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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I wrote the book.

What's wrong with being shallow? I never understood how people are criticised for being so-called "shallow". If you've got nothing else to base a person on, then all you can do is judge base on appearances. It's hard to explain, so lets use an analogy:

"You have to be in shallow waters before you can reach the depths."

Makes sense, no? Don't judge a book by it's cover, but considering the fact that there's so many books in the world (numbering around infinity minus 1 multiplied by 68), you can't possibly open every single one of them. There's a blurb in the back, that's true, but have you ever seen a blurb which says "This book is about an English Teacher who is part-emo, full Indian. He's wife dies and he bitches about it throughout this piece of literature. Burn this"? Nope, so you judge them based on the cover.

Speaking of reading books, EVERYBODY'S READING IT! What's it?

I don't mean this.

Neither do I mean this.

I could very well be talking about this, but still, not in this context.

So what the hell is it?

First Jia Han was O.o.

Then JiaHan was :-)

Basically, yesterday, Glenn Lum had the sudden urge to buy FHM (For Him Magazine). This month's issue came with the Top 100 babes (Steph Song won and all the world went like who the hell is Steph Song), so being a closet pervert, he just had to get his sticky hands on it. We tried buying it from 7-11, but the shop-keep asked for an 18+ IC. Bluff one siah, FHM where got must be 18 one? I bought an issue when I was Sec 2! Two years later and you refuse me my right to lay my eyes on all the interesting *ahem* articles?! Anyway, we tried NTUC, and they've got nothing up their ass. We got it. Coincidentally, ChingYong made a deal with me, I lend him my Men's Health, and he lends me his FHM+Maxim...ChingYong's a perv too. I didn't take it seriously, but he brought it! So for class, we had TWO FHMs, TWO TOP 100 BABES, and ONE MAXIM!

Everybody was reading it!

Minhazul has a thumbs-up.

C'mon, flip the page!

Honestly speaking, these magazines aren't worth your money. Men's Health is all a man needs to survive. The articles are all crap, the jokes section is worth a peek or two. Here's a sample: A crocodile had a problem. He couldn't swim. So this crocodile visits the doctor. The doctor gives him viagra. "Why?" says the croc.

"You've got a reptile dysfunction."

Alexandra's v.ball representatives got their medals today for winning in the Sports Carnival held sometime last month. Why are they so happy? Because that's the only medals they've won in their entire lives...Jkjk. They did good, especially since it was their first time playing. From right to left, I present you the Alexandra team: ChooJiaHan, RyanPhang (from Dundee but was wearing red), IvanNg and PekKimShan (from Commonwealth but was wearing Red)

I had a massive headache during drama. Took two panadols. Tried to act strong by doing it with no water. First one was a success. Somehow, I couldn't swallow the next one. Jialat siah. I'm not happy with this session seeing as how me and Hawker were forgetting our lines and doing improv. Work harder, biotch! I took a 33 home today. I usually never do since whenever I see it, it's like sardines in a can. I was one of those sardines today. It did empty in the next stop at Bukit Merah, so that's good. When it reached my stop, it looked like this:

To all those who did, and are going to do O-level orals, good luck! HuaYu is COOL!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Crocodile ate the Three <3

Three days after school re-opened and things are back to normal. Some people are gone, and the effet is obvious, but let's stand up. That's what they'll want us to do.

The Prefect's Investiture is coming up, and as the Head of Administration, I've to be the organiser. I'm doing my best. Still, I've got to thank the rest of the Ex-cos, especially Glenn and Ringo for helping me out lots. They've got their own problems, yet, they're helping. Props to them. And to Ryan too, for printing out all the certificates, buying a whopping $60 of ink and making the school pay for it. Good on them.

So, It's my duty to handle some of the itsy-bitsy details, floor-plan, script, anything you can imagine, it's been tainted by my hands. One of the things I had to do was buy the paper for the Prefect's certificates. Not just any paper, but Hard Paper. I thought of going to my Popular, the one at Singapore Post, but I got wind of news that the one at Bras Basah has re-opened after months of renovation.

Imagine the shock I got when I saw it. It looked awesome.

Popular->Pop @ Central? Wah...so hip siaol. They used "@" as well. 1337. And the "pop" is in small letters, instead of "Pop"...how hip. It didn't feel like a Popular; more of...a Kino and Border vibe. Goodjob pop@Central for losing the Heartlander-bookstore-atmosphere! Too bad the locations still sucks.

They've got the books split into proper section now! And the categories seem catchy enough. "Chic Lit" is my second favourite genre by the way, second only to "Men's Romance", which is "Chic Lit" for men. Reading this two genres gives me an insight into the inner-mechanism of both sexes and widens my scope of wis-dumb, at least that's what says me.

They even have a cafe! Kino at Taka has one, Borders has one, I guess "jump into the bandwagon" and "follow the leader" was the modus operandi.

There were overall four floors of pop@Central. The first floor contained books, like duh. Normal, ordinary, reading books. On the second floor is the cafe, and on the third is the manga section, the kid's section and the Ciao Mugger's Section.

They had loads of toys; from yo-yos to yo-sticks in the kids section, or "Pop Kids". Even You-Gay-Hoe trading cards.

The Manga Section was pretty well done. Finally, a store which categorises manga into "Shonen", "Shojou" and "Kids". I remember the days when I found Love Hina beside the Pokemon Adventures manga...won't happen anymore I guess, so we won't be seeing any minors "accidentally" looking at images of hand-drawn girls without nipples.

Picked up a copy of Saiyuki volume 6 and went up. On the Fourth Floor is everthing-else. Stationaries, gadgets and gizmos, basically everything else. I had to choose 4 different kinds of papers, but they gave me this much to choose from.

I should have gotten a girl to do it. I've got no eye for aesthetics. After thirty minutes, I picked four and ended up with this.

It's $1.50 per 50 grams. Cheap? Yeah, right. The thing went a whole round. And that's not the complete set too. It costs me $24 in the end. Lay your eyes on the most expensive pile of papers you'll ever see.

Here's a never-before-seen picture. My movie review with some sort of stains on it. Rewrote it, though i'm not sure who I'm supposed to pass it up to.

Ringo, Bernard andRaynard jumps down the stairs. No animal was hurt in the making of this video.

Ryan and Glenn Lum plays with the watercooler. It's like caveman discovering fire.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go on! Download it! Mo~e?

God Knows//Lost My Music

So, I've been thinking, is it about time I stop doing this? Two days after the re-opening of school, and I'm feeling the pressure. It didn't set in during the holidays; notions of "time" was there. But now, I mean, there's so much stuff to do. Tests, homework...maybe I'm exxagerating, seeing as how I didn't have any of those for a month of holidays, but still man...This takes up time...and I've still got anime to watch. And the O-levels are coming in a few months time, the prelim in two-damn-fucking months.

Anyways, I'll be thinking about it. If this site remains inactive for days on end, that might be a signal that I'm gone.

Nothing's cast in stone though, so think nothing much of this.

Two days of school down. Interesting events are always abound in class 4A.

