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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Pek Is Tiny

Finally, CHINESE!!!!!!!!!

I'm back everybody, and I apologise for the lack of posts. The Pakistan government doesn't allow the access to the .blogspot.com domain; so I couldn't post, and on top of that, couldn't view.

Sayanora, Internet entertainment!

Actually, it wasn't much of a loss. With the sever shortage of posts from my side, a large part of the internet died.


Anyways, Internet connection in Pakistan is a biatch, especially since the speed is set to crawling, and there's no such thing as broadband, I think. You have to buy prepaid cards for access. I'm using broadband (WOW!), so I'm not accustomed to the age-old term of "disconnecting". Imagine how many hours went by because of that.

So, yeah...that's the explanation for the lack of updates. I'm sorry, really. It couldn't be helped.


A most common question I've been asked during my trip was..."Why Pakistan?". To answer this question, one must look into my life; a life of love, loss, betrayal, amputated legs and the BHC.


Let's just take a look at a brief description of my family during our trip...

-A Filipino-British family (4 parts Pinoy, 1 part Brit) living in Singapore/England (3.5 parts Singapore, 1.5 parts England since my mum travels to and fro), on a holiday at Pakistan. That's so weird.

My Mum and Dad are seperated; it's been 8-9 years, I think. My mum met a British expatriate from the British High Commission, fell in love, and yadayadayada. As the Expatriate is a foreign rep of the BHC, he is sent to parts of the world every two years to work. He got assigned to Pakistan this year, and as such, that's where he's stuck for Christmas. My mum brings the family to Pakistan for the holiday.

Hooray Pakistan! AK-47 on the streets!

There's a whole bunch of stuff to write on; just the thought of it is...mind-boggling. Pictures came in bucket-loads to, or in cyber-speak, will come in photobucket-loads. I'll be sifting through, to put the most artistic (aka, slant the camera abit) pictures available.

Wait for it.
I don't mean wait NOW. Go be productive. When life gives you aids, make lemonaids.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Its called Christmas, He says.

Hello World,

I love Christmas, its the best season of the year. & for the record, this isn't Raymond blogging. He'd gone shopping with his new-found muhammad friend in the dismal mall of Pakistan where all you see there are turbans and funny clothes. -yawnz-


Y'know, the last time Raymond came over, which was the same time my house's Christmas tree was up {without any presents}, he pointed at the sad little thing and said,

"Your tree's awfully small, y'know"

Yeahyeah, something along the lines of that. Then, the blackass continued to yak and bask in the glory that HIS was a massive six-feet tree with plenty of shiny balls {christmas balls} and real lights. The lights on my christmas tree don't work -shrugs-

The horror. Insert fake gasp here. =O

Of course, but there's a reason behind our small, yet dignified tree.

You see, I live in a house big enough for my uncles and their families so as the years go by, the condition of our old tree {it was six feet tall too mind you} deteriorated too, and if you'd drawn a graph with time as the horizontal line against the population in the house as the vertical line, it'll be proven as the line, increasing.

Proven so, the presents gets more every year.. and soon, the old christmas tree HAD to go and alot of thought {yeah right} went into consideration for the next tree. Budget, size yadayada coz sixfeet tall trees and expensive and that's when the budget and size cross-roads because the larger the size of the tree, the more busted the budget gets.

You get the idea -shrugs-

So in the end, we got a cheapo small tree from some departmental store, suspciously OG, with fake candles and no balls included. It was 2 years ago.

But gradually, realization dawned on me - the reason behind a smaller tree than the rest.


Last year and this year, respectively.

Its gets every scarier each year.. my mum labels it a mountain of presents. Its like, a reversal of roles. Presents overwhelm trees instead of tree overwhelms presents -shrugs- Oh wells, but its undeniable, presents are the best part of this holiday.

I reckon Santa must've loved us so.

Oh wells, was suppose to just update for Raymond telling you all, his fwens, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. He says he misses you all from Pakistan won't be blogging on an often basis.

But hey, whatever goes yeah? See ya folks.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What's up biatch?

I'm still alive everybody.

I hears sighs of relief from most; as for the rest of you who wish a stray bullet hits me in the arse (yeah, I'm going Brit, jolly-good), too bad!

I'm still alive and kicking.

It's not as dangerous as it seems down here; abit like Philippines, but I guess there's a template for Third-world Countries. Indonesia looked tremendously similar as well.

Bye for now :(. I'm at the British High Commission Club for dinner, and they've got a free-access area of some sort. I'll be going off home after this. The house is huge and it looks pretty costly; yet...the electricity! God, it went out twice in one night. Thankfully, at the instance when I was alone and the lights went off, Delise was there on the line with me. Go, her.

Hope she's fine in Singapore, and if you're reading this Darling, you're the most amazing girlfriend available in the history of forever. Seriously. It's...a long story which I'll elaborate on once I return. Wait for it, everybody!

I'll be off. I might be posting again tomorrow, or the day after. Internet connection is a bitch over here. I have to buy a card; similar to a sim card to access the internet.

I thought things would be easier with the advent of the digital age, but cost is still a real hindrance. Phone calls are hell-expensive.

GTG. A bullet just whizzed past my head and hit some guy between the eyes.

Take care! Especially to Delise. Just for the record, YOU'RE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. And I do wish you well; I'm not the only one who loves you, really.

However, I'm the only one who'll tuck you in.

I really gtg now. Bleeding. Buaiz.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cover Me

Like I said, I'm flying off today to Karachi.

From the name alone, it sounds like a...hip and happening party city, but from what my mother's said, it's not. It's more Get-me-out-of-here than Aye~Caramba~!

I'm going to miss everybody loads. I've spent all the days since she came back with her, and if all goes as plan, I'll spend every breathing moment with her until I have to check-in. And I won't be checking in willingly too.

Let's see...
Thursday: Went over to my house to wrap my christmas presents and then caught Eragon. Was awesome.
Friday: Went over to her house, and then brought her to flute, and walked around.
Saturday: Went to Vivo to jalan-jalan, and talked until late at night.

