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Friday, March 31, 2006

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

Everybody Loves Raymond...Except for Chuck Norris and his Karate Kommandos.

"What the FACT?"


Truly awesome. I had formulated my own theories, but they're all wrong! The season premier exceeded my expectations. Here's hoping that they'll keep this up for the rest of the season. Anyway, because I was watching Lost, I slept at 12, and to top it off, I kept waking up, no idea why though. So, if you give me 3 hours of sleep, what you get is a real cranky Raymond Angelo. To all the people I've snapped at today, I apologize. I'm not normally so irritable, but I guess that's what a lack of sleep can do to you.

Had three things going on after school; a prefect's meeting, a debate meeting, and the Heats for the field events. To make things worse, I didn't feel like going for any of them. I wanted to sleep, damnit. Dragged myself around the whole time, firstly to the prefect meeting, then to the Sports Heats. The Heats were scaldingly horrible. I was taking part in two events, discus and shot put. Shot put wasn't so bad, though I didn't win anything. But god, was my discus throwing abilities not up to scratch. I got two throws. So I threw it the first time around. I was holding the discus wrongly, so, due to the theory of cause and effect, I threw it wrongly. Fuck. I was supposed to throw it straight, but it went instead to the right, nearly killing the chick-sports leader who was an IC. Sorry to her also. Because I wasn't holding it correctly, I sprained my arm, and threw like crap for the second throw. What the heck lah. It's not like I was expecting much....It's not like I went for house practice much...hehe...justifications...shoot me please.

Debate was fun. We watched the juniors debate. They were quite crap lah, no one was really touching each other's points and there were alot of paper-referrals. We weren't up to scratch either when we started off, so it's nothing to worry about. They've got a ways to go, but it's more fun when you're building something from nothing isn't it? Did another improv debate.

And I went home. And Designer Guys were playing on TV Mobile. I used to love the show. It's about two obviously gay guys going into house and "snazzing it up" (they're words, not mine). Lots of gay innuendo. What's not to like? But TV Mobile, I don't know what their reason is, but they're showing the same episode every morning and evening. What the? It's entertaining the first time around, heck I still enjoyed watching it a second on Tuesday, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. TV Mobile, I know you're there to entertain us and shits, but you can't do it if you don't get any new shows. Shame on you SBS. I want to lodge a complain!

Tomorrow's April Fools, so be on the lookout. You never know what's gonna happen...

CHUCKCHUCKCHUCK! NORRIS! Heard of him before? He's a freaking god. He used to act in a show called Walker: Texas Ranger, has starred in numerous "blockbusters" (once again, they're words, not mine), and started his own fighting league. There's site called www.chucknorrisfacts.com which contains facts about him, which I bet you didn't know. Even if you have no clue who I'm talking about, the website will crack you up.

Here's a few "facts" which made me go "WHAT THE FACT?"

  • "Brokeback Mountain" is not just a movie. It's also what Chuck Norris calls the pile of dead ninjas in his front yard.
  • Chuck Norris knows the last digit of pi.
  • Chuck Norris puts the laughter in manslaughter.
  • When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
  • There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.
  • Outer space exists because it's afraid to be on the same planet with Chuck Norris.
  • Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.
  • Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
  • When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.
  • Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush.
  • Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.
  • The opening scene of the movie "Saving Private Ryan" is loosely based on games of dodgeball Chuck Norris played in second grade.
  • Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill.
  • Chuck Norris can hit you so hard that he can actually alter your DNA. Decades from now your descendants will occasionally clutch their heads and yell "What The Hell was That?"
  • In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Chuck Norris could use to kill you, including the room itself.
  • There are no races, only countries of people Chuck Norris has beaten to different shades of black and blue.
My personal favourite:
  • Thousands of years ago Chuck Norris came across a bear. It was so terrified that it fled north into the arctic. It was also so terrified that all of its decendents now have white hair.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Sequal to the 2003 block-buster Finding Nemo: Eating Nemo

2/3 of A Man

If I were ever to write a biography, I'll call it 2/3 of A Man. It's been cast in stone, that the requirements for a man is to be tall, dark and handsome. However, I only qualify for two of the three; dark and handsome. So, yeah, 2/3 of A Man. Watch out for it in 40 years time. I'll write it in a cottage in Switzerland, where I'll be living in the rural areas, with my wife, my dog, and a glass of red wine.

Did the usual cookie of the day thing again. It's getting tiresome lah. The supposed purpose is to show appreciation to students for being a part of Queenstown. *Snorts*. Jeez. It's at the expense of curriculum time lah. Let's not waste anymore time and just stop the freaking scheme.

Today was marred by THREE tests; Geography, Mother Tongue and Add Maths. I was working at Add Maths yesterday, so I didn't really bother to study Geography. What I did for Geog was to guess what questions were going to come out based on the previous lesson, and totally mugged that those parts. Sounds smart? Nope, wrong move Raymond Angelo. India came out, and I didn't bother to study that. Then they asked a simple enough question on how physical factors affect the distribution of farms WITH REFERENCE TO LOCATIONS. Lol. Something I didn't expect to come out came out once again. So what I did was just insert random names of places in the Philippines. Surely she won't doubt me. I'm a Pinoy after all.

Then we had the picture taking, which was fun. Did my hair up, which is another way of saying rocked my head and let the hair fall randomly into place and got in line with the rest of the gang, from the tallest to the shortest. Bloody hell, I hate it when they do that. Why must we discriminate based on height damnit? Two formal shots, and two fun shots. Hope it turns out fine.

After recess was mother-tounge. I brought my Add Maths stuff just to practice, but there was a test. Nothing much though. Simpleton stuff. Nothing a dice-roll can't handle. Finished it in slightly under half an hour, then got down to business. I got the hang of differentiation once again, but fell asleep doing it. Woke up once the bell rang for Add Maths. Nabei. I really shouldn't have fallen asleep. I'm...what's the word...anemic! Yeah, that's it. I'm have low blood pressure, so it takes as long as 30 minutes to get the right amount of blood pumping to my head again after I wake up. SHIT. So I sat for the Add Maths test light-headed and all. It was alright though. Shouldn't flunk it....were here's hoping.

Before drama just sat around in class talking about Monster Rancher, Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy. Lol. I've no idea why. Everything's so random, and that's the good thing.

Congratulations to Xian Liang for getting gold in high jump!

Had drama, and I'm stuck with a really minor role. I deserve better, honestly. I'm not trying to be haughty or anything, but I really do deserve something more major. It's my last year in Queenstown, and I won't to give the best performance I can give. Damnit lah. I don't know whether I should get request for another role.

"Let eat the World's End" {Bleach 221}
I'll bow to you for now, your highness. For now we know...Who the king is... And who's the horse that he rides...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Semen: The bane of plumbers everywhere


Life's good when you're Raymond Angelo.

I'm so bonked. School's always hectic, especially now. Remember, I once said I'll start training for PFT? Well, I haven't done shit yet. No time lah. The effects of my lack of training really showed this morning. We had PFT which was crap. I managed to run the first 5 rounds without stopping but the final round screwed me over. My stomach was killing me. Must be my stitches, or something. It's like running with an arrow protruding from your chest, and your lungs are punctured. Pure hell.

Today, yesterday, and (unless something comes up) for the rest of the week, I'll be the Cookie Boy. Every morning, 4 "lucky" winners are picked out by the principal, and I'm the one who's supposed to announce the names. The Chinese names are a real pain in the neck. Who knew there could be so many ways to prounounce a single syllable? And I still have no idea how to pronounce "Yu", "Zhou", and anything with a "q" properly. Curses. Why the hell didn't I take Chinese when I came to Singapore? Oh, whatever lah. At least I know the important ones.

We were supposed to do the field events today. My name was put down for Shot Put and Discus. Can't say I was looking forward to it. I haven't had the chance to properly practice, with all the other activities going on and what-nots. Though I wasn't looking forward to it, I was still dissed when it got cancelled half-way just as shot-put was starting, due to unforseen rain. My mind-set was "Get this over with". So, yeah, I stayed back for totally nothing. Crap. Congrats to Yan Shan for getting silver in Javelin because everybody else got disqualified.

I took a bus home, which is a nice change from taking the cab. I've been doing it the past two days, and it's burning a hole in my wallet faster than a misture of potassium and hydrochloric acid (boom!). I usually sleep on my way home, so due to the lack of driver to give me a tight slap to pull me out of dreamland, I missed my stop. Haiz. It wasn't too bad, about three stops, so I walked. Passed three 7-11s. Goodness, they're everywhere, especially in Geylang, where within 10-meters of a bus-stop is a 7-11. Connection? Beats me.

Tomorrow's hell. Geography+AMaths test. I've studied half of the Add. Maths, and haven't touched Geography. That's something I'll be chiong-ing tonight. I've also a lit essay assignment, and TWO english compositions due come Friday, but I won't be touching those cause the tests are the priority. Goodness. And they say students are care-free.

There's also photo-taking, so take note. I was planning to get my hair done (ie: Go QB) but no time lah. It feels quite nostalgic lah, my last official formal picture. All the previous years turned out bad. Secondary 1: I was fat. Secondary 2: I was fat. Secondary 3: I was fat and I wasn't looking at the cameral. However, things are looking up this year. Secondary 4: I am Macho. Anyway, don't forget to bring your ties.

PS: This post was brought to you by Tefal.

The unique Thermo-Spot™ heat indicator of Tefal lets you know when your pan is pre-heated to the right temperature to seal in the flavor and moisture of your food. Tefal; a sure-fire way to cook delicious, non-burnt food. For more information: http://www.t-falusa.com/tefal//

Monday, March 27, 2006

When you say jump, I ask how high

The idle days just fly by man, they just fucking dwindle.