Let's see, Monday morning and copying, wah, alot of that was being done. We got our new timetables and *feints shock a day late* we've got Literature! I had finished all my homework except for the Literature one. Why not the Literature? Well, we only have Electives one day a week, do the maths. The percentage of ther being Literature is 20%, and jackpot, there we had it. Imagine my panic...well not really panic, more like, brain-going-into-think-of-an-excuse-mode. Mrs Dass forgot about it in the end though, and it'll all work out.

The SS test which no one was really prepared for was also yesterday. Ms Khoo told us there was going to be an SS test a gajillion minutes ago, and we were all anticipating it. And genious of geniouses, the people around me (YanShan, KimShan, ChooChee) all left their notes AND books at home. So it's like a single set of notes being shared between 4 people; a nightmare. I pity my notes; on top of being put through hell in my mess-of-a-"bag", it still has to be passed around 4 people yelling "Turn the page!" The test itself was OK, nothing common-sense couldn't handle.

And we all know I've got plenty of that.

Anyway, assembly was a real hoot. There was a cute animation, and the sound system screwed up. As a result, we had to sing the school song without the music. Astounding how after 3 and a half years of singing the school song, only a small portion actually remembers the lyrics. All I know are they chorus "Berani Berkhidmat, Dare to serve, dare to do to be, we dare to serve, YES! with our hearts to keep our country free". I can't make head or tails out of this, especially the keeping "our country free" part. It's just plain irrelevant isn't it?

So that's Monday.

For today, we had A-maths and Geog before recess, then during recess, HaoYang came (Wave!) and so did Jozerd (Wave!). Lots of people were looking at HaoYang...so much so that I felt like he's a VIP and I'm the lackey/bodyguard. Just chatted around for abit, and he left. It's good to see Jozerd back, too. Ringo came during recess as well. He had a national swimming competition. For his team, he's the Butterfly stroke swimmer, apparently, the second-most difficult one just behind backstroke...(I shouldn' be rambling about this since I can't swim for nuts, but what the heck). Anyway, he came back with a Gold and a Silver! At an under-18 national competition, meaning there'd be people 17+ over there, from all over Singapore too! Applause and kowtow to him, YOZ! Anyway, he ran off once again to go to a public speaking competition, so good luck to him at that. Busy, busy, he trails. For now.

We met our new english teacher today, Mrs Ong. Man, it's like being back in primary school again. She's got a nice neo-antic-baroque-accent (is that apt?), but the way she teachers is so slow! Mdm Yani (hope she gets well soon) will be gone for a month, and in her place is Mrs Ong. Hopefully, I'll get used to Mrs Ong's style. Must ensure I talk loudly, she's got hearing problems, from what I've heard, unless she heard wrongly from the doctor, but her hearing wrongly means she does have hearing problems...ahh...the mysteries of life.

We were asked to submit our The Day that Changed My Life essay to her, or we could choose to e-mail it to Mdm Yani. No sense having two teachers mark, but I beg to differ. Will be showing them both, I mean, how much time can marking essays take? Read through it, if it's any good, automatic 20+, if it's bad to average, 15-16, and if it's out of point, fail riao. Wrote a true story about the day I brought my little bro to the hospital for "appendicitis". Can be made into a movie, no shit.

Chemistry after school was tough. Practical lessons always mean scolding and fault-finding, but I guess finding faults is the first step to filling them out. I like doing experiments, especially when something explodes, but you can't play around in Mdm Teoh's class. She's the god of the Chemistry lab. She knows about everything going on in the room. Something breaks? Get ready to pay, biotches and biatches!

God knows...from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Those are sweet guitar-playing animations. The anime itself isn't too bad. Check it out if you've got the time.

God bless!

Ryan asked me to make a Friendster account. So blah. I have one actually, a fake Friendster account, just for browsing other people's account. Let's see...even if I did get one, what will I do with it? Make friends with people who already are my friends? Lol, it's practically a popularity contest...1000 friends lol! I'm not choosy about friends...I mean, whatever comes, comes, or in this case, whoever comes, comes *ahem*, but god, 1000! Some people don't even get that many in one lifetime!

Monday, June 26, 2006

First Day Funk

School's in. Holiday's out. Homeworks handed-up. Moods down.

Why is it that when there's holidays, you miss going to school, and vice-versa? That's always the case, no matter when/how/whatthefuck.

I'll update tomorrow, once I free up more time. I've got stuff to do now, see? HeyMaths to do the working on, Investiture stuff to finish up, and just general revision. I've been playing Megaman Battle Network on the DS too, and that's more fun that a barrel of monkeys.

I've got the first day funk. Check out this video, "First Day Funk" by Parokya Ni Edgar. The pinoy band who performed that mybestfriend's gay song. It's a third-tagalog, a third-english, and a third-taglish (Philippines version on Singlish, only more poser-ish yet widely accepted). Comes with awesome ass dancesteps. And cool Pinoys.

On other news, *injoke-in* lion dances do work. *injoke-out*.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

False Alarm LOL

High School Musical: June 25, SUNDAY

Ignore the previous post, it was a serious case of misinformation. My bad. Jeez..."nuff said"...I was so cool too...Sorry everyone!

Final Fantasy: Captain Planet Version

High School Musical; Disney Channel; 7:30. 'Nuff said.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Silent Thrill?

Feels like ages doesn't it since I've been here? I don't know, sort fell out of the bandwagon. Or maybe I broke the bandwagon, but that's not the point.

Anything interesting I've done?

Remember exactly a week ago, I wrote about buying myself a shaver? Well, after getting my hair-cut (it's short, just the way I like it), my side-burns trimmed, it was shaving time. I bought myself a set of Shaving Gel and Shaver (Mach 3 Turbo) for $10-15. I was totally clueless. I looked at the instructions, which took no time at all to read since there was none. Like, WTF mate? What of clueeless teenagers like yours truly? I could have asked my father for instructions, but he won't be back 'til the weekends, so let's take the plunge.

Firstly, I had no idea what the gel was for. It said on the container "Soothes Skin". So I figured, you shave first, then put the whatever gel over the areas you shave so it'll hurt less.


I cut myself in 5 different places. It was bloody; I magine a limp antelope and a pride of starving lions. So I looked it up on the net, and was I barking up the wrong tree. Turns out you're supposed to put on the gel on your face, whichever area you'd like to shave, then run the shaver over the gel-ed areas. Ahh...I was wondering what those white stuff on men's faces were in the shaving advertisements. Now I know, and so do you. If you're a typical clueless boy, or maybe a female with Y-chromosomes, here's a tip or few. If there's a few strands of hair which just won't come off, let it be. A few strays makes you look rugged, unless you're a girl. There's always plucking, I guess. Also, make sure you've got tissues prepared. Chances are ,if you're a virgin, you'll bleed...that didn't come out right...Another tip is to put on the gel first before you shave. Also, it's best to do it after washing your face, as it makes the hair easier to cut...or something like that.

Anyway, I got my hands on the latest issue of Men's Health as well. They've got surprising statistics too. Philippines is the country where self-service is King. Don't get what I'm getting at? It's the country where they spank the monkey the most. 5.65 per week to be exact. Singapore's not too far behind at 5.33, but it'll definitely be higher if teenagers took part as well.