Yup, we've been all about each other. Pretty much.

I'll be gone for 2 weeks; hopefully, I'll come back and everything will still be the same, because OMFG 2 weeks is a long time, considering we've been together for 18 weeks...that's like a ninth of our whole time together.


But hey...I never said I won't miss you guys, yes you, my friends. We'll hang out more lah, when I'm back.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to everyone. Let the joy spread, and leave hostilities for the dead.

This should be my last post...because I'm not sure whether I have internet connection at Pakistan. I'll sneak one in at the airport, like I did before I left for Philippines.

Here's to good airplane food, pretty stewardesses, and no terrorists.

Tagboard Issues

On an introductory note: I'm not all-out defending anybody. And I'm putting this here, because I want to end it as much as everybody else. Long enough lah, long enough lah. Quoting someone very wise; "its christmas, go spread some love."

Somebody tagged this:

retribution: u know wats ur biggest problem? ur friickin arrogance.. always having that smirk on ur face and acting like ppl r always beneath u.. wow so we know that u r going to jj now? u wan congrats frm us or juz trying to show everybody u r "SMART" enough to be in jj???

I replied this:

r_angelo: Dude. It's a blog lah. He's supposed to write things which happen to him. There are people who might be interested, and if you're not, then too bad for you. Arrogance can be mistaken for confidence or pride. If you choose to see it as something negative, then that's your problem.

YanShan said some stuff regarding this also, which were along the lines of what I said.

retribution: hey u wrote jjc in your previous post la. come on dont act blur when u hv nothing to say.

SMLJ? You can't rebutt the points, then just back down lah. Nobody's acting blur; YanShan FULLY knows that he wrote JJC in his previous post, and he (and I) said that he was just blogging about his life. You never addressed this.

So OK, assuming "don't act blur" is your "rebuttal", then fine. Maybe he secretely wants praises, but then...EVERYBODY wants to be praised. Humans THRIVE on praises and compliments. Whether you want to give the praise or not, that's your choice.

Delise and Esther said some stuff about this issue too. And...

anonymous: Delise & Eggy-->are u guys dumb or what?Know nothing about it so just shut up.Not that hatred towards him for being different class u dumbass.And delise,don't preach cause its other people stuffs and there's more to it than u see it u *****

Know nothing about it? How can anyone know nothing about it when all the shit has splattered all over the tagboard, and on the blog? I think by now, everything's out in the open, the situation, and all the different opinions. They're just leaving what they think, and at least they have the balls to leave their names. And their girls too. Girls with balls.

Where's yours?

OK, so I'm not going to defend Eggy for the "hatred towards him for being different class thing", because I think that it's quite clear that's a non-issue; the issue here is still the lying problem.

As for the "other people stuffs"...It's a public blog, in other words, like something on the television, it's something people can comment on. There's no such thing as..."other people's stuff" anymore...man. And how do we even know how you're involved when your names not there?

Delise could have NOT put her name, so that people won't say she has no business there, but she had the balls to do so.

Again, I ask you, where's yours?

Everybody has the right to preach; just like you have the right to call people dumb (without justification) ; and just like I have the right to call you dumb (with justification, I'd like to add).

If there's more to it than she sees it, then tell us, WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SEE? Go blog and state your side lah, and if there's really anything that proves that what Eggy and Delise have said are wrong, then I will say sorry to you, right here.

Someone: You're wrong leh.
Sometwo: Why?
Someone: Dunch tell you.
Sometwo: WTF O.o?

Mess with one of my best friends, I defend. Mess with my girl friend, I also defend. I don't want to go to tag YanShan's blog anymore; It's messy enough as it is.

Like I said, you got issues to raise with me, then state it here, not at Shan's blog. If there's nothing to raise, I can safely declare myself RIGHT and you, WRONG.

On a lighter note: I'm leaving tonight! But I still haven't packed, so I'm settling that now. I'll be gone for 2 weeks; I'm guessing I'm overpacked, but what the heck lah.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The only one laughing is the Jester

One of my recent nick-names were Someone, Someone and A Dress.

I hope people got the inside pun there. See right, I was addressing their issue...and adress sounds awfully like "A Dress".

Get it? Get it? Punny right? I can be smart when I try.

All jokes aside, things have pretty much cooled down with the Love segment of my piece. I'm glad to see that people are actually reading it, and taking my opinions into account. I don't mind getting comments. Who needs tagboards?

Anyways, just to keep you guys updated, and not for the sake of showing-off or getting praises or anything like that (Divine RETRIBUTION! WAH!), I got into Angelo-Chinese (Science).

I'm coughing like crazy now, but that's not going to stop me from flying off tomorrow. I'll be at the airport at 11-something, for the flight which is at 2. I'll be stopping over at Dubai, and then moving on to Karachi City, Islamabad State, Pakistan.

The faithful, lonesome return will be on the 30th. For the first time in my life, I'm flying solo! It's another pro of being 16 (Darren can do this too! Happy Birthday!) ; you can fly by yourself; though that doesn't mean, I don't want any company.

Here's the only company I want:


Friday, December 15, 2006

The Pictures are The Spoken

A note about the previous post:
I'm not speaking out to anybody, because I'm far as I'm aware, I've got no enemies, so there's really no one for me to flame. It was my opinion, as a person who went through thick and thin for them. Blogging is my power, and this is my way of standing up for them. For those interested, please, do read.

Anyways! Back to issues of more importance! I apologize for the horrid quality of pictures. My phone's camera blows.

The Taipei 101 Ruler says so...

The tiny dictionary says so...

The pretty wind-mill says so...

The adorable wind-up musical toy says so...

The Royal Jelly (I shrudder to think where it comes from) says so...

The FRESH supplies of MineShine says so...

The Trick Poker Cards (You get a clue as to what card it is by looking at a symbol behind) say so...

The Pictures are The Spoken.

Me and Delise will stay true to each other, and remain with each other through thick and thin. No physical distance can seperate us, no one can break us apart, because our hearts are one. Even when she was in Taiwan, she was buying things for me. I'm planning to beat her when I go to Pakistan. I'll run through a storm of bullets to get her an "I survived Pakistan" tee-shirt. :).