Day started of fine, because the day wasn't. It was raining, so morning assembly was cancelled. I handed in giro form today but it was too late, which is a total bummer. I had half a mind to go to Dawson to withdraw money and just pay upfront, but as I said, I had half a mind, so I didn't realise I had no credit card.

Lessons were so-so. So many people were absent today, Mdm Yani included. She's 5-months in and in 4 months, he/she'll be out. The physucks test on Erect-the-city (Electricity lah, crude but so?) was simple, though I made one careless mistake, which isn't excusable anymore. We finally had weight-taking for Quest Fit. To my astonishment (well, not really), I'd lost 4 kg since the beginning of the year, and gained 2 cm. Woohoo. Though the additional gain in height may be accounted for the fact that I was too lazy to take off my shoes...So, long story short, I'm out of Quest Fit, OFFICIALLY!

After recess was geography. I got back my assignment on Geog TYS. I got full marks lah, and Ms Chua made a comment about how there's nothing wrong in referring to the answer sheet, as long as I understood, and should feel free to approach her if ever there was anything I didn't understand. Wah piang. Talk about a blow below the belt. It is true that I have the answer book for the Geog TYS, but I swear I never referred to it while doing the assignment, because it destroys the level playing field that I strive for.

Social Studies was boring and tedious. Half-the-stuff taught was something we already knew, while the rest, I couldn't stay awake for the rest. Well, I did lah, but it took a hell-lot-of-effort. There was one time I drifted out of consciousness, and was mindlessly scribbling gibberish on my notebook when Ms Khoo asked me what I was doing. I just nodded (not fully awake yet) and when she asked me whether I was sleepy, I was still nodding (still not fully awake yet). Only when Yan Shan laughed, did I snap back to reality. The shame....

In assembly there were three guys on stage, two played the guitar while the other one was the emcee. They were good man. I wish I knew how to play guitar, but cannot lah, I am already TANNED. Cannot turn into a stereotypical mat. They played a few songs, Wake Me Up When September Ends (God, I used to love this song, but then people started destroying it. You know, playing it over and over again on MTV, and now I'm sick of it) and a Chinese song sang by the blind guy from one of the reality shows churned out from the Channel U factory. I was so tempted to throw coins at 'em.

After assembly we had a debate practice. In less than two weeks time, we'll be in the semis, and in under a month we'll be in the 3rd-Placing Match/Finals, depending on how we perform. Cross your fingers for a Queenstown win please. That includes your toe too. We trained for impromptu debate and came up with a few strategies. Shan't post it here though because the hills have eyes.

I'm suffering from RLS. Not to be confused with HLS (Hui Long San), RLS stands for Restless Leg Syndrome. RLS is a neurological condition that causes involuntary leg movements. 34% of the men suffering this were depressed and 20% had anxiety. LOL! Can't imagine me being depressed, but anxiety...maybe lah. I'm always the pussy. Treatment of RLS may this alleviate depression and anxiety.Poor sleep may is the primary cause of RLS, so I'll be sleeping earlier starting from now. Exercising and drinking less caffeine also helps fight RLS, so I'll be doing half of that, because I'm a gym nut and a caffeine addict.

Learning #18: Buy Men's Health monthly. It helped me, it will help you.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Did you use FedEx?

Give Sympathy to the King

I'm having a writer's block. I fucked up an english composition, and my confidence in my writing have been well and truly shattered. Uggh...weeks of ego-surfing and I find myself back in solid ground once more.

My grandparents finally went back to the Philippines this morning. It was sad. But that's how life is. It's full of meetings and then an unavoidable parting of ways. Thus, the vicious cycle. It means less nagging, yeah, but I like it when my grandparents nag at me to go to church. It shows that they care, and being cared for is something we all should be thankful for. Anyway, I have no idea when I'll be seeing them again, as I don't go back to the Pinas all that often, but someday, we'll meet again.

Sundays are always days of inactivity for me. It's like a day reserved for me to catch up to the world and stuff. I spend it reading, doing homework, watching I've downloaded over the week through my torrents. Fun lah. So, ya, if my posts during Sundays don't give as much juice, that's the reason. I hate going out on Sundays. Especially since the next day is a Monday, and going home late before a school day is shit; like tigthening a noose around your own neck.

Everyday, you learn something. On the 16 th of March, a day after my 16th birthday I posted 16 of my learnings. And, well, there's just so much to learn, so my list of learnings will contiune to grow. I'll do one per day, because everyday, there's a lesson learnt.

Learning #17: When someone tells you their bored, the best reply is to tell them to go to www.raymond-angelo.blogspot.com. Seriously.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Taken from ww.serebii.net. Please do write. Save the Pokemons.

I'm sure everyone's watched Pokemon, one time or another. I still do, sometimes. It's been a srt of rite of passage. Every kid, watches Pokemon for a few years then grows out of it. Even though we've already outgrown Pokemon, it is important that we preserve it for the fewer generations. DO IT FOR THE KIDS!

Several Months ago, it was made aware to us that Pok�mon USA had taken the Merchandising rights for Pok�mon back from 4Kids who have been running it for the last 8 years. However, from e-mails received by Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor, two of the major voice actors who have been with the dub of the show since 1998 have said that since Pok�mon USA is dubbing the show from Season 9 onwards, the company has decided to hire new voice actors...not just new ones to continue such as other tv shows have done, but new actors to IMITATE the current voice actors and try and get the same sounding voices. Apparently, the upcoming 10th Anniversary special is going to be used as a testing ground for these new voices but the voice actors for the 9th Season have yet to be chosen, possibly using this special as a testing ground...but there is time to save it

Many of the fans of the Anim� across the community have suggested starting a Mail-In campaign in order to convince Pok�mon USA that the dub should continue to be made with the previous Voice Actors, those who have put their hearts and souls into these characters for 8 years and have become attached to the characters.

While the show will still look the same, have the same plotlines, twists and so forth, the Voice Actors are what make a show and changing the voice actors half way through the saga is just wrong, and bad for the franchise as a whole.

The way we suggest to do this is to either send an e-mail to the Pok�mon Company (feedback@pokemon.com or, preferabbly, to send a snail mail to:

Pok�mon USA, Inc. (HQ Offices)
400 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017


Corporate Offices
Pok�mon USA
1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

We suggest that you write your own message but it really should be along the lines of this (courtesy of The_Great_Butler on our forums)


I am a longtime fan of the "Pok�mon" television series, and I am utterly disgusted and dismayed that you have made the decision to recast the entire voice cast from top to bottom. This is disrespectful to those like me who've stuck it out with you over these past ten years, and even moreso to the hard working actors whose voices you have decided to needlessly cast away. In the places of truly talented people like Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart, we will get 'sound-alikes.'

Please reconsider this terrible decision, and avert disaster for one of the best TV shows on the air.

Question the Absolutes

I just woke up from a 3-hour long sleep, and I find myself alone at home. WTF? I arrived home at about 3-ish, found the house bustling with activity (My grandparents who came here for a vacation are returning to the Pinas tomorrow), so I seeked the refuge of my room. I was flipping through TIME and before I knew it, I was knocked out. 3-hours later, here I am.

The latest issue of Men's Health is out. Good stuff. Everyone should read Men's Health. They've got advice to guys on how to hook up and look cool to girls. Seeing as so many guys are desperate and alone, I'll post one of their articles, on how to drop compliments. It's such a simple thing, yet so many people do it wrongly.

Nice guys say nice things. Bad boys say the right things. We asked 700 women to rate the following "lines" on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a "gag", 5 being "erm...okay..." and 10 being "melt..."

"You're so cool": 5/10
"I like what you said earlier": 8/10
"Why don't you have a boyfriend": 3/10
"Did anyone tell you you look like {insert name of hot personality}": 2/10
"You can really hold your liquor.": 1/10
"That's a pretty necklace".: 4/10
"You're easy to talk to": 7.5/10
"You look terrific.": 7/10
"You're amazing": 8/10
"I love your smile": 10/10

Lesson learnt: Be specific with your comlements, be selective about your superlavices, and above all be sincere.

Bite to All

Yesterday was the worst debate for me, ever. I'm really not cut out for 1st opposition. My "rebuttals"/flimsy one liners really fucks up the rest of my case, even the reply speech, which I've the most confidence in. I won't elaborate on my performance. It sucked. Never in my life had I been more embarassed and ashamed of myself. Blunder-ful.

Still, we won. All credits go to Jeremy and Ringo. They were good as usual. Montfort was good, best we've encountered so far. Credits go to them, as well. They were under a 3-nil deficit, but still, it was close. Words can't describe how relieved I was that we won, so I won't describe it.

The semis are in two weeks time, but it's not like it requires us to do research or anything like that. It's going to be an impromtu debate, meaning, we'll be given the motion, and we'll have an hour to prepare our whole case. The pressure's on damn it. We've already beaten one of the teams in the top-4, so that's got to be worth something.

With this debate aside, I'm planning to pursue other stuff, which I've been putting on hold. Firstly, resume working out once more. There was a time when I chiong-ed Planet Fitness at GWC. My membership ran it's course on mid-Feb, so yeah, I just stopped lah. I'm not going to return to PF til the end of my Os, however i'll chiong at my condo's gym. The equipment sucks, but as the saying goes, a chick in the bed is worth two on the streets. One more thing I'll chiong is revision. I didn't really get anything doen during the one-week break, and the first week's gone by and my work's amounted to nothing. So, yup, studies.

