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Thursday, August 31, 2006

That's why I hold your hands.

I was supposed to write my speech yesterday, but no muse came, so I slept on it, woke up at four in the morning and put together a little something. I hope my speech sounded as good as it did in my mind; and I hope that my little peeks at my script went unnoticed. I was supposed to go to the centre of the stage like Vijay did, but I had a big-ass script, and it would be unglam to hold it up; all crumpled and all. Thanks to the people who stood up for me when I finished; and all those who wished to stand up but couldn't xD. I appreciate it, rly, sncrly.

As for the ACES day dance, it was a whole lot of fun; our best dance by far! And too bad to all those who couldn't win! We've all put in effort, enjoyed ourselves along the way, so what the heck, I guess.


Credits to HuiMin!

4A 2006:

4A 2006; With 100% more HAWT :)

Happy Teachers' Day to all! Here's the speech!

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

In my four years of being in the school, I’ve had the pleasure of being under many teachers. Ok, well that didn’t sound right, but you get what I mean; I’ve been taught by many teachers. As a prefect too, I’ve worked together with many teachers in my duties for the school. I am proud to say that all of them have been amazing; their dedication towards their work is applaud able; a feat in itself. They go an extra mile just so that WE can benefit. They burn midnight oil to mark our papers, stay back late to teach us. They may always nag at us, asking us to go to school on Saturdays even though there’s the 5-day-work-week thing, but if we think about it just for one second, we realize that just as it is optional for us, it is also optional for them. They can choose to stay home, chillax, watch some television; but no, instead, they spend their Saturday mornings with us, in preparations for the examinations.

Though they may at times, scold us, please fellow students, do not take it to heart. They don’t want to do it, but t hey only want what’s best for us; sometimes we ourselves don’t know what’s best for us, we’re only so young, but let me assure you that they know what they’re doing so don’t ever doubt your teachers. They’re professionals.

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs around. Unlike in medicine where they’ve got machines to do the diagnosis, unlike engineering where they’ve got computers to do the calculations, teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. In teaching we rely on the "naturals," the ones who somehow know how to teach. And let me assure you that all our teachers are talented, capable and phenomenal people who know how to teach.

Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task. They never give up on us.

They’ve been instrumental for my growth as a person. In my four years in Queenstown, I’ve gained so much from them; they’ve given me so much. They were always patient, they always made sure we’re sure, and on top of that, they are not only teachers, but they’re people who are there for us, whenever we are in need. For helping us learn so many things and making each day so worthwhile, thanks for being mentors of our minds as well as our hearts.

Let me end with a quote from a wise teacher. There’s no such thing as a stupid, only lazy. Thank you, and happy teachers’ day, study hard and good luck for the coming examinations.

I actually prepared a little poem for teachers’ day, so, here it is.

teaching is a special gift

as you often show

there's a talent and an art

in helping others learn and grow

and so it seems appropriate

while this special day is here

to tell you you're appreciated

everyday throughout the year

Happy Teachers’ Day.

Oooh. And I went back to Stamford Primary too. The turn-out was pathetic, but it was good seeing the guys once again. They've changed so much; and it's fun, getting to see them once again. They all went to better schools than I did! Everybody's gotten so much taller, but I don't care :\. Had lunch, chatted around, and then played pool at Peace Centre. I played Tetris at Jian Hao's DS, and OWNED his high-score. His was 70000+, I got 160000+ on my first try.

I'm a tetris prodigy. And I hate it when this happens:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How high do you want me to jump?

There's no such thing as a bad day with you around.

Today, I sat for my English Prelims. Before I go into the details, I'd like to thank all the people who wished me all the best. Thanks to all those who gave me encouragement, those who gave me last minute advice the night before, and those who just told me to get off the messenger to study for English. I'd like to especially thank Ringo for calling our friendly-neighbourhood, Mdm Yani, to call me regarding my article, which I couldn't see her the day before. Thank you Mdm Yani, too, for giving me a ring to talk about my article, and boosting my self-confidence just that much. To my mum in UK, thanks for calling me to wish me luck. Most of all, I'd like to thank Delise, for the Hersheys, the flower, the words of encouragement and saying that she wants me to jump as high as possible, figuratively of course.

When you say jump, I ask how high.

The Prelim itself went smoothly.

First paper was the essays.

For the main essay, I chose to describe a time in which I went out to relax but had an unpleasant experience in the end. I wrote a true story which occured last year: I was in the National Library reading a book in peace, when this young couple with their infant came strolling in. The baby erupted; just fucking shrieked. They couldn't shut him up, yet they insisted on remaining in my Fortress of Solitude. I went up to them and asked them to leave if they can't keep quiet (in the most polite manner possible of course, you know how I work it). And bam, they struck back on me saying how I should respect my elders and all that crap. Worst of all was no one in the library backed me up, when I was standing up for their rights. Typical...WOOFOO!

The functional had me writing about teenagers, which was a simple enough task. It was an article! *Shock*! Mdm Yani gave out an article assignment, but it was optional. Thank god I chose to write it in the end, and she was able to point out my mistakes. Must be destiny, or something along the lines of faith.

The comprehension passages were about Gandhi! Only the day before, I was saying something about Propa-Gandhi, and now, he's featured in my Paper 2! The passage 1 was quite simple, but the passage 2, was "killer". As for the summary, while some had difficulties squeezing in all the points, I had a comfortable 140 in my first draft, 130-ish in my second (WTF?) and finally, 148 in the last. Maybe my summary skiwwz are just pwnzers.

Oh, and Raynard wrote about titration for his essay on "Challenges". Since the challenge was supposed to be plural, he wrote about him doing the titration twice. That's some ice-cool logic, coming from the man in red-and-yellow stripes.

ROCK; the English Prelims.

I'm so going to laugh my head off with everybody else, if I do badly for this.

I love Subway.

