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Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't be a sucker. Don't cut queues.

I've been staying back until late, of late in school, and I'm immensely thankful for the parents who dutiful bring dinner everyday, so that we can eat for free, as we stay back and study. What I am not thankful for, however, is people who cut the queue. I don't care who you are, where you from, what you did; if you cut queue, I ain't happy with you.

Granted, I was much more angry earlier this evening that I am now, but still, this seething fury has yet died. I am very pissed off with people who cut queue, and I just can't shut up about it.

Normal, respectful people queue up to get food. People queue up as early as 20 minutes before the parents actually start serving up, eagerly anticipating the food. This people have been studying, and could be studying, but they choose not to, because they want to get food in a timely fashion, and also, they want to get better helpings. I don't blame them, for I am one of them, and they have made a sacrifice to come down there early. Behind the early birds, the queue will stretch to eternity, and if you come late, you WILL wait. But again, there's no helping it, because you did, after all, come later.

Now, what do queue-cutters do? There's a few kinds of queue-cutters. There are those who come in before the parents start serving, and simply fit themselves into the front of the line as if they belong there (WTF!). Then there are also those who come in when the queue is very long, looking at the queue, and conveniently squeezes themselves amongst their buds, or what shit. Either way, they're cutting my queue, and that shit is screwed up.

Why, you may ask, and let me gladly tell you, because I've given this much thought actually.

"I cut queue because I can't be bothered to queue up. I should be studying, or doing something else, but my time should not be spent on the queue, because I'm too good for it,"

Yes, that's probably what goes on in the mind of a typical queue-cutter. But let's pause, and think for abit, and look at the underlying selfishness of such a mentality. So, you're saying your time is too important, and shouldn't be wasted queuing up...but what of the people behind you? WHAT OF THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU? These people have been waiting a for a much longer time than you, and like you, they'd rather be doing something else as well, so what right do you have to squeeze yourself in front of them, and get the food faster, without the wait?


Everybody's the same right now dude; we're all students trying to fight our way through the A-levels, and clearly, everyone's undergoing the same stress, and pressure as you are. Everyone's time is precious, so please, just consider...just consider the time people have spent on the loving queue, and the equivalent of a middle finger you're giving them when you cut it. Like I said earlier, it doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done before this for the school, or whatever, on the field or wherever, to get a prize or whatever, but right now, everyone's facing the same giants, and you're not special. Have some mutual respect, and sense of community, dude.

Oh, and here's what pisses me off too. And this doesn't apply to everyone, but to Christians. I don't know exactly how many people who cut queue are Christians, but we just prayed, dude! Before the parents start serving the food, the parents lead in prayer. So yes, in a sense, God is with us...and as the prayer goes on, these Christian queue-cutting people pray piously and what-not....but are they not aware that at that very moment they are sinning in the presence of the Lord? Goodness! I can't quote you scriptures, but just think: What would Jesus have done? I'm not questioning anybody's faith here nor am I identifying anyone, I just hope that you know that he's watching.

One more reason we shouldn't cut queue: the parents. Everyday they come down bringing loads of food for us, expecting nothing much in return, out of the goodness of their hearts. Just imagine what they'll think if they know (and I think they do, it's just unspoken) that people are cutting queue right under their noses. If they can be so kind to you, then why can't you be so kind to others, and NOT cut queue?

Be considerate, don't cut queue. Be considerate, don't let your friends cut your queue. Be considerate, when people cut queue, tell them off, or simply, inform them how long you've been waiting, and that it isn't nice of them to cut your queue. Be considerate, if you're told off for cutting queue, kindly go to the back. Be considerate, don't give that sheepish smile if someone gives you the death glare when you cut queue. Be considerate, have respect.

Today at the queue, I told off a few people who were like trying to cut in front of me, and I gave a few who cut queue a few people ahead of me the death glare of super-sheer-pissed-off-ness. Cutting queue is unacceptable, and the bud should be cut before it blooms, because that's going to be one ugly flower.

I know all of us hate people who cut queue, and if you don't, you rightly should. They think they're more important than you, but we're all equals here. Some choose to join the line only when the queue has died to avoid the drama, but...dude, what of the people who want to get the better food? There are also some who ignore this behavior, but that's not good. It'll spread man.

People may say I'm being bitter, and that I'm jealous. But seriously speaking, I can cut queue as well as anybody. I just know I'm not better than anybody else. This post is mainly here to express my discontent, and to encourage people to put a stop to this practice.

