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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cap Wax

Is it weird to wax my hair and then put a cap on? I hope I'm not alone in this. I like the texture you get when you wax your hair, and then when you put your cap on, the fringe looks very grunge.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Nation Under Lee

Hey readers!

Have you heard of "One Nation Under Lee"? I'm guessing you haven't. It seems like that media has put some sort of blanket on this...issue. "One Nation Under Lee" is a 45-minute long video on Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. It's a video which is very critical of him, and like as with anything remotely critical of the Singapore government, it was made to, for lack of a better word, de-exist (which is the opposite of exist, duh).

During it's private screening, the film was seized by representatives of the MDA. You can get the full story here.

I'm not going to make any comments on the video, because I'm a pussy, but I'll just question the objectivity of the SPH on this...I mean seriously, the content of the video was pretty mind-blowing, if not at least controversial, and in any other country, the media would have been all over it. The fact that there was a private screening, and some sort of ruckus involved in getting the tape is also media-worthy.

Yet, there's nothing. I ran a search of "One Nation Uner Lee" on google and yahoo and found that our "official" (aka government-sanctioned) news agencies have nothing on this. Absolutely nothing. Channel News Asia has nothing as well. Wait...wait...just ran a search on Straits Times and there was an article on 21st May. I'll look it up. And edit.

But anyways, content trust-worthiness aside, I think the video's worth viewing once. Search for them at Google Video, and YouTube. Find them before they're taken down, quick!

On other news on Singapore's censorship, popular sites RedTube.com and YouPorn.com has been banned. Oh dear.

The sites, which were banned after the authorities received feedback from the public, are the latest additions to a list of 100 "mass impact objectionable" pornographic websites banned in Singapore.

Say it with me, oh dear. Think of how the Singaporean youths will be protected!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MAXIMum Exposure

On Vesak Day, I headed over to Paradiz to play pool with Weikeat, Salih, Weiting and Tim Koh. After a stay-home Sunday, of studying, DDR, Guitar Hero, Eyeshield 21, Sentai and Okami, I was eager to go out, take in the pollution of "town", and interact with the masses in general. My pool abilities were...so-so, and I didn't win much. The balls were horrible; the cue literally flew off the tables a gajillion times, in unexpected directions.

But fun nonetheless!

Anyhow, we went to 7-11 for some after-pool snack, drinks and whatever, and our eyes, like all other guy's eyes wandered over to the magazine section. I don't know about the rest, but I was wondering whether the latest issue of Men's Health was out...but we saw this couple pouring over an issue of Maxim! I was obviously astounded that a girl was reading Maxim in public, and with what-looked-like her boyfriend...and then Weiting goes up to them and says high. Apparently, they were from Clementi Town as well.

So yada-yada, they did some catching up, and bla-bla-bla, and BOOM, we had the revelation of the night! The reason why had their eyes on Maxim, the magazine purchased only by small pre-pubescent boys so that they've got something to do during those lonely nights was because....THE CHICK ON THE COVER GOES TO SCHOOL WITH THEM! AND SHE'S MY AGE! HOLY MOLY!

I seriously can't imagine anyone who is at my age group posing in skimpy bikinis for magazines. I don't react well to famous people, and to little-clothed people, and if you put that together, I practically explode. Just...it's so awkward and weird! The attention she's garnered, from her friends, and worse, from her teachers, and even worse, from her family members! There's bound to be guys who know her who read the magazine, and then...just imagine how they'll react.

Her friends will be fantasizing about her (they're passing around copies of her pictures, probably!).
Her lecturers will be fantasizing about her (they've got copies back in their offices, probably!).
And her relatives (especially the uncles) will attend in full force the next reunion dinner, and giver her extra hongbaos (...).
And her brothers...
And her father...

Let's just stop. And in case you're thinking "Raymond's so mean!", I'm not, because I'm not judging her, I'm just poking fun of her situation. She probably has her reasons and justifications. I'm glad I'm not in her shoes. Nor bikini. Wait...

Let's just stop. Must control...

PS: I don't want to put up weirdly interesting images on my blog, so just click here if you want to see this really gorgeous, brave lady.

Interesting tidbit 1: When brainstorming for the theme of Orientation 2008, one of the ideas that popped up was mACsimum ACsposure. Clearly, this is the worst name to ever grace the material world, transcending the barrier between this world and the place-where-bullshit-lie-undisturbed. I mean, double AC-punnage, and it just sounds voyeur-istic.

Interesting tidbit 2: Scratch that. The worse name was ACDonalds; I'm Loving It, or KAC; Finger Licking Good. Those are just...either really really bad, or plain fast (food) and furious.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Roll has Stopped

And just like that, I'm on a break. Sorry for the lack of updates! Over the long weekend, I found myself saddled with work, both new work popping out, and old work catching up to me. It will be over by tomorrow, I hope.