Before drama yesterday, lunch was at Lucky Plaze. It's the only place in Singapore which has 3 HangTens in the same mall, and carries Tagalog posters. They've also got a pirated CD shop, but YOUR LIFE, YOUR COPYRIGHT!

Translation:The only prepaid mobile card which has more free calls. Enjoy free: Outgoing calls, Incoming call on Sundays and IDD calls to the Philippines.

I so speak Tagalog fluently, putang ina mo.

So, lunch at Lucky Plaza with Raied and Glenn, then a Drama session. Honestly, I'm frustrated at the rate we're going. It's not just a case of Stop-and-Go or On-and-Off, because we never really "Go-ed" nor "On-ed". We're having an emergency meeting this Monday, so hopefully that'll wake everyone up. Lots of people didn't turn up. Valid or not, I don't know, but jumping to conclusions and accusations isn't the way to go.

Drank coffee at Dawon for awhile, and then went with Glenn to Cineleisure to watch Silent Hill. My first NC-16 show! It's been 3 to 4 months since I've turned 16, yet this is my first. It's not like there's any good NC-16 shows to watch, but still...Anyway, we waited for Gracelyn, WanJun and eventually HuiMin (Jun and NLL didn't watch Hill though, cause they're underage, at least that's the excuse). Word was that TahNern will join us later after his tution,
and Raynard was coming as well.

Since Silent Hill was an NC-16 show, they asked for 6 16+ IC, but we only had three at that time. So this is what we did. They've got two ticketing counters at Cine, one on the top floor, and another at the basement, ur-hur? So we bought three on top, went down to the basement and got another three, using the same ICs. Genius, if I do say so myself. Can't remember who thought of the idea, but thanks to whoever. Dinner at LJS and the party trickled in.

Then like a WTF-thunder, news struck that YanShan and HaoYang were coming. But we've already bought the tickets! It's all fine lah, since we bought seats which occupied 3 out of 4 of back-to-back rows. But wait a minute, HaoYang ain't 16 yet! Didn't matter, as it turned out. Everybody's IC got checked EXCEPT FOR THOSE TWO WHO WERE COINCIDENTALLY THE ONLY ONES BELOW 16. Sialah. No coincidences only destiny. HaoYang's hair (Like a Lion! Phwoar!) I guess. It's red man!

Silent Hill: The Movie.

It's supposed to be a scary movie, but it was more grotesque. I didn't go "AHH!", more like "Eww..." and "Eurgh..." or "Blllarrghh...". The scare wasn't really there, just the "yuck". The visuals were disgusting, and the creatures well, genuinely intriguing. The "CG" looked exactly like the game, but that's not a good thing. I expect more. The story's also quite "WTF-ish" until after the movie when you sit and reflect, but I guess it'll make more sense if you've played the game. What's really good about this movie was that it felt like a game. I'm like "Look for a potion! Use the shot-gun! Everybody knows that the head is the weak-point of a zombie in any game! Press X twice to double jump! Always save before you fight a boss!" There was also a part where she had to memorise directions "Left, right, left, left, right, right, left" or one of the milion possible weird combination of those two. I predicted that it's an invisibility cheat code, and I was right!

-Colin the Janitor. Watch out for this bastard.
-HaoYang wanted boob-age, and he got it, though in a freaking gross way.
-The birds!
-Rape scene from hell, literally! With bondage! And Barb Wires! It went up the ASS!

Funny thing which happened after the movie. You know in X3, where they had a special segment after the trailers? There might be one for this oen too, we thought. Others were urging me to go, but "Stay", I say. And I saw something damn freaky and I scurried off.

All she wanted was a hug.

Moral of the story? Stupidity is what stupidity does. "Silent Hill" the girl says in her sleep. And her mom brings her to Silent Hill. Wonder what'll happen if I say "Boobies"?

Had a prefect's investiture meeting today. People didn't turn up. Lots of 'em. I'm not happy. It's on the third Monday, man, and I got my ex-co to inform everyone on Monday. Fuck it lah, I guess I'll make the best of whatever remaining time we have.

High School Musical. Tomorrow night. Disney Channel. Watch it or Troy will own you in basketball.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Clearly, you've never been to Singapore.

I've been trapped at home for a long time, few days at least. And i'm loving it. RTM, or relaxing through maths. I've finished all my maths homework, and frankly, I'm amazed. Awesome, the amount of work you can do when you decide to stop doing something else after every few questions. I've still got Geography and Chemistry left...that and last-minute back-to-school revisions.

I'm going for a hair-cut right now. Why? Becuase my fringe is irritating the hell out of me, and if I don't put wax/gel on my hair, it's like a bird's nest...not that it affects my handsome-ness (or lack of) in any way, but it's irritating. Hair getting into eyes is painful...wonder how girls put up with it....Oh yeah, they've got Hair-bands...why can't someone invent something like hair-bands, only for guys with long fringes-exclusively?

Pirates of the Carribean is showing in Channel 5, after a gajillion screenings in Disney Channel. Johnny Depp's awesome, Kiera's flat but good, but I don't get the draw of this film. Anyway, my point was the advertisement shown in Channel 5. We live in Singapore, right? As you may or may not (like duh, only two possibilities) know, Singapore was mentioned in this movie...something like "Clearly, you haven't been to Singapore". Wah...we must be proud and PATRIOTIK! Anyway, the commercial clearly wanted to flaunt this fact so this segment was put inside the advert....problem is...directly before this line, Kiera says "YOU'RE DESPICABLE!". So the addy goes something like:

Kiera: "You're DESPICABLE!"
Johnny-Looks-Like-Me Depp: "Clearly, you haven't been to Singapore".


World Cup's on, and the coverage of this event by The New Paper is freaking in-depth. I mean, go to today's issue of NewPaper and check out page 88-89, the article called "This is why they are losing focus". It's mostly crap, but funny crap, so it should still be read. They said that Ferdinand has been heard "bugging the Chelsea Defender (Jony Terry) about where he could buy such rings". And then the clever analyst remarked that "That is hardly the kind of thing England players should concern themselves with during the World Cup. They should, instead, be spending their time analysing tactics". I've got no idea whether the "analyst" is trying to be sarcastic, but this is just too ridiculous. I mean..."LOL"....just imagine...this scenario:

It's the beginning of November; judgement day for the Secondary 4 express, and 5 normals of Queenstown Secondary. Everybody's mugging their books; nose nearly touching the pages. Lunch time comes; a welcome break for Raymond Angelo. He goes to the "western" (west india, i guess) stall, and wonders out loud "Should I get prata with gravy, or without gravy?". Without warning, Ciao Mugger #1 jumps at him and hollers "Indian pastry is hardly the kind of thing O-level candidates should concern themselves with during the month of November." Ciao Mugger #2 jumps at him and shots "You should, instead be spending your time analysing Boyle's Law, and Phytagora's Theroem!". Unknown-Blogger #1 overhears and proceeds to blog about it.

