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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Three Survey

The Magic Number is 3:

Three names you go by:
1) Raymond
2) Pinoy
3) Ray-An (My nickname in the Philippines; Raymond+Angelo=Ray-An)

Three parts of your heritage:
1) My skin colour
2) My accent
3) My Pinoy values

Three things that scare you:
1) Cockroaches
2) Punishment
3) Responsibility (?)

Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
1) Washing my face in the morning
2) Blogging
3) Watching Pinoy Big Brother

Three Things You Are Wearing Right now:
1) The Yellow Adidas Tee I just got.
2) My Nike 'World Cup' Band (USA edition)
3) Socks (it gets really cold in an air-con room)

Three of Your Favourite Bands or Musical Artists -- at the moment:
1) Last Alliance
2) Tohoshinki
3) Parokya Ni Edgar

Three of Your Favourite Songs -- at the moment:
1) Bob Lennon by Endou Kenji
2) Boys Don't Cry by Last Alliance
3) Beautiful Morning With You by the pillows

Three Things You Want in a Relationship (Other than love):
1) Kisses
2) Hugs
3) Communication

Two Truths and a Lie (In no particular order):
1) I was held back a year in school when I was P3.
2) I started school a year early when I was P1.
3) I'm skinny.

Three Physical Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to You:
1) Personality (What kind? Hmm...)
2) Collar-bones (WTF?)
3) Legs.

Three of your Favourite Hobbies:
1) Hanging out.
2) Reading Manga
3) Finding new ways to waste time.

Three Things you want really badly right now:
1) More Yussofs
2) A new school shoe
3) Balut

Three Places You Want to go on Vacation:
1) Tokyo, Japan
2) The Palawan Islands, Philippines
3) Santa's Workshop, North Pole

Three things you want to do before you try:
1) Have at least 4 children.
2) Return to the Philippines to do some charity work
3) Orgy >.< jkjk

Three people I would like to see take this test:
1) Arex the Thai-girl (He's started a blog! Go Arex!)
2) Jeremy/Raied (They're favourite number is 3)
3) You. (I know that there's many people on the net, but let's just pretend that you're the only you I'm referring to because we're the only two person in the world who truly understand each other. Romantic, isn't it?)

Face 2 Fake

The homework I recieved this holidays is very little, but I suppose it's so that we can do self-study. But how many will actually do it? We're all procastinators.

I remember years past, and I've never studied during the holidays, EVER. People say that it's important to study when you're in Sec 2 because it's the streaming year, and in the Sec 3 because it's good to build a strong foundation for Sec 4, but I tell you "Fuck that". What you do in Sec 1/2/3 makes no difference in Sec 4. Anyway, I'm studying, so this is a real change of pace. Once I didn't give a damn, but I can't afford to, this time around. Make or break...or lake...or bake...or cake...I choose to bake the cake by the lake but that's just me (WTF?).

We had remedial this morning, and it was chemistry. We're having remedials every day for the first two weeks, so I'm kinda busy, especially since it's a 'must' to go somewhere after remedials end (go eat, movie, LAN, bowling, etc). Why is it a 'must'? We're already out of our homes, so might as well make the most out of it. Anyway, lesson was normal, on alkanes and alkenes and alcohol and all that. I actually wore the Sec 4 class tee, but with another shirt inside, because the Sec 4 class tee is translucent you see...and literally..."YOU SEE". See what? My pectorals (go Wiki if you don't know). I know everybody's dying to see it, but i'm self-conscious, on top of being self-absorbed, so I'm not letting anyone see them until it's hot like whoa...*sizzle*.

We had breakfast at Dawson. The "western" stall didn't have rice so screw them. I settled for bread and fries...the calories are like arrows going through my heart. You know there's the pair of escalators at Dawson? The one going down isn't working...and it's all because of me. When the steps reached the landing platform (i'm making this terms up, so if they're wrong, sue me), I literally jumped off. And the whole thing stopped moving. We tried to make it move again (by jumping it on again), but it was too fucked. Don't persecute me yet; it's not like I didn't try to do anything. I tried to complain to the security guard about their faulty escalators which can't handle the weight of a single 16-year-old, but they weren't there. So, there.

Since the rest had bio remedial, I decided to do self-study. My intent was to do it in school, but god was the school noisy. I went to GWC instead. I used to go there before, before/after hitting Planet Fitness, but since I stopped, I haven't gotten the opportunity to go to my safe corner at McDs. So, I took a 970, and surprise surprise, I saw Andrian Kanta, and I realised that he had dropped Bio, and had nowhere to go also. We half-did homework over there (He did, and I didn't). I can't seem to do work when other people are present. I can study, but I can't do homework. Weird, but true.

My shirt had this weird smell, which is...not bad, but...just...o.O. So I bought a new one, which has been on my agenda. I know I said yesterday that I had no Yussofs, but I got a sudden wind-fall (rewards for getting 1st in class and in level), and had Yussofs to spare. I got this yellow and blue Adidas Shirt...and you won't believe it but the size is...'S'! Golly, from XL->L->M->S! Shocking! And I got it at a bargain too...Adidas "Formotion". I'm not a big fan of dri-fit shirts, but I made an exception for this, since it looked cool, and it was 'S' size but still fit me perfectly.

So then we went to Headquarters, near Peace Centre to play LAN for awhile. I fear that I'm playing it too often, so i'm swearing off LAN for the rest of the weak...heck, i'm not even that good, so I wonder why I'm still doing it. There was me, Andrian, Ringo and TahNern at first. We were playing noob games of WarCraft, Dota, and I was using this guy who is called a..."Rusta" or "Brasta" or something like that lah. He was supposed to be the best character in the game, but I couldn't explore his fullest potential because I exchanged characters with Andrian half-way through. So that's why we lost...I think. The Dota chiong-ers came afterwards (Ching Yong, ChooChi, Raied, Jeremy, Clement Fish, Jason, Wei Liang, Yan Shan, and I apologise to anyone I forget to mention). We got owned. Wei Ming was the bomb. Proof? Here's a snippet of the dragon putting down the fish...

Wei Ming: You ks me for what?
Clement: I am just helping you.
Wei Ming: You think I need help? I need your help or you need my help?!?!
Clemen: ...*no reply*


Played a bit of CS, then a few games of DOTA. I didn't get killed at all by the creeps this time around, so that's definitely an improvement.

Headed home in a 16 bus, single-decker. I gave up my seat for an old lady and it felt good, up to the moment when I realised that there was an empty seat just behind me.

Go go, study study chiong!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ok, Let's Stand Up

I'm cleaning up this blog, and promising not to dirty it again. I've realised that i'm putting in way too much rubbish into this site, and it's just a waste of web space, isn't it? I'm also losing my focus, I mean, you read this...because...you want to read about MY life right? So from here on, all original...MY LIFE, MY COPYRIGHT!

Besides, the videos are making this site lag.

Also, I'm limiting myself to one post per day. Let's keep it clean, keep it focused. One video and once picture per day too, only if it's really funny, or if it gives insight to my life.

On top of that, I'm starting to "lose my draw". Please, do continue to visit my blog, and I'll keep my posts as amusing as possible, however, never (as always) at the expense of other people (unless they're famous), because that's against my principles (hooray for double-standards)

I'll still be doing quizzes, because that's a lot of fun.

Because Raymond Angelo is The Ground-Zero.

PS; Jeez, deleting the posts one by one is gonna be a pain.

PSS; I'm looking for a blog-skin...nothing poser-ish and nothing angsty and nothing complicated. Simpilicity is best.

PSSS; So, there I was deleting my posts, so that my blog will be easier to see and less un-focused, and I realise that I've been deleting posts which are already in my archives, and out of my main page. -_-" Talk about wasted efforts.

Baby Blue and the Two-headed Monster

I've been spending a lot of money lately. Damn you, sweet June holidays.

After a weekend of nothing-much, I went out yesterday and today and spent a bucket-load of Yussofs. We went to play LAN yesterday, AGAIN, and they want to do it tomorrow...AGAIN, but I think I'm going to have to give it a miss. Anyway, I performed in Counter-strike, and is still a "feeder" in DOTA. It's probably because for me, fun>logic; I'd do something because it seems more fun. So, whenever I saw someone I *think* I can defeat, I "DON'T THINK" twice about doing so and just chiong. And, alas, I get the title of "feeder". But heck lah, as all non-winners(losers) say, "Winning isn't everything".

Hao Yang was there, and since he's reading/goingtoread this, "Hiya, Hao Yang! You've got my book, and I want it back because I'm not done. Darn you!" It's nice to have Hao Yang back. It's just a month, so let's treasure it, mate. He shared with me some conspiracy theories (Reptillians taking over, 9/11 stuff) and some tips on how to get the girl, which for some reason, is a problem for me. I once had a dream back when I was Primary 4 that I would get a girl by Primary 6. P6 blew by, and I postponed to Sec 2, then Sec 3, and now, I'm Sec 4, and I've stuck with a whole lot of nothing.

My requirements are simple: shorter than me, not over-weight, heart-faced shape, fair and smarter than me, if possible. Not much right? Send me your resume (the 'e' is supposed to be the pokemon 'e' but i'm clueless as to how to type that) and I'll screen you.

Joking, joking.

We then walked to Marina Square for dinner. So it was me, 4a boys, 4a girls, BioTan, Hao Yang and Bing Yu at Billy Bombers. Kept talking shiat throughout the night.

ChooJiaHan ordered a "Naked Gun" I think, which is the cheapest burger on the menu. Why is that? Because it's just the patty, and you're supposed to pay extra to add the meat, cheese, etc. Lol. Of course, he was clueless, so he nearly got measly patties for dinner. Thank me, I warned him, but not before he made the order. Lol.

Ringo told some stupid joke about meat. He said..."This meat can be found in the Safari. It's medium-rare". I nearly spat my food out.

