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Thursday, November 30, 2006


The Infamous Brownie Incident.

I'm sure everybody remembers a short and frantic post I made on November 5th; if you scroll down, you'll see it, as a matter of fact. It was typed from the depths of hell. I literally crawled to my computer just to make a last minute plea to the good people of the Internetsss. The suffering was indescribable, and it'll take all of my writing prowess to accurately describe the pain, but I'll try my best, still.

The brownie called out to me. "I'm chocolatey goodness and guilty-pleasure packed into a sumptuous rectangular package. Your tongue on my brown, I want your teeth to crush my nuts. I'm yours, Raymond," As the brownie sat on the table, half-eaten, I noted, I drooled.

It was freaky; but it was the hours of mugging that had done it for me. It was a Friday, and the next Monday, the O-level Papers will begin. Social Studies came in first, and that, as we all now, requires mugs of mugging, and mugs of coffee. I was delirious and needed sleep, but as I so often told Delise whenever she whined about wanting to sleep, the mantra I called forth was "You can sleep all you want AFTER the O-levels" (Some bullshit this is turning out to be; I've got black eye-rings!).

My judgement was abit fucked; the line of right and wrong were...blurred. What's the point of having a line...when it's not clear? Yeah, in my mind, I weighed the pros and cons.

-I'm hungry.
-I deserve it.
-As for nutritional pros, there were none, but that's the point of the brownie; it was a dessert. I'd already eaten a full-meal, and was satisfactorily (word-existance check?) nourished; there was no point in the brownie. But that's the point. O.o.
-The brownie was so good-looking; delicious-looking; so...brown...and smart...I'm talking about the brownie, not me by the way. I can read minds, and I know some have made the obvious connections. How smart a brownie can be...who nose?

-I ran out of pros :(.

God knows how long the brownie had been on the table, but it mattered little. I took it in my hands, and savoured all 5 seconds of eat (pun!). I felt the rumblings of a storm in my stomach, but I dismissed it. I dismissed too, the pros and cons of brownie-eating I had summoned; the pros and cons of the Welfare State bore more importance, though geographically, Britain is like a gajillion tinymeteres away, and the Welfare State is so passe. Thankfully, it's being taken out of the syllabus; they're studying terrorism! iRaq!

That was Friday. Without problems, I continued studying.

The next day, the 4th was my youngest brother's birthday. It's a family tradition, that even if we don't go to church for EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY of the year, we go to the church on our birthday. The church my mum patronised was Carmelite Monastery, at Bukit Teresa Road...'nuff said. Anyways, Delise's house was just up the street of Carmelite, so I tagged along. My plan dictated I go to church with my Mum and bro, and then have breakfast with Delise. I love how life plants strange coaccidents which makes life so much more convenient. If only life did it more often, but it doesn't, so the Earth Sucks. Gravity is a pigment of your imagination.

Anyways, as I waited for Delise to come down, the storm went berserk. *Gurgle*; acids I once knew by name reacted in my stomach...STOMACH ACHE! Frantically, I searched for the nearest toilet, and there I relieved myself, and trust me, you don't want me to go there (the desciption of my business, I mean). I did it at the hawker centre toilet, and that was shit (ahem). I had tissue with me; the day before I bought tissue from one of those ladies who sell tissue for money.

Instant Karma! Avada Kedavra!

While waiting for Delise (girls always take a long time to prepare, thank god I bought chem FYS to do), I actually went to the toilet two more times. I had the feeling I should have gone home, but as you can read from Shalina's and Delise's, I was to celebrate my youngest brother's birthday at Escape. I owed it to him, I thought.

The rest of the day passed, and I never went to the toilet again, if only to do my hair. I thought there was no more stomach ache. But the next day told me a war was being waged. In my stomach. A Stomach War.


The next day, I woke up at 4 in the mornin, sweating bullets. If you gathered the bullets, I would have filled a bucket. Hence, I was sweating buckets. The toilet was my source of relief. I RAN. And I exploded. That's enough of an information, I think? Oooh, and I vomitted too. It was a nasty combination, the nastiest possible.

By 10 in the morning, I was in hell. I ate my breakfast, and it exitted through one of two ways; conventional and non-conventional, ugly and uglier. My mother then brought me to the doctor.

"My O-levels is tomorrow; give me the fastest way to cure a killer Stomach Ache and horrendous Retching,"


I really shouldn't have. I expected pills; but not injections! You get injections for immunisation, and operations! It wasn't THAT serious...wait a minute, the O-level was the NEXT day, so maybe it was that serious! Quick, stab me with a needle, but make sure it's new, because I don't want AIDS!

You won't believe where I was jabbed. I was jabbed on the butt. On both sides of the butt. It didn't hurt much, or maybe my butt is just tough/tuff. The Doctor put two plasters on it, so my butt looked like this -(-. I swear; I would have taken pictures, but let's keep this blog kiddie friendly. I don't want to turn anybody into lesbians. For goodness sake, my butt looked like this:

-(- or -)-

Two slitty eyes with one gigantic nose.

I went home, but I still feel like shiat, shattered. I couldn't sit down. No food stayed inside me for too long; it was absolute horror. You could actually tell what I ate from what I vomitted. "Oooh...looks! Capsicum!" Even drinking water was a chore; but my mommer (mommy+mother=mommer) force-fed me. Agh. I hated it. I could barely study for the remainder of the day; and the exam was the NEXT day. I wasn't really worried, because I was prepared, but last minute effort is effort is effort is effort and it counts and it counts and it counts.