If you've been cutting queue, then please, dude, change your ways man. I'm not taking it personally, and I'll be a fool to take it personally, when a person cuts my queue, but the thing is, it is affecting me personally, so I can't help but be like this. Seriously, stop it. Cut it.

Or in this case, don't.

PS: There are people who let their friends cut queue, but that's not fair. The friend is just as guilty as the queue-cutter, because when he/she lets his friend cut in front of him/her, what of the other people behind? Dude, unless you can get everyone in the queue to agree that you can cut right there, then you can't cut queue, no matter what.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It must be magic.

I had one of those moments. Have you ever felt like you've already lived what you're going through? As I was lying on my bed, reading my book, and thinking about stuff, as my brother played PSP on the other bend, I felt as if I had gone through the exact experience before; read the same scene of the book, thought the same thoughts in my head, and heard the things I heard, and it was weird.

I can't explain it, but yeah, it happened. And it has happened before, quite a few times. Could it be...I'm a soothsayer, of sorts?

Let's throw this hypothesis in the open. I predict that one of the essays for A-levels would have something to do with magic. It dawned with me...as if by magic. Yes, magic, or perhaps the supernatural. It would be along the lines of "Magic does not exist. Discuss.", or perhaps "The supernatural has no substance. Pardon the pun, and discuss".

If this does come out for A-levels, let this post be proof that I called it first.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OVER 9000!

Saw this on digg.com, and it's hilarious.

I can't believe I got the internet meme. As serious as Oprah looks and sounds, as she mobilizes her army of moms, dads, and whatnots, the internet person she quoted in the video is a fake; a poser; a joker. You see, over 9000 was this popular internet video which originated from the anime Dragon Ball Z. Lots of parodies has been made about this "Over 9000" thing, but perhaps, as ironic as it is, Oprah's serious warning, may very well be the most hilarious parody of theom all.

The Original Over-9000 Video

The video itself is not funny; it's just another reincarnation of bandwagon jumping, but my god, my hat's off to the guy who "doesn't forgive, doesn't forget because he has 9000 penises". Not only is he organised and has systematic ways of hurting children, he's from the internet.

Anyways, aside from being ripped off at the doctor's, I've had a good day. There was a really productive geography lecture I attended in the morning, and then I went to the gym for a bit. Also, I bumped into someone I never quite expected to run into at the cafe, and it was quite nice, studying there :).

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Personal Radio

So a new iPod nano's been released. It's a marked improvement from the previous one, but I'm not going to switch to that bandwagon yet. Sure, iPhone looks fancy, but too many people has it, you know what I mean?

I've run out of space in my 30GB Zune. It's been my faithful companion for the past two years; it's stored my podcasts, videos, images, and most of all, musics. But it's time to move on. At the end of this year...I shall make a jump to...ZUNE 120!

120GB capacity. Holds up to 30,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 375 hours of video.

Beautiful, big screen. Featuring a 3.2-inch color screen, Zune 120GB is perfect for portable video viewing.

Touch controls. Kiss slow scrolling goodbye. The innovative new Zune pad makes browsing your device a blast. Fly effortlessly through your music, picture, and video collections.

Wireless sync. Cut the cord to your PC. Refresh your Zune with new content anytime you charge your device, through your home wireless network.

Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing. Share full-length tracks of your favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures and even audio podcasts. Listen to the full track of any song you receive up to three times, and even pass along songs you receive to other friends nearby who have a Zune. If you like a song you receive, you can easily add it to your wish list and then buy it from your PC the next time you sync.

Built-in FM radio. Tune in to one of your favorite local stations while on the go or working out. Advanced tuning capabilities let you see the name of the song currently playing on select frequencies.

Zune Marketplace. Featuring over 3 million songs, DRM-free MP3s, music videos, audio/video podcasts and more, your store is always open and just a mouse click away. Learn more.

Your games. Your music. Your way. Plug your Zune into your Xbox 360 and customize the soundtrack in your favorite games. You can also stream content in Zune software to your Xbox 360 using a wireless connection.

Buy from FM radio. Instantly purchase songs you hear on FM radio stations directly from your Zune device. If you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot, the song will immediately download to your Zune. If not, you will have a queue of songs ready to purchase when you sync to your home computer. Buy from FM works with radio stations that broadcast RDS and RT Plus data—the same technology that shows the song titles and information on FM radio stations you listen to in your car.