Anyways, gtg swimming now, and later, to Delise's place. Sorry that I can't go for your LAN thing Raied, and sorry Glen, that I can't be with you now. Sorry to Darren also. It's your Birthday! But I can't be there. Glen'll explain, hopefully. I'll give you a ring, yeah?

Thanks for understanding.

To Lie and To Love

Or should it be To Lie is To Love? Or To Love is To Lie?

It's amazing how even though the school-year has attended, controversies are still raging. We are now given a chance to seperate; the system no longer compels us to be with one another; yet we still remain so...involved in each other's lives. This just goes to show the bonds that we've formed; and the oh-so-tangled webs we have weaved.

Recently, two of my closest friends have been put under the micro-scope for some of the action, or inaction that they've undertaken. I feel, as a close friend whom they have confided to, that the situations are not being seen from their side, since most people prefer to close one eye and state their close-minded opinion.

It's all about perception. Human beings are sentient beings, and as sentient beings, we alone have the ability to put ourselves in other's shoes. I'm not saying that we should, because some people have stinky feet, but...let's just say certain conditions can only be seen when we look at things really really closely.

About these two isses; people have been freely dishing out criticisms and supports and whatnots. As their friend, I'm going to do the same, albeit...I'll try to do it objectively, because that's what a friend should do; I'm not giving them ignorant support.

So everybody shut the fuck up and listen to me.


What I'm going to do is comment on the situation. Note though...I never bothered to read the tagboards because there's just too many things which have been said, and frankly, that tagboard...is...Wah. I'm going to lay it all on the line, and state my opinion. They're mine alone, as always.

Watch out. I'm going into serious mode, and I now look like this <(V_V)>.


To Lie

Someone lies two years ago, ruins friendships and burns bridges. People call him a bastard for lying, and I agree. We shouldn't lie, especially not to our friends. So like I said, two years go by, and now he chooses to apologize.

Things get complicated because of the apology. There's much flames..."Should do more", "Cannot accept it", "Why it takes so long" and all that.

Sure, he apologized through the blog, but sometimes, there's too many people to apologize to, and it's better to address it generally so that you can set things straight with SO many people at one go. That's one of the purposes of a blog; to talk to the masses, and even admit you're wrong in front of everybody. From what I know, this guy's apologize to the person who deserves the apology the most, albeit through Instant Messaging. But in an age where people confess their feelings over the net (I'm guilty of this! Hee! But that was two years ago; no self-loathing ass should do this now xD), I find this acceptable. What's he to do? Arrange for a meeting somewhere? And then what? Go for lunch? Watch movie?


It took two years to admit he's wrong, but we've all been busy. People grow-up; let's face it: nobody's that mature yet. Growing up takes time, and for this guy, maybe it took two years for him to grow up, and the right set of someones to make him admit his mistake.

It took a long time, but what I'm trying to get to is that at least, IT CAME. He could have jolly well chosen to put this whole incident aside, but he had the balls to come out and say he's sorry. I'm pretty sure that if he had chosen to shut up about this, nothing will happen, people will forget about it, and it'll remain in their mind that he's a lying bastard.

But he apologized, and I think that's what we should judge his character on. Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody has the courage to own up to it.

If he's forgiven, then good for him. If he's not, well, at least he tried, and for trying, I admire him, and he really did try to apologize, there's nothing much he can do about it.

All the bullshit aside, he's my friend, one of the few I trust completely.


To Love

For the record, A is my friend, and so is C. However, A is the one I'm involved with in this situation, because he confided in me.

This is a classic situation, straight from the soaps. For the sake of funny-ness, let's assume A,B and C are all guys. A used to date B, but they went to splits-ville. C likes B, and in the process, becomes close friends with A. A finds out C likes B and gives his support. A realises he still has feelings for B. He's at a loss as to what to do. He treasures the friendship, but he can't say "No" to his heart. He tells C what he's doing; that he's going after B again. C is angry at A; after all the ups and downs, he turns around and goes after the person C likes.

B is in the middle of all this; he's confused.

Everybody's critisizing A, but to do so will be unfair to him, I find.

A is...following what his heart tells him to do. Everybody who knows this situation know that A is a very close friend of C's. They were together...went to each other's houses, went out all the time and all that. To A, C's friendship means alot to him.

That's the precise reason, that when A realised his feelings for B once more, he owned up to C.

The easy way out would have been for A to keep his mouth shut, and go after B behind C's back, but he didn't. It was difficult for A to tell it to C (I was there during his thought process, I KNOW), but he did, because he wanted to be honest.

And at the end of the day, that's what friendship is about. It's about being honest to your friends; it doesn't mean turning off your feelings and letting a part of your heart die. Friendship, in my opinion, is about being honest to each other, and with being honest, there comes the part of acceptance.

I know C's feelings...it's hard lah, to know that you're best friend likes the same girl that you like. But at the end of the day, you can't deny anyone of how they feel.

A feels strongly about B; I've talked to him, and he is sincere. He may have liked other girld before, but that's how teenage hearts are. They get crushes easily, they are deluded; infatuation is rampant. A have had B before, and maybe he didn't handle the situation in the right light, but...people change.

Personally, I don't know how much he can change, but as long as his feelings are true, he shouldn't be denied the chance.

I'm sure at the end of the day, A and C just want B to be (I knew I should have used nick-names instead :x) happy.

But right now, he's not, because B's stuck between A and C.


I don't want to see a friendship so beautiful be torn apart; I really don't. It happened in To Lie, and I don't want to see it happening in To Love. I hope that people can accept others for what they are, not for what they wish them to change into.

She's back!