Speaking of "my food", I ordered an "All-star" burger, and damn, it's huge; at least twice the size of a big-mac, and four times the price; but I guess, at the end of the day, it's worth it; especially the beef which could be found in the Safari, but it's medium rare. It had egg too; something I haven't seen in a burger before. There were at least 7 levels of stuff: patty 1, egg, ham, cheese, bacon, ham, beef, vegetables, and patty. In DOTA terms..."OWNAGE".

Went to the arcade, and owned BingYu and HaoYang in Guitar Freaks, and this makes my boots very light. Then headed back home, just in time for my curfew which is 11pm. It used to be much later, but my mum arranged my curfew in line with the Government's police, because she doesn't want me to get in trouble with the "mata". Darn you, fully-democratic Singaporean Government! Curses! I know you mean well, but what if our parents allow it? Can't we carry around a...sort of lisence issued by parents which gives us immunity to this? How I wish.

Went off to school this morning for an A-maths class, combined with 4C. We're learning Permutation and Combination, which is more complicated than it seems *puts it down on chapters to mug*. Scooted to GWC, to have lunch and watch X3 (With 50% more X!).

Fuck Ching Yong. He sneaked in with Kim Shan (won't fuck him since it's his birthday. Happy Birthday Eunice Park Kim Shan!). They watched the movie for free! I didn't know it was so easy to sneak inside cinemas...

X3 gets a rating of 3.5/5 RaymondAngelos. The plot was genuinely intriguing, but the characters couldn't carry the show well enough. There were some suprise deaths. I planned to say very very loudly that I'll eat my Snickers bar once C*c*o*s died to spoiler the whole cinema, but didn't because I am a humji (typo?) so I'll do it here instead.

Anyway, there's a few things to look-out for in the movie.
-ArchAngel's sad sad childhood.
-Cyclops' horrible acting.
-Jean Grey's disgusting veins popping out.
-Jean Grey in a tight top, and tiny shorts.
-Iceman's horrible acting.
-Magneto and Professor X, who look the same, even after 20 years.
-Phoenix' powers.
-Frasier in the role of Beast.
-Mystique nude (for real! without blue paint!)
-Storm gravity-defying hair and moves.
-The "love-triangle" between Iceman, Rouge and Kitty Pryde (ShadowCat)
-The cute Kitty Pryde!
-The awesome fight scenes.
-Wolverine's one-man-assualt on the mutants.

Wah, this movie had a lot of good, and a lot of bad. After being non-existant in the past 2 movies, Storm is back, and she's got a larger role. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like...it's an inappropriate move. Archangel was a waste of a character. He didn't do much, nothing much at all. Wasted siah, especially after watching he's childhood. Wolverine was cool, as usual, and Colossus is a nice addition. Jugger-"I'm Juggernaut, bitch"-naut was awesome. But my favourite is Kitty Pryde! She's so cute! There was a scene where she had to touch this mutant called "Leech". My mind flashed to an earlier scene where Beast touched Leech, and his hair started falling off, and I was so freaking afraid that all her hair would fall off. Thank god, it didn't, and I just squee-ed.

Me, Choo Chi and Andrian went to the arcade for awhile, and some of the rest went home, while a few sneaked into The DaVinci Code. They nearly got caught, because the cinema-people were doing IC-checks half-way through the movie. The owner of the GWC cinema must be Christian. I mean, why must they check the ICs in the middle of the show? Can't they do it before the patrons enter the theatre? Srsly, it's not polite to wave torches around a cinema and ask movie-watchers one-by-one for their Identification Cards just to check the age. Ringo got kicked out because he's not 16 yet. Too bad, I guess, better luck next time.

Towards a more productive holiday!

Know why we're smiling? Because we didn't have to take our 'O' levels yesterday. {Raymond+Elgin+GlennLum= The 'B' Boys}

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Who's the impersonator?

ClayAiken Version 2.0. He's gained weight! He looks so darn chubby in the video! And check out his hair~!~! I preferred the older Clay but that's just me.

On other Idol news: Congrats to Taylor Hicks for winning . He deserved it...considering the fact that Hick-ups>McPheever.

With the conclusion of American Idol, we've got Singapore Idol, season 2. Too much, too soon, I say. Singapore doesn't have enough talent to fuel such Singapore Idol, especially with the onslaught of all the other crap reality shows. We're not like America, where they've got a ginormous pool of undiscovered talents, and googolplex of states to gallavant around. We don't have enough talents, and watching the second season just proved this. Talents were few and far between, and were so raw. Also, the funny-ness is gone, it's just lame and trying. The malay cowboy and the chink rapper? Super lame, yet they made such a big fuss about 'em. The only funny segment was the "nong-nong" guy, but that's just me.

To get back my reading programme on track (a book a week) I'm reading "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer. It's very much like "The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time", in that both the protagonists are authistics, and are trying to solve a mystery, and in doing so, has to come out from their shell. Like Christopher, Oskar has his own quirks which I've grown to love...like how he says my "boots are getting heavier" whenever he feels depressed. Oskar's dead has just died in the 9/11, and in the book, he undertakes a journey to find something his dad has left behind. This book is full of pictures, pages from Oskar's scrapbook. Some of the pictures holds significance to the story while some are random (turtle on turtle sex wtf?). The prose style is superb, and it's not just told from Oskar's perspective, but about from his Grandfather (whom he is named after) and his Grandmother (who is senile) as well.

I'm only a quarter way through the book, but I've already fallen in love with it.

If you like to read, then read this book.

Numero Uno

I've changed my blog title~~! Because the previous one didn't make a whole lot of sense, and this one fits my personality better, I think, since I'm under the constant impression that the world revolves around me. And it ryhmes too, so it's a piece of poetry, or someshit.

"Rock On!"

I haven't updated properly since...Tuesday I think. It's not that there isn't worth anything updating. On contraire (is this expression correct?), there was alot of stuff to write yet no time to do so. So here is a brief run-down of my days past.

Wednesday:No spot-check+Geography Test and reading a lot of manga. Things happened in school, funny things, but it escapes me right now -_-" I had the time to update, but for some reason, I forgot.
Thursday: No spot-check+Drama Session+Prefect's Bonding Games+Dinner at BK+getting our class-tees and other things I can't recall fully.
Friday: Still no spot-check+end of school+a whole lot of happenings.

Since Friday was the day before today (ie, yesterday), everything's still fresh, so let's type it out, why don't we?

So, it's the last day of school, and nobody was in the mood to get any studying done. But THEY had to, seeing how Monday is THEIR CHINESE O-Levels. Good luck to all of them, and once again, I'm the winner, since I'm taking MLB.

So Chinese....how do you prepare for it? (A Pinoy dispensing tips on how to prepare for Chinese...get real). Well, memorise some ChengYu, or whatever you call those 4-letters idioms. They add marks to your composition, and make you sound smarter than you actually are, so why not? Don't try too hard though. Use one wrongly and you've shoved your elbow into your ass (ouch). Next, practice comprehension. People say that this is useless, since the passage will be different, but I say "Fuck you". The questions will roughly be similar, and it will help you to get the hang of finding answers. Lastly, read model essays, something I do in English compositions. It gives you the points you need to write, and as such, you won't have to think so much, and the chances of you going out of point is significuntly less.

A yo-yo craze has caught the guys of 4A. Can you do the "Roller Coaster", "Loop-the-Loop", "Around the world", "Walk the dog", "Rock the baby" and "Milk the Cow"? I bet not, and neither can we, but that's never going to stop us from trying. Sudden burst of craziness like this always catches our class. We've had FunBound, GeyBlades, Magic: The WastingOfMoney, MarioKart and more to come. Who's up for CrushGear? I still have my Garuda Phoenix and Shooting Phantom from 4 years ago and they're ready to let it rip...wait a minute that's beyblade...ahh..

Physics and then Chemistry. We had a surprise test for Chemistry on the chapter which requires mugging, which nobody had mugged before. Thank god all the questions were common-sense. We've been having "Western" for recess the past few days. You know, the new stall which doesn't sell proper food. Prata+mushroom soup, pasta+chicken, prata+chicken, disgusting yellow rice+prata. Some of the things they sell aren't bad actually. I'm quite fond of their pasta and their prata+chicken gravy/cream of mushroom. "Western Stall", you're prata and pasta gets my seal of approval. The rest of your food can just...let's not talk about the rest of your food, since it's mean to insult food.

Social Studies, E-maths. SInce it was Glenn Lum's birthday, he went a wee-bit crazy. He submitted homework, but they're not really homework since it's just a bunch of swigly lines. I'll scan it as soon as he gets it back, or after I learn to use the scanner. I'll scan it together with the "Gospel of Lum", and then we'll put it in a "special" container and bury it somewhere. Thousands of years from now, "scinetists" are going to find it, and it's going to contradict everythign they now, just like the Gospel of Judas. Paper>Scissors WTF?!?!

At the last period, we got back our report books. And it goes how? Percentage: 75%. Class Position: 1/39. Level Position: 1/143. This means that I won't be getting first in the Prelims, but this also guarantees that I'll be in the running for the first in O-levels. There exists a sort-of custom/tradition/history/ritual (they're all the same, despite what a comprehension paper tells you) where if you get 1st for one term, you won't get 1st in the next. Nobody is sure of what the logic behind this it, but ths has proven to be true in school all over Singapore (or so I claim). So, if this logic is correct, I predict that I won't be first in the Prelims. Wait a minute, was that a prediction or...an excuse? See how, I guess.

Took a couple of pictures after school, as well as a class one and cut the cake for Glenn Lum's birthday. Happy Birthday to him! You're sixteen! Bitching~~ ! Can watch The Vinci Code riao?

My bag was awfully heavy. We had to empty the cabinet of all our stuff, and inside the cabinet, i've got more than 5 files, and NINE VOLUMES OF GETBACKERS MANGA. How to go home like that siah? Thank god for Glenn, who borrowed the manga, and thus, relieving me of the torture of having to lug it home.