Ahh...ridiculous scenario, but that's how the article went; Unknown-Blogger and all.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

By Popular Demand

This is the real Guitar prodigy in action.

Just a preview. Creds to Jiaw for the video. Ignore the "stupid" tag. Expect another one of this, only with better quality, and more awesometitude in the near future. Stay tooned.

Monday, June 19, 2006

US Develops Vaccine For World Cup Fever

C'mon...look at the title of this post and cheer! Finally the US does something good!

A few more days until school re-opens. Open your ears and listen to the united groan. Have you finished your homework? Have you studied for that A-maths test I'm not going to be sitting for but am still studying over. Haha. *cuts joke and sarcasm* I just finished my movie review this morning, on Cars. I did one on X-3, but I didn't like what I wrote, and my opinions for X-3 (200% MORE X BABY!), wasn't as strong as it was for Cars. Cars was beatiful, an achievement. I hadn't seen waterfall that realistic since summer of '95 when I went touring the Philippines. And I fell in love with the Cars; and I'm a big fan of Pixar's previous works. Yup, I mentioned those in my review...that's a mark better than my X-3 where I ranted on how the movie ravaged the source-material (Shadowcat was supposed to be in love with COLOSSUS BIOTCH!).

My journal entries down, an entry on a typical day during the holidays, which was yesterday. I didn't want to write a general journal on the holiday, because this holiday's been a blast and somethings you can't express in one sitting. The remaining english thing I've not done is the Reader's Digest "The Day Which Changed Your Life" essay. I've not had many life-changing days. I have a few...but they're too depressing and tragic for me to pen. I shit you not, my past has been harsh, it remains a wonder how I'm still on a correct and proper path, and not a psychopath. I can always write about the day I cried in school sometime during P6, but that's not really depressing, just pathetic. Ahh...that settles it. I'll make it up. No accidents though; nothing which they can dig up evidence on. I mean, considering my writing prowess (*ahem*), what if I win and I end up writing an article about how I was saved from a burning building by a fireman and was inspired to pursue a career in botany (WTF?). We can't have that. Let's write...A STORY OF LOVE! THAT'S IT!

I did the last of my HeyMaths yesterday. Apparently, we've got to do it on fullscap, so I'll be going back to them; just to do a re-do. Haiz...to much ado about doo-doo. If you still haven't done the A-maths yet, you can always ask me for answers, dig?

After days of downloading, I got High School Musical in my computer. Remember how I was hype-ing about it? It was worth the hype, yo, nigga-child. It was so fucking good. The way the movie started off...the relationship between Troy (that's such a cool name, so american) and Gabriella was cute (She's part Filipino, like duh/doh), and the tunes were catchy, and very WTF at the same time. Imagine during basketball practice, then suddenly you break out singing about practicing basketball and getting your head in the game. Lawl at that. And I love the way the tightly-woven hiearchy becomes torn apart because two people decides to take a stand. Don't stick to the status quo bitch!

This is gold being produced.

Gabriella <3

Are you tired of using Wikipedia for absolutely everything? Tired of being told to "wiki" (I came up with that term FYI, FTW) it? Well check out the Uncyclopedia! It's abit inaccurate, but it's good source. Not for those without any sense of humour. If you're sensitive to racist or nationalist remarks, avoid this, also. But go ahead, if you're not any of the above.

I present you exerpts from the Uncyclopedia:

On Singapore Bloggers:
Singapore is also famed for producing large numbers of whiny and vain bloggers. Singaporeans are reputed to make up more than 70% of all Asian blogger users. 80% of Singaporean bloggers are female. 90% want to marry William Hung. The other 5% want to marry Sia Suay, and the other 5% are not gay.
(In case you didn't know, Sia Suay=XiaXue.)

On Singapore's Religions:
Just as one might expect, the entire nation of Singapore worships Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning. In return for Singapore's loyalty and peanuts, Zeus provides citizens with uniquely colored red lightning bolts.
As elections are coming soon, Zeus has generously provided all Singaporeans with promises of more free red lighting bolts and a new invention, blue donuts.

On Malaysia's Motto:
If it's a Malay problem, it's a national problem; if it's a Chinese problem, it's a racial problem; if it's an Indian problem, it's not a problem.

On Philippine's People (It's all true!:
Most Filipinos (or Pinoys, as they prefer to call themselves) have a pair of eyes, ears and nostrils, two arms and legs much like humans. They pout and use their lips instead of their fingers to point to things. They can understand each other using various body languages and gestures without uttering a word. Filipinos have this secret sign called "the floating rectangle." In restaurants, they make a shape of a rectangle in the air to signal to the waiters using their thumbs and index fingers which means "the food here sucks, give us the goddamn bill."They have an appendage called a selfone which they use to communicate with their herd. This body part, if taken from the Filipino, will result in paranoia. This makes it easier for biologists to identify the Filipinos in the wild, since they have their individual IMEI numbers which the scientists can track. Filipinos immediately respond to selfone messages rather than any emergency and calls you can imagine.

On Philippines' Recent Publicities:
In a recent "Feed the Children" commercial a Filipino man narrated a brief overview of the hardships people in Ethiopea face every day. The most notable scene in the ad was when he read "mass starvation" but his FOB accent transformed this simple phrase into "mas tarbation". As you will see below all filipinos destroy the english language and cause horrible phrases that are either comedic or completely disgraceful.

On Bukkakke!:
When a mommy and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy, and a daddy all decide that mommy needs some special facial moisturizer.

Oh my god. That was hiliarious. Ok then, let's wrap up maths! My neck's killing me, I think it's because of HuiMin. Because of her, instead of watching Silent Hill, we were blessed with Cars, but stuck with a god-awful seat so fucking near the screen. My neck cries your name.

Prefect Investiture planning coming along nicely. If you read this, Friday, 10:30, School Hall.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dad's the Word

Happy father's day, everyone! For fathers, and even fathers-to-be, this is one of the things to look forward to in the year. Finally, an excuse to hog the television and order everyone around! Yeah...I'd like to be a father. Give me about 10 years when my careers' (that's right, with an 's') are on the steairway to success.

This is a salute to all father's in the world. Because boys need someone to teach them how to become a man.

I haven't been up to much yesterday and today, and this will most likely keep up for the next few days. Schools starting in a week, see? Honestly, everything went by quickly...I've been out every single day of the past 10 or so, and I just need to get rest...that and wrap-up my homework. I'm finishing a-maths today, then e-maths tomorrow. English should be finish-able today too. Tuesday will be the remaining Geography and Chemistry. After that? Action and relaxation, I guess.

Aside from homework, the Television is showing some good stuff now; especially in the areas of sports. No, of course I'm not talking about the World Cup (If God wanted us to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us hands). I'm talking about tennis, of course. French Open just ended a week back, being won by the King of Clay, Nadal, and three days ago, the Stella Artoisse kicked off. It's like a preview to Wimbeldon; a warm-up of somesort. Nadal crashed out of the tournament yesterday playing Hewitt, because Nadal's shoulder had some sprain. Get well soon, Pirate-Tennis Maestro. I watched Henman play Hewitt too, and he's an asshole. He plays good tennis (serves to the left then volleys to the right. 15-love) but he's got no manners. Little fucker went up to the umpire, objected on a decision, and when the umpire dismissed it, he said "bullshit". It happened twice too, and the camera caught it. Lol at slow censorship. Thankfully, the tournament organiser gave him a dressing down. Serves him right, arrogant prat.