It's been a week since the passing of my Birthday. Got my presents, and I sincerely thank all those who gave them to me. However, I didn't get my one wish. SOMEONE FIX MY PS2 DAMNIT. There's a flood of good games coming up, and even more games which has been released that I want to play. See right, my PS2 broke down slightly more than half a year ago, and it's been gathering dust since. But fuckdamnit, I want to play my PS2!!!!!! DOWN WITH X-BOX, and X-BOX 360!

I finally finished reading "Prep". It's good, for a chick book. It's about this girl from an LMC (Lower-middle Class) family, who gets a scholarship and heads over to a classy boarding school. The reader (that's you) gets to glimpse the American Boarding school hierachy, stereotypes and all. Really entertaining, and you'll be wishing you live a life like that. I want my stereotypes damnit! You don't really get to see it in our school, because there's no serious segregation (apart from race and stream). I want my jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, goths and angry-emo-kids. Especially the cheerleaders. Interested? Borrow lah.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers On Top (ICANNOT)

Shan't be updating much today. Not that there's nothing to write about, because there's always something to write about, but I haven't got the time to indulge in blogging today. I'll be busy preparing for debate for the rest of the night. Tomorrow's debate against Montfort. I'm feeling ready, but you never know what to expect in debate. One minute you're in, the next you're out. I'm always afraid of screwing up, so I keep practicing; to cover for my abilities, or lack of it. So yeah, tonight, it's just me, my debate papers, and a whole lot of Coke Light. And my handphone. I need to time too, dig?

All the best to us.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Creds go to Raied. Damn, the lighting at SCGS sucks, making me look so dark and all.

A twist on idioms.

I can't stand idioms. I fucking hate them. They make zero sense most of the time too. On top of that, they're so damn out-dated. However, according to Cambridge, I've to learn them and even contaminate my essays with them. Haiz. So, here I am, in front of my com, doing research on idioms. However, I hate them, so i've put a modern twist on some of them lah, for my own convenience.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. - A chick in the bed is worth two in Geylang.
Put all your eggs in one basket. - Save all your songs in one iPod.
Take a leaf from someone's book - Rip off someones blog
Holy cow - Holy guitar
A bad apple - An unseeded torrent
Bark up the wrong tree - Use Yahoo instead of Google
Easy as pie - Easy as cheesepie
Be like taking candy from a baby - Be like finding porn in the internet
Put yourself in someone's shoe - Hack into someone's MSN
When pigs fly - When Pinoys see porn
The final straw - The final "Nudge"
Hit the sack - Get laid
Apple of my eye - Homepage of my browser


I just discovered that on top of any blog, there's a "search" option, a "search" on everything in blogs. Bloody useful leh! I did a search on Montfort, our next opponent for debate, and guess what? I found one of their blogs! seriousscrabbler.blogspot.com. Lol. There was a host of other stuff too, but this one stands out: http://sporeforeigntalent.blogspot.com/2006/01/effects-of-foreign-talent.html.
Check out the answers:
From the source i know that foreigners are better than singaporeans.


If I were a black guy, I would like to look like you.

Title was said by Ivan yesterday. That's hands-down the best compliment i've ever gotten from a guy. Thanks Ivan! However, i'm not black. Chocolate brown. Hersheys Milk Chocolate. I'm gonna advertise for Hersheys...some day.

School today was cool. Morning roll-call was so weird. See right, Faris and Wei Liang made an announcement. They all got big balls, must concede to that. They were on stage, yet could joke so freely. Funny man, Faris was like "OK? OK?", half-shouting at the mike, and Wei Liang said "SONG" to the mike at the end. That's epic. Then when Choy Peng went up, instead of letting the schools go back to class, "We found out who won the cookies for today". WTF? My school's got this crazy scheme where they hold a lucky draw every morning. A student from each level will be drawn, and they get a cookie. WTF?

Had to run 2.4 km for PE. Hiong arh. Fucking stomach kept giving me trouble, so I couldn't run as fast I could. Huffing, puffing, spitting...the joys of a 2.4 km run. Running, according to Mr Loh, requires PHD. Perseverance, humility, determination. Fully agree with this shit.

My comprehension skills are not up to standard. Seriously. My latest comprehension homework got...fail lah. Cheesepie. Maybe it's because I didn't take it very seriously or maybe it's because I just suck. Fuck lah. Because I didn't take it seriously, I've no way of judging my actual standard. Beating myself up over this fact. Next comprehension, my target is 30. I promise...to my soul.

School ended early because of the Kranji Fieldtrip. Didn't go for it though. Had debate at SCGS. It seriously felt damn weird lah, 4 guys (me, Jeremy, Ringo, Raied) "invading" a girl's school. The difference between a girl's school and a co-ed was apparent. See right, at co-eds, girls only wore dark coloured bras. While at girl's school, girls wear bright coloured bras like orange or even no bra at all. You've got to see it to believe it.

Our spar was very benificial. Seriously. I fucked up a bit. Have to watch out for my style and my rebuttals of their points. I heard one of their point wrongly, and ended up rebutting it wrongly. Fuck lah. I was satisfied with my reply speech, even though I can still improve on eye-contact with the audience. Went home in 67 and had to pass by Serangoon. Woohoo...play guitar~~

Plan for tonight: finish reading prep, do geog homeworks, practice debate and research on idioms.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All generalisations are false.

Lol. Props goes to Newpaper for giving me the title of today's post. Funny stuff from the Newpaper. You know what's the Newpaper full of? Funny stuff and crap. There's only one page actually worth reading, which is the page with Dilbert, Calvin And Hobbes and the Net Buzz. Convenient, no?The rest are sports, really really major events (they didn't run a single major story on the Philippines when there were coup threats. Like WTF? Front page is something like Man U: 6, F U: 9 and in the middle is a little snippet on how Gloria sucks), and bull crap. Cheesepie.

Anyway, it's the second day of school, yet i'm still in holiday-mode, which is sleeping late, slacking around, and watching Star World the whole day. Somebody please wake me up.

Was lethargic in school. Slept in MLB lesson, because the teacher didn't give me anything to do.


Then went for Quest Fit. Once again, I stress that i'm not overweight (166-ish, 60 kg). It's just that I never ever want to revert back to the shape I was, say 4 months ago. Being able to tie your shoe laces without it feeling like a work-out is one of the simple pleasures in life. Anyway, back to Quest Fit. We can either choose to play game or run outside. Of course run lah.
Lol. It's not like we actually seriously run. There's no one watching us, so we'll be walking and just crapping around. Running is the most effective way to lose weight.That, and taking everything you used to eat and halfing it.

After recess were A-maths, Chem, E-maths. We're finally doing integration for A-maths. Very fun leh. One thing I like about mathematics is that no matter what the question is, there's a fixed solution. Not like life. We had a single-period chemistry test, which was simple, except for the fact that there was the section on steel composition which I didn't bother to remember. E-maths was basically collection of homework. Waste of time siah. I feel that my E-maths teacher is not fierce enough. Whenever she gives a homework, you can delay for a week, and she won't really hound you or anything. Also, she struck a deal with us that if we did all our Peer Tutoring Worksheet, she won't give any E-maths remedial. I mean, WTF? In the end, more than half of the class still owe her work. She shouldnt' be striking deals like this when no deal should be struck in the first place.

We took our CME-Levels today. It's like the O-levels of CME; if you fail you can't get into JC. WTF? Haha. It wasn't really a test lah. It's like a city-building simulator, where you answer questions to get money to build your city. Though some questions were challenging (What does GRC stand for? WTF?), some were down-right insulting. Try this on for size.

The Singapore Good Service Award is given to those who:
(A) Participate regularly in their CC
(B) Does not litter
(C) Performs Good Service.

Had debate. Shaved my speech down to 4 minutes. Hope that the one minute I have is enough for my rebuttals. Will be spending the night brushing up and writing my reply speech. We're having a spar with SCGS tomorrow, so "Goodbye Kranji Trip!". It's gonna be a doozy.

Oh ya. Get this. X-BOX 360's release is going to be accompanied by a 5 games only. WTF? And their all crap games too. I mean "Dead Or Alive", "Perfect Dark Zero", "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon", "Ridge Racer" and "Project Gotham Racing". Next-gen console with last-gen games. Just goes to show that if you turn 360 degrees, you're still facing the same ole shit.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I once swore that I will never post anything of pornographic nature, but HOT DAMN! SHE'S 15!!!!!! Why aren't more girls like her, damnit? ~Nana Akiyama; Kamen Rider Hibiki~

Yo Mamma so phat, she came from both sides of your family.

Woohoo. First day of school blues came and bit my ass today.

I couldn't wake up man. It was such a freaking pain in the ass. When my maid woke me up, I asked for 5 minutes. 5 minutes passed and I asked for another 5. Total 10. Then I asked for 5 more. Total: 15. When a minute can make the difference between bus and taxi, 15 is epic. I practically dragged myself to school. I skipped breakfast, and even my customary morning bowel movements, and had to do my business in school. That's never a good thing.

Had the traditional hair-check. Lots of people got caught and lots of funkay hair-dos got fucked up. Hooray for teachers posing as neighbourhood barbers.

English wasn't much. Mdm Yani made us reflect on our results, and why our O-levels will be much better. As I've said before, PPR is going to be a far-cry from what you get at the end of the day. The months preceding the Os, we will be totally free from committment, not like now, where studies are not our priority. She asked why we will do well, and for me, the reason was simple. I am a selfish bitch. I want to live a good life, with a steady flow of money. I can't do this if my O-levels are kaput, right? What's a few months of sacrifice to years of earthly pleasures? I've made a promise. To who? My soul.