Just when I thought I couldn't get high on music anymore, the new single of MUCC came out. Entitled "Utagoe", we see a song softer than their previous hits, but still, IT FEELS LIKE SUBUTEX BABY!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So good to be found

I was reading some blogs today. I unearthed some of my really old ones, which are disgusting. And, I rediscovered Blurty, which was a sort of fad during my Secondary Two years, in my class exclusively. Search for me and see how much of an idiot I was! I think my user was passing_shadows (emo lah sial), and then I switched to the_light, or something like that. You can check out other 2d's journal's over there, through friends.Jiaw had one, so did Darren, YuJia and Wendy/Yuni. It's good to read the stuff they wrote last time, and then the stuff they write today; just goes to show that people do change over time.

My change was the most drastic! Gasp!

Believe it or not, my Bio read like this:

-Just the passing_shadow of a fallen angel...
*In the face of light, pray. I am the light. I will destroy you*

AND...my interest were: "like, whatev"


I also read HuiYi's blog today, and the survey she did caught my interest, because Philippines was mentioned. So, since I'm a Pinoy (though someone took my shirt which is like, my birth-right xD) , I only feel obliged to do it. Hope she doesn't mind me ripping it from her site.

A Whole bunch of What-ifs:

1.The water would stop running in the water?
-How can someone run in water? The water swims in water, doi.

2.one day you'll know that you only have 24 hours
to live?
-I'll write a real long goodbye post over here, and a quarter of the remainder with my friends, another quarter with my family, and the last half with you.

3.you'll lose your friends?
-I don't even want to think about this.

4.Brad Pitt is standing in front of you?
-Get his autograph, and then ask why he broke up with Jeniffer Aniston, who is so hawt.

5.you're a millionare for a day?
-I'll buy a villa in Italy, then invest the rest in Nintendo.

6.there's no friendster?
-Friendster shmiendster. I don't like it D:

7.someone talk bad things behind your back?
-My skin's too thick for me to give much of a damn.

8.you can go back in time?
-I'll go back to the me of 1993 and tell him that he's got a great future ahead, filled with wonderful people, whom I love very much.

9.you're thirty and you haven't gotten married yet?
-Ahh...married or not, as long as we're still in love.

10.you become a superhero?
-I'll save the world.

11.Jesus talk to you in your sleep?
-I'll turn into a believer.

12.you could change something in your past, what
would you change?
-I've got nothing to change. If given the chance, I'll tell everyone how wonderful my life is. Wait a minute...I already have the chance! MY LIFE IS WONDERFUL! Everything that might not be right, will be in time to come. Trust me.

13.you could fly?
-I'll re-enact the LouisClark scene from Superman Returns.

14.you could become king/queen for day?
-I'll lower the taxi fares, or the bullock cart fares (I'm assuming I'm a Filipino King here).

15.you could morph into an animal, what would you be?
-A Chinese...?

16.you could have superpowers, what would it be?
-The ability to make all problems go away.

17.you could go other planets, where would it be?
-Neptune. Theatre.

18.you could go heaven, would you come back to
earth or remain in heaven?
-I'll come back to Earth, then give you my halo.

19.you could see the future, would you look at it?
-Nope, I prefer to experience it myself, thankew.

20.you could let it snow in philippines how long
would it be?
- Noway. Filipinos are poor. They hardly have clothes beneathe their backs. They'd freeze and die. Srsly.

21.you could eat anything in the world, what would
you eat?
- Cheesepie. Honestly, I've seen pictures of it in the net, and I can't wait to taste them. I google-ed cheepie, and I found this. It MUST taste awesome.

22.you'd wake up one day and find out that you're
BALD, what would you do?
- I'll polish it.

23.someone breaks your heart?
- I won't, and I believe in karma :).

24.your bf/gf cheated on you?
- I won't, and I believe in karma :).

25.you could spend a year with someone from
outside your family, who would you spend that year
- Ahh. This is simple. Someone who cuts out pictures of thrilling, hot babes for me.

Anyways, I woke up and got the fright of my life. I'll talk about it next time. I am so going to lose.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's Friday, I'm in love

This is the ORIGINAL chill-the-fuck-out on Fridays song, and I love it. I know it's Saturday, but Friday's still fresh in my mind, so what the hell.

It's Friday, I'm In Love by The Cure

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...

I don't care if Mondays black
Tuesday, Wednesday - heart attack
Thursday, never looking back
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday, you can hold your head
Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed
Or Thursday - watch the walls instead
It's Friday, I'm in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...

Dressed up to the eyes
It's a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a shriek
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It's Friday, I'm in love

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

There's a video of this flying around YouTube, but it's not very nice. The song's dang old, and the MV's quality is the pits; so it might turn you off. Go Pandora it, or download from LimeWire or something.

Oh, and today was wonderful too! Actually, everyday is, since you're around.

I've just read some of my past posts, and I've got horrible english and typso *irony alert*. Pick on every single one of them for I have sinned. Crucify me, for I have faulted. Sue me, because I don't care whether it should be "centre" or "center", and because I can't be bothered to scrutinise stuff I've writted, and I apologise to all the splitting headaches I might have caused because I don't know the difference between present-past tense, and past-present-super-future tense and type so fast that sometimes, I hit the wrong keys just like thsi :
The Cure, The Original Emo Band. Let's just look past the horrid-ness of the video, and all the gothic make-up; take in the lyrics, nope, I'm not trying to send anyone a message or anything, I just plain love the song.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


If you're reading this, HiChoo!

It's Choo Jia Han's birthday today! He's a good guy, and during cookie-time, I was praying so hard that he'd get the cookie, because he totally deserves one. He's one of the coolest guy around, no shit. He's got helmet-hair, or coconut hair, but at times, he chooses to spike everything up so that he looks like a durian. Once, he had an awesome mohawk, but it's gone now because he's a slave to school rules. This guy loves to get High, hence, High Choo. He's the one who invented "Virginity", "Karwai Bless!", "Sean!" and "Missile" (This one hurts, down there). At home, he's got his dog to keep him company, and the dog's a wanker. He's got a 3G phone, but it's the worst 3G phone around, and as of now, it's kinda pointless getting one really since he's got no one to 3G with.

I only met him last year when we went to the same class. Prior to this, I had no clue who he was, but I'm glad I've met him. He's in my Geography class, though he claims that he picked Biography, and has the honour of being the only student to have been PUSHED from Bio to Geog. I've worked with him on projects a few times (remember the Geography one =)?) and though he can be a pain to work with, he's a lot of fun.