I got an MC, and that would be submitted along with my paper. The marker will take it into consideration, or so I was told. Hopefully, it may be a repeat of Stamford (230+ to 250+ WTFTW!); since I was an ex-Stamfordian...that jusssst might be the case; maybe; if I pray...HARD.

I recovered on Tuesday, but I had two tests on Monday so :\. But still, thanks to all those who actually prayed for me, and for my Mommer, who let me take a cab to and from school. Special thanks to Delise for being so supportive throughout. I love her, and no amount of tinymetres could seperate our hearts. <3>.

And that was it; the Brownie.

On other news,

Beware those who can't plonounce plopelly. I mean no offence to the Japanese people; in fact, I worship whatever crap they produce. However, that doesn't stop this few strips from being funny. Not racially funny, but...they-were-g-strings funny. Click here; the first page shows a how-to-speak-Chinese for American soldiers, "waw~UH SHER! nee~EE DEE PUHNG yee~OH" means "I am your friend". And I am your friend. For life.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is not mine; took it from the Awful Forums , more specifically, this thread by one of the goons. Indeed, it was a very difficult Thanksgiving.

I went to visit my parents this year for Thanksgiving, pretty typical American style holiday excursion. I packed up my wife and the twins and headed out Wednesday night on a five hour trip back to the place where I grew up. Needless to say, by the time we got to my parents' house, we were all pretty exhausted. My wife and I unpacked the car, and as she put the kids to bed, my dad came up to me.

"Son, we need to talk. Tomorrow for dinner we're going to be having someone else over."

Well, yeah, duh, my sister and her fiance, right? Well, yeah, them plus someone else.

My father sat me down and went on to explain to me that my sister, my other sister, was coming to visit.

But wait, I didn't have another sister?


Turns out my father had an affair when I was really young and I have a half sister I never knew about. OK, I was pissed, sure, but this needed time to process plus I was exhausted from working all day and then driving with 2 crying babies for 5 hours. I hit the bedstack and tried to sleep. I figured I could deal with this in the morning.

Well I woke up and talked to my wife about the whole thing as well as my mom. They both seemed relatively understanding considering my parents were separated at the time and the 25 years that have passed have sort of dulled the hurt of old wounds. Plus, as it turns out, my mom had another boyfriend at the time as well (!!!). How the fuck did happen and me not know about it for 25 years?

Well my dad went to pick up my new half sister at the airport Thursday morning, and we all tired our best to get ready and be calm. My brother in law to be was acting like a douche, so that helped take my mind of the impending scenario. I was never so grateful to see that asshole.

Anyway, my dad comes in with my half sister, and my jaw fucking dropped. I recognized her. It was Kacey.

My half sister is a porn star/nasty slut/former subject of my jerk off fantasies. Needless to say, I think she realized I recognized her, and dinner was SUPER awkward. She didn't really say anything to me about THAT, and I tried to avoid any subject which may lead in any way shape or form to anything vaguely relating to sex.

I woke up this morning, packed up my kids and wife and drove straight home. I explained to my wife in the car on the way home and she understands why I was skeeved. I apologized to my parents that I had to leave, but pretended that I had an emergency call from work and had to go. I didn't want to tell them that I had see my sister suck 8 dicks at once or that I had pulled my pud thinking of the idea.

I don't know how the hell I am going to talk to my parents now without thinking about my half sister, and not really in a sexy way either. I am pretty confused/angry/agitated right now and I think the shock is subsiding and the other emotions are flooding in. I don't really know what to do. Any advice?

Read the replies that followed. They almost matched the hilarity of the incidence. One acronym: LMAO.

Painball; Sneak Preview


I was mid-way through a long post, when fuck....fuck....it got deleted, totally. I'll retype it again, later, maybe. This sucks, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but this morning, I was really really putting in effort; typing way like usual, but accidents...jeez.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, on other news, there's someone really irritating in my life, and Delise's too. I won't mention names, since I feel that those who doesn't know, really doesn't need to know...much. Those who do know, well, you know who I know you know. But honestly, "Challenge 1 on 1"? She doesn't give a shit already; she's trying to forget about it, forget about it, FORGET ABOUT IT. Yet, Person A still persist; like a fever you can't sweat out, like a tear in the dress which opens up no matter how many times you sew it.

Person A did alot of shit; ALOT, and I know what those things are. But we didn't do anything, people asked us to forget about it, it'll stop eventually, and that's what we did; we didn't do anything. Recently, she changed her nickname to "so-and-so is a bitch", and it's just so frustrating because WHAT THE FUCK? Where did that come from...O.o?

And when Delise says she doesn't give a flying fuck, and that things shouldn't concern her, Person A challenges her to a One-on-one!


Where did that come from? She clearly said she doesn't care! She's trying to get out of whatever crazy cycle she's in, but you keep pulling her in like some crazy-ass hurricane. The world will be a much better place if people just learn to READ.

As a Boyfriend, of course I'm pissed off at the ignorance. I'm not sure whether Person A's ignoring the "I don't care" thing, but it's there. People say if she doesn't care, she shouldn't say she shouldn't care and shouldn't say anything, but silence can be interpretted in so many ways; it's the words which make it clear, and the words say she doesn't care.

Maybe Person A thinks "bring it on" addresses her, but what makes her think that? You're not that important, and I don't mean it in a degrading manner, you just aren't that important. If you choose to take it personally, that's you, but it wasn't addressed to YOU.

It's frustrating, so bloody frustrating, as I watch everything unfold. Both of yous guys are going to different classes next year; just try to ignore each other's presence if you can't stand each other that much. That's what I've told Delise, and that's what she's planning to do to. I heard Person A got job, so please, Person A, do your best there, instead of preoccupying yourself with trivial things like this.