We got our physics test back, which we did at the end of last term. The way Ms Wee said it, it's as if everyone did badly for the test. I didn't though. Got full-marks. Go me.

I skipped Quest Fit today. Technically, I'm out. I just haven't gotten the incentive to inform the teacher-in-charge. Besides, just because I'm not overweight anymore doesn't mean that i'm of optimum health. Running=good. Flabby thighs and arms=bad. Simple, no?

Then had Geog, which was boring. I coudln't help but lay down on the table, something I rarely do, perhaps because I lacked sleep or maybe because the lesson was boring. Either way, it's my fault lah. Must get enough rest.

Overall, it school's back, though not at maximum gear. Quite slack here and there. Had debate in the afternoon. Case was tightened, but we'll be looking for holes. We're having a "spar" agains SCGS this Wednesday. Wah, go there see chia boh only lah. And pick out their points.

There's a chem test tomorrow, so study for it everybody! I've made study sheets for myself, so if you want one, I can photocopy for you. Here's how I study for my test; at least two days before the test, make a study sheet, which is basically a piece of paper where you write everything concerning the topic. Then the day before the test revice again, flip through the TYS, do questions, take note of the really repititive ones and memorise the pattern. Then on the day itself, study the study sheet on the bus. Power lah.

Side note: kristine@nygh.moe.edu.sg. She's the hag who wrote our Kingsway Book. Power to her man. Send her a thank-you note or something.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


There were left overs. Since the food was good, we got them packed. Yup, this is the packed food. Looks like an iron ,doesn't it? Fancy stuff.

The Tapas Tree! I took this picture with my phone. Not bad lah.

The Tapas Tree

Hello there. School's starting tomorrow. Surprise surprise? Well, I sure am. Damn fast, how the so-called "holidays" went by. I went back 4/5 times, so i've got only 20% of the holidays. So does that mean me pontang-ing 4 days in these term can be justified? Who knows.

Yesterday morning I went to United Square for a debate meeting. Saw Mr Toh. Remember him? Ex-QTSS vice-principle. He was wearing this white polo-tee and none of the buttons were buttoned, so that you can see his bare chest. It's weird seeing your male teachers outside of school. Anyway, our debate this week revolves around the Internet and the UN. Should the control of the Internet be surrendered to the UN? Whatever for man? Who's going to give a damn about what the UN does? They've had an amazin track-record. I mean, they fucked up Rwonda, Bosnia and their "peace-keeping" units are themselves fucked up. Anyway, meeting was short. Need to do more research. Went home as soon as the meeting ended. I was supposed to buy "Mario Kart" for my DS. However, I changed my mind lah. I just got news that there's a perephiral which allows us to download games, as well as music to our DS. Awesome.

Went home, did most of my homework and slept. I've been taking naps every single day of the holidays. Maybe it's because of the holidays, or maybe...just maybe a growth spurt is coming. Oh yeah. Well, I can dream. Anyway, i'm done, except for chemistry and physics TYS, and the A-maths peer tutoring. God, is it a pain in the ass, or is it a pain in the ass? Choices, choices...

I had my official birthday dinner yesterday evening, at this restaurant called Tapas Tree at Clark Quay. I like going to Clark Quay, because it's so much fun just looking at people. You'll see fashionable ang-mohs walking down the street, and unfashionable heartlanders looking out of place. The lights were bright and shiny, and the Spanish band was playing awesome songs. The food was good. Had PAELLA, which is a variation of fried rice, only fucking delish. The rest of the menu was good. Ox-tail, croquettes, chicken breasts and other stuff. If I ate like that everyday, slay me. They were good, damnit. Service sucked though. Their waiters weren't observant to the patrons needs at all. Sue them, I say.

Today, I'm spending it with homework, books and debate. School's resuming, and I don't want to be caught with my pants down. Must be prepared!

Lately, I haven't been able to do my work-outs, be it due to sickness or lack of time. HOwever, I finally got the chance to do it today. FUCK. I nearly fainted man. I think I did, just blacked-out for a few seconds. To enthu i think. I chiong supersets, and took little breaks. Now my body hurts. My back slays me. God help me.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

KH2-Out This Month

Spot the Disney and Final Fantasy Characters! Can you find Donald, Goofy, Jack Sparrow, Mulan, Scar, Simba, Jack Skellington, Beast, Lilo, Sepiroth, Cloud, Aeris, Riku, Paine, Yuna, Hercules, Aaron, Mushu, Pegasus, Chicken Little, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and King Mickey with a kick-ass Keyblade?

XBOX 360 lolx

If you study math, you'd know that turning 360 degrees bring you back to your original position.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sneak Preview: Gundam Seed 3

Scrabble Competition

I'd to help out at the Scrabble Competition today. Jeez, my last day of the holiday, spent in school. Cool, huh? My school's hosting it this year. Not the secondary school one, but the primary school one. *Gasps* I would have preferred it to be a secondary school competition...for obvious reasons.

Anyway, got up very early, did some homework. I've got quite a few of the left, about half. Did some this morning, and brought some along, hoping to finish them in school. But, I dunno lah, school is not the environment for doing homework. That's why it's called homework, I guess. Will finish all of them by tomorrow. Promise. To who? To my soul.

So there was me, Ringo, Paulina and a whole bunch of sec 2s. There were 2 sec 3s, and LayLay there, but they got sent home because they weren't wearing full school uniform. It's kinda common sense to wear a proper uniform when playing ushers to people, no? Anyway, although we were asked to come at 10, our duties only started an hour and a half later.

We were split into groups. I and Ringo were to follow Mdm Tan, but somehow, we got assigned to doing some mundane job, which was carrying bags to classrooms. They were "goodybags", but actually they were more like badly packed tidbits from Teka Market. Crap lah. More than 60 of them, and we had to sort them out, then lug them to the respective classrooms. Pain in the ass. Anyway, we got the girlguide's help so it was all cool.

Next duty was to count the number of tiles per box. WTF? There were hundreds of Scrabble boxes in that room, and the guy wanted the three of us (Me, Ringo, a sec 2 called Zhang Wang i think) to count the number of tiles. And there are hundred of tiles inside each board. Fuck. What's the point man? It's not like people will complain about the number of tiles. If they do, i'll ask them to count on the spot, wasting 10 minutes of their time, and then say "Very Very Sorry". Fuck lah. Both sides are having the same tiles, so what's the problem? Anyway, we just fucked the job up lah.

Then we were to patrol the floors, just assist the teachers in anyway we can. This is the arrangement lah: the primary schools are put into classrooms with the teachers. And what do they do? Up to them lah. Fucking chaos. You see hordes of children roaming the school. Scary man...it's like being back in primary school, only worse. I swear, we weren't like that back in the day. Anyway, they were everywhere. The canteen; even the artroom (WTF?). Had to babysit the little brats. SIan.

Then they were finally supposed to go to the hall. Nabei. The organisition on the teacher's part sucks. I was supposed to bring the classes to the hall, and then await for further instructions. But, there was no one to give instructions. I brought them to the hall and found clueless and lost. Had to go through three teachers, before I got the info. Turns out they were supposed to know where they're supposed to go. WTF? Problems is nobody remembered their table number, so chaos lah. Haiz.

When the competition finally started, we took the job as runners; people who stand serving the little primary school kids. See right, in Scrabble, there are times when your opponent pulls a word like "IA" out of their ass. In times like these, you can "challenge". You fill out a slip, then give it to the runners, who will then run to the teachers on duty to check the word. It's a terrible job, trust me. And there were so many "runners" around too. So, one student will have at average two runners approach him. The p.school kids were giving us stupid words man...like names of places, dumb two letter words like "OA", acronyms, and blatant mispellings. Haiz. HOwever, I did learn a few new words today. Good on me.

Running lasted til around 5.45-ish. Had pizza, Canindian Pizza. Good stuff. 4 pizzas for 40 bucks. Then headed home. Pang-seh Ryan, TahNern and Ringo. My body hurts like shit man, especially my back .I regret taking taxi at the other side of the road. I ended up paying an extra 3 bucks. WTF? I cross the road, and have to pay an extra 3 bucks....

Tomorrow: All homework. Except at the afternoon, when I have debate. Something to do with handing over the internet to the UN. What for man? Well, that's what i've got to find out.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Final Fantasy XII Opening CGI

Looks epic.

FF12: Out Today. In Japanese.

16 Learnings

My birthday was yesterday. Thanks everyone for your presents, greetings and SMS-es, although I wasn't able to reply to all of them. I really appreciate everything.

I didn't get to post yesterday! I'm tempted to apologise, but i'm not that egotesticle....you'll understand why....in this post.

16 years....gosh it's been quite a journey, getting to this stage of my life. Have I learned anything? Yeah, I have. Have I changed? Sure as hell I have. For the better? Don't ask me. There's been times i've stumbled, but I'm here aren't I? You judge me. I'm learned stuff, and in this post, I hope to share them with you. 16 of them, for 16 years of stupidity, dumbassness, mistakes and wisdom.

"16 Learnings"

Number 1: Never apologise for not posting.
I'm guilty of this, and I'm truly sorry for that. You see, unless you're super popular, not many people read your blog. Apologising, makes you appear deluded, like you're under the illusion that you're hyper-popular, but in reality, nobody is. That's at the otherside of the blogosphere. Especially never say sorry, blablabla, got some work to do. Well, duh, what else is new? Of course your flooded with work. We're in Singapore. Hello?

Number 2: Nobody likes a whiny bitch.
Nobody likes someone who only complains. Seriously. If you're not planning to do anything about it, then shut the hell up. Like...for example, people whine like "I suck lah...blablablabla...i bitch lah blablabla". But do they do anything about it? NO! Because we ALL know that talking is the best course of action to any problem. Jeez. If you know you suck, then probably, everybody else does. You're just stating the obvious. What you've got to do, is to DO SOMETHING.