I'm organizing the upcoming SDS, well not really, since most of the stuff has been taken care of by Shern before me, but, yeah, it's quite abit of work. There's also Line-in issues to address; with the workshop conducted on Saturday, Line-in has more things to do, in the future. This applies to the next batch, so I'm holding a meeting to prime them on what they've to do.

Oh, and don't get me started on OCIP. I had to travel back from Toa Payoh after cheering just to discuss OCIP matters. It seems like there's work to be done in that area as well.

Sigh. Anyways, a good way to kill time on the net, which I've discovered is looking at advertisements! Check out www.adsoftheworld.com for images and videos of advertisements around the world. Some of them are just plain mind-blowing...and it's something I think I would be able to do in the future. It's interesting anyhow. Oh, and there's some nudity. Yeah, that is the "activation" word for guys, I know.

Some gems:

And he's gone.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Planet Saturday

It just occurred to me how Saturday is, assuming the 1st day of the week is Monday, is the 6th day of the week. The word Saturday obviously has its roots from the planet Saturn... which is the 6th planet of the Solar System! Oh my god.

So, if we consider that the days correspond to the planets in our astral realm, then Wednesday is Earth Day. Technically, Earth Day is held on April 22, but imagine if we can hold it every week? On Earth Day, we try our best to live as ecologically friendly as possible, but imagine if we do it, instead of annually, weekly!

We'll be so many steps closer in fighting the war against global warming, which has become a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE (according to McCain's campaign).

Seriously wtf.

But anyways, make every Wednesday the day you become more environmentally conscious. Instead of taking your parents car, take buses or MRT! Make an effort to recycle all clans! Save a polar bear!

You know what to do.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Blenders and Nanas

I've this bad habit of making fun of people relentlessly. It's not that I hate them; it's just that certain aspects or qualities of that person pisses the hell out of me, and I can't help but...bitch. I'm not saying that making fun of people isn't good, because when I do it, it's in the spirit of good fun (mostly)...but I think I've gone overboard.

Without having even met them, I make a shallow judgment based on what little things I know, and that's not very wise, nor objective. And even if I do know that I'm only insulting them for "fun", it's never really for fun, is it? I mean, how much longer can you go on without developing a sense of animosity towards that person, whoever she or she is?

So yeah, I'm guessing no one else will get this, but I'm not doing this for you guys, but I'm doing this as a pledge to myself. That I shall refrain from insulting people behind their backs; that when I make fun of people, I do it to their face, and with a self-satisfactory grin.

I think I may have evolved. Which brings me to today's picture!

I wish more magazines will do this.

This update wasn't much, even I think so. But wait for the next one. Imagine Osama Bin Laden, riding a unicorn, with Oprah towards a rainbow. Only cooler. And less gay.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This is my Talents. Let me show you them.

Working as the Publicity I/C of AC's Got Talent was pretty much...one of the most challenging things I've done. It wasn't a job very well-done, now that I think about it, but on my part, I can honestly say that I've worked my heart out on this project, and I'm proud of what I have been able to accomplish.

Here are some of my posters! I really regret not having asked for more help, from other CCAs, like Spectra or something, but I guess I'll learn from this mistakes. I used Photoshop CS3, and Photoshop Premiere Pro to make these. Never having seen the necessity to make such fanciful creations, I only learned using them not long before I started on everything, and most of the things I know, I credit to tutorials, and sheer grit and ingenuity. And brushes.

All in all, there were 1? posters, 3 stickers (one which was not approved), and 1? videos. *Shock and awe*. But seriously...I'm glad it's over, and I'm freaking proud of myself.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mouse Guard

"They are not simply soldiers that fight off intruders; rather, they are guides for the common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one hidden mouse village to another. The Guard patrols borders, finds safeways and paths through dangerous territories and treacherous terrain, watches weather patterns, and keeps the mouse territories free of predators. They do so with fearless dedication so that they might not just exist, but truly live."

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 is a little treasure I found in the ACJC library. It's a story about the society of mice, and the Mouse Guard which fights to preserve the sanctity of this society. Truly, no story has moved me quite as much as this comic has. It draws you in with it's cutesy appeal, but what truly grabs you is the characters and the plot, which is intriguing, and something you will truly pay attention to.

I'll be buying the second book of the series because I don't think the library stocks it. Sigh. Anyways, the library's copy is with me, so if you're interested, you know where to look.

"I will command every creature with this axe. Wolves will never threaten us. We will never have another war with weasels. Serpents will become extinct. The symbol of our past will forge our future."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Vandalism

Being a councilor in my college, I lost my ability to vandalize. I can't leave my mark on the tables, the chairs, and what-not. I guess, to that point, it's the college's loss, for we all know everything I touch turns to gold (I'm Midas, sshhh). But I was placed at a moral gray area a few weeks back when I saw a very interesting vandalism.

On the table was the three words "F*** This World". Oh my god. There's no place for vulgarities in this institution, or any institution for that matter! I firmly believe that vulgarities are fine, so long as it doesn't disturb anybody else, and this piece of vandalism was in plain sight of everyone. Disgusting behaviour, tsk.