I'm not trying to take any sides; I just want it to end. I'm a greedy bastard who wants Delise's undivided attention; I don't want her being distracted by minor issues like this.

If there's any questions, or issues to discuss, my e-mail's supernal_me@hotmail.com. And you can leave a comment, as always.

On other news, I love this video. The fireworks are pretty.

Next: Graduation, Brownie, Paintball (Painball)

'Til then!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


We're all aware that VivoCity is a play on the word "vivacity", which according to dictionary.com, means "characterized by high spirits and animation". Note that "vivacity" only applies when you actually got money. Please, don't go to VivoCity if you're strapped for cash; it's depressing. What's a gajillion square-centimeters of retail (hah! retail!) if you're not going home with a single article of clothing?

The thought of going home from VivoCity, carrying nothing but whatever you brought in is soo..........sad.

VivoCity is a city within a city. But WTF! Not another one! Velocity's opening up at Novena, near United Square. Read this: It's trying to usurp Queensway Shopping Centre as the ULTIMATE one-stop-mall for all sporting goods...but it will fail! I've seen what Velocity looks like. It's too clean; prim and proper. It's a PROPER mall! Those guys looking to buy sporting goods want cheap merchandise. You can't get cheap merchandise from a proper mall; and you can't bargain very much either. At least, that's what popular belief says. I know of under-handed dealings going on in Queensway, and what draws crowds to it is the black-market feel; striking deals with the shop-keepers.

And there's the LAN shop too. Unless Velocity has a LAN shop which lets school kids play, it'll be a white elephant. And it is white. Literally.

Velocity for speed, Vivacity for light-hearted orgies. What other cities can you think of?

KappaCity (Capacity)

For all lovers of Kappa and their products, KappaCity is the place to be. Screw Converse, and other lower-tier brands...Kappa rocks! Their logo shows two naked figures from both sides of the sexual boundary. I guess we know what Kappa stands for. Kappa-feel (cop-a-feel).

And they sell caps too. Lots of 'em. For the sake of being a Cap-a-City.

Their mascot is *drumrolls please* a KAPPA called Arnold, and his son, Arthur.

AfroCity (Atrocity)

Raynard Koh certainly doesn't need to go here, but for everybody else with a need to wig it out, AfroCity is the place to go. With a large range of Afros, with sizes ranging from large, to extra-large, one will be spoilt for choice at AfroCity.

Needless to say, one looks atrocious, no matter what wig they get. Afros were never in style. They look ugly even if you look like this handsome fellow. Blegh!

ElectriCity (Duh)
The deals are positively shocking. Electrical goods are sold at electrifying prices. One would die just to touch their products, and in fact, may die just from touching it. The Electric Chair is the main high-light of the store; it'll only kill you if you pass 100 miles per hour.

AudioCity (Audacity)

Plays really bad rap music all day and all night. Cream of the crop of their lyrics are as follows, and just for the record, I didn't make it up:

All you mother *******, ****you too.

All of y'all mother *******, ****you,
die slow mother ******.
My fo' fo' make sure all yo' kids don't grow.

You mother *******, can't be us or see us.
We mother ******' Thug Life riders West Side till' we die.
Out here in California, nigga
We warned ya'
We'll bomb on you mother *******.

If I could photoshop the logos, I would. If I could think up of more Cities, I'll post 'em right here. Raymond Angelo, keeping it real, fo' sho'.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Pre-U? T?


On other news,

Maybe I'll post again later. I'm off to MOE to submit my JC Choices. I got 10 (8 if you deduct CCA points)...and as it stands...my choices are as follows:

Angelo-Chinese (Science)
Angelo-Chinese (Arts)
Temasek (Arts)
Nanyang (Science)
Nanyang (Arts)
Catholic (Science)
Meridian (Science)
Meridian (Arts)
Catholic (Arts)
Jurong (Science)
Tampines (Science)
Tampines (Arts)

I know what school I want to go to. I decided on it a long time ago; the problem came in filling in the remaining ten choices. Man, was that a hassle...

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Two days ago, I clubbed for the second time in my life.

I've got no pictures, but I think I looked good. I was a TopMan; TopMan long-sleeve black shirt, with vertical lines to make me look taller. Vertical lines+black=Ultimate Slim. I wore TopMan jeans too; black jeans, which had some parts faded to white. I love those jeans. Had some bling too. A really old, cheap trinket from 77th Street as a necklace, and a bracelet of skulls from UK. I'm not kidding you.

Just as Glenn Woo said, only Raymond Angelo can wear this crazy-ass accessories and get away with it. Get away with it looking good :).

I had a matching tie for the shirt, but I didn't wear it. That's not the look I'm going for. I should have worn a singlet inside, or something. Dancing can really make you sweat. And I did dance btw. For 2-3 hours I danced; it was a freaking blast.

Basically, there was an underage party going on at Ministry of Sound. By underage, it means 16+. Ahh...the pleasures of being 16. Anyways, the main event; Surge@MOS, was a match between this guy from RJC and another dude from ACS over this really pretty girl from CHIJ. I was impressed; ACS leh...but it turned out he was from Barker...I don't really like Barker boys.

Me, Jason, TahNern, Raied and Alex met up at GWC at around 8 for dinner. YanShan pangseh-ed us; the lucky bitch got a free ticket. Just because it's free doesn't mean you can waste it...We played arcade for awhile, and headed down later to MOS.