Number 3: When you're trying to make a point, it's best to do it with faultless grammar and zero errors.
This applies especially to blogs especially. Yes, we know you're trying to say something...but if we don't understand it, or if it's in broken english, nobody's going to take you seriously. Style over substance, heard of it before? It's a true statement. As long as you sound smart, people'll think you are.

Number 4: Everybody's a critic. Live with it.
You can't satisfy everyone. Somewhere out there, out of the billions, there's somebody who's not happy with you, or the way you're doing things. Also, you've got to expect criticism, as a human being. You're a walking, talking, living person. There are people who observe what you do. It's unavoidable, unless you shut yourself in you're room all day. So yeah, thus, there'll be people judging you, for every single action. What to do? Nothing lah. Just live your life.

Number 5: Alone time is good for you.
Wanting to be alone is not a sign of loner-ism. Being alone is theraputic sometimes, dig? When the world's spinning out of your control, out of your beat, the only thing that you've got command over is yourself. So what to do? Be by yourself, be insignificant, knowing that your actions won't affect anyone else's life.

Number 6: There's someone more powerful than you.
We all know that there's someone in a higher position that us. For some it's their parents, for some, their peers. There will always be someone who is more influential, more powerful than us, and sometimes, fighting against this higher order of power is pointless. Live with it, and go with the flow.

Number 7: Everything tastes good when you're hungry.
Very true statement. Don't try to judge anyone's cooking or a certain restaurant's menu on an empty stomach, because you're hunger will delude you, into thinking that it's good.

Number 8: Never speak sentences when you can shorten it to a few words.
When trying to make a point, it's sometimes best to just say, get to the point and say it. It just has more impact. For example...writing "I hate you" can be simplified to just two words; Fuck you.

Number 9: You can never out-talk girls.
Girls are more social creatures than guys, and they love talking. That's how they function. I'm not being sexist or anything, just stating the facts. So, if you're trying to argue with them, my piece of advice is DON'T. You'll lose. Even if they're on the losing side, they'll keep talking. That's how they win; by outlasting you. That has happened to me before, and not once after that did I try again.

Number 10: Your actions are open for interpretation.
Nothing's ever cast in stone. Whatever you do or say, or even whatever you don't do or don't say (your silence) are laid out in the open, for anyone to read. So, be careful of what you do. Even if you're trying to give out a positive message, people's notions can twist it into something more vile. Trust me.

Number 11: Trust the wisdom of crowds.
Whenever faced with a choice, and you've got no idea what to choose, go with the majority. It might seem like an influenced decision, but well it is. It's simply easier because if the crowd's choice is the wrong one, well, you're not the only one who made the wrong choice.

Number 12: Empty promises are a waste of breath.
Don't bother to make empty promises. Just don't bother. It wastes time, and you give yourself and others false hope that you're going to change for the better, when in actual fact you're in deeper shit that you make yourself out to be.

Number 13: Never try to control anything you can't.
You know in blogs right...when someone makes a post...and then those pissed off by the post tags, then the dude who owns the blog bitches about people invading his tagboard. That's a perfect example of trying to control something you can't. Tagboards are there to be posted at by anyone. If you don't want invaders, then don't put one on your blog. Something, like who reads what, and how someone reacts to what, are beyond our control, and the only thing we can do, is to not do anything.

Number 14: Whatever you do now, will come back to you in the future.
Whatever you say, will be held agains you. Whatever you do, will be saved up in a cabinet called "Bullshit" in somebody's mind, ammunitition to throw at you whenever you do something bad. In the future, if you ever get a girlfriend, try not to let her on on any bad thing you do. MOre often that not, they'll remember it and use it agains you in the future.

Number 15: Don't let "yourself" imprison you.
Ever heard of the phrase "Be yourself"? Well that's bullshit. Especially when other people say it to you. I mean who the hell are they to even know who "yourself" is? THere is no fixed "yourself". It's up to you to define who "yourself" is. If you feel like something which goes against your personality, then all the more go for it. Break the stereotype.

Number 16: Everything revolves around you.
It's easier to think this way, that everything revolves around you; that you're the centre of the universe. It makes so many of lives question easier to answer. Like, "Why were blogs invented?", "To let me create my blog". See? Doesn't it feel good? You're the centre of the universe.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stop the Pop

I headed over to school this morning, see? SS test ,see? Even if I feel like crap, I would drag myself out of bed, with a ball of chain dragging me down, to sit for it. But there wasn't any tests. I guess the teacher did say that "there might be one". Oh my god. Now they have an escuse, if they ever forget about it, or are too lazy to set one. Haiz. Any way, it's not a total waste, since I did learn something. Heck, I already learned them weeks ago in Geography. I'm learning about ageing population twice. Fuck. And it's having a bad bad bad effect on me too. I'm becoming senile, I swear.

SS was ok, although it did drag all the way to 10.30. It's like, Tuesday Morning Story Time man. Every 5 minutes of lesson, comes with a story. "blablablablaAgeingpopulationblablablablasolutionsblablablaOhhaveitoldyouthestory?"

Then geography class. People were pleading with Ms Chua to end the lesson earlier. Jeez. I just shut the fuck up, and was waiting for the lesson to commence. Why can't people realize that they're only wasting time by doing that? You're already in school, might as well let the teacher teach all that she was planning. No teacher holds you back for fun, (at least not Ms Chua), she's teaching what she has to teach. Just shut up and pay attention to her. It's us losing out if she teaches less. Some people ask for extra classes, but tell me what's the point, when you're gonna whine and ask to be released earlier?

Drive me to an early grave, why don't you?

I love my new phone. It's nice to look at. The bass from the mp3 player isn't too bad. The picture quality is good. And the boom box feature is sweet. One day i'm gonna dress up, all gangsta style, you know the works, a track suit, put on some bling bling, some big-ass shoes and look like a gimp, then walk around boom-boxing. Sw33t. The black rubber finish is sexy, and the contrast of the silver shell with the black rubber outline is stunning. The wand style activation of camera, mp3 player and boombox-shit is not sensitive enough though. At times you'll be waving it around, yet nothing's happening. And it looks stupid too. Unless you're me and have style coming out of your ears.

My mom just goet back from UK yesterday. Loads of chocolates. You name it, we got it. Got a new necklace too. Finally, a replacement from the letter "R" I used to wear. I've got new Aresenal and Chelsea caps, and England Shirts. Yayness.

Here's to a good tomorrow.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The exTerminator; I'll be back, after I finish this picha pie

Misty Gray

I've got a knife
stuck to my back
Anything they say
twists that knife
making me
wince, suffer, howl
out in pain even.
They say it's called
my "conscience".
I say
"It's a knife".
My say
gets lost...
lost in a
of needs and wants.


Sadist siah...


Anyway...after two days of slacking at home, it's nice to finally get out and breath some fresh air. It's the beginning of the holidays, know? Yup, holidays. It means that there's a break from "normal school" which is the usual 7 to 2 shit, but there's nothing stopping the teachers' from making you come back every day for classes and CCAs. Holidays never really existed here in Singapore. I'm stacked with homework, but hopefully, i'll be able to finish them by this Wednesday, leaving the rest of the holidays to slack cum study.

Went to school early this morning for geography class, seating at my favourite seat of the buss. Which one? The one right at the front of the second floor of a double-decker, the seat at the right. That's where i'm at every morning, if I can help it. There's more leg room, and the view's a heck-of-alot better. There's more light too, in case it's at the break of dawn. Anyway, was a little late for geog class, but it's all cool. Lessons were quite boring. Agriculture. Went to Dawson to kill time after that, to revise and eat Ice Kachang. After 8 years of eating it, I still have no idea what Kachang means.

Headed to Red Hill and met with Yan Shan, TahNern and Ringo. Then went to Far East to get contacts.

Contacts! Me! Plus! Contacts! Me+Contacts=COOL AWESOME SHIT! I had my eye-tested once again. Perfect. Don't know why it took so long though. The colours looked awesome. I chose Misty Gray, because blue doesn't suit me (too blue), neither do green (too green) nor brown (I'M BROWN!). Testing and choosing were the easy part. The hardest is putting the damn thing on.

Previously, I thought that contacts were...half orbs of glass you slip into your eyes. Turns out all they are are flimy sheets of plastics. A let-down really. Putting 'me on was such a pain, man!!! First, you've got to get over the trauma of touching your eyes. Next, you've got to stop your eyes from blinking. Then, you've also got to coordinates both hands with only one eye. Difficult stuff. Takes a genious. It took me a good 20 minutes.

I've already taken of my contacts, but i can't help but fear. I've heard countless contacts-related horror stories. One about the contact being stuck to the back of the eye, and having to call 999. One about a guy accidentally shoving his finger inside his eye socket while putting his contacts on. Gruesome but true.

Anyway, I, Ringo and YanShan got our contacts (TahNern already had his), then we went for some eat (KFC) and then for some walking. Walked to Shaw to watch the Dorm. Bloody hell...7.00+. All the other shows started at 3.15, as in ALL. And it was 3.30. So we just screwed at Paragon, Borders. Good place. Lotsa books. You know, books, before computeres were invented, that's where they put words.

Went to taka. Got some ice-cream, then I headed home, while the rest headed for the library.

I've got an SS test to get ready for now. On ageing population. Jeez. Not again. We're already doing this in Geography, damnit. What's the point of teaching stuff which overlap each other? Why the fuck do I bust my ass studying it for one subject, only to find out that i've gotta bust my ass again studying the same thing, only it's not the same because everything's stated differently and in different fonts.