. says:
i saw in channgel news asia
lovely, pretty, smart, capable, independent, lovable Delise: raymond-angelo.blogspot.com [12/12: updated!]{Delise <3}+7a1s+> says:
. says:
the reporter videotaping then tio shot at the ear
lovely, pretty, smart, capable, independent, lovable Delise: raymond-angelo.blogspot.com [12/12: updated!]{Delise <3}+7a1s+> says:
lovely, pretty, smart, capable, independent, lovable Delise: raymond-angelo.blogspot.com [12/12: updated!]{Delise <3}+7a1s+> says:
in pakistan?
. says:
scary hahah
. says:
i aint sure
. says:
i cant remember
. says:
but something ***-tan

Glen Wirawan, the "." just successfully scared the hell out of me. Quick! Kevlar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLASH-BANGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! EYYY-DUB-YOUUU-PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Anyways, quick-update for the goings-on of Wednesday.

Bio-tan was treating her Bio students lunch at Carl's Junior over at Marina Square. I had nothing much up , so I just joined in. It'll be a good opportunity to meet up with my ex-classmates and ex-formteacher, so why the heck not.

Aside: I can't believe I'm using the word "ex". Jesus. I hate it; it's so...sharp. Just saying it conjures images of striking someone out of one's life, but I don't want to do it yet. I want all my class-mates, future, or ex, or otherwise to remain with me for as long as I breath.

I'm a romantic. I believe that everything can last, as long as you wish for it to do so.

Anyway, Bernard and Raynard were there, the "Twin Nards", or the "Tards" for short which sounds like "'Tards" which is unintentionally short for "retard" but I don't mean that :). Raynard was still his crazy ass self! He came back from China, and he's looking for work. Too bad he shaved off his afro. That's just the sort of out-of-this-world shit that McDonald needs. Ronald McDonald, make way for Raynard McWarcraft.

And as for Bernard...what can I say? He's Bernard! He's still fun to talk to, and...I wish there'd be more opportunities for us to meet this holidays! He came on the first day of the Chalet, but I missed him! In every possible sense of the word. I received a complain that I mention Delise too much in my blog, so I won't...HA!

Already did, so might as well :).

Elgin, XianLiang, Ringo, TahNern and YanShan came too, but they already went for the chalet. That's not to say I didn't miss them. It's sad, because they were people I used to see everyday. When I come back, let's go out again, k?

Played LAN...I know what you're thinking, YanShan: I just came here to boast. AND I DID! HAHA! Top frag for Counter-Strike! First in the AWP map (beat TahNern by 10 frags!) and First in the DeDust map.

Let's not go into DOTA. Defense of the Asians, my stinking-Asian-ass.

Headed home. Delise arrived at night, and we talked on the phone. I spent today with her too; long-story-short, we solidified our relationship by doing something I never thought I'd do with anyone. No lah, it's nothing to do with bodily-functions and stuff...It's worse.

Much worhhhx.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


He's my ivory to my ebony.

Ian already covered it, so I won't :\.

And he's got a different brand of funny, so I strongly suggest you check him out.

Anyways, pictures barrage!

Ian has pictures too, but...What the heck xP. It's for the convenience of those who don't feel like going to the link. And credits to Chui Mun for taking the pictures. Go, him!

Brief Summary:
Me+Ian+Glen+Darren VS Nigel+ChuiMun+Terry+ZiRong.
Raymond's team won 4 games out of 4.

Emphasis on "Raymond", ignore the team.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dear Delise VIII

You're back! Finally!

My aretty, bretty, cretty, dretty, eretty, fretty, gretty, hretty, iretty, jretty, kretty, lretty, mretty, nretty, oretty, pretty girlfriend has come back to me.

I'm andsome, bandsome, candsome, dandsome, eandsome, fandsome, gandsome, handsome...so that settles it. We match. Yayness

I'm spending all the time I have left with you until I leave, so I'm sorry if I pang-seh everybody else.

Delise, just for everyone to read, you mean the world to me. I hope everybody else understands...she's really...everything.

Haha. What am I talking about...you're guys...so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

I love you.

Teenage Heroes Rock

As you all know, I've been obcessed with comic books lately. I'm hoarding megabytes of 'em of the torrents like the bloody leecher I am. I know I'm doing something illegal, but buying comics in Singapore isn't really simple. Particularly because when people say comics, they think manga, but technically, they're different, because one is comics and one is manga.

I went to Comics Connection and wondered where Spider-man was. Shitz.

On top of the Civil-War (Powers are forced to register with the Government; half are willing, the other, unwilling. Fighting ensues. Thor gets cloned, FF4 is split up, Hulk is in space, Ironman becomes Hitler, etc), two groups of teenage heroes have caught my attention.

I love teenagers, in every sense of "I love teenagers" possible. And reading about super-heroes who are teenagers? It's awesome. They experience the same everyday traumas we go through, and at the same time, they have to save the world. They fall in love, become homosexuals...there's even a dose of asexual love, if you look hard enough.

The Young Avengers

They're a group of heroes comprising of Avenger fanboys. There's a gay-couple inside, and I love reading about them.

Wiccan and Hulkling. Wiccan is a mutant spell-caster, the douche with blue sparks coming from his hand. His power is...well he cast spells by saying what he wants over and over likethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethislikethis. Hulkling is an alien...his mother is a Kree and his father is a Skrull (don't ask)...the inter-species mating is mind-blowing. His ability is to morph into anything he wants, and he chooses to look like the Hulk. How fucked up is that? ANNDS...he can choose to morph into a female, since technically, he's neither, but chooses not to because Wiccan's GAY.

What the hell. The team-mates act like everything's normal, but they're not normal themselves. The guy in black is called Patriot, and he's on drugs to maek himself superhuman, the robot in green is Vision and he's in love with the arrow girl, even though he's a robot. The big girl, Stature, can change in size...hmm...

The Runaways

They're typical rebellious teens. They're parents are super villians, but they choose to be heroes to piss them off. Perfect. The world loves a rebel.

The girl with flaming hair is called Lucy In The Sky. God, that's a mouthful. She's a lesbian, and was in love with the girl with the staff, Nico Minoru. Thankfully, kawaii Nico-chan is straight. So Lucy In The Sky settles for Xavin, who was a male, but for Lucy's lesbian conveniences, transforms into a female.

These teenagers are crazy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Delise VII

Cinderella sucks.