He's weird, as in, he does the most peculiar shit. Anyone remember the shoes he wears? The orange one (lol!)? How about the mat-shoes he wore on the Dinner with the skull on it? Awesometitude! And he's got mat-specs to match (white with freaking orange BRICKS on them).

Oh, and he's single. And he's 16. And he's, according to some, more handsome than me lol? So anyways, happy birthday to him!

Recently, I've sat for a string of mocks. The E-maths and A-maths mocks were especially mocking. So darn easy, but I'm not one to show off =). Lots of people did great, especially Bernard & TahNern in the A-maths mocks. They got 71 and 72 respectively, out of a possible 74. I got 69, boohoo, cry for me :\. Must commend Bernard for his hard work, nobody (except for him maybe) expected him to get that high! We're all proud of him! And TahNern too, though he didn't work hard at all, OR SO HE CLAIMS! I know there's a CM (Ciao Mugger) under that mole somewhere.

Anyways, that's about it for today. Short, I know, but sweet? Definitely. I've still got a Geography test to study for, so this'll be it. Buaiz.

Oh, and if you can understand this commercial before the 45th sec mark, you're worse of a pervert than I am!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rough Night Frights

Rough night, and I'm prepared for a day that's going to be more so. Chiong-ed A-maths to death, and tonight, Social Studies and Chemistry (I'm done, just have to rememorise certain facts) will be my whores in bed. *spanks&whips*

It was only recently that Hui Wei Ming (Thank you!) sent me this pics, so this couldn't be posted with the rest of the Anniversary-batch. I liked this pictures, and I heard from a reliable source that if you print them in really really good quality paper, you can sell 'em on Ebay, or circulate them in the Black (ahh...to qoute: "What's irony?") Market as group pictures of F4 (if we only had just ONE more person...).



Cooliest. Handsome guy on the right complete with spiked hair, right Hawker? ^^

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I bet your girlfriend can't do this.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Splendid Affair

As promised. This is going to be long.

50 years has passed since the birth of Queenstown Secondary School. Yesterday, we celebreted half a century of schoolhood.

Early morning and I fell asleep on the bus on my way to school. I ended up in Queensway, and was pissed at myself for that. Late nights are taking they're toll on me. I've been staying up until 1 in the morning these days revising, and I guess that's why I've been so tired and sickly the past few days. I'll sleep earlier, but only for the time being. Mocks are mocking me. Anyways, my day started off pretty badly, but the rest of the day was :) with some of this x), and a hint of this -.-", and not forgetting this @_- (<--pirate ahoy lol)

The classes afterwards went by very quickly. The physics practical was fun; another light one on refraction. I prefer reflection, for selfish reasons. The Mother-tongue, and the English lesson came. Few did the homework; I only knew about it on Friday, so can't be helped on my part. I kept sneaking peeks onto my script for later in the night. I'll elaborate on this much later on.

Recess was a chaos. Trouble was a brewing, but hopefully, matters shall be settled quickly. And contrary to popular belief, Raied DID not apologise, and will never will, because he rarely does.

As the O-levels draw closer, I expected the behaviour of the people in my class to mellow, but we only become higher. People were having paper sword fights, jumping on tables, and throwing stuff into the air. What fun! The following classes, of ACE (which was actually a simple Chemistry test) and Geography too blew by. Ms Chua wasn't around, so I chatted with Choo Jia Han, as the rest of the guys exchanged stories about physical confrontation, which I've never played a part in, and apparently, so did Choo. Kept holding the hands of JoPu's keychain, but it sucks as a substitute xD.

I rushed to Bugis for awhile to get some last minute accesorizing. Went to debunk the rumour that 77th Street is just for Bengs by buying a bracelet, and a tribal necklace over there. Got myself a fab belt too, but that was an impulse buy which I regret. I finally exchanged some of the pounds and dollars that my aunties have sent me my last birthday, and I'm rich! Kekeke. Bugis is always full of good stuff. I encourage people to visit there; just as long as nobody touches the Hillcrop and Cinema shirts on the 2nd floor. Take note though; the cinemas suck. You're better off going to the nearby Cathay or PlazaSing, or even Suntec. 77th Street: Not just for Bengs.

For normal students, the time to reach Neptune was at 7:15, but I'm far from normal (good or bad, you decide O.o). I had duty see; to escort the VVIP (Very Very Important Person), and show him around the 6 panels (the ones outside the dining hall) and basically, walk with him through the illistrous past of Queenstown.

I got home at around 2, when I had to be at school at 3. Did a rush shower, packed all my stuff in a Raffles Hotel bag which I thought could handle the weight but didn't, did my hair (Thanks Loreal for the was, and thanks Gatsby for the spray, and thanks Swiss Army for the scent, thanks Gilette for the roll-on and shaving gel which I know how to use right now, and thanks Dior for the whitening face wash), realised how much weight I'd lost, and then got a cab to school. Still, I was late, but Mr Lim (Bone marrow hero whoo!) was forgiving.

Yay for these:

Where's my stomach?

Reached school, rehearsed my script for abit. Mr Lim gave me cue cards, which I didnt' use in the end xD. I was ok, pretty much, we hung around in school and then cabbed to Neptune. We passed Uranus enroute to Neptune. The place was hard to find, and when we did, I was disappointed. The place was not as grand as I imagined it to be. The toilets were old (thougth the motion sensoring tissue dispenser was cool), and the view of the ECP (at least I think it is) was good, but could have been better had the casiNO not been there. On top of that, our table (no. 75) was the worst possible, in the corner, and our view was blocked by a pillar. I won't complain much though, since I was never there much xD.

From 3 something until 7 something, I just screwed around over there. I spent time practicing my lines, and did a few mock runs with Ms Han and Mr Lim. I screwed them up badly, and lost my confidence though. Took deep breaths, a long break, and then did another one with Mr Lee (Outrageous!), which he said was "wonderful", but I couldn't help but feel that he just said it to maintain my confidence level. Disaster struck when I put my Raffles bag on my table, and then found it gone. Turned out that it was lumped together with the rest of the performing group's stuff. Thanks to Bryan Chiang for helping me reacquire it! They put on make-up on me, and the make-up artist said she used the darkest shade she could find. Darn her.