We diverged and converged once more at Plaza Singapura, with some of the 4a guys. Met up with HAO YANG! Welcome back to Singapore, mate! His hair's so bright, and his style's so jap, and his guitar's so cool, and he's got an Australian's BLOODY accent! Squee. After months down under, he's back, finally, to wreak a month's worth of havoc. Praise thee, almighty god.

We went to Peace Center, which everyone calls Paradiz/Selegie Center, but isn't Paradiz/Selegie Center but is actually Peace. Played LAN for the first time in months, but it's enough to cover me for the next couple of 'em. 4 hours of gaming...I feel like such a computer geek. 3 hours of Defense of the Asians (DOTA) and an hour worth of CounterStrike. I was a total n00b in DOTA. I learned a bucket's worth of new terms like "farming" (means killing creeps really fast), "stun" (I got stunned a few times and subsequently, killed), "care" (short for "mind your ass") and "feeder" (someone who gives away free frag, for example, me). Raynard and Elgin owned, Bernard was looking at my screen and killing me, Andrian was shouting alot, Yan Shan was everywhere, Ching Yong was the KS king, Kar Wai (Choo Jia Han) sucks balls, Hao Yang left half-way, Ivan came but didn't play, and me, Ringo and TahNern were at the bottom of the ScoreBoard (Reverse the order I typed our names, and you get the bottom three). It's fun, and I feel like playing again, but I promise I won't because it's bloody time-consuming. One hour for one game. Crazy man. I'd rather play 18 holes of Pangya with Primary 5 kids. CounterStrike was fun. Ching Yong, being a member of a clan called "BEEF" (Lawl) was the most pro. Andrian seemed pro only because he was looking at my screen and stalking and back-stabbing me for free frags.

Headed for dinner and got Nasi Lemak which was reviewed in a Chinese Magazine I've never heard of (according to the saleslady). Ching Yong, or "Chee Yang" as the ladies called him, was telling us stories again. Do you know that if you spell "Xu Su" backwards...it adds a totally new dimension to the name? Amazing.

And then I panicked.


And I bloody ran (flashback to American Idol, the Clay Aiken look-alike running for the toilet). To the Lan-shop. Gave a brief explanation to the lady at the counter (Looked at her and winked) and headed in. Thank HEAVENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My handphone was still there! Right where I left it! It's probably because it's black and the place was really dark or maybe the game was on the com I previously occupied was too absorbed in the game to notice the awesomtitude of the handphone in front of him. I am so relieved.

When I picked it up, the phone was ringing. I looked at it..."Ringo" the Caller ID read. Thanked him mentally, but decided to play a harmless trick. I answered the phone, made my voice this DEEP and said "HELLLO" in a voice so deep, you'd think I'd gone through puberty three-times-over. Lol, I said hello thrice and put it down. Lol. The guys fucking ran to the Lan-shop. Lol. I presume to look for the guy who had "stolen" the phone. I'm sorry for the trick, and thanks a bunch for being a great group of friends.

So we headed home, around 10++, because we played arcade for awhile. I played Guitar Freaks V2 with Raynard and owned him flat-flat. Here's the new ranking: Raymond>Raynard>everybody from the previous list. Awesome display from the Ronald, considering it was his first time.

Plans for the day? Undecided, but might be dropping by Queenstown for awhile. Mugging through the afternoon and night, and jogging later at around 12, in the gym of course.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Running scared

Imagine the surprise I got when I browsed through the NewPaper after I got home from school.

The headline read: "They film bashing and post it online". Sounds familiar? It should, since a few months back, I did that very same thing. Shock! To top it off, the sub-heading read "One video shows secondary student beating victims as other students cheer him on". Again, sounds familiar? Recall the video i posted ages ago depicting Bernard and Minhazul doing a semi-mock fight (it was mock, but not really a fight, hence, "semi").

Nabei, I thought they were talking about that man!

Reading the article further, I figured they weren't since the schools were Anderson and Peirce Secondary school. But still, I'm scared, damnit. The boys got "counselling". I never figured out why schols think that "counselling" is so great, when all we really need is a good talking to from an adult we look up to. There's absolutely no need to go for "sessions" and what shits because all problems in this world can be solved by a good scolding, making the guilty party aware of the consequences and a few stragically placed vulgarities.

Anyway, I'm scared. I won't be surprised if the p. comes to talk to the whole class. Guess who'll be responsible? Me, lah. That's why I've taken down all of my videos from YouTube which depicts the school. The canto-pop singing is still there though, and the Guitar Freaks. The rest however, has been demolished, and exists only as bits in my computer. If you really want to see it again, just ask me for them and I'll send it over. It's not that I'm PUSSY (with a capital PUSSY), it's just that I'm pussy (minus the capital).

I want to avoid trouble, that's all.

Go check out the article at NewPaper: May 24th, second page and third page.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Another day, another night.

There was supposed to be a spot-check today. As an after-effect, we witnessed higher socks, lower skirts and shorter hair. This is why spanking is OK (though I view it as a last resort); because people change when they stand to suffer a consequence. As I was saying, there was supposed to be a spot-check, but it never came. Anti-climatic, huh? I can hear the throes of disappointment from all the ones who pontang-ed today. Too bad, so sad, better luck next time, gg-no-r-e.

MLB was a blast. Since my teacher didn't come, I slept for the whole of the two periods. Two periods in lala land srsly recharges you for the rest of the day. And I can't help but feel as if...I'm committing a crime; like shop-lifting and not getting caught. It's like, I'm a student, and instead of studying, I'm sleeping...for 2/9 of the day. I've really got to try to supress my snoring. It's not that loud, but I think it's at the very least audible. But what the heck, how would I hear myself when I'm asleep?

For Quest Fit, we recieved a booklet, and in this booklet, we had to record all our meals and all our exercises for the first two weeks of the holidays. WTF? First we had to record our study schedule and show it to the teacher, and now I've got to compile my diet and exercise regime. They might as well ask me to talk about the goings-on of my life to the whole wo..rl..d....too late, I already did -_-".

A.maths, chemistry, e-maths and more a-maths. I'm liking my new seating arrangement. I'm still on the same place, but beside me now is Ryan, and beside him is Ching Yong (Fat Shit) while TYS and TahNern moved behind me ot seat with Ringo. In front is Choo Jia Han and Park Kim Shan. We're like one happy family, kinda like the Brady Bunch, only not so "brady". We're (not my words) "gae siao" and "kwai lan" (did I spell that right?). Cross your fingers, and hope that the teacher doesn't shift any of us far and away.

Spent the after-school time wandering around the school for abit. There was a meeting in the AVT for those who did badly in A-maths, so I and some ofthe 4A gang went down to eat. Then I had nowhere to go once again because of the damned Chinese Os which are these Monday. Since the all-important test is coming, the China people have to stay in class to chiong they're Chinese. I would have gone home, but I had a meeting afterwards.

Our school hosted the South-cluster games today. Bunch of schools came to play games but they're all Sec 1s and 2s, much to our disappointment. So to pass the time, Jo-pu taught me how to play that dumbass cup stacking game. It's retarded. And they've even got a special apparatus to help you measure how fast you stack your cups. WTF? I topped 47+++ (I cheated) while Jo-pu scored 30 secs. Hooray for Jo-pu's dubious talents!

The meeting was quick, regarding the up-and-coming Prefect's Investiture as well as the Prom. Hopefully, everything will go fine.

On a side-note,

What is up with guy's obcession with the phallic? Guitars, swords, joysticks, wands, staves, guns, batons; what the hell do they have in common? Guys are addicted to them (pardon the pun) and they're all long and hard. It's freaky and almost homophobic. Take this few sentences and put in the "penis" (pun, excuse me).

He unsheathed his SWORD, poised to penetrate.
Cocking (ahempunahem) his GUN, he aimed and he fired.
Harry stroked his WAND in a smooth up-and-down motion to make bling.

Weird and queer. This has gotta be heriditary.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Guitar Freaks

By Request from Ryan. Ryan didn't come to school today, so this is my get-well present for him.





PS: This was taken on Sunday during TYS' birthday. Ryan was still healthy. WTF?
PSS: Raymond>Ryan>Tan Yan Shan>Cheng Tah Nern>Andrian Kanta>Glenn Lum>Choo Jia Han

Some of the best things in life are free

It's funny how today feels so much like a Friday. I guess that's because i'm still in the after-exam mood. Must pull myself out...asap.

Today's good, but then again, so is any other day. I got 33/50 for paper 2 of English, scoring 65+. That's a B3! 1+1+2+2+2+3=11. Assuming I get an A in terms of CCA points, that'll mean 2 points off, and that'll be 9 points. Nope, still short of VJC, but it's good enough for most JCs. Considering that the mid-year is supposed to be more difficult than the actual O-levels, and that the effort we put in for this stupid exam will be minimal compared to what will do for the O-levels, I don't think there's any reason to worry. So cheer up, everyone! Even though the crock's ticking, there's plenty of thyme.

Went for Quest Fit for the first time in a long time. Running three rounds around the damned field outside the damned school again. I was really looking forward to this session, since we were supposed to do weight taking, but no. I asked why and I was answered "No, today run" What the...? At least give me a straight answer, since I'm going to have to spend the rest of the day with my shirt stuck to my damn back because of all the perspiration. Anyway, my fitness has taken a severe beating after the exam period. I can't even keep up with ZZY anymore. What's happened to me? Who knows, but I'm going to catch up during this holidays. Chiong arh.

Did alot of walking back of forth during Geography, because I got fooled into thinking that there was no lesson, and I had to go back ot take my answer papers. I'm too gullible for my own good, naive if I'm being a critic, cute/innocent if I'm being an optimist. Let's all be optimists. The lesson was "..." and there's we're going to be sitting for the Sec 3 paper this Thursday. Should be pretty simple. Random: I used to spell pretty as "preety", since pretty so doesn't make sense. Heard of petty before? Does it sound like "preety"? Why can't the English language be simpler?