As I said earlier, I went out with the 4A guys today; YanShan, Ringo, TahNern, Elgin and ChingYong. ChooJiaHan was supposed to come along too, from what CY told me, but he pang-seh at the last minute. Darn bastard doesn't want to see me anymore :(.

Ohs Wells. I've got you.

Imagine the shock I received when I reached Plaza Sing at 1:10, and discovered that I was the earliest. It became a habit I guess, coming "early". I totally forgot about the "guy logic"...which is...always come 30 minutes after the arranged time. Ching Yong, the organiser, told me that it was at 1. 1 was the time he left the house.

Am I missing something here? You say 1 but you come at nearly 2.

Haha. What the heck lah. I'm used to it; it's a system. Maybe I've been out of the system for way too long...

Spent the time playing Raiden and the classic tennis game. I lost to the computer :(.

Once everybody came, there was confusion. What movie to watch? The original idea was Eragon, I think, but that's only showing tomorrow. The only really convenient movies were "Deck The Halls" and this horror-flick called "Cinderella". I have never been able to convince you to watch any horror shows (with the exception of The Host). You're a fraidy-cat xP. Remember the time I made you cry because I was telling you horror stories over the phone?


So, it was decided that we were going to watch Cinderella. But Ringo's going to watch it in a few day's time! We can't leave him out! It's a brother-to-brother thing. He didn't mind watching the movie, but he minded paying for it. So we formulated a plan to sneak him in for free, and we succeeded! There's an exit to the cinema, so ChingYong went to the exit, and through the exit, passed Ringo a ticket. And ta~freaking~da!

Here comes Ringo.

Onto the show, wtf-ly called Cinderella. Here's a website!

And a Poster!

This show was far from being scary. It was just creepy, I think. Imagine faces being peeled off...and lotsa blood. TahNern, after I predicted the whole of the show despite there being no sign of an ending, asked me whether I was the director-cum-script-writer. That doesn't say much about the show (all my predictions were correct), but it says much about me.

I'm psychic.

Also, I'm still wondering where the title came from. Cinderella conjures images of midnight, glass slippers, wicked stepsisters...but I saw none in the show. At the end of the day, despite being a show about plastic surgery, I think the whole show needs a face-lift.

Except for the Mum. She was really pretty.

Played LAN afterwards. Counter-Strike first, where I got second highest frags. Yayness. And afterwards, we played DOTA, and another miracle was pulled off. It was:

Raymond+TahNern+YanShan VERSUS ChingYong+Ringo+Elgin

No matter how you look at it, the odds were stacked against us. Elgin and ChingYong are avid players, and Ringo...well...he's better than me :). On my side, there's YanShan, who claims to be good, TahNern who hardly plays and me...let's just say I cheered when I made my first kill.

They dominated us; whooped our asses. I was stuck in the same lane as Elgin and I got owned. We were their bitches for the whole of the match, except for the ending, where we pulled of a miracle. We might not be good, as individuals, but team-work pulled us through.

Remember, there's no "I" in team. There's still "me" though...and there's "meat" too, and everybody loves meat.

Set off, and parted ways. Walked around abit with YanShan and TahNern. YanShan's having fun now, and so is Ringo and TahNern.

Haiz. I miss you, and I'm so glad you'll be back tomorrow. Hugs and kisses and tatas.

Dear Delise VI

What happened to V?

What the heck.

Anyways, chatting with you yesterday was a blast and I can't wait for you to touch-down. Here's the rundown from where I left off, all the way to now.

Sunday: -Pool with Darren, Glen, Nigel, Terry, ChuiMun and ZiRong. Dinner at food court and chatting at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves. Exchanged hilarious stories and was brought up-to-date with...general emotional developments :). Can't share them with you though because they'll skin me xD. Reached home at 11-ish.

Monday: -Was supposed to go Ice-skating with Glen and Darren and some other people, but I cancelled because I was supposed to go to the gym with YanShan but he cancelled that too. Jeremy called in the morning to ask me to go for debate but it was 9+ and debate was at 10. So, I pontang-ed that as well. Stayed home for virtually the whole day. I did go swimming though; I'm planning to make it a once-every-two-days thing, because that's the period of time it takes for my swim-shorts (no trunks!) to dry. I went to the doctor's in the evening to get my immunisation for Hep A and B, in view of my coming departure. The doctor suggested he administer the injection to my butt, because it would be less painful. But no one's going near my butt anytime soon, after this -)-.

Tuesday: -Going off to Plaza Sing with a bunch of 4A guys. They're watching either Flags of Our Fathers, Eragon or some chinese show. Ching Yong sms-ed me in Chinese :(. Channel 5 please. I'll be off now.

I'll sneak one in, later, if possible.

You're coming back tomorrow :).

Just for dicks. I meant, kicks...just for kicks.

And since I haven't posted YouTube videos in awhile, here's a favourite of mine, from where else but my "Favourites". I can't believe people actually view my favourites. I'm looking at you, Ryan Phang :). This is damn funny. Damn damn damn funny. I'm serious. It's seriously funny...OXYMORON!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dear Delise IV

Sorry for being such a jerk.

And I've deleted the comments. I hope you don't mind, but that's our business, and nobody else's, right everyone? ;)

Try calling me again in the morning. Or if you're reading this...I'll stay up until 1 at most. And I promise to stay away from my Dad's room, even though the computer's there. The signal is horrible, and that's why you weren't able to reach me just now. Or maybe it's my phone? Whatever, but I'll stay someplace where the signal is more powerful.

However, I do appreciate it, and the message too, so thanks. All I want is...I don't know...an opportunity to interact with you; doing it over the computer...it just doesn't quite cut it, know what I'm saying?


It's been a long day. It started early, at 5 in the morning, because I had to head down to church to catch the mass at 6:30. And the whole family sans my dad was there. At least my mum was happy. I had to sit with Ralph for the hour-long mass. You know how much the both of us enjoys each other's company...like two cocks in a barrel. Cocks meaning...chicken...of course. And barrel meaning barrel...

There was a food fair, so we stayed behind for that.