This was on one of the panels. I'm not sure whether it was on purpose or not; but what does one do with latex?

Finally, the students started pouring it. My oh my, they looked amazing. As for me, I was wearing the Prefect's Uniform, with blazer and all. They looked good; special mentions go to: Glenn Lum (who was so under-rated), Alex (who looked like a business-man), the bunch of goths from sec 3 (visual kei, roku-roku-roku), HuiMin (and her "cape"!), WeiMing (his hair spiked! Phwoar dragon!), Shalina (Good on you tan!), Raied (Branded everything lah sial! Even underwear!), Jason (he looked hawt), Glenn Woo (she said I looked good), Glen Wireman (underrated again! colour combi was good!) and Delise (beautiful as always <3).>

Hair and make-up by me (wtf?), poser blazer (with fake-pockets, plus extra long sleeves which had to be folded up, but thank god theere was a pattern inside, so it looked like extension of my inside shirt instead) from Topman, flower-patterned long-sleeve white shirt from Topman, bootcut grey (not ghey) jeans from Topman, pink shades borrowed from Hawker, red cloth hanging out from my left sleeve as a statement, necklace from 77th street so that my neck won't look so bare, shoes from Bata, and photo taken by Delise. Ta-friggin'-da!

I practically strutted into the Dining Hall. Said my hi along the way to lotsa people. Everyone looked fab; how vintage. The event had already started, but no one was paying attention to the speaker! Awww...we were taking a hell lot of pictures and chit-chatting instead! I got a gajillion, but I've only gotten pictures from Delise, Andrian, HuiMin and Alex, so that's all I'm posting for today. Thanks to these people for being awesome camera men (and woman ;)).

Anyway, did anyone watch the concert? Wushu was awesome (Reynold you're the best; LKY All-round Excellence Award Yeah!), the band sounded rocking though it lacks the best flute-ist of the school, and the CHOIR WAS SO COORDINATED! I've never seen them like that before! All the performance group were great! But the sports performance was WTF? Thank god I left v.ball. They actually simulated warm-ups on stage wtf? Abit lame lah, the soccer, netball, badminton. And the basketball guys did push-ups on stage! O.o at that. Still, props to all those on stage; they probably found the routine as lame as I did -.-". Oh! And the NCC was the best by a long shot!

The food was good too. The first serving involved some fancy lights and sounds. We thought that the performance was starting, and as Table 75 (consisting me, Ringo, TahNern, Hawker, YanShan, Raied, Jeremy, Raynard, GlennLum, Andrian and Kelvin) had the worst view of the stage, we rushed up. Instead of the performance, it was the food actually, so we rushed down again -.-". Yummy yummy yummy, satisfy the rumble in my tummy.

Pictures galore!:

Me, Kelvin and Raied hopes for a bright future for the Drama Club.

When you gotta eat, you gotta eat:

Raynard gives his bedroom eyes; Raied and Hawker are mesmorised. Andrian gives his too, and I'm looking at his...are my eyes pointing at his crotch, or are the shades just plain gay O.o?

Me and Glenn Lum looks fab!:

Alex points at me and says; Pose leh.

So we did.

2D guys woofoo! Darren, Glen, Nigel, Raymond, TuanJiaw and JoPu! I miss you guys!

My pink shades compliments Darren's shirt.

Did anyone see Choo Jia Han's hair? I saw it, but my eyes got too close, and now they're black.

From this:

To this:

Best for last <3!>

Spent time wandering around, taking pictures, obviously. I took more than these few, but these are just some of the ones I received.I was at table no. 67, i think, periodically too :). If I knew you were going off straight after the dinner, I would have spent more time there :(.

On a whole, the dinner was an event too remember, best described in pictures too; If only I had a digital camera. Me, YanShan and Ringo played this stupid game; walk around and cehck how many people will take a picture with you. 4 to 5 to 4 was the end result I think. I'm confident I could have gotten more, but someone wasn't at their table, and the school song started blaring, so we rushed to sing-along, proudly I might add.

Oh, and buy the Memorial Book! I'm in it!

I headed home after that. Too bad she had to go home so early, but she made up for it :). I wanted to take a bus from esplanade, but my Raffles Hotel (5 star hurh?) bag broke on me. It was a fun night; but it ended abruptly, just like this post :\.

Quest Celebrates

Yesterday was awesome. Took lots of pictures. Pity it ended abruptly. I promise to make a post about it tomorrow morning, once I receive my pictures.


Top row: TahNern, XianLiang, Ringo, YanShan
Bottom tow: Me, Glenn Lum

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Vintage.

So the Anniversary Dinner is coming up in two days time. I think my costume's all jazzed up. I still need a belt though. And some bling. And a tie (optional). And my shades. I'm still unsure whether I should spray my hair. I've always wanted to be a brunette, even for just a night. Maybe I'll settle with glitter. Anyways, for all those planning to cross-dress; here's a step-by-step guide. For boys only though. Girls have nothing to worry about, since no girl in our school have a chest so prominent that drastic steps must be taken to disguise them.

I keep seeing visions of a group of handsome guys walking in one line, from one end of the horizon to the other. Who wants to meet up at some vantage point (Uranus, it's near Neptune xD), and then we'll walk towards Neptune together. Something like this picture, which is so damn VINTAGE:

This is what Neptune Theatre looks like! (credits to Shan for giving me the link):

Anyway, I didn't go to school today. Remember how similarly, I didn't go to school last week? I was truly sick then, and now, I still am. I never truly recovered. So, after fits of coughing yesterday, my mum forced me not to go to school. I wanted to sneak to school actually, just because; I'm going through a rebellious phase meow (WTF?). But my maid didn't wake me up, because she overheard me and my mum talking, so school was a no-go. Doctor said that there was a viral infection, but all he put in my emcee was cough, which really down-plays the seriousness of the situation.

I revisited one of the old websites I used to frequent; that was where I got the Cross-dressing-for-dummies picture; as well as the following two pictures. The first one is really appropriate; while the next is just darn funny. I'm going to do a replica; if I've got a camera which is able to capture reasonably good-looking photos. ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY ROCK INTO O-LEVELS!