I've got a new handphone~Samsung E760. Cool shit. All the basics are in: 1.3 megapixel, video recording, bluetooth, tri-band, music player. The really nifty thing is the motion recognition though. See right, you press a button at the side, wave the phone like a wand "Abracadabra" and it's starts playing music. Wave it around a few more times "Adava Kedavra" and it goes camera mode. Wave it around a few more "Wingardium Levi-O-sa" and it's a beat box. You can switch songs and pause and play songs using the motion detection too. Really trendy shit. I love the screen at the front too.

Anyway, shall be going. There'll be a major update on March the 15th, so wait for it. You'll learn a whole lot, promise.

Prince of Zanpaku! ps: i'll update later at around 6, promise.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Everybody's doing the YMCA!

HELL YEAH!!!!! PUN-NY!! Well, i'm shell-shocked.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

you HARD enough?

Don't rain on my parade

After two days of no school, I made my return yesterday.

I don't think I really missed out on too many things. Good thing too. We've got our PPRs back. Got 2nd. The breakdown?

Eng: b4
MLB: Pass
CH: a1
Geog: a1
AMaths: a1
EMaths: a1
Chem: a1
Phys: a1


I didn't think I'd get so many 1s. Seriously...I only managed to get 1s in certain subjects because I scored very well in some tests.

Anyway...the whole atmosphere wasn't very end-of-term...you know? Probably because we had a debate that day.

The school our debate was going to be held at was called North Vista. It's somewhere in Punggol (gasp), Sengkang (shock!) or Buangkok (Where the hell?). We spent ages looking for the school. I tried to rehearse my speech, but fuck...I got motion sickness. I just tried to relax and looked at all the fields in Punggol, Sengkang or Buangkok. God, there were a hell-lot of fields. If you're wondering what they have in the north, let me tell you that all they've got to offer are Fields, Punggol Plaza, and the purple-coffins called LRTs. Anyway, we eventually found the school. Their canteen was fresh. They've got comfy chairs! And they seem to have toilets exclusively for upper-secondary boys, because frankly, the urinals were so high, some sec 1s and 2s won't be able to get their weiners into the firing range. Maybe they're just taller at the north...you know...with the higher latitude and all...oh fuck it...i'm short

Anyway...the debate. We had 4 younger adjudicators this time around. Nabei...adjudicators always seem to laugh at my name. Raymond Angelo. Harharhar. And also Ringo's name. Ringo Starr from the Beatles. Now if Jeremy only had a weird name...say Samy or something, we'll be set for life. Anyway, I started it off. Was feeling confident. My blocked nose made my voice less raspy it seems, but also had the unwanted side-effect of taking out the "Ooompph". It went fine lah, however, I can look at my script less. I'll be switching to cue cards next time around, I promise. Good job to Ringo and Jeremy Tan, brothers. Ringo was good as usual, his rebutalls, speech. Slick fucker won best speaker again. Jeremy Tan was great too, up to the last minute lah, where he kinda lost track of things. Props to him for being able to make jokes on the floor. My reply...could have been better. Stuttered at parts, and looked at my paper a tad too much. Must pat myself at the back for having balls. See right, the third opp speaker is not supposed to give substantive, because if he does, we have no chance of rebutting it. I actually said "The opposition has been unfair to us as they brought in substantive in their third speaker's speech. As much as I would like to rebut what they said, it is illegal for me, the reply speaker, as I am not allowed to contribute new points to the debate" or something like that. Powah! So yeah, we got our first unanimous win. The adjudicators looked really pleased with our team. They even told us to move up to B-Div! We can't though, it's our last year in QTSS.

So yeah, we went for dinner, then headed back to North Vista for the announcement of the qualifying teams. Surprise surprise. After 3 rounds, out of 42 teams in Singapore, we placed ...SECOND! That doesn't mean much, but it's a serious confident booster, yes siree. The quarter final's draw will be announced next friday. Excited? Me? Of course lah. It's the bottom four, versus the top four. Oh ya, FuHua made it in, so congrats to them.

However, there is one problem. Let me qoute from one of their debaters:

debate. we won. right in the face of queenstown sec. TO THEIR FACE."

Lol. Wtf? Haha. WOOHOO>>>I'M ROFLER BLADING!!!!! Haha. C'mon lah. I thought it was all over? We were watching them, to show our support. And guess who was it that told them they qualified, when they didn't stay for the results? Us.

Took a cab home. The cab ride was creepy. Chinese driver was playing some chanting music. No offence, but to someone clueless about the Chinese folk music, my skin was fucking crawling. I honestly thought it was some funeral music, and that it's being played for me cause he's gonna skewer me, roast me over scalding flames, and eat me up for tea. Boo for creepy chanting music being played by Cab Drivers.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

After 12 games, Square Enix has finally released "Potion". All I need is some "Phoenix Down" and i'll be set for life.

Rebirth: An Aftermath of Death

I'm feeling so much better right now. Took my temperature this morning. It had dropped to below 38! Yay! It continued to plummet, and it's at an all-time low now, 36.8. That means i'll be seeing yous in school tomorrow... Who am I kidding? Even if I had a knife stuck to my prostate, i'll still drag myself to school.

Firstly, we'll be getting back our PPRs. Yes, they will ultimately be meaningless this coming November, but for now, these marks are really the only gauge we have at the moment. Its' a reflection of what you've been doing so far, and serves as a wake-up call cum kick-in-the-ass. People say that the PPR is not important, but it is. It shows where you're lacking and just tells us how much we really suck; how lofty our dreams are.

Next, the debate against Yuan Ching is tomorrow. I'm excited. I found out some astonishing stuff agains this school, but I shan't divulge it in this blog; for fear of getting backlash from said school. I've learned my lesson from the previous debate: Never ever give a rat's ass about the opposing team, because whatever you say can and will be used against you, no matter how innocent you are. The qualifying teams will be announced on 10.15, that night itself. Wooo....it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

There's also the physics test tomorrow. On electricity. It's just application of the formulas though. However, Physics tests have a habit of using simplistic and easy-to-grasp questions to craft the most devilish questions. They're irritating and have caused heart-failures in parts of Bangladesh.

One problem still persists. I can't turn my freaking neck. Whenever I do, I feel this sharp pain, similar to being struck by a perversely-humongous hammer flat in the face. I have no idea what i'm supposed to do about it, but it's a pain in the neck, literally.

So, yeah, I'm right as rain. For now, anyway. I still have fits of coughing now and again, but then again, they're now and again. Dig?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm so waaaaassssssstttttteeeeeeedddddd.........

I feel so...damn...fucking wasted right now man......uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh...I......ffffffeeeeelllllll likkkkkkkkeeeeeeee shittttttttttttttt.

Took a day off from school today, like I said I would yesterday. Fuck. It didn't do me any good. I'm even worse off than yesterday night.

I had the worse fucking sleep since forever. Coughcoughcough. I felt so damn cold...thought about putting on a jacket, but when I did so, I sweated freaking buckets. So no choice lah, I had to face the bitter cold, sans protection. I barely slept last night, waking up at 30 minutes interval to have fits of coughing. Been taking medicine, panadols and whatever. I've no appetite anymore. First time ever man. Usually, I can't wait to eat. Now, I can't even finish half a bowl of maggi noodles. To make things worse, I've got this really dorky looking Kool Fever stuck to my forehead. You know...those things which are supposed to lower your temperature whenever you've got a fever. It's shaped like a...one of those things girls put on when they've got their periods...not a tampon...but something else. I can't really remember alot of stuff...with my consiciousness fading in and out. Anyway, the Kool Fever thing's not working. My temperature had been at a steady 38.4+. Jeez. Somebody kill me.

There wasn't much I could do but lie in bed and moan and groan. Dang. I did watch the 40-year-old Virgin. Went in with high expectations. Was disappointed. It wasn't funny lah. Just plenty of cussing; "Fuck You", "You Bitch", the works. There was nudity here and there, but it didn't really feel like it fit, and besides, the nude girls they did show, weren't even hot. The ones I wanted to see in their B.Day suits weren't show at all. Darn. The jokes weren't really funny. Just crude. A bonus with the show is that I saw the cute goth-girl who was in Big Momma 2 in 40-year-old. She was playing the same exact role. A horny, goth girl, who hates someone, but learns to love them by the end of the story. Typical.

My handphone's getting no signal all of a sudden. Don't ask me why though. Starhub's always fucked up. Sorry to all those whose texts and calls I haven't been able to answer/reply to.

I won't be going to school tomorrow. Just took my temperature and it's 39.0. Holy... guess i'll be returning to the doc's tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm sick and in desperate need of a Cup of Sex. Since I couldn't find any, i'm settling for this Can of BJ.

Fown with Dever

Status: Fown with Dever

Fuck flus/cough/whataver. Just when you though you're safe, they're on your ass once again.

See right, I went to school this morning, relatively fine. Seriously, nothing was wrong with me. I sat through English, then Phyics without much incident. Then comes Mother Tongue. Wah...I felt dizzy... the kind of feeling you get when you're trying to read on a taxi. So, I told Cikgu that I wasn't feeling well, and asked for permission to rest. I slept for the whole two periods (that's 1hour 10 mins) and when I woke up, I was in deep shit. Temperature was high, and coughs came in between each other. It's like..one cough...then just as that cough escapes, another one comes along as if to say that "You think you're OK? Think again, stupid nigga bitch." Went for recess and skipped Quest Fit. Thinking that my crappy feeling was because of my skipping of breakfast, I went for the stall that had the shortest line. It's always the ones with blue plates. Food sucked. I have no idea why the stall-owners always insist on putting curry/some-black-gravy on your rice. When they put it on, it just collides with the rest of the grub, inducing life-threatening stomach-problems. Anyway, went for A-maths, and I still felt like crap, all the way until the final bell.