My mum and brothers stayed a wee bit longer than me. I had other agendas. We were at Carmellite, near your neighbourhood, so while they stayed back to enjoy the goodies, I took a morning walk around your ghetto, saw the sights we used to see together and sat at the places we sat at. I missed you and I miss you. While waiting for my clan to come down, I even hung at the mirror; the one I always look at while waiting for you to come down.

Let's see...breakfast at McDonalds and then headed home.

It was roughly 9, and I still held hope that you'd call so...I stayed up. I only fell asleep at 11-ish, but the phone was on my ear, and for the first time in forever, un-silenced, so that it'll wake me up from whatever dream I'm having. I did dream of you though, or to be more exact, us talking on the phone, so I guess...it's all good...?

Ahh...fuck. Dad's in the same room, and you know how I hate it. Now he's bothering me about getting a Zune for Christmas.

I'll continue in the morning. Until then,

I love you, and I miss you, and I need you, and I can't wait for you to come back to me.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Out of Courtesy...

List 10 random facts about yourself...

1. My parents are seperated.
2. My step-father's white! The irony!
3. I'm getting a Zune for Christmas.
4. I think all super-heroes should register with the Government.
5. I want to be an Engineer in the future, and I'll be a journalist writing columns in my spare time. If not, then I'll be the first Weatherman in Singapore. God, I can't believe Singapore doesn't have one.
6. I don't want to go overseas at the end of this month because I don't want her to feel the way I feel right now.
7. I just read Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony.
8. I find Hurricane Durian a stupid name for something so devestating.
9. I watch Sentai.
10. And I'm proud of it.

What's Sentai? This is Sentai! The latest reincarnation too. It looks awesome. The red senshi's carrying a got-damn nunchucks. NUNCHUCKS! And they're based on cats! CATS! Red=Tiger, Blue=Leopard and Yellow=Cheetah.

I can't wait.

And I know I have to tag somebody else, but that's not my style, so no. :\

Dear Delise III

I'm not feeling well.

I was out shopping with my mom...for winter clothes. Who'd have thought that the temperature at Pakistan would be around 5 degrees? I once said that the people of Philippines would die if the temperature dropped below 10. Imagine how life is in Pakistan, which according to Rostow's Model of Development (Geography rocks!) is below Philippines.

Ahh...it feels so good to be so near the Equator.

Anyways, I went all dizzy while shopping. Went to Suntec, only because I dreaded battling through the crowds of Vivo. So yeah...I'm tired...and I think I've got a temperature. You won't be finding this out until you come back though, which is when you'll read this. I'm sorry for not telling you when you're going to call...but I don't want you to worry about me.

So yeap. I'm waiting for your call, and then I'm going to bunk in. I'm pooped.

I can't wait until you come back, because I miss you like crazy.

Like Riders We Ride

Let's see...Chalet, 4A 2006.

I've been planning to post this picture for a long time, but I could never find the right time. So, I guess with the chalet being "beyond {the} four walls", and it being a class thing, I guess that posting this baner is apt. There were mixed reactions when the girls put this up. I, on one hand applauded the effort, while others slammed it for being an eyesore. Nevertheless, it stayed up there, and we grew used to it.

This chalet would have been more fun if everybody had been there. Like the banner says, "Everyone Matters". Not that I'm on good terms with everyone (not saying I'm on bad terms either, mind you since I've got no known enemies), but the more the merrier. But what the heck, despite the fact that only slightly more than half of the class turned up, it was still more fun than a barrel of monkeys. With paintballs. On a Monday.


Anyways. From the airport, I reached the chalet at around 9 in the morning. Most were still sleeping, and I was pooped myself. Yeah. That, and moody. So I went upstairs to sleep with Yan Shan and the girls. I was in a state, but they gave me words of encouragement and stuff. Though I didn't really appreciate it then, on hindsight, I do now, so even if it's late, "Thanks". The rest of the people in the chalet went of to Escape first. Since I'd gone there not too long ago, I slept in.

Glenn Lum, Choo Jia Han and Ryan came over. Here's a few updates...Glenn's working at Tiong's NTUC as a cashier, so if you've got the chance, do drop by. Ryan's looking, while Jia Han's busy tending to his imaginary dog, KarWai. YanShan went downstairs, and Xian Liang was there too so we played cards for abit. "Cheat" was the shiat.

Renting a Mahjong Table was a priority. I'm one of the few Pinoys around who know how to play, and I'm the only one you probably know off who knows how to play too. And I'm not bad...I actually won a few games here and there. AND I can read the Chinese numbers from 1-9; beat that!



Is that how you pronounce it? The funky green character?

Anyways...what else did we do...?

Ahh. There was the BBQ. Food was good, and a big thank-you to Jeremy and XianLiang and Andrian for doing most of the cooking. Me, Ryan, Glenn Lum and Choo played this dumbass game where you have to stick a satay stick into the ground like a javelin. It's not as easy as it sounds!

There was cycling too, and boy...$18 for a whole night...I wasn't sure whether it was worth it. However, since all the guys were in, I fell for peer pressure. There's two kinds of peer pressure: the harmful and the come-join-the-fun...unless I had no prior knowledge of cycling, like Ryan, cycling certainly falls into the latter category.

Man...cycling was fun. The first was marred by an accident. As we cycled down a bridge there was a bicycle pile-up. Ching Yong crashed into Xian Liang and there was blood, and it was ugly. Xian Liang got up fine, but Ching Yong had blood running down his knees, elbows...and euggh. We went back to examine his gashes; thankfully Glenn Lum, no matter how many days he pontanged Red Cross, was equipped with the know-how needed to apply first aid. Yay.

We went riding a second time, with Ringo who joined at 10+, and this time, we got lost. Our path...the black represents the way there. The red represents the way back. I'm serious.

Ok...so I might be exxagerating, but we fucked up the way back. It was my fault, partially. "I think the MRT station is that way!" I exclaimed...but what it really was was a FireStation. WTF! And we wondered around somemore, and when we asked for directions, I found that I had lead everyone in the completely wrong direction....so yeah...in all...we cycled from around...11 to 3 I think. And don't forget the cycling before that. So that's like...5 hours...wow. And my ass was in horrible pain.