A-maths and Social Studies. I can't really remember much which goes on in Social Studies. The ratio of lesson to story is 4 : 6. I don't really care though, as long as I learn whatever I need to learn. I vaguely recall discussing sewage expressway, and I'm like "What do you call them? P.E.E? S.H.I.T? W.I.I.W.I.I?" It's mind-boggling. Speaking of expressways, did you ever hear the joke about the previous Filipino president, Joseph Estrada?

Here's a brief lesson in history for you: Joseph Estrada (nicknamed Erap) was once a famous actor, churning out hit after hit. He had the hair, the moustache, and sideburns, much like the John Trevolta of the Pinas. So, being the power hungry pig he is, he became a politician (the trend of actors turning politicians started in Philipinnes). Since much of the Filipino population are dirt-poor (4% of the population controls more than 50% of the money) they vote for whoever they see on the silver screens. Through Estrada's glib tounge and illiterate supporters, he rose through the ranks, and became the President. He's a bad president, and got ousted through People Power. While he was still in power, he travelled to Singapore to visit our PM. As he was travelling down the road, he made a comment that Singaporeans are very warm and welcoming, but suck in their spelling. WHy is that? He saw a gajillion signs bearing the words "ERP".

The assembly was a chinese Karaoke competition. It was it was lah, a Karaoke competition as in "Oke" standard. Ok ,that might be over critical since the guy in Sec 5 and our very own Swee Lin were awesome but the two guys from Sec 4 N(A) were >.< ans Zul was...well let's just say he's not Chinese. There was a malay performance though called "Gadis Melayu" and it was really good. The other contestants did an impromptu dance. The teacher in-charge is so gonna get his/her ass burned. None of our Heads like stuff which are not planned. One thing which struck me though; how people were more interested in the music videos rather than the performers themselves.

Had lunch at Dawson with Glenn and Elgin, then went back to school and watched guys play b.ball for awhile. Headed to Bukit Merah Central to get a hair-cut with TahNern, RIngo, YanShan, WeiJin and Jeremy. You must be wondering "Why would anyone want to get a haircut just before the holidays?" It's because we're going to have a spot-check tomorrow. Talk about horrible timing. Why must the school be so particular about your hair? I just got my hair-cut a week ago at CutNCurl at Singapore Post Chopping Centre because my fringe kept irritating my eyes. Every morning, I woke up with blood-shot eyes. If only I was a FEW shades paler, you'd mistake me for Silas, the albino monk who's into S&M. So, I did get a hair-cut, but the back was still too long. I didn't realise until people started pointing it out. And yes, it was really long. The whole head was short, but the back is long, like a mohawk really. So, I got a free trimming at Creative something at Bukit Merah Central. I offered to pay, but they declined, and only asked I come back again. I'm not sure whether I'll come back again since I'm such a big fan of CutNCurl, but I'll just promote them in my own way. If you ever need a Hair-cut, please do go to Bukit Merah Central, near 7-11 and the Indian Fast Food called Creative Cut, run by this guy called Allan. He roXXX, and that's with a capital XXX.

Some of the best things in life are free. Then again some of the worsts. Cancer, aids, etc. Nothing's truly F.O.C.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Post for TYS

Happy Birthday! Sweet sixteen, man! You're growing older like WHOA. Make good use of the face lifting set I used you (the one with Pierre Png on it). You may be on your way to stardom, or whatever, but don't forget about all the little people.

Happy birthday, and your opinion is your opinion is your opinion is your opinion. Damn all those who flames you for taking a stand.

I'll be the Guitar Freak

I'm pooped.

Went out today, did some shopping, walked a whole lot, played Guitar Freak, ate at Marche, accidentally bought two crepes instead of 1, played Guitar Freak again, got into a small argument with a bus driver, watched TV and typed this.

It's funny how a few hours worth of your life could be summed up into one sentence punctuated with more than a few comas.

I'll be blogging more tomorrow. Took a couple of videos of fake mat and the jap playing Guitar Freak. Really really funny stuff. I laughed so hard, my kindeys hurt.

The Guitar Freaks- Pinoy Mat (Raymond), Fake Mat (Choo Jia Han) and Poser Jap (Ryan cum Tetsu)..

The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Put all of your music on shuffle and then for each category put the name of the song that plays next. Don't cheat. It's cool.

Opening credits:
the pillows – Fool On the Planet
Raymond Angelo says: I like it. So far, so good and so appropriate.

Waking up:
Asian Kung-fu Generation – Hold Me Tight
Raymond Angelo says: Sometimes, I have nightmares.

Average day:
alicenine. – Fantasy

Raymond Angelo says: I’m living a fantasy, so it’s cool.

First date:
Utada Hikaru – Passion
Raymond Angelo says: I get passionate very easily. I’m the real sucker.

Falling in love:
X-Japan – Rusty Nail
Raymond Angelo says: Just tell me my life?

Fight scene:
Tohoshinki – Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Raymond Angelo says: It’s a Christmas song. How quaint.

Breaking up:
L’arc En Ciel – Anata
Raymond Angelo says: “To your heart, I need your love and care”

Getting back together:
The Pillows – Byebye Sweet Pain

Secret love:
Yuzo Koshiro – Rival And Course Select (Maxi2 Version)
Raymond Angelo says: WTF? This is the rival and course selection song from Maximum Tune 2. What’s this supposed to mean?

Life's okay:
Yuzo Koshiro – Fun-Loving Spirit

Mental breakdown:

Orange Range – God69

Yoko Shimomura – Cloud Chasers
Raymond Angelo says: From the Kingdom Hearts II OST.

Learning a lesson:
Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen
Raymond Angelo says: Finally, something English.

Deep thought:
Earth Wind and Fire – Fantasy

Face 2 Fake – Twilight
Raymond Angelo says: From the Densha Otoko OST. They always play this during the romantic flashbacks, so I guess it fits.

Da Pump – We Can’t Stop The Music

Happy dance:
Morning Musume – Sayonara SEE YOU AGAIN Adios BYE BYE Ta Ta!

w-inds – It’s in the Stars

Long night alone:
Tohoshinki – One

Death scene:
X-Japan – Orgasm

Raymond Angelo says: Lawl.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Solomon Key

In case you haven't heard, Dan Brown's next book will be released at the year 2007, EARLIEST. The title? The Solomon Key. The protagonist? Dear Mr Robert Long-dong again. And the subject will be Solomon and the Masons this time around.

Don't take my word for it. Take theirs:

I've been doing research on Wikipedia, and it looks like once again, Dan Brown's got a wii-ner in his hands.

Hungry for info?
Wii-ki it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Solomon_Key
And checikie this out: http://solomon.dailygrail.com/

Me-Against-The-World Complex

Speechless, that's what I am. WIth the exception of English Paper 2, I've got back all my results. How goes it? Let's see...

Geography: A1
E-maths: A1
A-maths: A2 (Missed A1 by less than 1.5 marks)
Combined Humans: A2 (Damn literature. Scored 43/50 for SS and a sodding 30.5/50 for Lit.E. What does that leave me? A 2. A2.)
Chemistry: A2
Physics: B3 (Missed A2 by less than 0.5 marks. How said is that?)
Malay B: Pass (Let's leave it at that)

So, my R5 comes up to a total of 8. Not too shabby, I guess. Maximum is a 17, and the most optimistic is 10. Possible? Let's hope it is. 10 ain't too bad, but it's not too good either. So let's not sit on our asses but look forward to the Os. Your marks, whatever it is, is a reflection of what you've been doing. Hard work pays off, but sloth also wrecks it's own havoc, so complacency is a no-no. We witnessed success stories in this Mid-year, as well as fall from glories. There are some cases where someone worked hard but still did shit. However, let's not let one exam faze us. Alot can happen over the next few months; all the best to all, I guess.

Today was good. We got back our Physics paper, and, although it could have been alot worse, my Paper 2 was ok. It was the MCQ which really kicked my balls. 27 out of a possible 40. OUCH. And I got owned by Mdm Teow as usual, this time for not tying my script properly, and she had to staple it herself. Guess if that happens, I'll have to fly back to England to deliver a stapler to them so that they can piece together my script. Haiz. The chemistry could have been better, and it's only thanks to the MCQ that I got an A2. To sum it up, my marks for the pure sciences were a fucking miracle.

And then sweet SS. 25 of essay and 18 for Sourced-based. God bless my arse which have worked so hard. I've got an advantage in the O-levels. Here's my theory: Since I always write my name as "Raymond Angelo" and never in full (as in "Raymond Angelo Gonzaga Lagdameo", which is shit enough to type, more so to write) they'll think I'm a white, an ang-moh, a "mate" and give me a higher mark. More power to me then.

We got back the 133t paper after school. Fucking contrasted with my SS marks, and pulled it down too, to the pits. If possible, I won't bother including this in my L1R5, as 133t scores are damn volatile; one minute you're a2 calibre and the next you're grasping a c5.

I was hyper after school for some reason. Maybe it's the exams, or maybe it's the surge in people I don't know saying "hi" to me (I don't hate it, so please continue) When Malay ended, I went down to the canteen to look for Glenn and Elgin (fellow B syllabus takers, smart people) but they've gone home. Went up and saw Jeremy (asking for marks) and Raied (doing Malay), sian. Went to the canteen again and TahNern told me that there was no teacher in their Chinese Remedial, so I went up. Then I was told that we had to go down to check our Literature marks. Then I went up to class again, hung for awhile, before heading home, but not before making arrangements to meet up after school.

Headed home and headed to Suntec to meet Yan Shan, Tah Nern and Ringo. Played at the arcade for awhile, the usual Guitar Freak and MT2. I've made vast improvements in Guitar Freak. From an E to an A! And at "standard" difficulty too. I'm in between techniques in MT2, at least, that's my excuse for losing. I'm researching the best way to tackle a red-turn. Yeah....right...