Speaking of O-levels, I finished COMPLETELY two chapters of Social Studies. At the rate I'm going, I'll be ready for the Mocks, and I finished COMPLETELY (revision+practice) all the Secondary 3 Physics and Chemistry work. Yayness for a productive day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Say The Magic Word

Thanks to Christine, Sing Suen, Kai Ying, Glenn Woon and half of Gracelyn for saying "Yes". You know what's the question. I've got a 45% success rate. That's not too bad now, is it? And if you add a "d" to all those who said "no", you'll get "nod", which is a form of saying "Yes", unless you're from India.

Mat #1: Bang, ada rokok tak bang?

Mat #2: Say the magic word, bodoh.
Mat #1: Please, lah bang. Share the rokok.
Mat #2: Apa "please"?
Mat #1: Oh...you mean...SIALL!!!!!!!!!
Mat #1: Sial, you can only puff twice. Must share one stick with 10 people lah sial.

Nama saya Muhammad Raymond Angelo Bagus Sial bin Baik Sangat-Sangat.

Anyways, I haven't updated the past few days, and for that, my sincerest apologies. I actually wrote a long post on Sunday, but someone's not hitting the "publish" button yet :\

A few birthdays passed. On Sunday was Esther, yesterday was Ching Yong's and most importantly, on Sunday was Delise's :). To all of the above, a happy happy birthday, and to the last one, thanks for the cookie! It was delise-cious.

This picture was taken on the bus, so pardon the shakiness. My So-sial (Taken from Jeremy; just in case he flames me again for lack of credits x)) Studies book was placed behind for comparison of size. That's one big cookie; my lunch.

Open it up, and it looks like this! It smells good.

Of course, I ate it in the most gay-boy manner possible, which is by tearing out piece by piece. Well, at least I get more out of it. Yummy.

I don't need to win the cookie of the day; as long as you promise to bake me more of such cookies.

I sat for Oral yesterday, and it went like "swwoosh"; smooth as silk. I haven't sat for an oral examination since the end of last year; a fact I only realised yesterday. As Ryan kindly pointed out moments before my turn, I haven't had a proper gauge for my Oral capabilities. But there was nothing I could do about it then, sitting in the dark corner of the library.

For our oral, I was in the same group as some of the most capable speakers of the class; Ryan, Bernard, Minhazul, Glenn Lum, Lim Jia Han, and even the ones I didn't mention have worked hard, at least enough to make me look behind my shoulders. I was scared to shitz; especially since Bernard was starting the day, meaning that all of us would be compared to him, and that Ryan was JUST before me, meaning I would especially be compared to him, and that I was the last person to go, meaning that I would be being compared to the whole day's worth of people. The thought made me shiver. I brought in work to do; but an advice to all those who have yet to sit for their orals is to not bring any work to do, since you won't be able to do them; anxiousness gets the best of even the most confident people.

People came into the room to face their examiners; some came out smiling with a thumbs-up sign, or maybe a "1" for school, a "2" for Singapore and a "5" for teenagers (Don't ask me what this things are, inside joke, and don't ask me what happened to no. 3 and 4 since I'm clueless too), while others hung their heads low and shook them with regret. Ryan finally went to read the passage and I was alone in the waiting corner. My heart was all gedap-gedup (malay lah sial); I couldn't talk to anyone except myself, so that felt weird. My turn to view the passage and the picture came. The passage was piss easy, and the picture didn't offer much obstacle towards a distinct ion (I can't believe I took so long to get this line). After 10 minutes of reading and talking gibberish to myself, the timer took away my picture. I waited 15 minutes in silence; for Kim Shan to finish, and for Ryan to go up, and for me to go to the next waiting area. There I spent another 20+ minutes waiting for Ryan to finish. By this time, I've been shut up for at least a good half-hour, and they expect me to enter the room and talk non-stop as if my life depended on it. Beign the last person sucks.

Anyway, when I finally went into the room, I breezed through it. Using secret oral techniques, I chit-chatted away. I don't think I ever rambled, thankfully, and the invigilators seemed genuinely impressed. I "accidentally" let slip that I was from drama club during my Picture Conversation, and that became my topic for the Conversation section! Yay-ness. I had alot to say about my Drama Club; especially since I'm so proud of it. The other topic was fashion; and what can I say? I've got lots to say. Brought in the 50th anniversary, and how people was spending money on "costumes" (I think our principal reads this blog, since I'm the only one who ever used "costumes").

So long, this post has been. I'm studying Chemistry at the moment; so I'll be off. I finally got started on Physical Geography, so I'm happy, and I've also started doing Physics Workouts. 7 distinct ions, here I come.

Oh, and I saw this! Long San Seafood Restaurant! Only in Geylang, baby! Who said they only had chicken in the red-light districts?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

You touch my hair and I touch it again.

This morning, I left home early; I had to be at Dawson at 8 for my Chemistry class at 9. Someone was late, but mine shine...get it? MineShine?

The Chemistry class went fine; we did a revision on Macromolecules. The only problem I face is that I keep mixing up ester links and amide links, and which category terylene, nylon, fats and protein belong to. Darn, now I've got to come up with a whole new set of memory cues.

After that, we headed to HeadQuarters to play LAN. Nothing too interesting happened. My two games of DOTA were bleah. I won the first; lost the second, and played a few lousy games of Counter Strike afterwards. However, I did get my first exposure to WOW, World Of Warcraft, the game people the likes of Raynard and Dragon are obcessed with, even after a few months of playing. I've heard fables that Raynard once went into a taxi and told the taxi to drive him to a place which was located in the World of Warcraft. Nope, he's not addicted to the game, he's just playing it a whole lot.

Anyway, Raynard let TahNern screw around with his account and make a new character. Meet TokyoBaby!

She originally had clothes on, but Tahnern, being the pervert he is, found a way to take them off. He also did this, with much prompting from Ivan (I wasn't involved; I'm the guy with the Camera!) Her job class is "priestess". This time, she's down on her knees, but she's not praying :\.