So, at the risk of being labeled a vandal, I took action. The irony was, to defeat the vandal, I had to become a vandal. With liquid paper in hand, I made a modification, and just like that, problem solved. Brilliancy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

No Pain, No Rain

I had the great pleasure of watching Speed Racer this afternoon with my brothers and my mum (happy mothers' day, mum!) and it was a treat. If you haven't watched it, please do, and remember to buckle up, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and there will be no premature ejections. I meant...never mind.

So anyways, the stories not all about racing, if that's what your afraid of. It goes beyond the typical sports storyline of rivalry and garang-ness so common in the genre. Not to say that there aren't any, because there's plenty in fact, but what is different about this show is that it's not afraid to go beyond the flash and dash of racing. It delves into the involvement of the invisible hand of consumerism and materialism into what many sees as pure sport.

The attention given to the background of the races is a worth foil to the adrenaline-pumping showdowns. The visuals and the excitement come fast and furious during the races. Perfectly rendered dream-like machines speed past a world which exists only in fantasy. The details are jaw-dropping, and there are many little touches that is worthy of one's eyes. The choreography of the cars FREAKING JOUSTING with each other is another sight to lo and behold. I guess one can't expect any less from the guys who brought us the Matrix.

There was a fight-scene towards the end of the show which was just awesome. I mean, seriously awesome.

The characters are well-developed, mostly. The family felt very close throughout the movie, and there are relationships which are on a very deep emotional level, such as brother-brother relationship, and father-son relationship. There's also Speed's (That's the main character's name. And his last name is RACER. SPEED RACER, holy carp) relationship with his girlfriend which got very very suggestive for a PG movie, but what the heck, I liked it. Oh, and Christina Ricci, who played the love interest, is. as. hot. as. freaking. hell.

Seriously. Everything about her had me caught.

Look out for Racer X (pronounce it really fast, and you'll know who he is!). There's a twist, and then another in the movie regarding certain characters, and it was very well-played.

I was irritated by a few characters though. The youngest brother and the random chimp was the first. I had no idea what their role was, and their relationship with Speed was minimal, almost non-existent. They provided comic relief, sure, but they were unfunny. I'm sorry, but visual gags make me gag. But puns do not.

AND RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny thing that happened before the movie: when we went in, the Rain shampoo commercial was playing, and my mother started laughing, and so did the couple just in front of us. It was the way he struggled with "My name is Rain," my mum said. Oh, and everything else he says in that commercial is retarded.


"With the world watching...my hair!"
"I like black, black is confident, black is good!"
"My name is RAIN!"

Anyways, his role in the story was minimal, retarded, and made no sense. Goodness, his sister wasn't even pretty. At least he was. Rain plays this racer called Taejo, who depends on Speed to help him win some race, which will prevent his father's company from collapsing. And then he causes some "traitor-ing", which affects the story but for a smallest bit, and then he does some random celebrating here and there and his gone. Which is good, I guess, because I had some difficulty understanding what he was saying.

Not that I hate Rain. I like him, I admire him. He was voted the 2nd Times Most Influential Person (it was won by the nintendo guy) by the people, beating Stephen Colbert, who I voted for. I condemned Rain at first, but after watching an episode of the Colbert Report which featured Rain, Rain has gained my respect, my awe, and my heart. Watch this clip to see what I mean:


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sexed Up

After months of absence, Raymond Angelo is back to claim the void he has left on the net and in your hearts. Seriously, how you've been able to spend your time on the net without the presence of yours truly escapes me, and I apologise for any agony, heart-wrench-ment (I now possess the power to create words) and and tears I have caused.

Let's celebrate my return with something everybody likes: Sex. What's my stand on sex? I say it's good, if done responsibly, but it is not a big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. The condemnation the sexual actions, behaviors and expression receives is truly horrifying and unjustified, and if I had the choice, and the power, I'll do all I can to make "Sex", and all the yucky stuff be more accepted in society at large.

Wait a minute. I do have the CHOICE, and the POWER.

So let's say that there are 6 billion people on Earth (Specific numbers are impossible because of China's factories. Baby factories). And to get at least 6 billion people, the deed must have been committed at least 6 billion times. Assuming that you can't get pregnant on the first try, and not all sex is a means to an end, but a means to...greater and pleasurable fulfillment of one's self, then the number greatly exceeds 6 billion. It's nearly 10 billion.

Since it takes two to clap, or in this case, two to do the dirty, we multiply 10 billion by two and get 20 billion. 20 billion times of sex has been done...to get us to this point of our society's realization. Without that 20 billion times of sex, we might not have the Eiffel Tower (which is phallic), the Pyramids (which is phallic) and even the Esplanade (which is...boobalicious). True, without sex, things MIGHT have turned out better, but if you're reading my blog right now, how bad can your life truly be?

So yeah, sex=good. Raymond Angelo=good. And what's the point of my post?

Raymond Angelo=sex.

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