Gasp! I didn't bring my IC! Damn you O-levels! I used to carry my IC everywhere, but due to the O-levels, I had left it in my pencil BAG.

The Pencil Zip-Lock Bag's gotta be the most convenient pencil box ever. You can get 50 for less than a fiver. You can change it every week, and guess what? It'll last you for a whole school year! No teacher can accuse you of cheating too...unless you do cheat...CHEATER!

Anyways, the others went in first while I headed home, depressed and dejected. Thanks yous, Delise for talking to me in the journey back home <3.>

So I got back to MOS...had a chat with the bouncer; he looked at my IC and couldn't believe that it was me, so I shared weight-loss tips with him. Proceeded into MOS. There was alot of hot people...both guys and girls, I mean. I entered midway through the fight, but it didn't look like I missed anything. The much-anticipated "boxing match" (the image I had in my mind was...ginormous boxing gloves and sumo body suits so that nobody gets hurt) was scrapped for some crappy challenges on a boxing ring. Push-up lah, arm-wrestling...c'mon...so fucking barbaric. Make them rap, or drink some wasabi. Everybody HATES WASABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't see much of the fight. But I didn't care. Danial Ong and Shiekh were on commentary; they tried their best to make the boring fight sound interesting but they failed :\. It ended with a dancing contest, but was ultimately decided by a cheering contest...so the one which brings more friends down to MOS wins I guess. I don't know who won, but congratulations to him anyways.

I met up with the guys and that's when the fun really started. Alex and Raied squeezed into the boxing ring which became a blazing dance floor. Me, TahNern and Jason hung back for awhile, chillax, and it wasn't until later that we entered the body of groove.

The music was loud in a good way. There was a period of time where we were standing not to far away from the speaker. From there, you could feel the damn vibrations; the bass was so "uhn-tiss". We squeezed into the boxing ring and danced. It was clear nobody really knew how to, it was just moving around randomly, but it's still fun anyway.

Here's what happens on the dance floor if you're a girl. Guys will crowd around you automatically. They practically swarm, hoping you'd dance with them. That's why, if you're a girl, make sure you go in with a partner or in a group. As for me and my guys, we danced with each other, which seems gay, but what the hey. Most of us had girlfriends anyways...except for one :).

Alex and TahNern complained that my hair kept rubbing their faces. But I didn't hear Jason complain...you know what that means...Alex and TahNern...you guys are way too short. Grow taller biatches! HAH!

I saw a few QTSS guys there too...some Sec 5s, some NTs, and some ex-QTSS too. One went up to me and ask what an ExCo was doing there...I wasn't doing anything wrong by being there was I? I had permission...my exams are over...and I'm of legal age. Let's boogie down tonight!

I took a cab home at around 2:50 and reached home at 3+. It was a fun night; Raied had alot of fun. He sent an sms to all of us. "I had alot of fun tonight guys. I hope we can do it again!" or something like that. He made it sound like we had a gay orgy. Or we had a trip to GayCity.

What's happening at GayCity? Costumes? Too dangerous for a woman? May not only find big news? Speedlines? Penis-shaped clouds?


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let's have Text

This post is going to be loaded with text. I haven't got a camera see, but I'm hoping I'll get one by the end of this year. It's either a camera, or a Zune...or maybe both?

My body's aching like crazy. The past three days have been a roller-coaster; first was the Drama Camp, and then Surge at Ministy of Sound. They were both great events, but I enjoyed the Drama Camp more than Surge; the dancing wasn't as fun as DXO.

The Drama Camp...what can I say? It had it's high points, and it had it's low points. I'm out of this club, technically, but there's still the fact that I WAS in the club. I don't want to see it going to ruins. So yeah, I went to stay, to help out and see for myself it doesn't go to shitz. I didn't really do much of that in the end. I spent time with Delise and hung-out with the fellow graduates instead. What fun!

Camp started at 8 in the am; but I couldn't be bothered to wake up so early. On top of that, I hadn't packed my stuff yet. I rushed the packing process, and forgot to bring loads of stuff. Handphone charger, underwear and toothbrush. Thank god for NTUC; though I must say that wearing disposable underwear is not at all different from covering your privates with thin strips of tissue. It was so...suffocating. I won't go into details for fear of too-much-information, but guys should be able to relate.

I arrived at around ten, but Ms Sim didn't let me in. They were in the midst of training, I think. I felt so excluded! In then end, I walked around the school talking to random Sec 4s about the end of the O-levels.

The word "happy", if used to describe how we felt, is an understatement.

It was the last day, though later in the afternoon, there's still the DnT papers. That certainly didn't stop the soccer-druggies (just add balls) from playing soccer. "It's not the end yet!" I felt like telling them, but I didn't want to be a kill-joy.

Eventually, I went to Jeremy Tan's place at Spotiswoode Park. I did a double-take upon seeing the address. I mean...SPOTISWOODE? As in...Spot is wood? Spot=wood? WHAT THE FECK? I felt so retarded as I told the driver that address.

"Uncle, Spot is wood Park please," I said, reading the address from Jeremy's message, taking extra care to make sure I hadn't misread it.


Song ah! Spot-this-wood, spot MY wood!

Jeremy's got a pretty nice crib. 22nd floor with a good view. Jeremy's dad brought home some grub; the nasi lemak was good, and the sushi too. Thanks, Mr Jeremy's Dad! I heard he's a cook, so I would have preferred I tasted his exquisite concoctions. There was me, Raied, Jason, 1 and 3. We watched Chris Rock. He rocks. -.-". I'm losing it.