HaoYang came back a few days ago. YanShan called him to meet us at Peace Centre. An hour later of food, biryani, and talking crap, he still wasn't there. *Beep*. The message read "I just left my house" or something along those lines. I guess 6 weeks can't do much to change one's habits. He's always been late xD. In the end, me, Ringo, YanShan, Ivan, TahNern and Jason met up with him in Plaza Singapura.

He's changed! He's fatter! I can see your double chin! Your hair's black?! Emo siaol! Why're you wearing a black shirt? And are those black studs? Emo lol! Where's your abs?! I still love you! And thanks for all your advice! And your fat! You'll be in QuestFit if you're still in Queenstown! Run around your Tampines HDB estate xD! You'll never ever touch my handphone!

We chatted at Burger King. There, HaoYang messed around with the staff. Together with Ringo, he made requested that his fries be cooked longer, so that it'll be long, brown and hard (sounds familiar?). Caused quite a commottion, since the cashier was clueless. The manager had to talk him out of it! I'm glad to say, that other than his appearance, it's still the same good/bad old HaoYang!

This is HaoYang! He doesn't look good in the picture, because my camera lags.

Raymond Angelo is Kewl (I didn't change that). I still look good in this picture because I look good all the time, no matter how long the delay in my camera is. VAIN!

Jozerd came later. I love his hair. I stumbled upon Ryan Franco, my maid and my mum. My maid went home first, and I had Swensen's with my bro and mum. They wanted to watch Ant Bully, but the show was at 9, and I didn't want to stay out too late.

No raws this week. I've got no Bleach, Naruto and One Piece until next Thursday; if the scanner gets his copy early, Wednesday. They're having Golden Week in Japan, I think.

But I did get the Chinese copy of volume 23 of the Manga Vagabond. I'm willing to pay for translations. The art is stunning; It's by the same guy who did Slam Dunk, Inoue Takehiko. The art's impoved by leaps and bounds, and the story, being based on the legendary sword-saint, Musashi is epic; tracing his evolution from a devil's child to a samurai.

Let's Click tomorrow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

1650 skips for the frustrated

The best way to lose weight is to skip. Just ask me.

I got home, did my stuff (studying, blogging, stuff making, manga-ing, etc) and then I got fu-rus-too-rei-ted-o because my letter got sent to the wrong address. On an impulse I grabbed my skipping rope and started skipping.

1650 skips for the frustrated.

It's not really 1650, but 1650+++. Why the weird number?

I don't warm up before skipping, so this is what I do:

10 skips- followed by 1 second break
20 skips-2s break
30 skips-3s break
40 skips-4s break
50 skips-5s break
60 skips-6s break
70 skips-7s break
80 skips-8s break
90 skips-9s break
100 skips-10s break

That's the first set. Then I do it once more, for the second set. For the third set, I do it in reverse, because I've got to cool-down too. So, that's my 1650.

But wait a minute, there's the "++", where does that come from? Everytime I make a mistake, I take away 10 skips.

Yup, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Hearty Congratulations

Today, the O-level Mother Tongue results were released. To all who did good, a hearty congratulations. I can't help but envy those few who have got the marks they've been aiming for and won't be retaking in November; They've got One down. As for me, I have yet to sit for a single O-level paper. But by this Monday, this will change since it's my English Orals. I've been getting positive encouragement from alot of people, but the pressure's still there. Thankfully, I still recall the vocal warm-ups we were taught in drama a year ago, and I'll be putting it to good use come Monday, no matter how obscene they look. If you see me sucking some long imaginary object, don't mind me since I'm just warming up for Oral...that didn't come out right.

Congratulations to Choo Jia Han for getting an A1. Sean will always be with you. And to Tan Yan Shan too. He finally proved that he's more than talk :), jkjk. And Raied who I said will be getting an A1, as in fA1l (| $p3@k 1337), congratulations on passing! To those who got A2s yet wish to retake, my advice is don't. It's just one point; if you retake the subject, just imagine how much time you'll be using...you might as well use this time to reinforce your other subjects.

The other day, the China Exchange students finally left for their No. 127 school (what kind of school has a number for a name?). Since they mostly hung around the lower secondaries, I didn't see much of them, but I still saw them off yesterday. Don't ask about the circumstances, because that's beside the point. Anyway, when we met, that was probably the first time they laid eyes on the Filipino. I thought I was a good representation of the Filipino populations (Naturally Tanned, Handsome, Nice Eyes, Great Smile, Not Tall, Friendly, Ego, etc). However, that wasn't what they noticed. One of the chicks pointed at my mouth, started spouting Chinese, and then in English "BIG MOUTH!" Srsly, wtf? It's not that big...and you don't use big to describe mouths...Angelina Jolie doesn't have a big mouth....she's got full lips, or kissable lips. In my case, they're fully kissable.

This morning, as I sat beside Ivan studying for a Physics Maxi-test which never came, Glenn Woo came into the classroom. Shocked, she pointed at me and exclaimed "You've lost weight!". I'm not trying to say that I've been working out towards a better body doing daily exercises or anything like that...but this just goes to show how much holidays there's been. See right, Saturday, Sunday, I was away on Monday, only in school for awhile on Tuesday, holiday on Wednesday, Holiday on Thursday, and finally, back on Friday. What point am I trying to prove? My hair's growing very fast! The hair, if it frames the face correctly can make you appear thinner. Let's all pray that by the time the anniversary dinner comes, there's enough hair to be layered. I'm going for Sophisticated-Cool. Either that or CuddlyCute.

Oh yeah, and HaoYang's back!

Ivan forced me to post his pictures. Though I'm not in it, I felt like I had to, since I already refused to post his BMW (Big Mouth Women) drawing. I was in the CG rooms taking pictures of my own with the drama club, so I couldn't grace this picture. From left: Ringo, Gregory, Ryan, Ican, Bernard, BingYu and Glenn Lum. Ivan renamed this file as "My Friends". Altogether now, awww...to all his haters, he does have a sweet side.

Ryan's a hawt biatch.

Me spanking Hawker because he got his hair cut at Creative Gallery, just like everybody else. Now he's complaining that it looks gay -.-". And he's taking ages to send me the drama pictures, so pardon the delay. It'll be up here, eventually. This was taken by WeiMing.