Wirelessly browse and buy on the fly. Browse and purchase tracks from the Zune Marketplace online store directly from your device when in a Wi-Fi hotspot or through a home wireless network.

Audiobooks. To start listening to your favorite book on your Zune, visit audible.com or overdrive.com to sync your favorites.

Games on the go. Free games will keep you entertained on the go.

Awesome, seriously awesome.

But you know what feature will really really attract me towards an mp3? The ability to create mini-radio-station from your player, such that other people can listen to the exact same songs that you're listening to. And it'll also be good if the mp3 had a microphone from where you can talk random crap. It'll remove all the hassles of having to share ear-phones (which is limited to 2 people) and remove the irritant which is the loud-speaker.

So imagine the scene; I'm in Starbucks, chilling, and mindlessly listening to my mp3 player. I get tired of my songs, so I plug into some other person's mp3 "broadcast". I'm introduced to new songs, and I also get to know more about so-and-so. And if the persons seems attractive, music's an awesome way to break the ice.

Mark my words: music is going the way of the social. More power to the individual.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm from the Queens.

I was talking to Jeremy about Queenstown this morning during Econs, and then we got to talking about all the stupid videos we made. I uploaded a few of them ages ago, which were quite awesome, but I deleted them, because as a prefect then, I didn't want to "tarnish" the school's reputation. What the heck lol. I managed to unearth some videos through Raieds' YouTube account and here they are.

The Domino Effect:

I think I was one of the guys on the chairs in this one, or one of the few behind the camera. It's hilarious.

Stupid Fight:

Never was there physically when this video was made, but it's in the CG room, hey! Features YanShan and Raied. Is extremely stupid.

Fighting in Class:

A classic Bernard and Minhazul faux-fight which has grown quite legendary. Has 300000+ views, and loads more comments. The video itself is damn funny, but when you read the comments, everything seems so much more crazier.

There is also another video where an arm breaks in one of their fights; it's quite an epic scene, but everyone has supposedly deleted the video. But I'll upload it when I find it!

Anyways, it's best I go back to studying. See you guys!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dude, where's your hair?

So yesterday, I headed over to the usual place at Clark Quay to get my haircut. There's been talks of a hair-check being conducted some time soon, and I didn't want to get caught and sent to the barber. I wanted to go unscathed, uncut. So yeah, on Sunday noon, I found myself in front of the mirror, with some stylist getting my hair "styled".

"You want your fringe?" she asked, after having cut for a quite a while. I said "Yeah, but do cut just a bit," She seemed experienced, as if she knew what she was doing. After having talked with her about my hair, she suggested something quite extreme. "You want a mohawk?" And my eyes' sorta sparkled (I know, I was looking at myself), and I said "Yeah, why not?" because she sounded like she knew what she was doing.

And after all was said, done, cut and paid, there I was with a mohawk. Or not really a mohawk, more of a fake mohawk...a fohawk. It didn't look half-bad, I thought to myself, and it was quite a...radical change. It's semi-short in the middle part, and short everywhere else.

Today, I went to school expecting some sort of reaction, but my god, I seriously think everybody talked about my hair at least once in the course of the day. I don't say this out of arrogance, or anything, but I simply drew stares wherever I walked, stares which said it all: "What the hat?".

And all the conversations I had somehow ended up talking about my hair. EVERYSINGLE ONE OF THEM. I am not kidding you. Everyone brought it up. Friends, strangers, teachers, cleaners, tuck-shop aunties, the photocopy auntie, WTF!.

"Hey, how's prelim results? Dude, you cut your hair?"
"Raymond! What happened?!?!"
"I haven't seen you in ages. What happened to your hair?"
Someone points from one end of the void deck, and the whole crowd goes like "w00t".

Ahhh. I expected somewhat of a reaction, but again, not to this extent. I must either be really awesome, or the haircut must be really...something. So anyways, people found my haircut weird, in a nutshell, but I don't think so! I get this sorta reaction all the time, whenever I cut my hair, and I think I've a well thought out argument which will suffice to explain this...phenomena.

Let's face it, my face is bleeding interesting. It's been called absolutely everything on earth, almost every adjective, from all spectrum of positivity and negativity. I was born with it. No matter what hairstyle I cut, my face is ODD. So let's say that I cut my hair once, and then it gets a "hey-that's-funny" reaction. This lasts for a week, and then it gets stale. And then I cut my hair again, and this sudden change brings the attention of people to the face once again, and again, I'm interesting!