I don't really like his brand of comedy; he's very angry and he uses race to draw laughs. He did make alot of sense though; I found some parts too painfully accurate. Ouch xD. Check out the Never Scared series if you want some laughs. Married and bored, or single and lonely? Crick here.

Jeremy burned for me and Wei Ming "V For Vendetta". I renamed it "3 4 Vendetta", and "B for Vendetta". Awesometitude.

Jason went home, and the rest of us headed back to school, to discover them making banners for the Drama Club. I hope it'll be a great improvement from the last one. Who remembers THAT poster? It was BLUE, had the word DRAMA on it, in bold arial, and then club it a small, comic-styled bubble. To make it worse, across the "a" in drama was "Join us" repeated over and over again. We get it, it's the drama club, and you want us to join. What else could a CCA banner showed off on the CCA Open House be for? Seriously, Drama Club: Join Us. And the horrid shade of blue. Ughh. The preliminary designs looked good; but it turned out like that. :
The drama club was designing a new one at the Computer Lab yesterday, I didn't see any off them, except for Delise's one. It looks gorgeous. I hope she'll post it, and I doubly hope it'll become the banner. I'm sure more people will join; it makes the club look so much more...glam; not glum.

Jeremy got me to play this game. It's even worse than the Wicked. It's crazy I tell you.

Percentage of players to get 1/3 of the way through the puzzle: 15.6%
Percentage of players to get the mummy out of the tomb: 2.7%

How's that for difficult? I gave up, though I'm confident I'm part of the 15.6%. Yay, me!

Played b.ball with the guys, and Chris and Clint, our drama seniors later came around to fuck around. Chris is now a top-student in his course, though he retains his attitude. What did Chris do to the juniors?

"I made them line up and suck my cock".

As the juniors were still writing scripts, we went to Anchor Point to eat. I saw Choo Jia Han buying a present for his mother! He bought a wooden carving with the word "Mum" on it. I gave him advise; write a letter to your mum, roll up the piece of pepper, put it in the hole in the "O", and leave it somewhere she'll surely find it. She'll take the pepper, read the pepper, and be so touched she'll cry. Oi! Happy birthday!

I give good gift advices.

We went back to school, just in time to play the Amazing Race Cum-Treasure Hunt. It's the search for the treasured cum!

It was a mess lah. The clues weren't in the right places; the carpark and Guard House are in such close proximity to each other that there's no realy clear boundary seperating the two. And the clue we found at the canteen was supposed to be found in the carpark. A clue also said we had to find an object, but upon confirming it with the organisers, there wasn't supposed to be any object to be found. Yeah, there were mix-ups which seriously spoiled the game.

Me and Hawker joined one of the groups; the other seniors scared them. We went to play basketball again. Yan Shan came over! For what? I don't know...

The movie at night-time was horrid. Underworld? C'mon lah...the story...the action...all not nice sial. It was very...anime. I'm sorry, but I prefer my anime to be Japanese, and to be real animations (oxymoron, heh). I could take the bad movie...because I could sit beside Delise. It was Hawker, WeiMing, me and Delise one the sofa, from left to right.


Somebody fucking offed the air-conditioning! Imagine a room...all the windows are closed, the door too. So goodbye good ventalation (confirm sp mistake)! And there were around 30 people in the room, and the fans are off. AND SOME SELFISH ASS-FAGGOT WENT TO OFF THE AIR-CONDITIONING! C'mon! FUCK FUCK FUCK! Why not just raise the temperature by a fucking degree or three, whatever makes you shit-head happy? Or get a damn blanket and shut it? Or at least, have the courtesy of turning the fucking fan on. I thought it was just me, and it was because of the heat from WeiMing's body that I was feeling so damn hot that I had to detach myself from Delise and lie on the fucking floor where it's helluva lot cooler. But it wasn't WeiMing's fault. Somebody off-ed the fucking airconditioning.

It was only after the movie that I found that out the truth. I practically screamed at WeiMing. But it wasn't his fault was it? To whoever off-ed the aricon...I don't know who you are...honestly...but for your actions, you've got to be pretty darn selfish and retarded. Fuck you for marring a potentially enjoyable movie.

Delise slept at the CG room at first while I just watched her, but people complained that it was unfair for her to sleep in the air-con, so I woke her up from her sleep and moved her to the classrooms. Fine, maybe that is unfair. So, I complied, and she moved to the classrooms. But can you at least...SHUT THE FUCK UP? You wanted her to sleep in your classrooms, fine. Can...why not? I be good, and comply with you. Then you make a shit load of noise as she sleep, you motherfucking cheebye...people want to sleep...let them sleep lah. Selfish cheebyes. I don't care if you can't sleep, or don't want to sleep...but don't drag other people into your "parteh". You don't own the camp. Shut the fuck up.

Sorry for the above outburst everybody. I know who I'm talking about, they know who I'm talking about, but I'm sure you don't. Their unknowns who haven't done much for the school and the club, so it's worthless if I turn their lifes around and make them popular.

Lol at that.

Sat around with the guys and chatted. We played DS too. I got Jeremy, YanShan and Raied to play Elite Beat Agents, which got 9.5/10 in Digital Life. It's an awesome game, with rocking songs. Imagine DDR, on the DS where you have to tap the screen like crazy. It's quite a sight...teenagers banging pens at the screen of a hand-held device.

I didn't sleep for the whole night.

Had McBreakfast with the seniors outside the StaffRoom, and packed up to leave the camp. Raied was super hyper, and I can't blame him. I packed up my stuff, and then went for the JC-briefing. I found out that I've to go to Buena Vista to get the password for my JC-admission because of some errror (intentional) on the part of the school. Haiz.