Mocks for the Sec 4/5s. Scanned by YanShan. It was never with me, fyi; it was with him.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yay for Another

Chose between...
Free movies for a year or free CDS for your life?:Free CDs, because music is a lonesome pursuit
School or work?:School
Christmas or birthday?:Chrismas because everyone gets some
Peanut Butter M&MS,Regular M&Ms, or Peanut M&MS?:Regular please.
Dozen Roses or 3 boxes of chochlate?:Chocolates are brown.
Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts?:Sandra Bullock because she's in Lake House.
Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?:Brad Pitt because he's taller.
Vanilla Pepsi or Vanilla coke?:None because they don't come in the "Light or Diet" variety.
American Eagle or Abercromie and Fitch?:A and F because the former sounds so American.
Driving or flying?:Driving because I like to keep my feet on solid ground.
Roller skating or ice skating?:Ice Skating because it seems so much more graceful.
Apples or oranges?:Olenges from Langkawi.
Paris, France or Florence, Italy?:Florence, Italy please.
Punk'D or The Newlyweds?:Punk'D because after 1 season, they can't be considered "Newly" anymore
Jay Leno or David Letterman?:Jay Leno because he's a bastard.
New York or LA?:Los Angeles in my heart.
AOL messenger or MSN messenger?:MSN, because everybody else is using it.
Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt or J.LO/Ben Affleck?:Jen and Brad because they look better together.
Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger?:Ralph Lauren, because I don't think I have anything of Tommy's.
leaf raking or snow shoveling?:Snow shovelling, because literally, it's cooler.
black pen or blue pen?:Black is back.
WalMart or Target?:WalMart :\
picnic under the stars or horse carriage in the park?:You can't eat on a horse, so I choose the picnic.
chochlate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies?:Oatmeal and Macadamia sans pickles (which are actually cucumbers) and olives and tomatoes
Kobe Bryant or Shaq?:Kobe because it sounds japanese.
basketball, baseball, or football?:Football. American Football.
Hiliary Duff (Lizzie Mcguire) Or Lindsey Logan(Freaky Friday)?:Lizzie's always been my girl.
French fries,curly fries, or tator tots?:Curly Curly because I support Ronald.
Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?:Matt Damon because he was amazin in the Bourne movies.
Phoebe, Monica, or Rachel(off of FRIENDS)?:Monica because she used to be fat.
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This is what I love so much about Japanese music. You catch no balls at first; but then your brain goes all abstract and makes somethings out of nothings. This song is "The Frustrated" by Glay; mostly English, but it having English lyrics, doesn't mean that it makes any sense either. Read the lyrics and tell me it doesn't make your brain go all screwy as it tries to figure out what the hell the singer is singing about. I sent a letter to the wrong address.






BALLAD wa itsuka fukai nemuri wo sasou
Tobu yume wa mou minai
Hikari ubawareta soutou no tsuki no shita de...




Pale in Comparison

I'm an ASSet?

Anyway, yesterday was wonderful. The most memorable National Day's eve by far.

I asked my maid to wake me up at 4:45. Why so early? I wanted to rehearse for the day of course, and if possible take the bus instead of a cab to school. We had to be in school at 6:45 after all. So anyway, I woke up at 5:30 instead. I rushed rushed rushed, tried to burn BingYu's gayyyyy-me, but couldn't because I didn't have a programme to burn DVD (the games 2.99 gb damnit, but it's so worth it with all the "KNNN! AHH!" What sort of game is it anyways?), packed my bag, including the new pink HillCrop shirt I got which says:

"Realness: It wanders single-mindedly in the world where the reality of this uncertainty whirls for true. Five divisions operating from 10 locations in 8 countries around the world. I feel the world is growing increasingly dangerous"

All of my Hillcrop shirts say similar gibberish and I love it when people read it and give me the WTF look. That's my cue to say "It's from Japan". Awesometitude.

In the end, I forgot to bring my medicine, and didn't get to take it until 11+, which was the time I got home.

On the cab, the driver asked me what country I was from. Well, at least he didn't mistake me for a Malay. "Philippines", said I. "Philippines MAN!!! YEAH MAN!! Which way do you want to go, MAN!" Holy shiat, I said "Philippines", not "Early 90s-Ghetto", darn it. I played along though, "Yes, mam" I replied, in the best maid accent I could muster.

Landed on school, with one or two minutes to spare. The prefects were already there in full uniform to welcome me; gosh they were early. And so were the uniform groups who were there at 5+. Anyway, there was a drama meeting, at the hall, to supposedly do a run or two, but nope, no time for any. So, I just did my lines with Hawker, and they were good. We've really come a long way since our first time. Thanks Hawker, for being the best gay son a gay father can ever ask for. Next time, I won't spank you with as much force, thankew.

We headed down to the field afterwards, and had an intelligent debate. They guys were going for a buffet, pronounced "boo-fay". But we were intentionally mispronouncing it. However, even that, we argued over. One side (which was mine) said it was "baa-fett", while the other said "boo-fett". We pondered over this for a long time, with my main argument being that if we were going to mispronounce something, we might as well go all the way, instead of saying "boo-fett", where the "boo" part is correct. Which is the correct wrong (OXYMORON! WHOOO!)? You decide.

On the field, we got a preview of our class photo. You know how the sec 4 classes get to do a sort of poster, instead of having their class pictures put on the school magazine? Yup, that photo. The theme was "jail". Sends the wrong messages, but it looks cool nonetheless. My face is the BIGGEST, and the CLEAREST and it's at the centre of the thing! Let's see...inflated head, centre of attention, dense as fuck...OHMAGAWD? Look forward to it!

After changing in the CG room, a run was supposed to have been run, but the prize winners (me, Glenn and Raied) had to go down, so I missed that one. We should have stayed for the run, really, since the first 30 minutes or so were just speeches by the principal and the guest-of-honour who looked remarkably like Colonel Sanders, the guy who made the special recipe for KFC. I dozed of at times, but mostly, I was going through my lines. It wasn't because I was nervous, in fact, I felt far from nervous, just excited; as if on a high.