Remember yesterday, how I said something about watching Over The Hedge instead of Da Vinci Code, and not properly exercising my priveledges as a fledging 16-year-old? Well, I did. And I'm glad that I did. The movie was predictable, but that's a foregone conclusion. I mean, what twists can you expect (God, the contradiction) in a movie for kids? Typical family fare, but that by no means mean that aDOLTS like me would find it unamusing. The slapstick visual humor was so-so, but some lines were memorable. And if you look deeper, you'll find alot of parallels in the movie, hidden meanings and all that jazz. Isn't it cool how we see what we really need to SEE in a kids movie? You may not undestand me, but hey, I'm just trying to be deep. All in all, this was some good shit. 4/5, and that's after being all analytical.

And you can't be analytical without being ANAL.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dye your hands red for the Revolution has begun.

Oh my god.

I just slept the day away. One of the things I can't stand is sleeping in the afternoon, especially on the school day. Just think, you're already spending half the damn day away from home, and you go home, and you just sleep. There's so many other things to be done. Haiz. This means...more coffee. The instant-kind which are not really instant because you still have to wait two minutes.

My day started off good. I woke up, drank my usual glass of milk (to become taller) and nearly spat it out. I was watching TFC (The Filipino Channel, on StarHub Cable 98), and the foremost Filipino morning show was on, called "Magandang Umaga Filipinas" (Good Morning Philipinnes). As you all know, Philipinnes is a deeply Catholic country, and it's to be expected that a movie like The Da Vinci Code will cause a whole lot of hoo-ha down there. So they were running segments on it, about how some malls have pledged not to show it and stuff, and you wouldn't believe it but THROUGHOUT the whole segment, they spelled "Da Vinci Code" as "THE VINCI CODE". LOL. You try to sound smart, but in the end, stupid is what stupid does.

Anyway, on the topic of The Vinci Code, I'm not getting all the commotion and waves this movie has been setting, because seriously, nobody's going to take it seriously. Most of us have read the book, and do you see us turning all un-religious (If we already aren't)? With all the publicity the movie's getting, all the media coverage on how the movie's full of shit and the debates on The Vinci's sexuality, we all know that the movie is feeding us theories of a single man, nothing concrete. With all the contreversy, everyone's expecting the movie to be good, but I'll be the first one to bet that the movie will score big in the box office, despite having negative reviws. It's opening on the same date as "Over The Hedge", and honestly, I'd prefer to watch that (Join the contest; Is RJ a raccoon, cocoon, baboon or cookie? Oh the HUGE MANATEE!). The Vinci Code is going to suck, because the only thing the book had going for it was it's revalations. And seeing as how most people have already read the book, the movie's got nothing new to offer. Was there any jaw-dropping action set-pieces in the book? Nope. Climax? Nope. And Tom Hanks doesn't fit the role of Langdon; since I was expection someone more erudite. And the posters are ugly too..."Woohoo, it's the last supper, Tom Hanks, the guy who played Magneto, and 2 other nobodies" and "Woohoo, it's Mona Lisa and it's become a Puzzle)

There were rumors of 48 whopping cookies being given out today since there was a 12 day blank durign the exam period but nope, didn't happen. I got my ass served by Mdm Teow, since I didn't erase my answers properly in the OTAS. Serves me right I guess, since there's no way I'm going to fly off to England, and ask the markers to mark manually. Haiz. I'll just promise not to do it again, and move on I guess.

We recieved our English Paper 1s first thing in the morning. I had to borrow an OHP from one of the secondary 1 classes, and people were still asking me for cookies. It's cute lah, but move on people, since I've retired. I just averaged for the paper lah, which was something I had expected. 19/20, no that's not 19 upon 20 but 19/30 for section 1 and 20/30 for section 2. Not my best. Lot's of people were not happy about their marks and rightfully so, since in some scripts, getting 14/30 wasn't even justified. "Too many to point us" is really not an excuse to not to point out.

Geography, geography, geography! I scored 37/39 for the MCQ, which is awesome, especially since out of the two mistakes, one was careless and in another, I was clueless. Scored 72.5/100 for Paper 2, which was not what I expected, but I'll be thankful anyway, since I didn't really work hard this term. Combined score? 78.someshit. A1. *coughtopahemtopcough.*

After that was E.maths. Paper 1 was 74/80 and Paper 2 was 93/100. Oh yeah. I'm so glad I kept careless mistakes to a minimal. Another A1 baby! I like E.maths, in that even if you only study the night before and never practice you can still get high marks. I'm not trying to be an arrogant prick, but it's true. Ok, so I do pay attention in class, clarify things I don't understand and do my homework everyday, but seriously, that's enough.

Mother Tounge, well, I'm not interested in my MLB results. I passed. And that's all there is to know. I really have to broaden my vocabulary. Must watch Suria. Any good shows to reccomend? Anybody? Congrats to Raied for finally passing malay.

I scored 61 and 57 for both A.maths paper (which are out of 80), totalling 73.8%. Dissed man, I am. ALL my mistakes were careless. Can believe or not? I knew how to do all the questions, but got deducted 19+23=42. Jeez. If only man. There's so many "if only"s going around my head, but that's all they are. "What if" scenarios. Move on, beeyotch and let's play Pangya!

Although we didn't get back our Chemistry papers, we did get back our scores and I got an exact A2, which is 70.somestuff. Didn't expect me to do as well as this, since i'm always pessimistic about chemistry. It's just one of those subjects which you think you know but you never really do. As they say " For humans, enough is never enough".

Then sat for this Health Survey in the hall. There were lots of people. I've a theory; they chose me because they think I'm promiscous and engage in unhealthy activities. Or maybe i'm just there to pull down the average? Wth. Alot of stupid questions were asked about my school, friends, mental state, physical condition, substance abuse and sexual activity (or in my case, INACTIVITY). I was marginalised man, freaking marginalised. I couldn't do 6 whole pages just because I haven't been putting my Wii-ner (Nintendo Wii joke. Lawl) in anyone's mouth, vagina or anus, or have been letting anyone touch my Wii-ly. The unfairness of it all. I did feel bad when there was a question asked about from what sources do you get pr0n. There were three choices I think (internet, books, media) and I ticked them all -_-". We recieved this stack of post-its and you know what we do with post-its; try to stick it onto each other.

Had lunch at Dawson, and headed home. From what I've heard, Fat Shit Goh Ching Yong won a YEAR'S worth of FREE tution on ALL subjects. You are one lucky bitch, Ching Yong. Some of the best things in life are free, but so are the worst so let's all be wary.

Dreading the return of the physics paper tomorrow. Dreading with a capital D-E-A-D as in DrEADing.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Incident of the Lost Bag

Finally, the exams are over. Finished. Finally. Got Damnit.

The past two days, I sat for my Geography, Chemistry and Physics MCQ as well as my A-maths Paper 2. You know what sucks? The planning of this exam. Why are the papers of the same subject spread so far apart? Maths paper 1 was last monday, and the next paper was the following Monday. What's up with that one-week blank? For that precise reason, I had to play catch up during the weekend. I couldn't believe it, but most of the stuff I'd studied the week before was already gone. Cheesepie, there goes the weekend.

Geography Paper 1, A-maths Paper 2 and Chemistry Paper 1 were easy, simple. I fucking breezed through them. But the physics, man, the physucks. I botched the damn paper. I was damn careless throughout. And to top it all off, Ms Wee made a comment that our paper 2 was "BAD". One can only hope for the best.

At least I got 92.something for E-maths. That's out of 100. Rock on. I can be a cashier in the future! ...I can be a cashier in the future...-_-"

So yeah, after that we headed over to Suntec, me and most of the 4A boys. We played Mario Kart and Maximum Tune 2.

Here's the lo-down on me and Maximum Tune 2. The car I use is unique in that I'm the only one using it. The Toyota Supra [JZA70] 2.5GT Twin Turbo R was made in 1990, compared to the other cars in the game which are made in 1995+. It's probably the lousiest+ugliest car in the game. I even chose an ugly colour for it, Mica Green. Honestly, imagine a green shoebox running around the streets of Lim Chui Kang, and you've got my car. My choosing of this car was an accident, I wanted to choose the newer Supra, but I was a n00b back then (Yes, I am pr0 right now, even with a lousy car) and I didn't know there was more than one Supra. And thus, I ended up with this butt-ugly piece of shit: http://www.toyota-supra.info/models/1991_8/4561/

So we played for a few hours, totally forgoing lunch time. Me, Glenn and Ryan walked around the Gashaporns, and then to ToysRUs to look for yo-yos. Glenn needed a new one because his current yo-yo is not good enough to beat Hiroyuki Suzuki. We could only find Duncan Pro-yos, which are the pits of the Yo-yo hierarchy, so we didn't buy any.

Damn I was hungry, but we play-play-play and played samo (What's samo?). Managed to get second in a few races, never first, but luckily, if memory serves me right, never last either. Watched Ryan and BingYu playing Guitar Freaks, and me, being the arrogant prick that I am kind of, vowed to play the stupid game, thinking it was so easy. But, that will be after linner/dunch/the thing between dinner and lunch.

A few people went home and the remainder went to Carl's Junior at the basement of Suntec. I love Carl's Junior. Maybe it's the big (they're not that big, but still big) burgers or maybe it's the free refills, or maybe it's just the kind waitresses who offer to do refills for us. I mean, free refills are awesome enough, but now you offer to refill for us? Hell friggin' yeah, I'm sold. Anyway, we were like school-girls. We were gossiping so much. WTF somebody backstabbed somebody? WTF so-and-so like so-and-so? WTF somebody instigated so-and-so to do what-and-what to so-and-so? WTF somebody's getting free cable channels without paying StarHub? WTF there's a love triangle involving her, her and her? Was there a third-party involved? Well, we can arrange for that ;-). Chatted for around an hour and a half, and our table was full of shit (All hail literature).