Went home to sleep. Clubbing at night. I'll blog about it...in a heart-beat...lots of 'em. Surge at Ministry of Sound was fun!

On other news, I took this quote from here.

"they claimed, we were the bunch of most enthu batch they have ever seen. lol. like of course:)"

I'm guessing Glenn or Chris said this, though by enthu, they didn't mean enthu about drama, I'm sure. Wanting to have fun DURING the camp, doesn't mean "enthu". If one's "enthu", they'd be putting in effort at every opportunity they can, contributing to the club and shitz.

The title of most enthu batch belongs to my batch. Sure, we're not all orignal members of the Drama Club (I was from V.ball, 3 was from NP, 1 was from Scouts), but our batch had doen loads for the club. We attended every single rehearsal, acted our hearts out, and generated idea after idea. Heck, we even comitted an additional few months to drama. We could have very well stopped at June like everybody else; nobody would have blamed us.

But we didn't.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In between sets...

Don't ask where I got this from. Totally random bumping (blog-jumping).


Cry : Nope.
Worn jeans : Yes. Their too baggy, so that's the last time you'll see me in them.
Met someone : Delise for breakfast, after I went to church at Carmellite (*gasp!*
Done laundry : Nope. I plan to learn though.
Went hungry : Right here, right now. Feed me.
Talked on phone : Yes.
Said i love you : Right here, right now. I love you, Delise. Muacks.


Yourself : Always.
Your Friends : Always.
Tooth fairy : Nope.
Destiny/Fate : No coincidences. Only Destiny/Fate.
Ghost : Not until I see one.
UFO : Not until I see one.


Do you ever wished you had another name : Raymond Angelo's a fine name, thankew very much.
Do you like anyone : Not just "like".
Which of your friends acts most like you : Who'd want to act like me?
When you cried the most who was there : I believe that the only time one can cry with most abandon is when he/she is alone.
What's the best feeling in the world : Love.
What's the worst feeling in the world : Loss.
What time is it now : A nano-second before the rest of your life.


Chocolate or vanilla : Chocolate.
Coke or pepsi : As long as their in the Light variety, I swing either way.
Love or lust : Love.


Mac or KFC : KFC.
Single or group dates: Single.
Adidas or Nike : Adidas. Because it's Sala.
Lipton tea or Nestea : I'm more of a Benoist.
Cappucino or Coffee : Coffee.


Smoke : I already drink Coke Light. That's enough of a vice.
Curse : Cheesepie?
Take a shower : Yes, yes I do.
Have a crush : Nah.
Think you've been in love : Yup.
Like school : Let's just say I miss it when it's gone, I pontang when there's school.
Want to get married : Yeah.
And have my own child : 3.
Believe in yourself : Maybe too much :).
Think you're a health freak : Nope.

In The Past Month :

Drank alchohol : Nah.
To the mall: Yup.
Been on stage: Valedictorian Speech.
Eaten sushi: Yeah.
Been dumped : Not really.
Gone skating : Nope.
Dyed your hair : Lime green. Ryan dyed it for me.

Have You Ever :

Played a stripping game : Strip Poker lor.
Changed who you were to fit in : Nope.

Getting Old Age :

You're hoping to get married : 25-ish.

I love : Delise.
I feel : lucky.
I hide : from nothing.
I miss : school!
I need : an electronic beaver.

Photographic Evidence

Take this, A-maths!

Come Back To Me

Has anybody seen the Step Up trailer on TV Mobile?

I take the bus at least twice a day, and they're more than ordinary bus rides. These mostly mundane trips last more than half an hour long, on average. I'm fond of "Front" and "Diva on a Dime" but...but...BUT! I repeat, has anybody seen the Step Up trailer? Honestly, I've never seen a more obnoxious trailer before. If I remember correctly, it describes the movie as a "once every ten years" kinda film, a film which speaks "for the voice of a generation". I also think I heard "the most fun film", but maybe that's my imagination fuelling the dung coming out of the TV.

"Once every ten years"...you know how many films are made in a year? Alot. Just imagine ten years worth of films, and what comes out on top? According to the trailer, a film about dancing with Channing Tatum as the only recognisable name (that's not because his a good actor either, his name just sticks out) is the foremost film. Hey Mr. Crap Trailer, are you saying that you're film's better than Mat Tricks, Starr Worhx, Lord of the Singhs etc?


I wouldn't mind if they quoted actual reviews. But no, they didn't, so all these crap are un-credible; the level of crap is incredible, too. Here's what the critics say:

Step Up plods along as if feeding coins into a cliché meter.

When Step Up reaches beyond the dance floor... the movie fatally stumbles and never regains its footing.

Tatum and Dewan have no chemistry while dancing or making out (not to mention whenever they're unfortunate enough to have to speak).

Step Up may sizzle on the dance floor, but when the dancing stops, the film fizzles.

There are more positive feedbacks; but majority offered the above sentiments. "The dancing is a step up; everything else is a step in the wrong-est direction possible".

Don't watch it. I haven't watched it myself, but THAT trailer pretty much summed up the film. It's bad. Bad in italics, badder in bold, and baddest in hyperlink. It's a generic, cliched "redemption" film, but it tries, PRIDES itself of being so much more. It doesn't deliver. Watch Casino Royale instead. James Bond gets spanked. I don't lie.

Casino Royale: The Revival of the Dying Franchise. Just like Yu-Gi-Oh. Only with nicer cars.

That's my first post, post O-levels. I'm starting to have fun now. There's the drama camp tomorrow, and that's a definite 1-up. There's also clubbing at Momo on Tuesday, with Alex and the guys.