After receiving my prize, which I think I've misplaced, I went backstage, did some rehearsing, and performance time came. Perfection in the execution. It was our best run, and the timing was perfect too. My worst fear is the audince not reacting the way I expected them too, but they so DID! I could hear Mr Lau's guffaw from the stage. I think the mic screwed up at parts, but what the heck. I finished my Father scene quickly because I had some business to resolve at the back of the stage, but everything's fine now x)

We took some pictures, and I'll appreciate it if the pictures could be sent to me when uploaded. Credits will be given, as always.

Headed to Singapore Post afterwards, and then home, and then to Suntec, and then to Marina Square, and then to Esplanade, and then to Marina Square, and then to Suntec again. The fireworks were beautiful.

I won't be going out today. There's the Chemistry mock-mock and the Physics Maxi-test to prepare for. And the Mock time table was never with me. It's with YanShan. I'm not to blame.

Errors on my part: You know how I posted that the prices of MineShine was hiked by $0.20? False! Apparently, different 7-11s have different prices for their products. The Great World one is more expensive, since foreigners frequent the place (I'm not a foreigner), and by quick-assumption, they should be richer. Doi.

And darn you HaoYang. I felt so stupid when I clicked "here". Don't do this: Fortune Telling Services

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Blazing Blazer Blazes

You gotta <333>
The norm. DUH.
& who the hell are you?:Raymond Angelo G. Lagdameo
How many winters have you been through?:None. Seasons here are varying degrees of rainy and sunny.
GOD, how heavy are YOU?:God's weight is infinite, thankew.
I'm a Scorpio, & you?:Pisces.
The randomess. <333
If you had $50 what would you spend it on?:Other people.
If you could only eat ONE food for your entire life, what would it be?:Pizza *drools*
One song you CANNOT live without.:If We Hold on Together
What place other than your current country do you want to live in?:Italy <3>
Do you like kiwi? >333:I've got no idea.
If so, why not?:I don't remember ever eating one.
Go get a life. & you say?:I'm hungry.
I did IT. XD Haha. But...what do YOU think I did?:Made love?
Love me so far?:Depends on who you are.
Nihongo o hanashimasu ka?:Putang ina mo?
Wakarimasu ka?:Ano? Putang ina mo?
Do you prefer cupcakes or cotton candy?:Cotton Candy, because it's pink.
Are you happy with your gender?:Other than the pain you get when a Jaguar passes by, I'm happy x)
A peach or strawberry?:Strawberry
What do you think of pandora's box?:It's full of Pandora's undies.
Do you even KNOW what it is? XD:Yes, I do.
You're starting to get on my nerve.:It was my pleasure.
high speed or dial-up?:High-speed.
Your most prized possession?:My Life.
If you had to kill one familymember who would it be?:I'm not that emo...
If you could only have one friend, who would it be?:So emo...
What time is it, right NOW?:9:40
Do you like Swatch watches?:Yup, with blue and black stripes.
How about Chocolate Rum ice cream?:That's alcoholic isn't it?
Favorite chocolate brand?:Kit-Kat.
Do you think black nails make you "GOTH"?:Nope, it makes you EMO
Do you have a thing for musicians?:Yes, especially flute-ist.
French guys?:Eugh.
Emo ones?::)
What language do you want to learn?:Chinese :(
Your dream house is...:A Lake House
more space if needed. ^-^:I'm supposed to answer this...how...?
SOOO. we're almost done. Like the survey?:Nope.
Why or why not?:Bad grammer -.-"
If I say "Arigatou gouzaimasu", you would say?:Putang Ina Mo.
I'll translate for you...:Hrmh?
Thank you very MUCH! <333>333
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

After this, there will be no more

I see good things in the future.

Tomorrow concludes my stint as a member of the drama club. It's been fun, sure it has. I've met lots of people along the way; people close to my heart. I'm thankful, for having been given the chance to join. I wasn't always in drama. When I was secondary 1, all the way through the mid-point of secondary 2, I was in volleyball. However, health-concerns (obese LOL!), made me quit, and Ms Khoo offered drama. I jumped ship, but I'm so glad I did.

The first play I did, I was yet a part of the club, officially. It was the Peter Pan play; man that was alot of fun. I broke the mike rolling down the stage (yup, I ROLLED down the steps) as Captain Hook, traded blows with Chris, our former president, and all that. Next, this time, as a full-fledged member, I played the role of a foreign exchange student from the Philippines in the National Day play. It was rough, that one, but fun nonetheless. After that came the Singapore Youth Festival. We had dreams of getting a silver, but bronze was all we could manage. I still recall Glenn tripping over me on performance day, and the retarded semi-wrestling scene we had to perform...Aahh...sw33t. The most recent one, exactly a year ago was the best one in my opinion. With Peter, we had a play which was...dare I say it..good. Glenn was Kimmy, Raied was Fandi, I was Phil, and up-til now, nobody remembers the name of Elaine's character. The other were faceless voids, but they themselves were integral in making the play that damn good.

This year, we've only got one performance, because the National Day and Speech Day have been combined into a National Speech Day (WTF?). It's a real pity the secondary 1s will never get to see us performing, since tomorrow's performance is exclusively for the upper secondaries. We've been working on this performance for months; let's not fuck anything up.

After this, there will be no more.
This will be our last; Our Swansong.

As National Day comes, the Indonesian flag flies high at the Esplanade.

Anyways, I didn't come to school today, because I've been sick. Since Saturday in fact. The doctor gave me two days' worth of MCs but I can't use tomorrow's one because I'm performing. I used half of today's one; I didn't go to school in the morning, but went to Drama in the afternoon. See the sacrifices I make for the club? Hurhur. I did manage to finally get my clothes for the dinner. Pants, Shirt and Blazing Blazer all in one shot have been bought. I'm so proud of my taste. I'm not planning to look good; I'm planning to look BEST!

They said up to 3 articles of clothing, but it was mid-day, and the Topman was practically empty, so I had monopoly over all their clothes, yayness.

After my aggressive marketing of MiniShine Milk Tea, sales have shot through the roof. In responce, 7-11 has raised prices. Darn.

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