Let's just wait for Wimbeldon.

Aside from tennis, there's also Anime to watch. Eureka 7's bloody hell good. Check this out, it's the third opening, and it focuses on the lead, Renton saving the female lead, Eureka. So romantic, it makes me green with envy.

Repeat after me! I WANNA FLY AWAY!!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Be my Date?

Your dating personality profile:

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Traditional - You need someone who is a bit old-fashioned. A person with traditional values and beliefs will perfectly compliment your lifestyle.
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1. Liberal
2. Stylish
3. Big-Hearted
4. Wealthy/Ambitious
5. Outgoing
6. Adventurous
7. Sensual
8. Funny
9. Practical
10. Romantic
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Stylish
2. Outgoing
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5. Conservative
6. Wealthy/Ambitious
7. Adventurous
8. Funny
9. Intellectual
10. Sensual

Take the Online Dating Profile Quiz at Dating Diversions

I say again, stylish does not mean gay ;-)

Life's a Highway

Man, there's so many things I'd like to be typing here, things I want to share, but I just can't. It's all so complicated. I'd love to pour myself into this blog, but I can't.

Somethings just aren't for the world to witness.

So anyway. My Yesterday.

We were having drama in the afternoon, so, like last week, I met Glenn and Raied for lunch, this time at the Holland Village's Burger King. The place was filled with ACJC student, and man did they look happening. If I get points around the 10-13 range, I'll go for ACJC. On the way to BK, I finally got myself a new shaver (Mach 3 Turbo: CHAMPION!), one of the upper-tier shavers too. I'm a fully-fledge man now, right? Previously, I struggle with a low-quality one, and god knows how many times I've cut myself. My moustache is growing at an abominable rate. I'm too young to look old...my goatee is coming along nicely, but I'll shave it off once I get a hair-cut. My goatee's connected to my side-burns...so once I start shaving, I won't know where to stop. It's like three strands of hair coming out of my chin...eugh.

We then took a 970 to school, not a taxi, thankfully. We reached school punctually, and the drama session got on track. Not much acting on our parts...it was just working on the in-between of the scenes. Basically, this year's performance is a string of teen-related dramas, sown together into an hour long package. It'll be good. For my performance, I'll be wearing a flowery apron, that head-gear...ahh...I can't explain it in words properly, so let's pixelize me.

Something like the above, only more manly, yet at the same time more pretty. And with flowery slippers. And a feather duster in hand. A broom too, and a magic carpet.

Hawker and I then went to MY house just to play around. We also headed over to Cathay again to watch Cars, and there were NO GIRLS around. Yup...me, Hawker, YanShan, TahNern, and two other guys. The initial plan was to watch Silent Hill, but one of the guys was caught, because he was still 15 (bday on 10/10). So we watched Cars instead. I'm disappointed, but the movie wasn't bad. The graphics were sw33t. The realistic cars (take away the smile, the eyes and ta-fucking-da), the trees, the WATERFALL, the dusts particles. There was a race towards the end, and they said that the stadium had 200000 cars, and I believe them. I think if you actually count the cars, you'd find more than 200,000. Awesome stuff. The story was amusing enough, and the jokes were all there. My main gripe is the cliche characters. The latino (who happens to be a car-pimper like one of 'em pimp my ride dudes) paired up with the black chick. The gentle-giant of a fire-truck. The sherrif, the hillbilly, the village granny, the quiet and small dude, the italian weirdo, every single character was a stereotype. I didn't mind though. I had low expectations coming in.

The Cathat cinema apparently had a hand-phone signal scrambling device, so that nobody can sms you or call during the screening. Jeez...it's abit extreme don't you think? Most people are considerate enough to turn their HPs into silent mode, and there are even people who are always in silent mode (me for instance, because it's my business if I get calls/messages, not the whole world's). Extreme measures...what if there's an emergency. YanShan rushed off as soon as the movie ended, because his mum was brought into the hospital sometime during the show...and he ended up in the wrong hospital too. I hope his mum gets well soon.

So we just hung around at McDs for awhile and headed home. Got a mini-blasting from my Dad, whom I thought was still in Indonesia. Ahh...home sweet home.

On other news, there's going to be a Powerpuff Girls anime...called Powerpuff Girls Z...or is it going to be Powerpuff GirlZ to be more extreme. I don't know...but I sense hentai and lolicons.

Friday, June 16, 2006

May God be with you until the day we meet again.

YuJia finally left for China yesterday, permanently.


Not permanently, but she's going there for studies. But she's still gone. For China, of all places.

I've known her for the past 4 years, been in the same class since Secondary 1 in fact. Good prefect, good person, good friend. It's...depressing.

Me and a whole bunch of people met up at Changi Airport for her farewell. She was wearing this jacket over a I don't know what. We all wanted to see what's underneath the jacket.

Anyway, I came by cab because I didn't feel like walking to the MRT station. It wasn't that far anyway. Reached there and saw 4a people, a few 4b and her committee people. She gave me (and everybody else) this hand-made flower which she made 'til her hands bled as well as this picture cum card. I gave her a book which I read ages ago but is still awesome. Not the same book, I bought a new one and underlined a meaningful section of the book: "May God be with you until the day we meet again".

Alot of pictures were taken. Snagged from Raied.
*Nobody's touching anybody's ass in the picture, even if our hand looks like it's doing so.

Thank goodness we didn't play with the trolleys this time around. I remember a few months back when Jozerd went off. Ahh...we nearly got arrested by them Security Officers...We chatted and stuff...I can't recall much. She made one last call to Ivan, her boyfriend to say "I love you" and with that, she's gone. A few tears were shed...but everybody was feeling "loss", I'm sure.

We headed home on the MRT. Plans to go out were made, but I wasn't in the mood. I passed my station (Paya Lebar), dropped at Kallang, then made a turn-around. Got myself some chocolates, because chocolates are good for you...they're vegetables...cocoa beans...cocoa tins and whatnot.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm going to burn in hell

Wrath:Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

I'm pretty normal judging from this. Low wrath is good...means I won't be a wife-beater. Lust and Pride is medium...I expected them to be high. Envy's high, but that's a given. I'm always striving for something more, something I don't have just yet. That's the only path to perfection ain't it?

Screw my last update. I switched to CQ counter and got zero hits. WTF? Something's wrong with it...I think.

The 60 hundred

6000 hits since from March 15 (My Birthday) to June 15. I'm sho happie.

Anyway, I decided to change my counter, because the old one was very...to the point. No other features and all that...so I swithed to CQ counter. I won't reccomend you putting one on though...I make it a point to avoid visiting blogsites with counters...because...I ego lah.

So what blogs do I visit? Blogs of people who visit my blog. And how do I know who visits my blog? I've got the fire-power, I guess.