I'll post another later.

Monday, November 13, 2006

More than Suddenly--INCREDIBLY

I have a feeling that a gigantic koala paw is suddenly--incredibly--plunging through the ceiling and pounding the poor janitor to putty.

Welcome to the Rest Of Your Life

Today, the Secondary 2s are getting their class postings.

It's a major leap, from Sec 2 to Sec 3, and the class you go to can affect your future in a way that's beyond comprehension. If I had gone to any other class, I don't think I'd have worked as hard as I did, because my classmates NOW were the ones which motivated me; put it simply, I wanted NOT TO LOSE to them.

I remember two years back (I sound so old!), I was at China town with a bunch of 2D guys and gals. Nigel had somehow reached school first (we were playing a prank on him, the exact details I can't remember....I think Darren asked him to meet us at Dawson, so he went there, and then we called to say we were in Chinatown). Nigel called us, and announced the class postings over the phone. I chose 3B *like a CERTAIN someone*, but ended up in 3A instead. I wasn't sure whether I should make an appeal...so I based my decision on the people in the class.

"Choo...Jia...Who? Chng Tah...Han? Lai Shi Min...who? Orh, Drama Elaine. Who's Ivan? There's another Glenn? Oooh....Another Jia Han! PEK! KIM! SHAN!"

My knowledge of my potential class was limitted to the people in the Prefectorial Board, my class people, and HaoYang whom I met through Vball (WTF?!).

But what the heck. I couldn't be bothered to risk a limb and make an appeal. They ran out of forms too. And the subject combination, with the exception of Double Pure, is a carbon copy of the one in 3B, so I might as well....

Delise is going to school at 10:60 to check her future class. I was a nervous wreck back then, so I was interested in finding out how she's feeling, and shitzq.

"Class posting tomorrow, huh? How're you feeling? Worried?"

"Why of all people, should I be worred? Hurh?"

Double GASP! 100+ PSI FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Pic ripped from Jian Hao's Blog, Primary School friend, hope he doesn't mind)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pelted by the Heavens

Let me see....

English is over and done with. I'm happy with what I wrote for my long essay. "Dreams" was my chosen title, and I wrote around the theme of "With the coming of death; one's dreams are left unfulfilled". I felt invincible while writing the essay, like the whole world's cheering for me. That's probably just Delise praying for me, but her supports the only thing I ever really need/needed. Thank, baby. The summary was a bother....I'm sure I got all the points in, even those which I wasn't sure where points, I just plonked in. I didn't have a problem squeezing everything within the 150 limit, so I can't help but have that nagging feeling that there were somethings I missed out.

Oh, and there's Geography....


Screw this year's paper. None of the easy sections came out! Where art thee, my Monsoon? Who destroyed my Amazon Rainforest? My headlands? My bays? Location of industries? THEY TOOK OUT RIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THERE WAS NO TOURISM QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! All the sections I studied really really hard for DIDN'T come out!

Instead, they give us shiat like....ANEMOMETER (gasp!), SAND DUNES (which is supposed to be out of syllabus), Factors affecting climates combined with distibution of forest (horrors of horrors, no :0) and the Development Question was crap. They asked us to describe TWO graphs for the manufacturing question, and I suck at graph descriptions.

At least the Plate Tectonics and Population questions was OK. On hindsight, maybe I should have done the Weathering questions, but it's all over I guess. With Geography over and done with, it feels like a huge load has been taken off my shoulders.

There was Malay B Listening Comprehension yesterday morning. Two guys pontang-ed the examinations, so in the event that I do fail, I won't be the only one, so yay for that. I completely misread one question...it was two lines long....TWO LINES! There's so many words...I got disoriented abit. 8/10....that's my prediction. The two questions I got wrong was because of misread...the others were simple, or so common sense you don't even have to listen.

The E-maths paper II is the only paper so far, in which I've got lotsa confidence in. Full marks is not beyond my reach. I'm srs.

There's 5 days remaining until my O-levels end. I'm so excited. And the super hiong papers are coming up too. PURE PHYSICS, PURE CHEM, A-MATHS.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

But We'll Stay

Such Great Heights
The Postal Service

I am thinking it's a sign
that the freckles in our eyes
are mirror images
and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned.

And I have to speculate
that God Himself did make
us into corresponding shapes
like puzzle pieces from the clay.

And true it may seem like a stretch
but it's thoughts like this that catch
my troubled head when you're away
and when I am missing you to death.

And when you are out there on the road
for several weeks of shows
and when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home.

they will see us waving from such great heights
"come down now" they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now" but we'll stay

I tried my best to leave
this all on your machine
but the persistent beat
it sounded thin upon the sending.

and that frankly will not fly
you'll hear the shrillest highs
and lowest lows with the windows down
and this is guiding you home.

they will see us waving from such great heights
"come down now" they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now" but we'll stay

they will see us waving from such great heights
"come down now" they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now" but we'll stay

they will see us waving from such great heights
"come down now" they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now" but we'll stay

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hay Guise!

This list is totally random. I listed people according to the order they popped into my mind and here's how it came out. As expected, Delise tops the list. *pun fully intended*.

Delise (ripped it from her)
2) Yan Shan

3) Razeen

4) Ringo

5) Ivan

6) Glenn Woo
7) Choo Jia Han

8) Hui Min

9) Ryan Franco
10) Ralph

11) Jeremy

How did you meet 10?
-I can't remember. But I hated him. HATED him. My mum tells me how I asked her to get a girl-replacement. Ohs wells.

What would you do if you had never met 6?