I swear, cough never ever really goes away. You know what will be left if there ever was a nuclear explosion? Cockroaches, and fucking coughs. Seriously. Then the cockroaches will die because of said cough, and the world will be a merrier place.

Anyway, I and Ringo (Yup, I did come first. This is perfectly acceptable in informal writing. Ask your teacher. If she says otherwise, then i'll do something about it) were supposed to go for CME but we went for debate instead. CG room was freezing, or maybe it's just me. Yup, it was just me. Put on a blazer, yet the cough wasn't put out. Went through rebuttals. Jon asked me to go home early to rest up. At the rate I was going, i'd have died.

Took a cab home. Took off my shirt and pants and slept without putting anything on (don't even think about it). Woke up with a fever. 38.9. Hot damn. I felt so cold, yet my body was in heat. Cabbed to the nearest doc. Goodness me. I had to wait for a freaking long time. Read some magazines, including Cleo. I learnt some stuff...like how women found virgin men attractive. I'm a man and i'm a...never mind. Anyway, the doctor gave me a day's worth of mc and three days worth of medicine. She said if I wasn't feeling well by Thursday, I should come back. Ahh...this is how docs get money. Give you bogus medicine, so that you'll come scurrying back for more.

I'm not even sure whether i'll be using my mc. See, there's the geography competition at SMSS, and there's a debate meeting. Here's my battle plan lah...spend the morning drilling debate, and revising, and etc...go to Saint Marg's in the afternoon and have debate after that. Good plan. Problem is i'm not sure whether my maid will let me out of the house. I'm not even sure whether I would let myself out of the house. It is my social responsibility as a pinoy, to stay home when i'm ill, so that no one else will get sick. Not like some people. Haha. JK.

Monday, March 06, 2006

This Guy's In Love With You Pare {This Guy's in Love With You, Dude} Pinoy Song

Save cloth! Save the Earth! Do the right thing!

"Dead like the air beteween your ass and underwear when you're sitting down."

Life's full of surprises. Like, one minute you're in shit, up to your waist, and the next, you're swimming in panties and brassiere, with a pretty lady chained to your ankles. But surprise, surprise, you're still gonna drown, eventually.

Monday's are always weird. For one thing, Ryan's still sick, and he's absent for today and tomorrow. It's been one month, damnit. He's infected practically the whole class, at least those around our area. Nern didn't come, presumably because of Ryan. Anyway, Choo Jia Han came today wearing "mat" specs. Doesn't suit him lah. You know "mat" specs...those with fucking thick frames coloured either black or white. Jia Han got the white one...and worse of all...it has orange coloured tiles stuck to the side, making it look like he's got a mosiac at the side of his head. It doesn't look good when he wears it, but when I wear it, it fucken sparkles. Whatever lah, everything does. Haha, jk lah Jia Han. Just some constructive criticism on my part.

We had English first thing in the morning. Mdm Yani came. Yay-ness. Had a surprise english composition on information report. I'm suppose to write a letter to my principal, pleading that he welcomes me back to school, after being suspended for rioting. Gosh, i think i screwed up. Firstly, there was no proper introduction. Next, I totally messed up on the sequence of events. And lastly, I think i sugar-coated it too much. Hopefully, it's worth an 18+.

Physics, TAF, Geography, A-maths then SS. I hope the change the time-table next term. A change in routine does our body good. I have mixed feelings about my A-maths teacher. She seems like a jolly lady most of the times, willing to joke and stuff, but you know everybody's got a facade. She can just, i dunno, change into Super Laila and pounce on you, faster than you can say "I'm innocent". There was a case of miscommunication regarding our A-maths homework..and well...don't want to elaborate on it too much lah. SS was free. Did a bit of the e-maths peer tutoring. You know those questions...on finding the angles...it's actually the value of angles...but i've to restrain myself from just drawing arrows and writing "There. Angle ABC, Found. Happy?".

Assembly was a blast. Thoroughly inspiration. Long story short, what I learned was that potatoes can be pierced with a straw. Go to your fridge and take a potato (po-tay-toe or po-tah-toe, same difference) and take a straw. Concentrate hard, picture the straw going through the potato, and pierce through the core of the wretched vegetable. Basically, said Coach Berry, there are dreams. Some dreams are physically impossible, and some are perceived as impossible. He demonstrated the latter with the potato (it's gotta make one helluva nifty party trick), and the former with me. What he did was made me jump and touch an exit sign at one of the entrances of the hall. nabei, in front of all the sec 3s and sec 4s. What the fuck man...well...he gave me THE look (the one old people use when you're seating on the bus and they're standing), so by basic instinct, I stood up and did as I was told. I was able to touch the exit sign. Then, he made me reach for the light above the exit sign. It's roughly 3m lah...and I couldn't fucken reach it! Paiseh lah of course. What the heck, I got a sweet, so it's all good.

Ate at the new so-called "Western Food Stall". It seems like any stall, as long as it sells fried stuff, doesn't sell noodles, curry, mutton or pork, qualifies to be a western stall nowadays. The food was horried. Beans+garlic bread+3 miserable pieces of chicken meat= a buck. eighty. Not worth it. Went to see Mdm Yani with Ringo after that. Deprovement in temrs of my compo marks. 19. Whattheshit. Must strive to be better. I've progressed to argumentative. I can't let myself do badly for that one. My debater's pride is at stake. Having Mdm Yani mark my script on the spot makes me jumpy. You know, because she's reading it, then her expression suddenly changes, and she looks like she's about to say something bad, then she holds herself back, smiles, and then you're cooled by a sweat of relief, then she jumps at you for a lack of continuity in your composition.

Speaking of debate, because of erroer OMC3-S11, i failed to send my debate speech to Jon last night. Please rest assured however, that i've already done so. Here's to an epic victory by QTSS and RRJ.

I'm rereading Vernon God Little. Freaking awesome stuff. WIll post a review someday. It's my absolute favourite book. I wanted to review this, for my book review about a month ago, but i found it unsuitable for most of the school's population. It's fucken epic, and ever-so quotable .

"I crane my nostrils for any vague comfort; a whiff of warm toast, a spearmint breath. But all I whiff, over the sweat and the barbecue sauce, is school - the kind of pulse bullyboys give off when they spot a quiet one, a wordsmith, in a corner. The scent of lumber being cut for a fucken cross. Mine"

So ironic, and angsty. I like.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Venus De Milo. Oooohh Ahhh...awesome...Gotta wonder what it'll look like with her arms on...

Are you a M.A.N?

Ok...I didn't get to update yesterday...but surprise sruprise...I'M NOT DEAD YET!

Didn't have time to blog yesterday...actually...more like didn't want to lah. My dad was nearby and I don't want him to find out about this. It's not that he's strict or anything about this kind of stuff. It's just that...it's gonna be fucking troublesome.

Anyway...yesterday...AHH..I woke up at 6 to go to school...but I ended up playing the computer and in the end, I left my house at 8 for an 8:15 literatureclass. Wah piang. I was 15 minutes late...but what the heck. We all know that any remedial class held on Saturdays have the tendency of starting 10 minutes later because of one reason or another, so technically, i'm only 5 minutes late.

I don't like the way literature is taught in schools, or at least in my school and the way people study for it. The teacher tells us her interpretation (what's interpret?) of the story and gives us notes on it. Muggers then memorise said notes and vomit every-single-fucking word into the paper...which makes no sense whatsoever, especially when they weave in their own words into it. What drew me into literature in the first place was the fact that there's no fixed answer to any literature question, and there's no one correct interpretation of what's happening in the story, and what the author's motive is. That's the beautiful thing about literature. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one thing we all can agree is beautiful is "IMAGINED BEAUTY". The author's dead, and we can only imagine what his real intention of using jasmine (it acts as a drug) in the story The English Teacher. It's like the statue of ...the lady with no arms...oh ya...Venus de Milo. It's a statue of a lady without arms. It's a stunning piece, without arms. Not a soul who gazes upon this masterpiece fails to wonder how beautiful her arms could have been. By losing her arms, it gained a beauty that could never be surpassed. If she had back her arms, it'll still be a glorious statue, but it's magic will be lost. The same goes for lit, whereby if the teaher offers everything on a sliver platter and you so willingly lap it up, where goes the beauty of lit? It's fucking dead pork.

Anyway, after lit was chemistry. I seriously need to revise ALL my chemistry stuff. I never realised how interconnected everything chemistry was. We were doing Redox, but Mdm Teoh was able to link it back to so many chapter i've already forgotten about. Felt pathetic....but the surprise mini-test we had at the end of the lesson cheered me up, because it was chicken ass.

Then Ringo, Jeremy and I headed over to United Square, not without being delayed by the taxi driver however. This was how it went, i went in first, said "Uncle, Novena Square". Then Jeremy and Ringo got in (at the back. Rule of taxi-riders: the front-guy always pays. Always) and both of them said "Novena Square". Moments later, I think jeremy said saomething along the lines of "Uncle, change to United Square, which is near Novena Square". Ok, we repeated Novena Square a total of 4 times, and it may seem like over-kill, but still the driver brought us to the wrong direction, MARINA SQUARE. WTF mate...Thankfully, he's honest. He brought us to United Square, and asked us how much we normally paid, which is $6.