Headed back to the arcade to play a bit more. Played Guitar Freaks 5 with ryan while the rest played Maximum Tune. Remember earlier how I was saying it's so simple and being an arrogant prick? I'll let my score speak for me. Ryan got 20000+ and I got 1000+. I hit 5 out of 250+ notes. WTF? Like in every instrumental simulation, you get three songs, so I averaged 5 hits, so that's about 15 out of 750. Did I suck so much? Nope, apparently not, because I was just being stupid. Guitar Freak works like this. There are three buttons and a strumming thingamajig. You've got to hold the three buttons and THEN strum. What I was doing was just pressing the three buttons and ignoring the strumming thingamajig. No wonder there were two girls laughing at me play, and I don't blame them because I looked like a right old dumbass. After our first round, and a whole lot of WTFs from Ryan, he finally told me how it's done and I didn't get 5 anymore. Yay, me.

We played a few more rounds, and sometime between our second and third round, Yan Shan came to us and said that Ringo lost his bag. The two of us just nodded and continued playing. Then Andrian came and said "Do you know Ringo lost his bag?" and we replied "We know" then continued strumming. Yan Shan came again, said the same thing and I told him to look at Carl's Junior and continued to play. I feel so bad man. I was so absorbed by the game that I didn't feel any concern at first. I thought he just left it somewhere, but apparently, it was stolen by some guy in a red t-shirt and jeans, with a beard, who looks like Zul and is about the height of Ching Yong (Glenn Lum's description) while they were playing Maximum Tune. The guy even talked to Glenn Lum for abit, before rushing off with the bag. They didn't see the guy take the bag, but he's the only one who could have done it, seeing how he was standing so close to the bag, and he disappeared just before they realised the bag's disappearance. Ringo's phone, wallet, absolute everything was inside his bag, and some fucker stole it. Ringo made a report at the infomation counter, then he, Glenn Lum, Yan Shan and Ching Yong (as they were there playing Maximum Tune and had seen the suspect) headed down to Beach Road Police Post to file a report. Me, Ryan, Andrian and TahNern stayed behind and did our own thang.
Thinking that the guy snatched the wallet, handphone+anything the fucker thinks is valuable and then disposed of the bag, we made an attempt to look for the bag, combing the a good portion of Suntec, looking in every cubicle+trash cans. Futile, all our efforts were.

Glenn Lum rode inside a police car! Go, him! He was escorted to Suntec by the policemen in a real police car. They even had the siren on. Lol. He so should have taken pictures. I'll caption it under "What criminals see before getting their ass totally ravaged in prison". He was there to view the CCTV and identify the suspect since he was the most familiar with him (they even had a conversation), but management didn't allow and he's gotta return tomorrow. Everybody converged at Suntec, and from there, we moved on and split.

Pity Ringo man. He lost his whole bag and inside were like 4 shirts, his wallet, his handphone and books (fuck that). The wallet luckily contained only a few dollars, but the EZ-Link was lost. It can always be replaced, I guess. That handphone, well, you were going to et a new one anyway, right? And the bag's so old, it's about time you replaced it.

Let's all hope that justice be served.

Monday, May 15, 2006

True freedom is having a place you can return to

Howdy, cowboys, cowgirls, general beefy people.

I'll make this short. I've still got to rush my Physics and Chemistry MCQs. I love the RedSpot. I swear, having the RedSpot book for any subject is enough to get you an A2. They've got questions, answers, explanations, and everything, in one neat package. Too bad they stopped publishing it last year.

So tomorrow, I'll be heading off to school at 10+, because i'm not taking the Listening Comprehension. Go, me. Go there, finish off my Pure Phyics and Chemistry Paper 1s, chiong MT2 at Suntec, pass by Bugis to get the latest volume of GetBackers, finish reading 20th Century Boys, then blog. Good plan, yeah? Hope so. I can't believe the exams are ending tomorrow. It's not that I'm not happy or anything, but I've gotten so used to studying that it's gonna take some time before I get used to having so much free time.

Check this out:

Bob Lennon by Endou Kenji

The sun goes down and I can smell,
Curry cookin', somewhere
How long will we have to walk
Before we get home?
Will the croquettes from my favourite shop
Still taste the same,
Waiting for me.

Night comes down upon the Earth,
And I'm hurryin' home

They say
The ogres will be laughing next year
And I say
Let 'em laugh all they like
I'll keep talkin' about
5 or ten years in the future
And 50 years later,
If I'm still with you

Night comes down upon the Earth,
And I'm hurrying home

Well the rain may fall
And the storms may come
And the spears may fall
Let's all go home
They can't stop us
Nobody has the right to stop us

Night comes down upon the Earth,
And I'm hurryin home
Night around the world,
The entire world
Is all hurryin' home
And I pray that these days will
Continue for you,
Forever and Ever

Got it from a manga I'm currently reading called 20th Century Boys. It's awesome, one of the best, in fact. This song is, of course, in Japanese, so don't sue me if the words don't seem to rhyme. It's so meaningful man, it's as if it's saying, "True freedom is having a place you can return to".

Interested? Download it at http://www.mangadownload.net/manga.php. Need to register? Don't bother. Use mine. User: supernal_me and the pass: raymond. WTF?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl

Awesome news. The latest instalment of Pokemon is coming out this year. That's in Japan though, not too sure about the international release date. It's going to be called Diamond and Pearl. It's Nintendo DS-exclusive, so it makes me feel so thankful to be owning one.


According to Masuda, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will take place in a new land, although it will feature pocket monsters from previous games. Sugimori comments that the game's developers are currently thinking about the all-new Pokemon that will appear in the two games, and they're also trying to come up with the designs of currently existing Pokemon in their evolved and pre-evolved states. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl won't have any additional monster types (currently there are 17), although there will be additional pocket monsters that are combinations of two monster types. The Pokemon from movies will be in the game as well, and they're said to make their entrances in surprising ways.

Both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will have connectivity to the Pokemon series for the GBA and GameCube, and users will be able to port their pocket monsters from previous installments to the DS. Masuda also commented that he expects the games to use the DS's Wi-Fi capabilities to connect simultaneously with 16 players and that the touch-sensitive screen will be employed during gameplay.

Taken from: GameSpot

Here are some pictures:

I'm not a big fan of the design for the guy. Maybe it's the art's major hat or maybe it's the scarf or maybe it's just that stupid hand-sign which might mean something. I like the girl's design though. But the hand-bag doesn't seem practical for gallivanting all around pokemon world and capturing pokemon. And that skirt is way too short. It seems like the current trend is stupid hats and scarfs.

Look forward to it.

Out of the list

Happy Vesak Day?

I've been staying in Singapore for a gabizillion minutes and it's only now that I realise I've got no clue what Vesak Day is about. I vaguely remember reading about it in CME, but my mind's like one of those companies who retrench older workers, "You useless, I chuck you out." So, I wiki-ed Vesak Day, and now I am enlightened. And I'll remember not to chuck that piece of information out, too. Can't skewer me. I'm from the Philippines, and we only celebration Christian holidays. *waves the Philippines Flag and sings "Pinoy Ako" song*

One week has passed, and since my last serious post, I've sat for my 133t, E-maths Paper 2, MLB Paper 2 and the two English Papers.

Now this was a whole lot of fun. The questions set was predictable, since Mrs Dass has been stressing on "Krishna's journey for self-discovery". I never liked some of Mrs Dass' interpretation so I wrote mostly from my own thoughts, and twisted some things she said to fit into my essay.The first question was something along the lines of "To what extent is the book about an Indian's search for his roots". I envy the next batch of E.133t since they don't have to study the English Teacher. We were allocated an hour and 45, I think, and I spent an hour on this first question. I had more to write, but time constraints, once again, damn you, fucking crock (typo). Moved onto the Unseen Prose. What do I mean by unseen prose? It's like comprehension, but only this time around there's like 2 questions, worth 15 and 10 marks repsectively, and you've got to write A LOT. The passage was about a widow, leaving with his son and the son's dog in some desolate town in Italy called Bonifacio. When the son dies, the mother mourns for her son's death, and kisses the dead body, practically feeling 'em up. I wanted to write that she was chanelling her built up sexual tension on her son, but self-censorship executed that particular idea. Alot to write, but time was my leash.

E-maths Paper 2:
Ahh...the simplicity that is E-maths. There was only 1 question I wasn't too sure of doing, and the rest was, how to say...easy like Sunday Morning lahlahlahalh~~Did the usual silent fist pump, and high-five-ing of self after every successful question. It keeps your morale up, trust me.

30 MCQs in the space of one hour. One question every two minutes...good deal, yeah? One close passage, three comprehensions and 10 totally random language questions. What more can a guy ask for? Most of the stuff came from the textbook too, so thank heavens I read through the text book the day before instead of playing MegamanBattleNetwork5TeamProtoman...O.o". Finished the paper in less than 15 minutes. I don't know what's the deal with some of our invigilators. I was finished, with my head on the desk sleeping, and one of the invigilator woke me up and asked whether I've finished. WTF? I can handle my own paper, thank you very much.

English Paper 1:
Seeing how I didn't attend the 28th, I had to sit for this paper yesterday, which is a Friday, in the commerce room, along with the rest of students who missed their papers. The paper 1 came first...and I didn't write my best essay. The questions weren't to my liking. "The will to live", "Describe an occasion where you chose to suffer the consequences instead of giving in" (WTF?), "Write about a festival celebrated in Singapore", "insert the one I can't remeber here" and "Write about some of the problems faced by the elderlies in Singapore". I was torn between the "festival" one and the "elderly" one, but my decision was decided (wtf? alliteration?) by the word "Singapore". I wasn't too sure how festivals are celebrated in Singapore lol, so I went with the elderly. We studied it in Social Studies, we studied it in Geography, we studied it in Moral Education, heck, a questions about the Elderly came out in the E-maths Paper 2 (Cumulitative Graph, the last one) so I said to myself, stealing the words of a certain anime character, "There is no such thing as coincidence, only destiny" DESHTEENY! I elderl-ied for an hour, and chiong-ed the Functional, where I took the role of the president of my CCA, and I had to submit a proposal for an overseas trip, between China, Vietnam, and The US of A. Lol. See the connection there?