-Things will stay the same, but there'll always be a feeling that a dear friend is missing from life.

What would you do if 6 & 2 dated?

-Heh :).

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
-Nah, he's not the kind.

Do you think 1 is pretty?
-Hell yes. A thousand times yes. Dear god, nothing can compare. And I'm not saying that just because she's my girlfriend. She truly is pretty, both inside and outside. I should know xD.

Tell me something about number 11.

-He injects steroids into his arm before papers which requires loads of writing.

How do you know 8?
-Through the Prefectorial Board, I think. Good luck with her and all the 7 distinct ions!

Would you ever go on a date with number 5?
-If he asks me first. I'm sure Delise will approve of this, right lovely?

What is 7's favourite colour?
-Orange shoes gah.

What would you do if 2 confessed
she liked you?

-Haha. I'll call him a himbo!

Fact about 9 : -His favourite birthday presents after the PSP is a smiley Magic8 Ball and a Magic Coinbox which me and Delise bought together.

Who is 6 going out with?

-I'm not in the position to disclose this piece of information.

Who is number 5 to you?

-The Almost Shortest Man.

Would you ever live with 11?

-Heh. Why the heck not? At least I'll finally watch V for Vendetta.

Is 2 single?
-I'm not in the position to disclose this piece of information.

How much does 3 mean to you?
-OH! MY PRIMARY SCHOOL BEST FRIEND! I still talk to him over the phone. I hope I can go over to his house like old times after the O-levels.

What do you think about 1? -No one has changed my life so positively before and I love her to bits for everthing she is, and I love her more for all that she's done for me. My heart melts when she smiles.

What's the best thing about number 8?

-Her laugh! It's like...something totally out of this world and sometimes it comes when you least expect it. Cool.

What do you dislike about number 10?
-Oooh. When we take a cab together, I sit at the back and leave the door open for him to enter. Then he goes and enter the front door. Nabei.

Favourite memory with 6?

-*quote*why always 6 one, siao kin na.*unquote*

Anyways, I think I've finally fully recovered from my illness. It's a long story involving Brownies, escape, and waking up at the wee hours of the morning to take a dump. Oh, it involves getting injections at the butt too, and loads of medication. If given the opportunity, i'll write about it at tomorrow's examinations. I'll post a recount, after my O-levels, k?

I had E-maths Paper 1 and Social Studies yesterday. I made 1 or 2 careless mistakes for E-maths, but other than that, everything's going to be fine for E-maths. I was so happy withe the questions that came out for Social Studies. Education and Welfare State came out, and I know those chapters inside and outside. Let's just hope the SBQ will go fine.

I'm happy that Social Studies is done with, but there are happier people, I think. This was found at the bus stop near Dawson. I'm waiting until the 16th then I can burn/throw/obliterate all my books/notes at the same time.

9 days to perpetual elation.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm sick, My Os are tomorrow, Pray for me.

I'll keep this short, because looking at the computer screen makes my head woozy.

I'm sick, food poisoining more speicifically. I ate some stuff, and since this morning, I've been vomitting and crapping like nobodies business. I've already gone to the doctor, but I still feel like shit.

I'm not sure how I'll feel tomorrow.

But pray for me.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

Gary's a genius. Whoever he is, I'll win the Geography O-levels because of him. I don't know why this is underlined.

I refuse to accept the Live-Action Light because he doesn't look like this.

Graduation went pass a week ago, but I haven't got the time to upload the pictures, nor write down all the things I want to write. I know I've been stressing that I'll do it soon, but that was sheer optimism on my part. The O-levels are HERE, and I haven't really got the time to write anything long. I'm sorry, but I've got to set my priorities straight. Until the end of the O-levels, I guess.

Besides, I don't feel like a graduate yet. I still feel like I belong to Queenstown.

Literature hit me yesterday. The questions were the biggest load of bull-crap ever. According to the Lit syllabus, the focus is National Education values. The English Teacher is clearly a book about the search for identity, love, English Colonial rule, spiritualism and people-people relationship. But the questions that came out were pulled from a rabbit's ass. I'm serious. The questions went something like:

-"What are Narayan's (the author) views on teaching?"
-"Talk about two insignificant characters in the story. How are they significant?"

Of course, they were paraphrased, but it's obvious that it had nothing to do with the main thrust of the story, and were utter bullcrap. Cambridge, screw you.

I did the passage-based question in the end, so I think I'll do fine. I spent a good 3 minutes looking through my script, trying to identify words I found difficult to read. Another 2 minutes were spent trying to figure out, or insert whole new ones in.

At least that's over.

Maybe it's because I just sat for my Literature papers, but I'm feeling frustrated lately. I'm just a guy who wants to spend time with his girlfriend. Why can't life be more cooperative, and let me do so? I don't want to spend Christmas in Dubai. Not only that, my mum wants to spend New Year there, too. We'll fly back to Singapore, and the next day, i'll be gearing up for JC, or whatever. Gah. I want to spend my holidays here, with Delise because every single day that passes, means one less day I can be with her. Fuck, I'm just purely in love, but why does things not have to go our way? This blows.

Hey life. Throw me a bone here, why don't 'cha?

I wasn't being emo, by the way. Just frustrated.

On the subject of the Literature papers, albeit a more positive one, this song kept me going through the paper. My mind was going Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss.

Oh, and I might as well. Watch this MV. You won't regret it. It's called "Sex Over the Phone" by the Village People, the gays (guys, whatever), who did YMCA. Listen out for the guys moaning into the phone. It's creepy.

Social Studies this Monday! I'm ready!

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