HSS. I'll elaborate on another post.

Anyways! Huimin wanted to see her face on my blog, so here it is :).

Minhazul got drunk on Pepsi.

Minhazul says, "I'm not drunk".

Evidence says, "Yes, you are"

Drunk BANGLA!!!!!!!!1

Pictures of Huimin's class people. I didn't take the pictures btw. It was ChooChi. And you know how he is. He's ChooChi.

YanShan even took me on a tour to see all the..."chiobus" of JJC. And they're pretty chio, but I'm already happy with what I've got xD. Anyways, their field is loving awesome, and they're campus is pretty big.

I liked Love Fiesta. Thank you, Choo, YanShan, HuiMin and Minhazul for being such gracious host. And to all those who couldn't make it...we missed you lah. O-levels are coming up this week, so I guess we'll see each other then.

For 1SB2. If people forgot to copy those physics Diagram in the tutorial, here they are! I know it looks bloody complicated, but...yeah. It is bloody complicated. DON'T TAKE PHYSICS!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

No need, comma

Engineers can't do English.

Pardon the blurness of the picture, but I was on the MRT when I snapped this picture, and it was after drama, and all my life had basically been drained from me...so my hands were shaky and I'm looking like this -_-".

Anyways, onto the picture.

Do you spot anything wrong with that sentence? If you didn't spot anything, or did spot something, but it's because you had something against "Exciting Global Career Options", then this post will not rouse your interest one bit. What makes my blood boils; what makes my hair stand and what makes my teeth grit...is the FREAKING COMMA!


The usage of the comma includes, but is not limited to, listing and seperating ideas. The usage of a comma most certainly DOES NOT include...I can't describe it, and I can't even begin to comprehend what it's for...but commas are not used to seperate "every bit, me".

Bascially, "every bit" is being used as an adjective. So let's try substituting other adjectives!

"handsome, me".
"ingenious, me".
"witty, me".

Nope, nope, and no-nope-pe. They all sound idiotic. And when it's plastered on public transport as a form of "attracting the masses", it sounds all the more stupendous...in the most epic sense of the word. Now the comma, oh holy comma, is stuck there with no purpose whatsoever. He's been a useful and cute little stroke...and he's being abused!

I hope I'm not the only one who's noticed this. Let's get out our black pain...we've got a comma to rescue.

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