YuJia's leaving today, so I'm going to Changi to see her off, along with a gajillion other schoolmates. I'm gonna fucking miss her.

Everybody's going to have to leave someday, but we can only pray that those days never come, but they always do and that's just shit.

We're all GoobyGoobers

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm my own Inspiration

I intended to post this morning, but I had stuff to do, which I've been procastinating for weeks.

Anyway, yesterday, I did nothing but homework in the morning, and exercising too.

The homework part is relaxing...I don't know whether it's just me, but I find doing maths relaxing. It's not so difficult that you have to rack your brains, yet you have to be on your toes at all times too, but in the end, you (or most likely "I"), always end up in the correct answer. It's not like humanities where the answers are many, yet the path to one of the "correct" ones is always treacherous. The exercising part came in between doing maths question, and that's alot of fun. Though I've stopped running for the time-being (too time consuming lah), I'm still doing muscle-building. I can't lose to anyone in arm-wrestling anymore, especially not to a certain Indonesian boy in Secondary 2.

I'm proud of the way I've turned out. Seriously. There's nothing I'm more proud of than what I've done to improve myself. I'm not saying that I wasn't good in the past (I'm the best you could get), but I continue to push myself to become better. I didn't get what I got by sitting on my ass. Whenever I look at the mirror, I can't help but smile, and I always smile, do my hair abit or pose, no shit, just ask anyone (Raied, Choo Jiahan, alot lah).

Heck, I'm my own inspiration.

Anyway, the day was long, but the night proved even moreso. We were having a 2D class gathering of sorts. It's been a long time since we've all hung out together. I still remember our seating arrangement in Sec 2...we sat in one row, me, Glen Wirawan, Tuan Jiaw, Nigel, and Jo-pu, while Darren sat somewhere in the middle. Good times, baby. But streaming came and we went to our seperate classes and made new friends. It's good to make new ones, but forgetting your old ones is unforgivable. I still make it a point to eat recess with them and hang out whenever I can. Anyway, the plan was to meet at Marina Bay at 6, then have dinner at those...I've no idea what you call them. You know...they give you a table with a cooker-thingamjig, then you take all the food you can buffet-style and cook them yourselves? Yeah, that.

I had the plan to meet with Jiaw, Darren and Glen at the Redhill MRT at 5:20 but I sorta fell asleep (Chiong clubbing the previous night mah), and woke up at 5:15. I hastily apologised then fast-fast rushed to Marina Bay. I wasn't late! There were very little of us at first, but slowly people trickled in and we got about 20...let's list shall we? We had...Raymond, Glen, Darren, TuanJiaw, Nigel, JinYuan, ShengGan, JunHao, BockLeng, Lloyd, KangJie, MunYee, JiaWen, Kellina, WaiFun, Dorcas, YuJia, Wendy and Amanda. If I left anyone out, please do inform me. Jo-pu was supposed to be there but his flight from Taiwan was delayed and reached Singapore only at 6-ish. After much persuasion, he finally came. Jo-pu is that pillar of 2D...make that cater-pillar. Get it?

Everybody said I looked skinny >.<. Jiaw even had a picture, but since that was a very bad picture, I'll post a really skinny one of me. Tomorrow, so do come again. The bus which would take us from the MRT station to wherever the hell we were going took ages to come, and when it did, it couldn't fit all of us. So half got on the bus, and the other half walked. I was part of the other half. Fuck, I was sweating by the time we got to the place. The place itself (I'm getting sick of calling it "place") was crowded and unhygenic, but what the heck. The raw meat (I didn't bother to eat any vegetables) took forever to cook, and when you thought it was, well, it only looks cook, because ultimately, you're sinking your teeth on tender raw chickin. Yum...not.

Spent time catching up. Darren's been into Jrock for like forever, and we listened to Jrock songs....ahh....bliss. Glen and I, just like old times, shared heart problems. Yes, everybody has one, even the really really good looking ones. Nigel's abit distant but time heals. Jiaw's the usual Jiaw, and I've always been hanging with Jopu. The rest of the 2D gang are fun...pity some people weren't there.

Took some pictures, and played at the arcade tons of games. House of the Dead 4, that air-hockey thing, Guitar Freak, Drum Mania. There was Maximum Tune 2 machines too. but fucking rip-off siah. Two dollars to start playing, and another two to continue. Headed home.

The streets of Geylang freaked me out.

I had a literature lecture this morning. We had two speakers. The first one was interesting, while the second one was talking Indian to me. We were the only school to wear school uniform, so that's an embarassment. We're the only ones to have a free bus-trip too. What the hell are we? Little Children? Don't answer that. We had lunch at Burger King (Me, Jopu, Jeremy, Glenn Woo, WanJun, Gracelyn and HuiMin). Crapped around talking girl-talk. There was abunch of Cedar Girls over there and man where they attention grabbing. Me and Jeremy went with Glenn to Lavender (Lavender is my territory after all. Before moving to Geylang, I used to own Lavender) and then headed home. I'm tired, but I had to buy a book from Singapore Post. Did some homework there too, because it's a cool hangout.

Let me finish my workout and I'll resume homework. The target is to finish everything by this week. I'm optimistic about meeting that deadline, but I'm always optimistic so let's see how it goes.

This is an equation everyone should note: 50% peer pressure+ 50% personal choice. Equals to what? You figure that out yourself.

LMAO at this. They've got all the high-tech stuff like typewriters and wheels.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Attained Invincibility on the Dancefloor

After seeing the performance of Myidarre on Sunday, I was inspired to watch 'em again yesterday night at OneNightStand at DXO, a club near Esplanade. I had second thoughts at first, and who wouldn't? It's late in the night, it's pretty costly, and it's a fucken' club. Anyway, I said let's throw inhibitions to the wind, because Myidarre rocked on Sunday. How was the DXO? Awesome shiat.

So, here we have a club-virgin (me). I didn't know what to expect, nor how I'm supposed to prepare for it. I raided my closet and threw on my best formal-casual-pimp clothes. It came out pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.

Hair! Check!

Bling! Check!

Fashion Statement! Check! (It's just a red cloth which I put inside my pocket, and left the end hanging, so that when it moves, it flies like my tail. Emphasises my movement and grace...I think -_-")

Sala! Check!

Perfume! Check! (It's Dolce & Gabbana today. Most people don't know how to put on perfumes, so here's a quick walkthrough. First, spray on both wrists, the place which suicidal people slashes, then rub them together. This will ensure that when you put your hand around a girl she smells you and goes "Ooohh...Dolce&Gabbana". Next area to spray is your neck, because when you hug, her face will probably be in your neck area, and that's the part she'll smell and go "Ahh...Dolce&Gabanna". Penultimately, there's your chest area, because your smell radiates from there. This ensures that the everyone in your vicinity can go "Dolce&Gabanna...I'll become gay for this guy". If you think you're gonna get lucky, spray some on your crotch...she'll go "Aarhh!!! Dolce&Gabanna!" Always err on the side of too little. If you don't want to be too strong, just spray the perfume directly infront of you and walk through the mist)

Confidence! Check!!!!!!