English Paper 2:
Smokey Mountains+Madagascar=OH NOSE! This is the Paper 2 i've been hearing so much about, the one nobody has passed yet, the DREADED COMPREHENSION! I have no idea man, I've done many comprehensions before, but their difficulty greatly varies. What's the deal with this difficulty level, which is oh-so-high? I didn't think the questions were too hard, but then again, the same goes to many previous comprehensions, which I did badly on, so who nose? The summary was simple, and I caught most of the points. Actually, for summary, the best strategy is to summarise everything given in the given lines. See how many words you exceed by, then cancel the parts which are most likely not points. ULTIMATE STUDY TIPS HHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

All the MCQ papers are next week. Geog Paper 1, Phys Paper 1 and Chem Paper 1. And A-maths too, but that should be OK. I've got to brush up on the MCQs. God knows how tricky they can be. Goal over this long weekend: Finish the whole damn TYS MCQ sections.

I'm reading a new book called "Thirty-Nothing". It's a chick-book, which is like a chick-flick only it's a...well, book. Seems intresting, and is quite funny, but the story is quite...cliche and blarghh *puts two fingers in mouth and pretends to gag*.

And I've started running again! Just finished 3 klicks (This is such an over-used term. Lawl) at the condo gym. Wanted to run outside, but decided against it since the weather was so bad. Why start running again? Because I haven't been doing so lately, and what with my see-food diet in the Philippines during my short holiday, I've put on a pound or three and I'm getting round-er and out of shape.

What? You say round IS a shape?O RLY? SRSLY? Well haha, and goodbye.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

De-stress for Dummies

Life in 4A is indeed stressful. We're taking more subjects than everybody else, and more difficult subjects at that. So, we, the boys of 4A often come up with innovative ways to release tension. Well, not really stress; it's just an excuse to do stupid shit. One of the stupid shit is the OBVIOUS, another is making stupid videos and the latest one has something to do with chairs.

This here are intricate chair sculptures. It's like an art form. And like what they say about art, you either create or destroy. In this case, we create THEN destroy.

We rock.


It's that time of the year again. It's E3!

What's E3? Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's basically this ENORMOUS gaming convention cum trade show. In this event developers show off their upcoming games as well as gaming systems and periphirals. This year's been big man, what with the advent of the three new gaming systems, X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3. Which system will come out on top?

X-BOX 360 ...well i've never been a big fan of X-BOX. It's too American for my taste, and the games aren't, well, to put it bluntly, Japanese enough. Haha. Anyway, several months in and the only game in the X-BOX 360 arsenal I've felt like playing is Elderscrolls 4: MorrowWind, which is also out on the PC. How sad is that, Bill Gates?

The PS3 seems too expensive. It's been announced that it's gonna cost $500-$600 in the US which means we've gotta fork out a thousand just to play it. I really hope someone manages to pirate the Blu-Ray discs. The price is high, but as long as the game quality is high, I'll probably end up buying it. It looks sleek with all its curves, but the controller retains the PS2 look. They have a strong line-up which includes the new Tekken, the new Metal Gear, and of course, the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII.

I'm most excited about the Wii, though. I mean, fucking check this out:

Nintendo Wii: More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Final Fantasy XIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII is the premier product in the newly announced Final Fantasy XIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, which includes XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PlayStation 3, and Final Fantasy XIII Agito for mobile phones. The tagline for XIII is "A tale of souls from a futuristic civilization illuminated by the Light of the Cystal." We'll bring you more details about the game as soon as possible, but until then be sure to take a look at the first images from the game on our gamespace.

Taken from : GameSpot

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!! NABEI!!!!!!!!!WOOHOO!!!!

I found this yesterday evening but blogger was lagging, so I couldn't post it. So, here I am, 5 in the morning, posting this GROUND-BREAKING NEWS!

Remember, you got it here first.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Blues Are Calling

Goodbye, oh sweet days of mugging.

Finally, Geography, Physics and Chemistry Paper 2s are down. These are the three toughest paper in my schedule, and they're behind me now. I'm so relieved, but only time will tell if my efforts are enough.

Here's a run-down of the past few day's papers...

I'm not sure how well this paper's going to turn out. It started off badly. I realised, at the last moment that I had no pencil and ruler. Jeez...must have left it at home. So, I went out of the hall, under the guise of having forgotten to keep my phone and got my mechanical compass. And it wasn't working properly too. Jeez. God Help Me. The paper itself was OK. There was alot of questions on electricity, and I feel that there wasn't enough focus on the newer chapters (Electrolysis, Chemical Changes, Etc). I screwed up one or two calculations and fogot the charge of a certain important element. How the hell did that happen?

This paper was really really FUN! With the exception of one question, I knew how to do EVERYTHING! I love mathematics! The answers just flowed man. You should have seen me in the exam hall. I was doingdoingdoing and suddenly you'll see me bang the table and softly shout "YES!". There was one questions which stumped me though, and that was worth ten whole marks. The question (if you had taken the paper, it's the cartesian graph or something) came in 4 or 5 parts if I remember correctly. I KNEW how to do part 2-5 but I couldn't get the necessary equation for part 1. It's only after the paper that I realised that I was on the right track but I had stupidly left out the (-) sign, and consequently, couldn't get the equation and threw away the rest of the marks. To think that I had simply dismissed it as an error on the paper's part and that the reason everyone was still doing the paper (I had skipped this then gotten back to it) was because they were stumped by the questions. That wasn't the case. I was just fast.

I spent the whole of yesterday mugging this subject and I sat for it this morning. I would like to thank the blue Physics Workout book for being such great help, and the Phyics Textbook for spending the night with me. At first, the paper looked difficult. The first questions had biceps, and I couldn't quite figure it out. Spent a good amount of time touching my own biceps and experimenting. Haiz. There was a non-physics question on refraction where you had to find the angle. Screwed that one up. The rest of the paper's OK, but I think some of my explanations are off-tangent. And apparently, a magnetic field in a mercury causes bubbling...lawl at the chemistry and physics mix up.

I had breakfast with the 3b guys at Tiong Bahru. We were trapped in sweet sweet nostalgia, remembering the good old Secondary 1 & 2 days. We were all so...innocent, sweet, and...yaya papaya (anybody remember this incident?)...and FAT. Haha. Those were good times. I've got plenty of sweet memories of Secondary school life, and when I find the time, I'll blog about it...about thermometers in armpits, Peter Pan and gold diggers.

I headed back with JoPu, Jeremy and SongYong to school for Xtreme 133t class. It was good revision for tomorrow's paper. I'm having 133t and E-maths tomorrow, so good luck to me, yeah? I'll be doing speed browsing of the "English Teacher" book, should be doen in less than an hour. Read through the notes for an hour and then practice E-maths at night. Good plan? Let's let the results speak for themselves.

I got A2 for geog!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Join the Ouran High Host Club!

I so totally dig this show. Yeah, it's a girly show, but so what? Just like how a real man can wear pink and look good, a real man should be able to watch a shojou anime and be proud of it.

Download it from TokyoToshokon today!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Us and Other Than Us

I LOVE THE "RECOVER POST" OF BLOGGER! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! My Firefox hangs whenever I used www.dictionary.com, and I just used it. The incident was no exception. Freaking Firefox hang, and I had to use the dreaded ctrl+alt+delete. If it wasn't for the "recover post" button, I'd have strangled my computer. This Firefox-hanging happened yesterday as well, hence, the lack of post.

How's the examinations been treating you? Gotten the blues yet? Screwed up anything yet? Good Luck Everyone!

Social Studies-DOWN
This was a pretty simple paper. But I don't think I'll score. Poor clock-management, really. Ok, maybe it's not all my fault. The harr (sp) has two crocks (sp), one on the right and another on the left. The two crocks (sp) were displaying different thymes (sp), and I had no idea which one we were following. I ended up following the slower one and when I thought I had 10 minutes, I had less than 5. They also didn't give us enough notices of the time. You know how usually the teacher goes "You have 5 minutes left" and the tension in the air fucking thickens? That didn't happen on this paper. They dropped the bomb-diggity-bomb-boom-bomb-bang on us and said "Time's up, put your pens and paper down". I'm so screwed for the source-based, since I rushed my last two answers. Let's keep our fingers crossed, why don't we?

E-maths Paper 1-DOWN
The paper had three degrees of difficulty; "simple", "very simple" and "can't remember". The questions asked were too easy. I don't know what the real standard for Elementary Maths is, but if it's as low as this, I've secured myself an A1. The "can't remember" difficulty are just questions where I forgot what the term was. Example: "Modal". It means "of relating to statistical mode". Then why didn't they call it "Model"? It's mind-boggling really.

Malay B Paper 1-DOWN
I admit, I've got problems with my Malay. It's not that I can't grasp the concept of the language, since the grammar is very similar to tagalog. It's just that my vocabulary is miniscule, and working on your vocabulary is HARD SHIT. How do you expand your word-bank? Through reading, watching shows, and talking the language, all of which I don't do. My lack of knowledge of Malay words bit my head off with a vengeance last Friday. Paper 1 is the compo. We have an hour to do EITHER a letter OR a narrative. The letter was too wordy, and I was afraid i'll misunerstand it, so I did the narrative. Narratives for the syllabus B has pictures. Ahhh...my sweet primary school days...when I had pictures and helping words....when I was so round...excuse me. Anyway, here's the story: this boy is in a bird park. He's trying to touch this duck who was in a pond, but fell in it instead. A guy jumps in, rescues him, performs CPR and they all lived happily ever after. Simple enough, unless you have no idea what the hell 'park', 'touch', 'duck', 'pond', 'CPR' and 'gay paedophile who likes feeling little boys up' mean in Malay. *sigh*.