Let's say I peacock by wearing a pink scarf (hmm...). I wear it on the first day, and "Hey, that's gay," but if I keep wearing it all the time, it'll be "Hey, that's old,". The same applies to my hair, and hence, my face!

With each haircut, the conundrum that is my face gets accentuated and highlight and emphasized upon.

And thus, I bring to a close this hair-saga. I hope you have been enlightened, and when you look at me, learn to appreciate that he's always looked funny, and it's not the hair. Anyways, I'll be going off to study abit. See you around guys, and no, I won't put up pictures of my hair on this blog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animal Passions

As I was walking home from the station today, I was greeted by a sight which had to be seen to believe. On my walk home, there is a diversion I can take which would lead to a nearby park. This place is supposedly almost deserted, yet with my attentive eyes, I spied a couple in the thralls of full-out make-out.

I couldn't make out (ahem) their age, but they were facing each other, the girl sitting on the guy's lap, locked in a passionate, animalistic kiss. Hands wandered and found their way into the inside of a shirt, and I heard a muffled gasp. His hands were nowhere to be seen, and hers had found his belt, clumsily unhooking it...

I blushed on their behalf, and continued my walk home. Just by the way, I didn't stop and gawk; I was walking past with my head fixated on the sight, before politely turning the other cheek.

A part of me was shaking my head, and groaning even, saying "Get a room,", but another part of me felt...was it jealousy? They were so absorbed, and they were in a world of their own, which is what love is, I guess. It's often said that we create our own world. In love, you create your own world with your partner, and sharing that and experiencing that is the best feeling of all.

Ahh, I don't know what to feel.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I just want to play my music.

It's Saturday...and here in raymond-angelo.blogspot.com, this means that it's...Music Recommendation Time (MRT!) Actually, not really, but this is something I've thinking of doing for awhile. What I'll do is that I'll post songs and the videos of new songs I've been listening, and hopefully, force my taste of music upon you guys, or something.

Name: The Black Kids
Description: Gay in a good way. I like the catchy tunes and quasi-stupid lines.
Song: I've Underestimated My Charms (Again)

Choice line: Oh baby, you're too much sugar for my sweet tooth!

Name: Metro Station
Description: Catchy-indie-rock. Honestly, I'm just making this up, I don't know how to describe them. Techno-rock?
Song: Kelsey. Their current-most-popular song is Shake It, but I like Kelsey more.

Choice line: You're all that I've ever wanted, all that I've ever dreamed of to come. And yes, you did come.

Name: Between The Trees
Description: A band clearly targeted at girls; their songs addresses issues such as self-mutilation, and whatnot. Kinda like All-American Rejects.
Song: Darlin'

Choice line: This is my confession. To the crimes of wanting you. Badly.

Name: The Script
Description: Unique vocals, with an Irish lead, and it's very rhythmic, and head-bobbish.
Song: Breakeven

Choice line: What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you.

Name: Hollywood Undead
Description: They're a very weird mix of rap, hard-rock, and angst. But they sound gooood. If you add Linkin Park and Eminem together, this is what you'll get. It's angry poetry at it's best.
Song: Black Dahlia

Choice line: It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, IT WAS YOUR KNIFE.

Ok, I'll stop at 5! There's more, gajillions more, I promise, but I've gotta go do my Physics MCQ for NJC now. Went out with Wireman and Darren yesterday to Holland to study and chill, and then today I'll be staying home until my Debate handover later. Ahh. I can't believe it's ending. Oh well.

Could you?
Would you?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

This Goes My Holidays, How Goes Yours?

My Holidays started last Wednesday, with the end of my last paper (Physics MCQ), so let's do the run-down from then!

-"Photoshoot" for Teachers' Day at school.
-To Vivo with my class, to hang.

-To Vivo with my class, to watch Wall-E, and to buy stuff. I bought 3 shirts, including one which is super awesome.
-Was supposed to go to Shern's house to make Teachers' Day gift, but was canceled.
-Was supposed to have Clan Head dinner, but was canceled.

-Teachers' Day celebration, which saw the OGLs taking the stage one more time, for the most impromptu performance in the history of ever-ever.
-To Queenstown, where I met the guys all over again. Was quite pleased to see that our batch had the most people there.
-To somewhere at Spottiswoode Park with Jeremy, Raied, and the gang, and then to Suntec at Comex to walk-walk.

-To Marina Bay to meet up with Jiaw, Glen Wirawan, and the gang to celebrate Terry's birthday.
-To Clark Quay, after finding out that Marina Bay had become a wasteland, with nothing, nothing, nothing left whatsoever.
-Got highs.