Awesometitude! Check!

Ticket! Check!

Exuding confidence, baby WHOO! I was tempted to take a taxi there, to complete the glam factor, but took the cheaper alternative, since it's a direct bus. The performance was at 11, and we planned to be there at 10-ish. We met at Suntec's Tower 4 arcade first and as usual, I was the earliest. I played Guitar Freaks for awhile, and I looked like a genuine rocker, no shit. The rest trickled in...Alex, Ringo, TahNern, YanShan, Jeremy, Jason and Raynard. They looked good in their own rights, especially Jason, Shan and Alex. We played around the arcade for awhile...and I owned alot of people in Guitar Freaks. Do you know that if you bang the machine, you'll get free credits? It wasn't intentional or anything. Raynard got his coin stuck in the machine, so he started banging, and without us realising it, the credits were going up, even though no coins were going down. Awesome. We got AT LEAST 10 free credits, which is like $10. Fun siaol. Very fierce.

A dinner which we were supposed to eat didn't happen because we got caught up playing Guitar Freaks, in which I was the best (What else is new?). We walked to Explanade and saw DXO. The place was hip. From the outside, I couldn't see anyone younger than us, so I felt abit uncomfortable. HaoYang, who looked like a girl and Terra (the keyboardist), who looked like Gaara greeted us and gave us instructions. I thought that it was an 18+ club, so you can understand how I became shifty. Alot of smokers siah, tak boleh tahan. Turns out that people 16+ can go in without much trouble, so it's all cool.

We got inside and the atmosphere was good. We weren't the youngest over there, thankfully. It's quite easy to identify who was there for the first time. The aircon chilling and it was very feel-good. It was a no-smoking club, so thank heavens for that. Nobody was dancing yet, because apparently, it was time for bands to play. An english band performed before Myidarre and they were surprisingly good. They played original songs, so props to them. Myidarre came next. People were asking whether HaoYang was a girl or guy >.<. I'm so proud of him! The whole set wasn't bad, but it can't hold a candle to the Street Revolution performance. Maybe it's because the crowd at the Street Revolution is more appreciative of J-rock. The DXO crowd was the...english-kind. Anyway, Kelton's dancing was the shitz (that's a positive) and his voice too. They should have ended with a better song, but that's just me.

The lady emcee was cute!

After the performance, we honestly had no idea as to what to do. We sort of hung around and drank (non-alcoholic, of course). There were laydies in the house, but I'm not into that sort of thing. As Jeremy explained to me, it's common etiquette to not dance with somebody older than you. As we were clearly the youngest, his warning bore into my friggin' my mind. The rest decided to head for the dance-floor, not to dance but to walk in and out. Lol. Gayboys! They got into the pool of people, and got out again. Lamers!

I was hungry, some of us needed to piss, and some wanted fresh air. We got out of the club, and walked around Marina Square for abit. The Square was empty, with the exception of us. Ran around and did stupid stuff. We found the 7-11. Some of the guys got drinks, and I got a sandwich and a BigGulp for $2.90. Cheap good filling dinner.

Ringo went home to get his foot injected, Jeremy's father came to fetch him and Terra and YanShan hitched a ride with them. The remaining 5? We went back to the club. Our agenda was to get Raynard's bag which he left there and then leave. But we changed our mind. We were determined to dance. Me, Jason, TahNern, Alex and Raynard were ready to...how do you say...PARTAY!!!

We went in the club, practically running and racing there. The club was pumping and bouncing. We cooled down for abit, and then dived in to join the gyrating mass. At first it was me, TahNern and Alex only, but then Jason and Raynard joined in. Fun siah! At first I was stiff, but soon I was doing the pinoy dance! Boogie~~. Nearly danced with someone, but didn't because she looked older than me. The DJ played awesome songs and everyone was jumping up and down, swinging left and right and getting down on it. We couldn't dance well, but nobody freaking cares, because nobody could dance well. As long as you're moving, you're grooving.

It's so addictive! We were supposed to dance for only 45 minutes, I think...but the next song just kept coming, and each song was a good song. I wanted to stay longer, but I promised to be back by 2. We got out of the dancefloor, but holy shit, I'll be back. I reached home at 2-ish, didn't bother to shower and slept. After my O-levels, I just might chiong this thing. Who wants to come with me?


Going for the 2D gathering today. Shan't be updating anymore, but as usual, please do keep visiting.

On a World-Cup related note, USA and Japan LOST. Damnit.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Blogger screw-up again

I just read through my previous post and it's all fucked up. The middle-portion I wrote about HaoYang's performance and all the other bands I saw were deleted. WTF man? I'm so tempted to move to livejournal, or someother blogging services....maybe get my own url perhaps since www.raymond-angelo.com hasn't been taken yet. I'm pissed with blogger. Freak. No wonder my post didn't make sense.

From the bottom of my heart, I apologise for the screw up...on behalf of www.blogger.com. I shan't post again, since my policy is GG-no-RE. Basically I was singing hymns of praises about Myidarre, who rocked so hard.

Anyway, One Piece rocks. This here is a trailer of the Alabasta Arc. Awesome stuff...it's quite lengthy, so if you're short of time, skip to 3:20, when the shit hits the fan.

I should be staying home for the rest of the day. Just finishing up all the homework, which if possible I would like to finish by this week..."if possible" is the key-word, seeing how this next 4 days is going to be hell. Gathering on Tuesday, Lit Lecture on Wednesday, Farewell on Thursday and Drama on Friday. Tonight's going to be fun also. DxO, anyone? Myidarre is teh awesome.

Shan't be updating for until tomorrow...I think. But please, keep coming, or just stay in my page and keep refreshing. A few hits never hurt anyone.

If you're bored, go to youtube and search for this series of advertisements called "Real Men of Genius". One of the reason the only beer I'll ever drink when I turn 18 is Bud Light.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sweet Smelling

Today at around 4-ish, to 5-ish, I left my house to head for Youth Park, near Cineleisure to watch Myidarre's gig. Since I didn't come for their Gashaus performance, I owed HaoYang. The thing was supposed to start at 6+, but then i got news that it got shifted up to 5+, but it didn't, and I think it was just HaoYang pulling our legs >.< href="jet-.blogspot.com">HuiYi for having the steady hands to hold the camera and doing the simple yet nifty effects):

I saw Esther. HaoYang's Esther. XD

ChuiMun then left. HuiYi too. So me, Ringo, Ryan and Alex headed to have dinner at Cine's Long John. Ryan kept suanning me about my "Sala" shoe which I wore. Whenever somethign bad happened (Example: shoe lace goes untied, etc) he blames my shoe because it's "Sala". Lol. I remain firm in my opinion that it's a beautifully gorgeous shoe, and anyone who thinks otherwise can kick the proverbial bucket for all I care.