Geography Paper 2-DOWN
Geography, geography, geograpy. Initially, I was under the impression that this paper was this coming Friday, not the last. Imagine my fucking surprise when this fact hit me like a train. I chiong-ed Geography. Here's a confession; I like geography, find it more interesting than biology, and will grow up to become a geographist (is there such a thing?) one day and study the many volcanoes in the Philippines so that I can save the lives of the villagers who will othewise die in the path of the acidic lava. The thing I hate about our Geography exams is that even though you study two thick books, less than half of what you study will come out. The paper itself was more difficult that I predicted. Alot of case-studies (Answam Damn, Singapore High-tech Gardening, Malaysia Distribution), all of which I skipped. A few questions came out on naming volcanoes. Once again, my pinoy blood saved me. I...well....made up a few volcanoes here and there and slotted it in my answers. There was a question where we had to name a Volcanic Pipe or something. It was on the tip of my tongue...I knew it was "Devil's -blank-" Lots of names rolled in my mind; "Devil's Tombstone", "Devil's Finger", "Devil's Rune", "Devil's Horn", and eventually writing down "Devil's Tooth". Imagine my dismay when I found out it was something so...ORDINARY...it was called the "Devil's TOWER" -_-".

On Friday, after the Geography Exam, I decided to take relax for the rest of the afternoon. Intense mugging the previous day had me spent. Together with Alex, Chiu Mun, Darren, Glen and Nigel, we headed over to Bugis for lunch. Ate at Yoshinoya and they had levelled-up their student's meal. It now comes with fries! And it's still less than $4! Awesome! Nigel left us and we strolled to Suntec and caught Mission: Impossible 3, or as Glen said it to the counter lady, "EM EYE EYE EYE EYE". The movie rocked. Plenty of gadgets, explosions, well-executed plans and unexpected plot-twists. It got my blood pumping. I couldn't stand Tom Cruise though. The movie revolved around him. He's the main character, you say? True, but sometimes, you've got to focus on other characters, which the movie never did. The ending was fucked-up and nearly spoilte the whole movie. Tom Cruise had those...sort of...anime cliche where the lead (Pb. Lead Carbonate, Sulphate, Iodide and Chloride are all insoluble. Lead Iodide forms a yellow precipitate) draws out his "inner-power" to suddenly overcome the enemy. The way the antagonist died was a WTF-moment too. And Tom Cruise runs like a girl.

Walked around for abit and dropped by Times. We hung there for awhile. Lo-and-behold....they've made "Artemis Fowl" extreme! Well, not "extreme" more like "X-TREME!" And I won't call it "Artemis Fowl" anymore but "@r+em!$ f0wl" since it is so "X-TREME" now. It's so totally 133t.

Headed home and did A-maths at night. Finished up Chemistry yesterday and the sec 3 a-maths chapters. Today's going to be Chemistry, A-maths and Physics. Good luck everyone!

And it was the elections yesterday. Hope PAP wins. They've been doing their job well, and have been treating maids well. *random* A PAP member was interviewed rgarding the Worker Party's Gomez Fiaco. He was asked whether the reason they were making a fuss out of Gomez was because he was the only chink in their armour *random* Lawl at the irony.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How mean are you?

[ ]i think im gonna have a high score on this
[ ]i hate/dont talk to my parents
[ ]people tell me all the time that they hate me
[ ]i have cursed/said horrible things to someone
[ ]i give people disgusting looks a lot
total: 0.

[ ]i took heads off dolls when i was little
[ ]i have destroyed something valuable on purpose
[ ]i love to insult people
[ ]people suck
[ ]i have thrown total tantrums

[ ]im known to have an attitude
[ ]i get mad easily
[x]i order people around
[ ]im known around my neighborhood as the kid everyone else doesnt want their kids hanging out with
[ ]i've argued with a teacher
total: 1

[ ]i can care less about school
[x]i love messing with other people's stuff
[ ]people tell me im conceited/stuck-up/self-centered
[ ]i lie constantly
[ ] yell daily

[ ] i seem to always be in a fight with my friends
[ ]i would never risk my life for anyone
[ ]i dont like smiling
[ ]i know at least 3 people i would like to/have beaten up
[ ]i love pranking people and nothing lame only hard core evil stuff

add up all the x's and multiply by 4.


And I quote, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye".


- Nintendo has officially anounced the name of its next generation, code-named "Revolution" console, it is called Nintendo Wii [pronounced "we"]. Wii symbolizes the unique controllers and the image of a person playing it. The console will have 512MB built-in Flash memory, wireless LAN, SD memory card slow and 2 USB 2.0 ports; its Virtual Console function is backward compatible with Famicom/NES, SFC/SNES, Nintendo 64, Mega Drive/Genesis and PC-Engine/Turbografx.

O RLY? SRSLY? WTF? We got X-BOX 360 from Microsoft, PS3 from Sony and we get weewee from Nintendo. "Hey everybody...let's play the Wii! WHEE!" That sounds so stupid. This name may click with the Japanese but crowd Engish-speaking won't be lapping this up. All the crude penis and urine jokes, they're going to be popping up like freaking zits.

Stupidity of the name aside, let's just hope they produce top quality games. I'm sure that wii'll get used to it...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pinoy In Pinas [First Myx: Love for NANA}

There's simply so many things to type, but so little time to do it. Screw whoever came up with the concept of "time". Isn't just irritating whenever everything can be measured, and therefore, compared/depleted? I'd love to have lived in the days of Adam and Eve in Eden, but here I am, in front of the computer, instead.

I promised to type about my trip to the Pinas, but time constraints have forced me to split it into parts. I'm not sure how many parts there are going to be though, since my foresight and planning is piss-poor. So, yeah, without further ado, here it is.

First Myx: Love for NANA

My dad escorted us (me, my two brothers and my maid) to the airport. It was a hassle lah. I was left in-charge, seeing how my dad wasn't going, my mum was already in the Philippines and my maid spoke little English. It was troublesome having to go through immagration/security checks since the officers asked alot of stupid questions and certain questions I couldn't answer.

The trip to the Philippines...it's purpose was to celebrate my Grandmum's birthday as well as a family reunion. To be honest, I wasn't too keane on going. I'd missed my English exams, I'll miss school, I'll miss my friends (you included) and I'll be squandering precious mugging time. But I had to do it for my mom and my grandma, so I went.

We flew on Qatar Airlines. There's three kinds of seat you can get on an airplane; first is the window seat, second is the middle seat, and last is the aisle seat. The window seat is aqesome, because you get the most epic view of the landscape. I love looking out of the window and seeing our world shrink, and in a sense, my worldly attachements shrink as well. The drawback is that getting out is a hassle. Next, the middle seat, where you get a glimpse of the window, and getting out is easeir. Lastly and by all means, least there's the aisle seat, where getting out is only a matter of standing up. Major drawbacks is that whenever somebody walks past you they bump into your knee and you don't see nuts of whatever's happening outside. This is what I got. 'Great; an aisle seat', I thought, 'I'm screwed'. Indeed, I was.

A good thing about Qatar Airlines is that I got my own Personal Entertainment System Technology (PEST)...well...it's not PEST, but since I've no idea what the hell to call it...it's a PEST. PEST was impressive. There was a variety of music (Canto, Jap, Rock, Punk, Classical, ETC) and the selection of movies were rocking. They even had Pinoy Shows! But of course, I didn't watch that. They had Japanese movies. Being a Japanophile (call me poser or whatever, the terms abused so much nowadays), I watched the Jap movie of course. They were showing NANA! Hao Yang's been asking me to download this show, so it's gotta be good. It's about this girl, NANA who meets another girl, NANA. But the similarities stop there. They're complete opposites. Despite of this, they become close friends. Watching they're friendship develop was fascinating...they're relationship...bordered on interdependance and had a kiss of lesbianism. The ending sucked though....really sucked balls. I expected this though, considering the fact that the manga's already 14+ volumes long and still on-going.

I studied for a while after the movie but PEST proved to be one hell of a pest. It was the worst distraction possible. I ended up watching this show from BOLLYWOOD. IT WAS DAMN FUNNY! My expression was either going "WTF" or lawling (lol-ing). I can't remember the title (heck, I can't even pronounce it) but it's about this three guys who try to commit suicide but fail...then they meet this business man who's also trying to commit suicide and stops him. They're like "If I can't die, so can't you" in their lovable Indian voices. Then they talk, and they end up getting employed by the business man, who asks them to woo his 3 daughters then break their heart so that they will realise that true love doesn't exist. Like WTF?

Moment #1
The guys and girls meet for the first time. The girls emerge from the beach and start running slow-mo ala Baywatch. The camera zooms in on the guy one at a time, and the guys one by one says something along the lines of "I like" and shakes their head in the way only Bollywood can.

Moment #2
One of the guys ask the girl whether she'd like to say how much she loves him or sing how much she loves him. The girl say "Sing" and they all start singing. The movie was shot in the middle of some European beach, so in the background you can see hordes of Ang-mohs with the "O.O" look which is the same look I was having. I love the way the Indian girls sing, and their voices go so unnaturally high. Do Indian men find that arousing? I have no clue, but you've got to hear it for yourself. They had singing in Tamil and in Tamlish, complete with dance steps which involved booty thumping and head shaking. Awesome stuff.

I didn't finish the show, because the plane had landed. Damn. The food sucked, as usual. Airplane food is the worse. And the toilets too...is it true that when you flush, your waste just falls out of the plane?

PS: It's Secret Bible Week on National Geographic. Please, do watch it. 9pm. Awesome stuff.

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