Met up with M.A.N , Raied and Ms Selvii and got started on the motion. I'm speaking first, Ringo, and Jeremy. RRJ. We discussed our motion, and it seems pretty tight. On to the quarter-finals, I say. If we get to make it to the quarters, we're one win away from the semis, and two wins away from the finals, and three wins away from the championships. Serious funky chinken shit. This is so damn EPIC.

Headed over to PS, with Ringo to catch a movie with Shan and the rest. Spent an hour looking for them, going to Peace Centre and Paradiz Centre, where gamers go to rot. Seriously, there's like more than 10 lan shops packed in one place. Wah, go there confirm rot to death liao, playing Defenders of the Asians or something like that. Anyway, the cinemas at PS were packed, so we went to suntec instead. So, in total, Me, Shan, Ringo, Kanta, Nern, Lays, Jia, KKt, watching Bib Momma in the House 2. Side note, the picture of big momma in that poster, no way in hell looks like me.

The movie was OTT-lame. Very gay lah...uninspired. JOkes i've heard before and seen before. The kid jumping off from high places and landing flat on his face throughout the movie was freaking cool though. That's the kid i wanted to be in the past. At least momma 2 is better than the first one lah, but it's still bad. Not worth your 9.50. Ultimately, the plot predictable, and character interactions could have been better handled (Your pissed off with me for running around your back while your pregnant. I send you flower and you happy riao. WTF?). What pissed me off the most was the lack of RACIST JOKES!!!!!!! Motha...see right...it's a BLACK man, in a BLACK lady fat-suit, in an all WHITE family. There's gotta be some racist jokes lah, come on. Scared of backlash is it?

Spent half-an hour deciding where to go (we decided to eat, while andrian any yu jia went off, on sperate 16 buses), and then spent another half-an hour looking for a place to eat. Ate at pizza hut. Gotta love that non-creamy cream of chicken.
Suntec was so crowded...now if only i had fart bombs, it'll be a different story....Then reached home at 10:30. Heng not 11, or else the police will catch me, ask for my parents name, ask where they are, contact them, ask what i'm doing, check my phone's serial number, and force me to go home.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

HG stands for Hard Gay.

Friday, March 03, 2006


In a bid to become the ultimate blend of Singaporean and Pinoy, i'm betting on 4d. Now you've got to be wondering "what the hell?" Let me explain...

Singaporean's have a bad habit of cashing on people's misfortune. You know when September 11 occured, guess what was the most popular 4 numbers in 4d? 0911. Whenever there's a car accident, we see car's slowing down and onlookers taking out their handphones all just to take down the unfortunate car's mishapen lisence plate. The number of times i've been stuck in traffic because of an accident ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD escapes me right now, but it's a 2-digit number, that I can tell you.

As you all might or might not know (...that was redundant cause there's only two possibilities...then again, so is this sentence) Philippines was in a week-long state of emergency (it ended yesterday). Now, this state of emergency went under the codename of Proclamation 1017 and was declared to prevent enough coups from occuring. Jeez, and just today, bombings occured in the capital. Guess we'll be saying high to 1017 once again.

Interesting see? I'm cashing in on Philippine's misfortune to my advantage. It's called karma i think. Since Philippines is having a time of dip-shitness, they have excess and untapped luck. Me, being a taker-of-advantage, will then absorb this luck and use it for my own gain. Clever, see?

School was cool. Two periods of physics in the morning by Ms Wee. She went down the lameness scale! She made a damn funny joke, although i'm not sure whether this was intended. See, she was telling us about 3 sockets and how the wires are connected. She tried to unscrew the socket of our OHP (bet you don't know what it stands for. Overhead Projector), but since the screw was too rusty, she couldn't do it. So she told us to and i qoute "Go home and screw yourselves". L.M.A.O

We headed to the chem lab for chemistry and did electrolysis and oxidation and reduction tests. Electrolysis was so simple. I wonder whether this will come out for my Os...speaking of my Os, i finally got my schedule. Seems pretty dead-packed, with physics, maths, and a-maths in straight days. Kaoz. Freaking hectic. What the heck lah, everyone else is doing it on the same date, so what right do i have to compain? One thing I can complain about is the fees. Gotdamn, mine rocketed to a whopping $400++, roughly 50 per subject. Seems pretty unreasonable lah. $50 to pay the teachers invigilating+sending to England+marker's pay+sending back to Singapore+entering the marks into the com. I can't believe that can amount to $50. See ah...invigilators can be paid nothing, i can scan my paper into the com and e-mail it to Engrand, teacher's mark a hell-lot of tests and get paid peanuts and they can scan it and e-mail it back to me, and entering data is easy shit. I might as well staple the $50 to the back of my O-level paper and bribe the markers.

After recess was SS, e-maths then concluding with MLB. There's something seriously wrong with my combined humanities marks. 17/25 for the two SS tests i studied so hard for. I cannot believe this. Must be the teacher mis-key or something. Anyway, looked for Mdm Yani after school to go through my English Composition. I was looking forward to getting another 20+ (all my compo's so far this year has been), only to discover that she's on maternity leave. Wah..I seriously hope that she can give birth and get back to school soon. She's the best (IMO) englsih teacher in our school, and I feel safe when she's teaching. She constantly brings you back down to earth when you're ego-surfing, which is something I do too often.

Our debate motion's been released. This house supports the mandatory night-time curfew imposed by government's or something like that, and we're the Prop, meaning we're supporting this statement. I'm so excited. It's not as simple as it seems. Speaking from experience, what seems to be the obvious choice is not always what wins. Ultimately, the team who's able to hold on to their stand and obliterate what the other team's says is the one that wins, and that's what we're planning to do.

Went to Liang Court with Ringo, Ryan, Shan, and Nern. Liang Court is such a cool place, you've got to wonder why there's so little people going there. It's like a mini-japan mall. We ate at the something-Q for $4.50 bentos and ate gelatos/ice-cream. Good stuff man, and well-worth you're money. $4 for 2 fantastical scoops. Well-worth your bucks. There's a huge variety of flavours and the taste is good...well maybe not lah...my tounge is still burned becuase of the laksa i ate yesterday, so my taste-buds might be malfunctioning. We then headed to Kino. Kino at Liang Court rocks. Japanese stuff are so damn queer. Found the wooden sandals i've been looking for. $40+ per pair. Holy-motha.

Walked to the 197 bus-stop. Overslept. Ended up in Parkhui. Took 197 again. Slept and overslept. Thankfully, i woke up just one bus-stop after where i was supposed to stop, so i walked and loss the ice-cream calories i gobbled up. Here I am, doing research for debate. Live a good life, and go home and screw yourself.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Translation: Lacus drinks Yakult. Why don't you?


I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, even on weekends. Fuck. So, i'm skipping breakfast now, so i can wake up earlier and napping in the bus going to school and going back home. Why can't I sleep early? Because of a damn show called Pinoy Big Brother, that's why, the Real-life Melodrama.

Basically, it's a show about people. 12 people, referred to as Housemates, are yanked out of the streets and put inside this house, where they are overseen by a dude referred to as Big Brother, and they are watched by the world 24/7. In this house, they have no TV, radio, telephone, Internet or other media are available to the housemates, not even writing materials. They have to stay in the house for a period of 100 days. Each day, they're given a "daily task" and each week, they're given a "weekly task", where they get rewards and such. There's an element of survival to the show, as each week, the public gets to vote and decide which Housemate should be kicked out of the house. It's fucking drama. Very engaging. You get to see romance evolve, friendships form, and fight break out. This is good TV.

I watch the show through The Filipino Channel. Everyday, they have an hour-long show of the highlights of the day and stuff. Though i heard that there's a special channel you can subscribe where you can view the stuff they do 24/7. God, is this voyeur of is this voyeur? There's different versions of it, in different countries. Some contain sex, but not the Pinoy one, cause Pinoy's ain't perverse. Not the one typign this anyway.

Fuck...i can't take my eyes of this. Just yesterday, this guy (who's a celebrity) admitted that HE'S GAY!! Fucking shocking man. He appeared so manly too. Just goes to show, that no matter how big your biceps are, you still might be as gay as the day is long. The dude's a celebrity, and he admitted to the WHOLE WORLD that he's fucking bent. You've got to applaude his courage. As a celebrity, you've got to portray a "correct" image or else you'll lose your fans man. Anyway, he's got my respect...he openly admitted that as a child, he was beaten up by his father for cross-dressing...and that he's constantly worried about how god might see him, being a homo and that he went to America to be exposed to the gay's society there and to discover himself. RESPECT! He confessed to this chick, and after that he cried for like an hour. If only Singapore had a Big Brother.

BECAUSE I AM GAY...!. Ang hirap, kasi hindi ako masamang tao...na malamang gay ako.” Roughly translated as "It's difficult, because i'm not a bad person, it's difficult to accept that i'm a gay".

Wah piang. School today was ok. Got back a few of my PPRs. English was disappointing (b4), geog was exceeding expectations (a1), phys was a miracle (a2) and e-maths was predictable (a1). Have to buck-up, expecially for physics and english. I had laksa for recess, and it was horrible. It's like torture, putting in a mouthful after another. Cheesepie, i'd like some cheesepie for recess. There was no drama today, so i was able to go home early. Goody.

We'll be getting our motion for next week's debate tomorrow. My blood's boiling. What we're aiming for: A win, thus automatic qualification for the quarters. What i'm aiming for: Best speaker award. Jeremy's got it. Ringo's got it. I want one too.

I bid farewell now. If you're feeling down...just imagine this:

You're a Siamese Twin.

You're brother, attached at your side is gay.

You're not.

He has a date coming over tonight.

You've only got one ass.

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