-To Sing Post to study by myself for a few hours.
-To home to exercise after being in Sing Post for only a short while because I felt (was/is) fat.

-To Sentosa way too early in the morning with class.
-To Vivo to eat lunch and then go back to Sentosa again, but we got lazy, so we hung around.
-Bought a Storm of Swords.
-To Novena Square to meet up with councilors for dinner at Tim Chua's house.

-To Changi Airport to study, or try to with Moses, Becca and Jon. We ended up talking shit. The HCMI (Hwa Chong Mental Institute) will become the greatest inside joke ever.

-To Holland V, Breko, to eat breakfast with PR people.
-Stayed at Holland V, hanging around by myself, deciding whether to go for the OGL/CCAAB group outing to Sentosa or not.
-To Vivo, where I was wandering around again, to wait for Joanne Chin.
-Finally, to Sentosa, where we ended up staying for just a mere 2 hours, but had fun nonetheless with Eisen/Ogl/SB10/SA5 combined outing.
-To Vivo to eat.

-To town with councilors, to walk-walk and watch movie, I think.

What I didn't mention:
-Hanging out at Facebook (Flair, Tetris, Tagging, Comments)
-Chatting more often than I ever really have on MSN.
-Watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
-Watching online movies (40-Year-Old Virgin, Harold and Kumar 2, Don't Mess With The Zohan, Ironman)
-Reading books (A Song of Ice and Fire series mostly)
-Doing self-improvement stuff, like meditating, and reinforcing my inner-Raymond.
-Guitar Hero and DDR.

Yes, this has been one of the more productive holidays in the history of ever-ever. And that goes my holidays. How goes yours?

I should be happier.

Seriously, I should be happier. I say this with no conceit (and no shame), but I'm living a life that people would envy to live. LIke...


I wanted to whine in this post, and those few lines were the beginning of a long rant, but then when I was about to write why I was unhappy in spite of the good things in my life, I realized that you know, my life IS good, and I've got no reason to complain. Seriously. AHAHHA. I was being a dumbass.

See you guys tomorrow, I've got to meditate.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Huna

Raymond Angelo is going all new-age. I just meditated for 5 minutes and I feel soooo fresh. Will be going back to Sentosa tomorrow, with Eisen and the OGLs this time. See you all, and study hard. Remember The Principles of Huna, and you will be made awesome.

Game On

I watched Wall-E a few days back, and it's bad. By no means is it unwatchable but it's just plain boring. Maybe I'm the weird one here, but it didn't illicit as much laughter from me as I thought it would have. You should know by know that there's very little dialog since the main characters are robots, so do not expect witty quips and quotes. It's a lot of visual dazzle-ton, and visual comedy, which aren't my cup of tea.

Anyways, the best part of the movie in my opinion was the High School Musical 3 trailer which showed before the movie. So let's leave Wall-E in space (hurhur), and I'm going to fan-gasm about HSM3.

OH MY GOD. The trailer was soooooo good.

1) The Wildcats pulling on their hoods. If those jackets go on sale, they're mine, I swear it.
2) Troy and Gabriella dancing in the rain!
3) Gabriella emerging from the crowd and breaking into a song for Troy. Holy shit.
4) And Troy giving his "Bet On It" face, as he sings his reply-song to Gabriella.
5) "You can do it, just know that I believe,"
6) The Wildcats winning some sort of championship. You genuinely feel the sense of awe and victory. Roar.
7) Troy sliding on the floor. It only happens for a split-second, and there doesn't seem to be a clear purpose to it, but man it looks cool.
8) Sharpay snapping her fingers and the lights going off.
9) The ending pose of Troy and Gabriella.

My god, I can't believe all this happened in less than 2 minutes, and that I actually made this list. I'm not a hardcore fan, but I get excited very easily :D. I think it's quite awesome how as the Wildcats graduate, I'm leaving ACJC as well. Ahh!

I shan't think about that for now. I'm off to the airport to study. I'm sun-burnt right now, and will likely get more fried tomorrow. Holidays have been awesome so far, and I'm really value-adding myself in many many ways. See you guys soon!

Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm like the higher being which releases the inner-best thrasing within your soul.

You requested it, and I did it. Goodness, he does look like a cow now :). And this is the last time, I swear. Nipple-Phelps will never be revived ever again. God bless Michael, and may he break more records, and grow more nipples.

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