Bus-ed to Plaza Singapura to play Guitar Freaks. Ryan has the video, so I'll upload it if see him. Since it was Alex's first time watching us, we chose an easy song to impress him. Wah...I got an "S" grade, and Ryan got an "A". I said to myself, "Let's kick this up a notch, biotches (a male bitch, female is biatch)" and I chose a harder song. He got owned! I got A and B while he died! Hahahahahahahah111!!! We played Taiko Drums too, but let's not talk about that because my drum was broken.

Went our seperate ways, and here I am watching tennis instead of the World Cup, because Nadal is the awesometitudity-ness.

To end this post, here's a piece of advice to girls all over...Whoever dares say that "It's not about sex, it's about *insert crap here*", should be shot. Guys make friends with girls either to get in the bed with them or to get in the bed with their friends. I don't mean to be so crude or direct, but the facts of life can't be avoided.

I'm the only exception that is. Because Raymond Angelo Defies Gravity.

My kind of Perfect Harmony

Something's amiss. And I can't help but miss the thing that is amiss, because it's missing.

I meant to post yesterday night actually, but I was having a mood-swing, and it was on a 'low' yesterday night. I can't post here when I'm on a low, can I? So, I did homework yesterday night instead. The upcoming weeks is going to be busy, even though there's no school at all. Gigs, farewells, and etceteras.

I had an OK day yesterday. Nothing much in the morning, except maths and a my daily exercise.

What is my daily exercise?

Start off with a short run but I don't run in the gym on weekends, because usually it's crowded. I especially hate running on the threadmill when there's people around, for the simple reason that my footsteps are heavier and louder than anybody else. I'm practically an elephant on 'em, stampeding through the praries, running away from mice and black dogs which bark too loudly. It's not because I'm heavy but there's something wrong with my running style, I guess. Or if we analyse this deeper, it could be because my footsteps have more "oomph". You know, "oomph", "ahh" and "oooshh". The chapazz, bizzaz and paazzazz. Fast, Furious and Fierce. There's more determination in my running. Behind each step is a heavy intent..."I'm going to lose weight". Burning with determination, the landing of my feet echoes through the gym, telling everyone that I am THE man who have lost a whole lot of weight in a short amount of time and will continue diong so.

Then I've got myself a swiss ball, and two pairs of weight, a 3kg pair and a 5kg pair. This may seem small, but if you hold 'em correctly, you can be lifting as much as 16kg per hand. I'm not saying that I lift 16kg per hand, but I'm not saying I don't either. Bicep curls, jumping lunges, Over-the-head-push-cum-twists, Lying-on-the-swiss-ball-tricep-extension, Dumbbell-on-the-chest-crunches-while-lying-on-the-swiss-ball, chest-push, push-ups. I don't know the proper names of them, but they're effective. I attest for that fact.

So, as I said, I exercised and homeworked in the morning, partiallly because there's nothing on in television. The World-Cup had it's repeats, but I can't be bothered and am not mildly interested.

I was supposed to be at Orchard MRT at 2, to meet with a few of the Geography students, as well as our ex-Geography teacher, Mr Roy Tan...that's a pain-in-the-wrist, and since he's technically not our teacher anymore, I'll call him Roy.

I reached there first I think, and then saw Raied and Jeremy. We hung around the Control Station for abit, and guess who approached us? This dude called Martin from Create Talents. Wah...I had no clue what he was talking about because the Orchard MRT was buzzing with activity, but I knew that he saw potential in us. Potential to be what? Who knows lah. He saw us handsome, want to make us models. Or maybe he see us talk good english, want to make us actor. Sialah. I don't give a shit, but I took his calling card just to show it off and gave Raied and me gave him our numbers. Jeremy said that he's phone had no credits...or "load" as we call it in Philipinnes. Lol. What an excuse man!

We decided to check out Popular while waiting. Browsed through the HuaYu Cool book...grammar error alert! It should be HuaYu IS Cool. But like that not as 'cool' anymore so they took out the 'is', since that's how we speak in the 22th century. Thousands of years from now, people will find printed pages of this site printed well below ground and won't make sense out of any of it. It'll be called the "Gospel Of Raymond Angelo". Awesometitude-ness. Anyway, I apologise for the digression, the flip-book contained loads of helpful Chinese words and phrases like "LCD-TV" and "integrated resort". I can't wait to use it in my daily life. Flipped through this SAT book, and damn, it was too easy.

I was surprised to see Andrian Kanta over there. He was wearing a cap, and had cut his hair very short, almost semi-botak, and looked like he just got out of prison. Anyway, he left to god-knows-where, and finally some of the other Geog people joined us, namely, Terry, Choo Jia Han, Sherwin and Roy himself. He still looks the same lah, more beng only since he's outside school. YuJia met up with us too and that's about it. Some people were supposed to be there but didn't go, and some people weren't informed; so that was "us".

Walked to Wheelock Place. It was my first time seeing the whole thing. Most of the time, the only place I see over there is Borders, and I'm not a Borders fan. I'm a Kino boy. We were to eat at NYDC, but went to some other restaurant across NYDC, The Something O...that's not the real name, but I can't remember what's before "O' so i'll just call it something O. Food was OK. Wan Jun and Lim Jia Han joined us half-way through the meal. I got a mud-pie which I shared with Choo Jia Han and chicken Ravoili. Not the best, but they were OK.

We took a couple of pictures, but I don't have 'em at the moment. If I manage to get it, expect it to be here. WanJun and YuJia went off elsewhere, while the remaining boys headed for a pool shop. There was one near Forum which Roy recommended but we found it to be closed down after walking there. We then took a bus to Meriddien, I think, near Plaza Sing and Cuppage. Saw a sign...the "Rape Babies" sign.

I played with Choo and Lim JiaHan. They banged me hard in pool. We were playing by rles I learned from Glen and Darren...the one where each player is assigned 5 balls which they cannot hit, and if those 5 balls goes down, they're out. As I said, I got banged Choo has good pool-sense. Must acknowledge that. Lim went home, and Roy joined our table. I did OK, for my first time playing pool in a while. Terry was able to play pool despite his disabilities. It was his first time, and he was pretty good. Must be the back brace thing lah, give him special power. I played with him once, and beat him. The best amongst us was Sherwin. Bloody hell he's good. But when I was playing 9-ball with him, he missed the 9-ball, and I shot it in. The victory and the flourish fo Raymond Angelo.

Terry and Raied accompanied me to Cathay where I got my new school shoes. Addidas Sala V. How can something so wrong be so right? It's red and white, a true Singaporean shoe. It's cheap too. I mean, only $62 leh! It's practically a steal! And I haven't seen anyone wearing it too, despite it looking so beautiful and so cheap. Please, don't imitate. My old Adidas shoe was torn all over, and it's old, and someone in QTSS had started wearing it, albeit it was red, instead of my blue. I was wearing it at least 2 years ago, while that person, only recently. Copy me one lah.

The New

The Old

Good shoe WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headed to Sim LIm with Raied. Not my kinda place. Too crowded. I prefer Funan. I saw some Beng mods for PCs. Fucking Beng. Equip your CPU with FLASHING LIGHTS! Must have metal! ZHNG YOUR PC!

Anyway, I've to go. Like thunder, I friggin roll.

That's a gallen falling from the sky. Awesometitude.

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