Oh. And something interesting happened at a 7-11 too. One of us (not mentioning names, because I've got no permission) decided to fuck around with the cashier. He got a small gulp, and a big gulp and drank from both of them. The cashier shouted at him from the counter. And he bought the small gulp saying that he was testing the cups. At least I think that's how it went. It was the moon see...the moon makes us high.

Went back and played more mahjong. I showered too, taking a towel who belongs to god-knows-who. To whoever it is, if you find you're towel smelling like...me, well I used it.

Slept for abit. When I sat down, I winced. My ass. Ouch.

We returned the bikes at around 9...but the shop opened at only 11 so we waited around like idiots until then.

We broke chalet, and headed back home. Thankfully, I had a direct bus. Yay, me. Slept on the bus, but didn't sleep in the afternoon. It ruins my sleeping cycle, see. And...I need my beauty sleep. Oops. I don't need it...but I'm cranky without sleep.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dear Delise II

I just got back from swimming and it was FUn with a capital "F" and "U". And "N", but FU seems more awesome.

I planned to go at noon-time, when Mr Sun will be blasting at the maximum but the pool was occupied. I didn't want anybody to see me floudering about in the water, so I waited until the pool was emtpy before going in. The fear of drowning was large...I was literally going into unchartered waters. I've been loving in this here condo for 2+ years, yet, I haven't gone taken the plunge. Not even once. Before I left, I told my maid this:

"If I'm not back by 4, check for me. I might be dead,"

I was swimming by myself, so I feared for my safety...but I didn't want to make an ass out of myself infront of my neighbours, so I risked my life...


I swam in the shallows, not more that a metre in height. The water was freezing. If I ever had a worst enemy, I'd throw him into the water first, and then make a clever comment: "That's cold". Anyways, I had no idea what I was so afraid of in the first place.The deserted pool was a perfect place for me to learn from scratch. But boy, it wasn't easy. After an hour's worth of practicing/struggling/drowning, I can do free-style...I think that's what you call it. You know...the basic one where you kick your legs and throw your arms one at a time, forward? Yeah, that's it.

But the FROG STYLE! God! I THINK I know how the movement goes, but I can't move forward!!! No matter what I do, I stay on the same spot, and if it weren't for the low floor, I would have drowned. Frog-style...I hate it. I hate frogs. Down with frogs. Thank god, I didn't drown. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to me, would you?

Later, Ryan and Glen (Bro's friend, Indo, one of the many Glenns) joined me in the pool and they brought their water guns with them, so I played along. Feels like being in Primary School again; mind you, I was playing with Primary 1 & 3 kids. They ganged up on me...it wasn't pretty, it was handsome.

On other news, I went out with my mum and Ryan this morning to get our mug-shots taken. My mum's applying for our Pakistan and UAE visas, so yeah...peek-cha time. Mine didn't turn out well; the fringe. Ugh. I need a hair-cut...sometime next week...ok...next month. How about never?

Nothing doing right now except more comics. They're great, the Civil War is great. I'm with Spider-man. He's got a new costume.

Busy with chalet tonight. Tah. Miss you, and I'll be waiting.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dear Delise I

I didn't do much of anything today.

I exercised for abit; but not totally hardcore. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and skipping. I plan to get fit, all over again. I heard they've got swimming as part of the Phys Ed curriculum at AC, my 1st choice, so I'm trying to learn how to swim. It maybe over optimistic of me to be looking far ahead, but in the long run, when I got to NS, I'm sure swimming will benefit me.

So, tomorrow noon, when the sun is at it's highest, there'll be me in the swimming pool of the condo all by my lonesome. I'm going to make an attempt to learn it by myself, but I'm afraid I'll drown. What the heck. I hate being taught; I prefer exploring things by myself. And Darren and Glen tried to teach me how to swim a couple of years back (Jeez, I feel like a geezer). I guess all you need to know of how it turned out is in this paragraph.


What else...what else...I'm saving up for Christmas presents, so I'm not going to be out and about for the next few days. Oh, and to Yan Shan, Ryan and Darren...let's meet up some time, k? I think you know what this is all about.

My mother came back from Pakistan and she says it's hell over there. The best shopping mall is...the pits. And it's cold...which came as a surprise. And the salary of her security guard (the house provided by the British Embassy has guards. Long story) is $80 per month. That's low. And they actually sell houses for the guard in the Super Markets. Imagine seeing that in NTUC...

Comics are amazingly cool. For http comics, check this link. The Ultimates are awesome. Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Quiksilber, The Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Captain Britain, Wasp, Ant-man...all in the same team trying to save the world from evil. It's awesome, and I love it. I'm turning into a comic-geek, but it's only been...like two days since I started, so not yet.

I'm still a manga boy.

However...comic has it's own lure. BETTTYYY!!

If that was me, I'll be like..."DEELLIISSEEE", but that's just me. I hope you're enjoying youself! And take care of Ray-an, k? I miss you.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Right to Shoot

Like I said, I went to KTM Resort, at Batam on Sunday with my Dad and Brothers.

My father, who works in Batam, was having a company lunch over there, so he invited me and the brothers to tag along and walk around the resort and stuff. The lunch was OK, overall because Indonesian food is splendid. There wasn't really much to do there, though, it is interesting to note that the resort we went to was the exact same one Delise had gone to with her family a year ago. Yay for coaccidents.

Anyways, since my dad got one of those black, bulky professional cameras, I've taken possession of his old digital one. It's only 4 mega-pixel, but at least it's something.

No words. I'm just a dude with the right to shoot.

There's more; but I'm too emo to post it now. I was :( on Sunday. Just try to imagine the state I'm at today.

Chalet update, tomorrow. Promise! And I had fun!

No matter how far

It's never easy to say goodbye, but the seperation's not permanent, so for this period of time, my mantra's "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

And it already is making my heart grow fonder. My heart's bursting with love.

I miss her so much. And it's only Day TWO.

Delise flew off to Taiwan yesterday morning. It was horribly heart-wrenching. I couldn't say all the things I wanted to, because the time we had was short, rushed. She was whisked off, into check-in, and into the plane. At least, I was able to give her something to remember me by.

Please, let her be safe. Until the day we meet, may God be with her.

After she left, I slumped to the Viewing Mall. Seriously...what's the use of a Viewing Mall...if you can't view what you want to view? The plane wasn't there...I waited for an hour, at least, hoping against hope that her plane might pass by, but, alas, no such luck.

I wanted one of those classic drama moments, where her plane will fly off and I'll extend my hand trying to reach for it, if possible, bind its wings and prevent seperating and whisper "I'll miss you,", but, like I said, no such luck. Instead, I replayed the scene in my head, a thousand times over.

It's only god-knows-how-many days, some people may say, and that I'm exxagerating, but it's different for different people. I truly lover her company...and being apart...it sucks.

"I'll miss you", I whisper: to no one in particular, except for her.

Monday, December 04, 2006

BEEP BEEP. Honk if you're horny :(

Where have I been the past few days?

Three days without posts: must have been horrible for you guys; but what the hey, I'm not you. All arrogance aside, I'm back...but for a short time only. Chalet until Wednesday, so there, don't expect the next update until post-Wednesday.


Let's see,
Thursday- Script Writing: The 5 Hour Marathon
Friday- Guitar Lessons With Renny, Flute Lessons With Delise
Saturday- The Got-Debate-No-Debate? Ms Selvi's Wedding
Sunday- Day Trip to Bottom

I'm having a writer's block, or in this case, a blogger's block. If I want to be witty, this blog has become a blocker's blog. Geddit? I don't know what to write about siah...work's piling up, but I don't want to dismiss anything, because all these events, I want them to be remembered...

*Goes off, walks around, breakfasts...This really is what I'm doing; I want you to have an insight on my process of thought. Cheese omelette always gets my brain juice pumping*

I'll do the wedding!

By Raymond+Guest, I'm assuming that Guest means my other half, or better half in this case. So I brought Delise, cause she completes me. 1,2,3...Awww...Oh, and I love the invitation too, the packaging...Everything. Thanks for the invite Ms Selvi...or should I call you by your first name now, since I'm a graduate...Nah.

started the day with a supposed-to-be-Debate-Training at ten. Since there were no teachers available, Jeremy was asked to supervise, and I helped. As a senior, I left my house early, I mean, I can't be late, can I? In my head, I imagined myself giving a pep talk. I'm not the type who steps up to the stage unless really necessary or unless asked to, but the Debating Society of QTSS means much to me; we were the CHAMPIONS. I don't want next years team to be a push-over. "Whole new team", "new division", "new coach", "toucher competition", "we WERE the champion": but all were for naught. Training was postponed because the school was closed.

If only the teacher in-charge, whoever it was, had the courtesy of telling us the school was closed. Ohs wells.

I headed for Great World for a quick lookie-around, and then headed for Delise's place. I helped her some more with last minute packing, and watched some Television. We played card games too, and just talked shit. She says I lost to a P3 kid in Checkers, but for the record, I gave up that game. I was trying to make her Sister happy. And, she has the cheek to insult me, when she lost to a PRIMARY ONE kid in Stress! Hah! Take that!

She was supposed to go to the wedding with me, like I said, but she changed her mind when she found out that Shalina wasn't going. Ohs wells; I wasn't going to force her to go. We went to Great World for Ice Cream and for walking around. She was a bear she liked. When she exitted the shop, I stood outside, hugging the bear. She christened him Ray-an.

180 degrees plot-twist! Here we go!

"I suddenly feel like going,"

Wah...she doesn't just feel like going. She...SUDDENLY feels like going! *gasp*

We rushed home; I waited for her at the road leading up to her house, while she went up to change. It was 7, and the wedding was at 7:30. She had arranged for her mum to fetch us, but by some twist of faith, when the car came to pick me up at 7:34 (WTF?) , her brother, her sister, her mother and her father were all inside. The ride went OK, I think; Sri Sengapa Vinayagar Temple at Ceylon Road was an ass to find because Ceylon Road turned out to be really really long.

We were late, but as it turned out, it didn't matter. It was my first time at an Indian wedding, and let me tell you, it was a shock. Jeremy was there too, so the three of us sat together. The Wedding Hall...had so many people! I didn't expect such a big turn-out, honestly! There were alot alot alot Alot ALot ALOt ALOT! of people!

The customs were weird too. People came in and out as and when they pleased. And they were talking and messaging, and etc-ing, as the wedding went on on stage. An usher came to us and said there was an early dinner, for the non-Indians, but WTF? The wedding is still going on! From a guide-to-Indian-weddings given out, it seemed lenghty, so we went down anyways. I didn't see the need for the seperation of the Indians from the Non-Indians, but I did find out, later in the night.

Downstairs, we sat with Ms Khoo and Kevin See. The food, served in buffet style was good! Fish lah, mutton, chicken, naan. There was this...yoghurt cum salad concoction which was really sour, but it was all good, because free is good, when it comes to food (cue I'm-a-poet-and-I-didn't-know-it). There was a monitor downstairs so that we could still see the wedding, but it was focused on some woman messaging a somebody. Gee...

Anyways, we did go up after the wedding, and with excellent timing too. It was ending, and it was the time the guests go up on stage to give our presents *ahemofferingsahem* to the King and Queen of the day. The floor was sprinkled with rice, and I had to take my shoes off, so it was a weird feeling, walking after that. Anyways, Ms Selvi looked lovely and her husband too; they made a good match. I wish them happiness in bucket-loads. And then some.

And then some more.

We walked, with Jeremy, Khoo and Kevin to Parkway Parade, and then seperated. Delise's parents fetched me home, so thanks yous, even if the chances of you reading this are infinity multiplied by zero.

Tatas. And Han's idea of dessert is a slice of Pear. Usually it's ice cream, but they want us to eat health. Or they're plain cheap bastards. Whatever works, I guess.

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